EdTechWeekly #192

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EdTechWeekly #192
April 17, 2011 

Regular hosts: Dave, Jen, John 

This week's topics of discussion: 

EdTechWeekly #192
April 17, 2011 

Regular hosts: Dave, Jen, John 

This week's topics of discussion: 

Chat Log:

18:48:53 JohnS -> Here's the not-recommended-but-effective way to fix Java so you can copy/paste again: http://www.sqlinform.com/forum4/read.php?3,467
18:49:42 JenM -> I drag into the chat room ... does that work for you?
18:50:57 JohnS -> As long as it works for you, Jen, you can do anything you like.
18:58:20 alicemercer -> Am I early?
19:02:07 JenM -> Hi, Alice! Long time no see! 
19:02:33 alicemercer -> That is for sure
19:02:42 alicemercer -> Stream up yet?
19:03:07 JenM -> should be
19:03:19 JohnS -> should be on ETT A
19:03:50 PeggyG -> Hi everyone
19:04:04 PeggyG -> audio is coming in good on itunes :-)
19:04:38 PeggyG -> have you talked about Flock yet? :-)
19:05:32 sr -> welcome back
19:05:54 alicemercer -> Okay, I'm on it.
19:07:31 PeggyG -> I stopped using it when I was having problems with it but still have it on my computer. I loved it!
19:07:48 alicemercer -> I remember it,b ut never got around to using it.
19:07:59 PeggyG -> I'm really disappointed about losing support for the flip camera!
19:08:00 alicemercer -> Cisco seems to be "focusing" on core more
19:08:41 alicemercer -> But I don't use it as much as mobile video
19:09:15 alicemercer -> Grandma proof!
19:09:16 PeggyG -> flips are so easy to use!! very young kids can use them without instructions :-)
19:09:50 PeggyG -> I'm anxious to hear what they provide for transition for those of us who have lots of video stored on their site
19:10:21 alicemercer -> Ah, yep!
19:10:43 alicemercer -> But they are good for elementary where kids don't have phones, and would you share your smartphone with an 8 yo
19:11:12 PeggyG -> exactly Alice!
19:11:22 alicemercer -> There are alternatives
19:11:45 alicemercer -> One of the Kodak's has a mic jack which is crucial for higher end with upper grades
19:11:57 alicemercer -> I'd like to get that one
19:12:10 dave -> http://bookshelfporn.com/post/1611648837 sad bookshelf is still sad
19:12:53 alicemercer -> Wah!
19:13:04 PeggyG -> I thought they were discontinuing it because it was cutting into sales for their higher priced cameras
19:13:26 PeggyG -> very soon for Google video! April 29 I think it said
19:13:33 JenM -> oh, peggy ... could be! that would explain why they wouldn't want to sell it
19:14:20 PeggyG -> and everything will be removed by May 13
19:14:25 alicemercer -> Yeah, that sucked
19:14:48 alicemercer -> Moving on...
19:15:03 PeggyG -> Google wants us to upload our videos to youtube :-)
19:15:36 alicemercer -> Got a webcam and flipcam from them
19:15:48 alicemercer -> and a tripod
19:17:19 alicemercer -> You know how I got funded? BofA founder's family backfilled all the outstanding grant requests at the start of last year, lol
19:17:28 alicemercer -> I had no luck getting it funded otherwise.
19:17:42 alicemercer -> MS Access?
19:17:43 PeggyG -> that's good Alice :-)
19:17:44 alicemercer -> LOL!
19:18:01 alicemercer -> dBase?
19:18:07 alicemercer -> Paradox?
19:18:21 PeggyG -> lots of good incentives :-)
19:19:20 alicemercer -> Hi Cathy E!
19:19:39 Cathy E -> Hello all
19:20:12 alicemercer -> Isn't there another tech for teachers site?
19:20:43 PeggyG -> the TIE site?
19:21:34 alicemercer -> Is he an educator?
19:22:12 alicemercer -> Oh yeah, lots of gender issues coming up around unions and teaching
19:22:20 PeggyG -> I think he's missed some important women!!
19:22:51 alicemercer -> How attacks on teachers are palatable and doable because most teachers are women and are reluctant to engage
19:23:29 alicemercer -> And how it's the largest body of women in unions, and unionized women
19:23:50 alicemercer -> Dana Goldstein had some writing on that. I have, and Diane Ravitch had a tweet the other day.
19:23:57 PeggyG -> what about the creator of constructivism??
19:24:12 alicemercer -> Paperet? or was it someone else?
19:24:49 alicemercer -> Self-promotion 
19:24:57 PeggyG -> John Dewey, Piaget, Vygotsky, Jerome Bruner, Seymour Papert
19:25:32 PeggyG -> I think Piaget was actualy considered the founder of constructivism
19:26:58 PeggyG -> I agree Jen!
19:27:03 alicemercer -> I'm happy to get political
19:27:26 PeggyG -> single sex schools, classes want to focus on learning content and not learning to be successful in society
19:27:37 alicemercer -> Let's face it tho, if you ask most educators today about influential Peggy, I think Ravitch would be at the head of the list.
19:27:52 PeggyG -> I agree about Ravitch :-)
19:28:07 alicemercer -> And for "reform" types, it would be Michelle Rhee, for good or ill.
19:28:15 PeggyG -> and Linda Darling Hammond
19:28:29 alicemercer -> I favor LDH myself.
19:28:48 alicemercer -> Are women punished for for speaking out because it defies expectations?
19:29:16 alicemercer -> Ravitch tweet from last night: 
19:29:20 PeggyG -> not punished--just ignored :-)
19:29:56 JohnS -> Ebook sales surpass paper book sales: http://venturebeat.com/2011/04/15/e-book-sales-triple-in-february/?utm_s...
19:30:03 PeggyG -> today's Conversation show focused on Diane Ravitch's tweets this past week or so
19:30:28 JohnS -> 20 Best Websites to Download Free E-Books: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/20-best-websites-to-download-free-e-books/
19:30:37 JohnS -> Yale Rolls out 10 New Free Online Courses: http://www.openculture.com/2011/04/yale_rolls_out_10_new_open_courses.html
19:30:44 PeggyG -> they spent the hour talking about teachers advocating for themselves and lack of respect for teachers 
19:31:17 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) -> Yes Peggy, it was a good show this morning. 
19:31:35 PeggyG -> are public libraries considered good places to download free ebooks (borrow)?
19:31:52 PeggyG -> I agree Scott! It was a great conversation!
19:32:14 JenM -> @peggy ... my public library in chicago excludes kindles ... bummer :(
19:32:45 alicemercer -> I don't have a full e-reader. just use nook app on my phone now.
19:33:05 PeggyG -> what determines whether you have to pay or subscribe to download Scribd documents?
19:33:25 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) -> My county library is getting [i]better[/i], but it is still a struggle.  I use my android phone as my ereader. Amazon, nook, google, and others.[i] 
19:34:50 alicemercer -> I was thinking about using twitter to send out updates on what we did that day to parents, etc. next year.
19:35:02 PeggyG -> how exciting!!
19:35:13 PeggyG -> funding is a good thing :-)
19:38:28 PeggyG -> I found out that if a Scribd document is in their archives you have to pay for an archive subscription to download it. $9/month or $59/year. 
19:38:58 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) -> Looking for a safe entry point to a feedback loop...
19:39:38 PeggyG -> interesting observation about facebook ads
19:41:21 alicemercer -> I haven't used Scribd at all
19:41:39 PeggyG -> I have because it's so easy to embed on websites/wikis
19:42:28 alicemercer -> I hate Facebook groups...I prefer organization pages
19:42:44 alicemercer -> Stuck with a group and it doesn't work well.
19:42:44 dave -> @alice have you seen the new groups?
19:43:04 alicemercer -> I assume that groups were updated, as I have an existing one.
19:43:22 alicemercer -> You can't send out "messages" or posts from the "group", just post to it.
19:43:24 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) -> I have  a group also.  Not happy with it, but the kids visit it.  They would engage with a wiki or blog, but will on FB.
19:43:30 PeggyG -> what do you mean by updated?
19:43:33 alicemercer -> So there is no "official" posts.
19:43:45 alicemercer -> Peggy, there was a FB update in the last 2 months
19:44:01 PeggyG -> yes but why can't they be updated?
19:44:05 alicemercer -> Pages can have forums, etc.
19:44:13 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) -> I can't figure out how to get sms or email updates when someone posts to the group page.  I miss some messages. 
19:44:15 alicemercer -> They can be only by "wal to wall"
19:44:27 PeggyG -> aha
19:44:36 alicemercer -> Also, you can't send stuff up to a group page from sms, or mobile apps
19:44:52 alicemercer -> and I can't even see the group page on FB app, or mobile browser!
19:45:04 alicemercer -> So I can't mangage it on the go, like I can a page or personal wall page
19:45:18 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) -> Yes, Alice. That is another big issue.
19:45:50 alicemercer -> Yeah, anyone who has tried to manage a FB group from their cell phone knows what a PITA it is!
19:46:14 alicemercer -> I think a newspaper talked about using FB for story comments...
19:46:36 alicemercer -> and it was not threaded, etc. OTOH, it removed almost ALL the trolls, since you can do anonymous login easily.
19:48:44 alicemercer -> You can do discussion on organization page. I'd recommend that. 
19:48:50 alicemercer -> if you are on Facebook
19:49:43 alicemercer -> Zuckerberg had a personality?
19:50:02 alicemercer -> WTH?
19:50:04 JohnS -> 60 Minutes says Greg Mortenson is a liar: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/04/15/60minutes/main20054397.shtml
19:50:45 PeggyG -> I love that book!!!
19:51:30 alicemercer -> Man, my former admin had us read it to "inspire" us. Very annoying
19:51:31 PeggyG -> that's really disappointing!
19:51:40 PeggyG -> it was very inspiring!!
19:52:03 alicemercer -> Peggy, working at a high poverty school, I hate having "inspiring" stories shoved down my throat!
19:52:08 PeggyG -> how do you know the people saying this are credible?
19:52:14 alicemercer -> I don't need inspiration, I need support!
19:52:33 alicemercer -> And this admin was big on attitude is the most important thing, and that doesn't get the job done.
19:52:46 PeggyG -> I understand. No one forced me to read it. I chose to buy it and read it several times and even listen to it on my ipod
19:53:42 PeggyG -> why is it true because it's on 60 minutes?
19:53:55 alicemercer -> Krakauer being involved in it...
19:54:01 alicemercer -> Peggy, I find him credible.
19:54:19 alicemercer -> It's like all those school wiring projects.
19:54:19 PeggyG -> based on what?
19:54:37 alicemercer -> Krakauer is an investigative reporter of some repute.
19:54:53 PeggyG -> not on yet in Phoenix :-)
19:54:57 alicemercer -> And knows the area well
19:56:27 PeggyG -> yes balanced reporting is a good thing!
19:56:31 alicemercer -> Still, Krakauer is not Mike Wallace
19:56:53 PeggyG -> wow!!!
19:56:55 alicemercer -> Son is bugging me for "meeting
19:56:57 alicemercer -> Night
19:57:02 PeggyG -> have a great week!!!
19:57:10 PeggyG -> See you in 2 weeks. :-)
19:59:21 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) -> ahhh... 12 bar blues
20:01:03 Scott Shelhart (@kd9sr) -> cool. when is the skype jam session?
20:01:06 JenM -> nite all ...


I believe there was some rewriting of history early on in ETW#192.  Below is my best attempt to document 'A Brief History of Jen and John'

August 2006, Jeff leaves a voice message on Jen's Mychingo (sadly, lost in the ether forever).

Sept. 6, 2006 - Jen replies with an email to [email protected] ...
Hello!  Jeff Lebow left a MyChingo.com audio message on my website http://designedtoinspire.com/drupal a month or so ago and I am writing to see if I could be of service as a volunteer somewhere on the Woldbridges project.  I have become a loyal EdTechTalk listener and my blog got a mention on show #50!  I also enjoy following the build out of your Drupal based website.  Drupal is also the backbone of my website that I consider to be my personal learning environment.
She also left  this voice message on our MyChingo

Sept. 17, 2006 -Jen is put to work shorly thereafter on EdTechWeekly#0  

apparently, she'd already gotten started earlier in the day with CMSAcademy's 1st session (Jeff, Jen, Jason, & Paul)

Oct. 15, 2006 -Women of Web debuted (without much connection to Jen M) 
.... btw, on the same day, Dave & Jeff have Chris Messina (co-founder of the recently deceased Flock) on EdTechTalk#67

Nov. 14, 2006 -  John posts his fateful show-killing comment 

November 19, 2006 -   We first mention John on ETW#8 (nearly causing him to drive off the road)
http://edtechtalk.com/EdTechWeekly8  around 4:10

Dec. 3, 2006 - John continues to critique us in the chat room during

Jan. 7, 2007  -   John makes his first audio appearance on ETW
around 30:00 "without much to add"

Sept. 21, 2007 - Jen & John (with Tom) set off on their mission to develop streaming skills on Sudscast#0