Link for student videos - help

Hello. I just listened to the show with all the projects from the listeners. I'm trying to find the URL for the student created videos - Google I think was one of them. Any help?

Thanks a ton and thanks for the great shows.

Eric Langhorst

Hi Eric, Long time, no skype. Enjoyed listening to you and your wife's travel podcast. Look forward to connecting sometime soon.
The videos Dave referred to were posted by Joyce Valenza at (site is currently down as I post this)
and linked to from

Thanks. I'm actually want to use it in my grad class that I teach on using technology in the classroom. We are doing video in the classroom next week and it sounded like a great example. Sorry about the long silence - the massacre didn't scare me off just been crazy busy. This week I'm up in Chicago at a DEN event and then I'll be out in San Diego in a couple of weeks for NECC. Still listen to most of the shows - now you have so much out there. I listened to a bunch of them driving between Omaha and Kansas City this week. About drove off the road when you guys created a new site in about 5 minutes! Keep up the great work and thanks again.

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