21st Century Learning - March 5, 2014

Thanks to kind listener Kevin who wrote in, this edition has both the video replay (below) and the audio podcast (attached). It's a little tricky to go from YouTube to QuickTime to iTunes to here, but it works! Podcasting has come a long way.

Enjoy this week's show where Alex, Vinnie, and arvind discuss, "what do learners really want?"



Hi! during my research about what learner's aspiring, i could come with a result, that learners want quality education and patient teachers, i mean teachers who would endure most of their ignorance and give them a right correction if mistake is done,

Jesmion, thank you for the comment. I feel strongly that the relationship between teacher and student comes first, before all other things. Once that trust is there, students and teachers can move on to learning, struggling, having fun, and more.

Thanks am grateful and appreciate