Women of Web 2 LIVE at NECC 2007 Show # 33

Can you believe the Women of Web didn't have an agenda? Well, the show is all about NECC and conversations. Enjoy. A huge thank you to Dave Cormier for saving the show by streaming from Charlottetown PEI.

Kathy Malsbenden, president of ISTE NH, said a huge thank you to Jeff Lebow, we couldn't agree more. So thanks to Jeff at Worldbridges.net and Dave at Edtechtalk.com for your vision and support. We are spreading the worldbridges message.

Chat below, thanks to EdTechTalk.

   20:43:32  CheriT   Hi Sharon

 20:43:42  sharonp   hey there, we are just settting up

 20:43:56  CheriT   Hey Lisa Durff

 20:43:59  Durff   sound?

 20:44:00  sharonp   Hi folks

 20:44:05  Durff   hey!

 20:44:06  sharonp   greetings from Atlanta

 20:44:22  learningismessy   I'm here

 20:44:25  Durff   hi NECCies

 20:44:34  Durff   hi brian

 20:44:59  sharonp   Lisa are we streaming?

 20:45:16  Durff   mo

 20:45:25  Durff   no

 20:45:31  CheriT   I can't hear it yet

 20:45:44  JenniferW   Hello

 20:46:04  JenniferW   Hi Brian Crosby

 20:46:24  Vicki Davis   Hey we're going to have an awesome show when we get it going!

 20:46:37  Durff   yu8pers!!

 20:46:43  vinnie   Hey gang, it is fun watching a live radio show

 20:46:58  Vicki Davis   Come on in, we're getting ready.

 20:47:02  Vicki Davis   Hey, Julie, long time no see.

 20:47:11  JulieLindsay   Hi Vicki!

 20:47:26  Durff   funny you twins

 20:47:37  vinnie   alice are you live or virtual. if live, wave your hand

 20:48:00  Durff   wave...did that teleport me?

 20:48:00  JenniferW   everybody pray

 20:48:04  JenniferW   we are having tech issues

 20:48:09  Durff   pray...

 20:48:12  learningismessy   I just posted a blog 2 minutes ago in the Blogger's Cafe and got here just in time.

 20:48:52  JenniferW   we are also in Second Life at DEN

 20:49:18  Durff   maybe xkype xomeone there and then start the stream?

 20:50:02  JenniferW   if you want to really work your cdomputer

 20:50:13  JenniferW   if you really want to work your computer

 20:50:18  JenniferW   check out the DEN in SL

 20:50:22  JenniferW   I am sitting on the couch

 20:50:25  JenniferW   but not talking

 20:50:45  Durff   not I - it will crash with everything open

 20:51:09  Durff   have you heard of that new one?

 20:51:18  Durff   Entropia i think

 20:51:35  Durff   it's on chnage agency

 20:52:19  CheriT   how many are with you all on site

 20:52:25  Durff   Skypecast? Skypeconference?

 20:52:41  CheriT   skypecasts.skype.com?

 20:52:45  Durff   you count Dr. Toledo

 20:53:20  Durff   i was suggesting to the WOWers

 20:53:41  Durff   was it something i said?

 20:53:48  Vicki Davis   We have a lot of people here 26.

 20:53:50  Vicki Davis   so cool.

 20:53:58  Vicki Davis   A lot are just hanging out ahd having a good old time.

 20:54:00  Durff   hey julie!

 20:54:11  alicebarr   durff are you here tonight

 20:54:14  Vicki Davis   Be patient -- the one night we have trouble is tonight.

 20:55:00  learningismessy   I'm amazed at how cool the WOW ladies are even though they want this to work

 20:56:06  bknittle   Just testing out the chat - for some one in world

 20:56:10  alicebarr   Hi CheriT

 20:56:21  CheriT   hi alice

 20:57:10  Durff   i am here at home in boring MD with a bad case of NECC envy

 20:57:32  CheriT   no sound for me

 20:57:41  Durff   8:57 - no pressure or anytthing

 20:58:02  Durff   no sound cheri

 20:58:09  Durff   not yet anyway

 20:59:21  JimBeeghley   I have NECC envy too.  Been fun following blogs and twitter though

 20:59:32  CheriT   hum, hum, hum ... I'm providing the elevator music while we wait hum, hum, hum ...

 20:59:33  Vicki Davis   We're coming but having problems.

 20:59:49  JenniferW   we will e right you

 20:59:52  ColleenK   A big hello from Second Life!!!

 21:00:01  JenniferW   Hi Colleen King

 21:00:07  JenniferW   from MacsMom Alcott

 21:00:17  vinnie   you have to love technology when it works

 21:00:26  ColleenK   Finally got all three things going!

 21:00:45  Durff   amen vinnie

 21:01:08  Diane Hammond   Is there sound? I can't seem to get any.

 21:01:10  JenniferW   we will start in just a moment

 21:01:13  Durff   hi alice

 21:01:22  mizmercer   hello

 21:02:07  sharonp   we are getting closer, folks

 21:02:14  learningismessy   I got some pictures looking down from the floor above of the whole group, or at least most of the whole group.

 21:02:20  CheriT   yippee

 21:02:37  Durff   yipee?

 21:02:37  vinnie   how is the stream

 21:02:39  sharonp   is anyone picking up the stream

 21:02:40  CheriT   I hear a manly man voice

 21:02:55  Durff   A!

 21:02:58  Vicki Davis   Hey Lee.

 21:03:01  Sue Waters   Yes

 21:03:02  Diane Hammond   I did have sound...lost it.

 21:03:02  mizmercer   Hearing stream

 21:03:04  Durff   yes to aound

 21:03:09  Durff   sound

 21:03:11  mizmercer   Stream on A

 21:03:12  Diane Hammond   OK

 21:03:29  sharonp   HI Lee

 21:03:36  Durff   I asked

 21:03:38  CheriT   virtual or real door

 21:03:40  JenniferW   we are live

 21:03:42  Vicki Davis   Can you hear!

 21:03:49  Durff   i didn't say it was gospel

 21:03:49  Cathy N   HBD to you

 21:03:50  CheriT   happy bd 2 u

 21:03:55  Durff   happy birthday!

 21:03:56  Diane Hammond   Yes

 21:03:56  CheriT   hpy bd 2 u

 21:04:05  mizmercer   I'm hearing on A

 21:04:16  Diane Hammond   I'm hearing on B

 21:04:27  mizmercer   Holy smoke, look at everyone here!

 21:04:37  CathyE   'Hello Alice Mercer

 21:04:41  Vicki Davis   26 here -

 21:04:42  Durff   how many alice?

 21:04:44  Vicki Davis   23 in the room.

 21:04:48  Vicki Davis   So cool!  Awesome!

 21:04:49  Durff   :)

 21:05:13  guest478   hey chatroom

 21:05:27  Lee Baber   Hello Chatroom

 21:05:27  Vicki Davis   Hello everyone!

 21:05:31  guest478   man... do i wish i was there... sounds fun.

 21:05:36  JulieLindsay   Hi Lee

 21:05:41  learningismessy   This is too wierd hearing the time delay sound - about 30 seconds

 21:05:45  veepatton   hi everyone

 21:05:52  Lee Baber   Hi Julie

 21:05:58  CheriT   congratulations on the f2f

 21:06:00  sharonp   HI Dave

 21:06:06  JulieLindsay   belated hi to Durff!

 21:06:25  Durff   stream on B ids good too

 21:06:30  Vicki Davis   Hey Lisa -- you've been at more sessions than many people here at NECC.

 21:06:46  Durff   can we sing again with the delay?

 21:06:47  mrichme   To anyone in Atlanta who lives in Maine today was a great day with temperatures in the 90's and humidity to match it.

 21:06:49  Vicki Davis   http://espinfo.com

 21:06:53  Durff   har har har

 21:07:00  Durff   lip gloss

 21:07:02  Vicki Davis   In other words stinking hot.

 21:07:03  Durff   oh no

 21:07:06  sharonp   wow to that weather in Maine

 21:07:07  Lee Baber   Congratsgrats

 21:07:08  Diane Hammond   Yay Atlanta. I'm back home now, but wish i was still there!

 21:07:21  Vicki Davis   http://espg.info

 21:07:23  Vicki Davis   Sorry.

 21:07:26  sharonp   Hi Sue

 21:07:35  Simon   Evening all

 21:07:35  Diane Hammond   Or as hot

 21:07:45  mizmercer   yeah first one was a cyber squatter

 21:07:47  maria   hi deb

 21:07:51  learningismessy   It's going to be very hard to leave here tomorrow - WAY TOO MUCH FUN!!!

 21:07:53  guest478   good audience!

 21:07:54  sharonp   hi Diane

 21:07:59  cindy p   This is so cool to get to see all of the faces that go with the voices!

 21:08:02  Diane Hammond   Hi Sharon

 21:08:03  dboisvert   Hhi All!

 21:08:17  CheriT   how many in the audience?

 21:08:18  veepatton   hi audience

 21:08:22  guest478   Sharon was drinking...

 21:08:22  JenniferW   millions

 21:08:29  Vicki Davis   almost 30 -- maybe more.

 21:08:31  learningismessy   over 30 here

 21:08:31  Lee Baber   hello sharon

 21:08:36  sroseman   cool

 21:08:37  mizmercer   Okay, anyone in the room with the WoW gals, and here in chat room at the same time?

 21:08:39  JenniferW   30ish

 21:08:39  Vicki Davis   Hey Sue!

 21:08:43  Sue Waters   Hi Sharon are you saying hi to me?

 21:08:44  mizmercer   Besides the presenters

 21:08:47  Vicki Davis   Hey if you're live and in the chat -- shout out.

 21:08:49  CheriT   thanks

 21:08:51  alicebarr   Hi Mike

 21:08:53  sroseman   sounds like you are having a great time

 21:08:59  mrichme   HI Alice

 21:09:06  Sue Waters   Hi Vicki been enjoying seeing your twitters

 21:09:22  lbfogle   Live and in the chat.  Woo Hoo!

 21:09:25  Vicki Davis   Hi -- it has been crazy.

 21:09:33  JulieLindsay   Live and in chat

 21:09:36  JenniferW   and join us in Swcond Life too in DEN

 21:09:38  JenniferW   if you want to

 21:09:51  CheriT   Hi to Charlene

 21:09:56  sroseman   when in SecondLife

 21:09:58  bknittle   I am in the DEN in SecondLife

 21:10:01  JenniferW   remember to choose  COLOR

 21:10:02  mizmercer   Sharon, you're fading from mike

 21:10:10  mizmercer   which is probably too late.

 21:10:14  JenniferW   thanks Alice

 21:10:16  JenniferW   LOLOL

 21:10:18  JenniferW   just a bit

 21:10:23  learningismessy   EduBloggerCon on Saturday was a Wow too - I recommend it for next year.

 21:10:27  sharonp   thanks Alice - not used to having a real mike right there to pay atention to

 21:10:32  mizmercer   JW is that me Alice, or Mrs. Barr?

 21:10:39  JenniferW   Allice Mercer

 21:10:42  mizmercer   Call me Ms. M?

 21:10:46  JenniferW   I shall

 21:10:58  Diane Hammond   Edubloggercon is my WOW for sure!

 21:11:20  JenniferW   Edubloggercon was sureal

 21:11:21  mizmercer   Of course, I'm going to get a swelled head cause everytime someone talks to Alice Barr, and compliments her, I think it's for me, lol

 21:11:23  CheriT   me too - edubloggercon was well worth the trip

 21:11:39  JenniferW   I wish you call could be here!!

 21:11:42  patruffing   I would love to know all the names of the people in the edubloggercon photo

 21:11:44  vinnie   edubloggercon was a transformative experience

 21:11:51  JenniferW   the Blogger Cafe is honestly UNBELIEVABLE

 21:11:53  sharonp   Hey Sara! Welcome!

 21:11:56  Diane Hammond   I agree cheri - it was the whole trip for me.

 21:11:58  learningismessy   Let's see if they mention Twitter as a wow - it has been

 21:12:24  mizmercer   Did anyone get that link?

 21:12:31  mizmercer   for the presentation software...

 21:12:32  vinnie   i began to capture. one of the ways is to look in flickr for necc2007 bagged as the tags to see many with captions

 21:12:39  Lee Baber   Hi Brian

 21:12:41  vinnie   www.udutu.org

 21:12:42  JenniferW   can you hear Charelene

 21:12:45  JenniferW   she just won today

 21:12:51  learningismessy   Hi Lee!!!!

 21:13:00  mrichme   If you had to pick your best session from NECC07 which one would it be?

 21:13:04  mrichme   to this point

 21:13:19  vinnie   Charlene is a wonderful person and a great mentor. She has been helpful and always sharing

 21:13:21  CheriT   hurray charlene

 21:13:24  JenniferW   Justy ONE

 21:13:29  mrichme   yes

 21:13:39  mizmercer   okay it's http://www.udutu.com

 21:13:44  alicebarr   Alice Mercer Thank you  but I always think everyone is talking about you!!!! !!!!!! Are you here tonight?

 21:13:47  patruffing   can't hear very well

 21:13:53  JenniferW   she moved closer

 21:13:55  siatau   The keynote Andrew Zolli and the Birds of a flock

 21:14:16  mizmercer   No, I'm too new, and too poor, lol

 21:14:38  Durff   alice you are not new

 21:14:53  learningismessy   That's hard because many are good for different reasons. Maybe the best for the "techyness" was Pocketcaster - allows you to stream video to their web site from your cell phone and then later mash it together into a project

 21:14:57  CheriT   Illinois Computing Educators

 21:15:01  learningismessy   Wes Fryer just arrived here

 21:15:27  learningismessy   Wes had a great preso today on web 2.0

 21:15:34  Durff   is jonpederson there?

 21:15:36  Lee Baber   Great Wes.. Hello

 21:15:46  learningismessy   Mark Wagner is here now too

 21:15:51  Vicki Davis   Jon isn't here yet.

 21:15:57  Durff   ok

 21:15:59  learningismessy   Don't see John yet

 21:16:05  patruffing   is there a link for that 3rd grade blog?

 21:16:13  Vicki Davis   We'll have to post it in post show.

 21:16:20  learningismessy   Terry Freedman is here

 21:16:21  sroseman   highlights of NECC so far from ALL of you please

 21:16:46  guest478   my ideas are never consistent enough for me to use the same slides

 21:17:07  Vicki Davis   Great thought, guest.

 21:17:08  Durff   who taught her tocount?

 21:17:10  cindy p   lots of stuff on web 2.0 here

 21:17:18  Durff   is that new math?

 21:17:23  Vicki Davis   We have so many great people here.

 21:17:25  mizmercer   I keep thinking, Hey, I can use the same links/web page, next year, I'm teaching the same grade. I always redo it.

 21:17:28  cindy p   saw a session on curriculumwiki - not curricuwiki

 21:17:33  lbfogle   highlight for me has been tracking everything in Technorati - love the tags for each session

 21:17:44  guest478   ever

 21:17:49  Vicki Davis   Mark Wagner, Wes Fryer, Brian Crosby, Chris Walsh, oh and so much more.

 21:18:31  CathyE   Wes Fryer is here

 21:18:31  Lee Baber   Say hi to Terry for me!

 21:18:52  sroseman   Is it hot in Atlanta?

 21:18:57  siatau   The lounge sessions were amazing.  The Gaming and Simulation lounge session was very impressive also.

 21:19:01  Durff   and she makes dangerous phone calls

 21:19:04  alicebarr   hey, this is wesley on alice's computer

 21:19:12  patruffing   definitely a disconnect from the classrooms i see

 21:19:13  Durff   and don't dare her!

 21:19:15  CheriT   Hi Wes!

 21:19:17  siatau   Very hot in Atlanta

 21:19:20  Lee Baber   Hi AliWes

 21:19:20  alicebarr   how cool to be here LIVE!

 21:19:27  alicebarr   hey cheri and lee!

 21:19:31  CheriT   hey

 21:19:39  Lee Baber   I know it must be...sounds great

 21:19:43  JenniferW   it rained in GA yesterday

 21:19:47  JenniferW   and hey -- guess what???

 21:19:51  Lee Baber   Wesali

 21:19:53  JenniferW   I have only fallen TWICE ----  :)

 21:19:54  learningismessy   Atlanta is more "sticky" than hot - us desert dwellers in Nevada aren't used to the humidity

 21:19:56  CheriT   it rained it a lot

 21:20:03  cindy p   got to see a Braves game last nigh!

 21:20:12  cindy p   oops - night!

 21:20:12  alicebarr   it is so great to meet so many people i've met virtually!

 21:20:15  JenniferW   you need to use TWITTER!!

 21:20:19  JUlieLindsay   this is not humid...come to Bangladesh...

 21:20:28  sharonp   umindsoft.com

 21:20:41  CheriT   listen to the newbie on twitter :-) go Jennifer

 21:20:49  Durff   Did you all read this:http://education.independent.co.uk/news/article2539348.ece

 21:20:54  learningismessy   Good point Julie :)

 21:21:03  sroseman   Come to OTTAWA..hot and sticky

 21:21:11  Lee Baber   Closer

 21:21:12  Durff   http://education.independent.co.uk/news/article2539348.ece

 21:21:21  Durff   that's better

 21:21:31  guest478   stop throwing things at your audience!@

 21:21:37  CheriT   Cheri please!

 21:21:38  bknittle   Jen - just to let you know your avatar is sleeping - could use a wake up

 21:21:40  Durff   why

 21:21:41  alicebarr   how important is it that presenters show NEW tools or NEW ideas at NECC sessions? Have you been in sessions that were not NEW

 21:22:07  CheriT   for change

 21:22:12  guest478   I see an AT&T shirt!!!

 21:22:19  Cathy N   tagging and how VERY IMPORTANT it is!

 21:22:19  JenniferW   this is Wes Fryer

 21:22:30  JenniferW   Moving at the speed of Creativity Blog

 21:22:34  JenniferW   and an swesome man

 21:22:41  Durff   he ia

 21:22:41  CheriT   awesome

 21:22:45  Durff   is

 21:22:45  mrichme   move closer to the mike

 21:23:03  mrichme   thank you

 21:23:07  Cathy N   art makes the world go 'round

 21:23:10  Durff   now, be nice

 21:23:19  Durff   yea - wes!

 21:23:22  CheriT   who's in sl?

 21:23:30  sroseman   where is everyone in SL, again

 21:23:32  Cathy N   creativity in the standards is the arts folks finally getting their say!

 21:23:33  bknittle   I am in SL

 21:23:34  Durff   jen i think

 21:23:43  CheriT   where?

 21:23:52  JenniferW   THEY ARE AT DEN

 21:23:58  guest478   how awesome is he?

 21:23:58  bknittle   we are at the DEN Discovery Educators network building

 21:23:59  sroseman   thanks

 21:24:11  sroseman   downloading the update at eh moment

 21:24:11  bknittle   there are about 8 people/avatars here

 21:24:37  Vicki Davis   So cool.

 21:24:46  CheriT   ok

 21:24:52  JenniferW    HOW AM I BEHAVING IN SL??

 21:24:53  mizmercer   Question for Wes/others, any comments on the "diversity" issue at NECC?

 21:25:06  Maria   you are sleeping jen

 21:25:12  Lee Baber   WHERE In sl? I am Laurie Carson..

 21:25:20  bknittle   You are asleep Jen- move your mouse or something

 21:25:21  JenniferW   at DEN

 21:25:22  learningismessy   Twitter, twitter, twitter -

 21:25:24  Vicki Davis   I twitted it, just a second.

 21:25:25  Lee Baber   can you teleport me?

 21:25:30  patruffing   Jim Gates is fantastic!!!!!

 21:25:32  Durff   clap clap

 21:25:38  bknittle   what is your SL name

 21:25:51  learningismessy   The president of ISTE is an African American this year

 21:26:02  Durff   female too

 21:26:02  learningismessy   And female

 21:26:06  Vicki Davis    We are also streaming live into Second Life (for the first time ever) -- Eduisland II 68, 107, 22

 21:26:11  Vicki Davis   Improving!

 21:26:18  Durff   wow

 21:26:45  Lee Baber   what is your avatar name vicki

 21:26:51  Vicki Davis   Just got to whisper a secret instead of skype as usual.

 21:27:01  Vicki Davis   Cool Cat Whitman but I'm not in right now, Jen Wagner is.

 21:27:09  JenniferW   someone nudge me in SL --- I keep falling asleep

 21:27:20  Lee Baber   what is her name?

 21:27:28  Durff   sleepy

 21:27:34  Lee Baber   Nice accent Julie!

 21:27:42  bknittle   I am in SL my SL name is Beth Kohnke

 21:27:50  Sue Waters   Aussies have nice accents

 21:27:55  guest478   didn't she meet you at the airport

 21:28:04  bknittle   I can TP if you need a lift to the DEN

 21:28:12  JenniferW   no---- I am just trying to juggle 2 worlds

 21:28:12  JUlieLindsay   thanks Lee

 21:28:31  JUlieLindsay   Thanks Sue!

 21:28:50  Sue Waters   Well as one Aussie to another good day from WA

 21:28:58  Durff   clsp vlsp rncore

 21:29:03  Durff   encore

 21:29:07  JenniferW   any questions

 21:29:08  Sue Waters   Western Australia'

 21:29:10  JenniferW   from the room??

 21:29:11  JUlieLindsay   WA! I have been to Perth twice

 21:29:33  Sue Waters   Well I wish I had been to US at least once

 21:29:42  Lee Baber   Beth..teleport Laurie Carson

 21:29:57  guest478   mmm... bed.

 21:30:21  JenniferW   no questions???

 21:30:22  Durff   hey my kind of conference!

 21:30:25  Vicki Davis   This is absolutely great.

 21:30:35  Vicki Davis   Just getting to come in after hours and chill and talk about things.

 21:30:37  mizmercer   Yes, I have one...

 21:30:44  sharonp   guest 478 is missing a lot by not being here!!

 21:30:46  Vicki Davis   Ok, miz.

 21:30:47  JenniferW   go ahead Alice

 21:31:02  Durff   so he is going to be shallow?

 21:31:04  mizmercer   Area there teachers from Title One schools, program improvement schools, schools with poor students?

 21:31:07  sroseman   Can anyone offer me a TP

 21:31:18  sroseman   I am Sue Aferdita

 21:31:20  mizmercer   I'm NOT looking to blame, just curious.

 21:31:41  bknittle   Jen- Lor in SL says to make sure links to all the speakers on the wiki

 21:31:47  Vicki Davis   Yes.

 21:31:56  JenniferW   we will

 21:31:58  Vicki Davis   We have one coming on in just a moment for you.  In fact there are many here.

 21:31:59  JenniferW   promise

 21:32:00  patruffing   i need a lesson in how to do vodcasting!

 21:32:14  mizmercer   I'm trying to link up with those folks...

 21:32:16  Durff   me too

 21:33:08  CheriT   verklept

 21:33:15  Durff   hi Jose - saw your twitter

 21:33:31  guest478   dave loves that accent

 21:33:47  JenniferW   my twitter is Technospud

 21:33:51  JenniferW   are you suprised

 21:34:02  Durff   clap clap !!!

 21:34:08  JoseR   durf;  just hanging enjoying the show

 21:34:15  mizmercer   yahoo, CathyE!

 21:34:18  bknittle   Jen up to 11 people in the DEN in SL

 21:34:33  JenniferW   no way

 21:34:36  Durff   how many in here?

 21:34:37  JenniferW   am I awake

 21:34:48  Vicki Davis   So cool.  The one night we have to end at 10.  Darn it.

 21:34:48  JoseR   go cathyE

 21:34:52  bknittle   11 and yes Jen you are awake

 21:34:56  Durff   hi Cathy!

 21:34:58  sroseman   Jen, can you give me a TP please to DEN?

 21:35:05  CheriT   awesome

 21:35:06  sroseman   sue Aferdita

 21:35:38  Durff   oh, plug ours too

 21:35:39  sroseman   Thanks

 21:35:49  cindy p   this has to be the best session by far  :D

 21:36:09  Durff   best attended

 21:36:26  mizmercer   I would agree with Mr. Messy...

 21:36:37  Durff   Brian

 21:36:39  mizmercer   Awesome. Brian.

 21:36:43  mizmercer   Sorry

 21:36:53  Sue Waters   Power of Twitter reminds people that things are happening

 21:37:06  Durff   good use of skype

 21:37:15  lbfogle   Durff, are you in the room?  I want to meet you F2F

 21:37:16  cindy p   just getting to see everyone in person

 21:37:29  Durff   i'm not at NECC

 21:37:33  learningismessy   I forgot the quote I was going to share from Wes's preso today - "Jonh Dewey didn't have web 2.0"

 21:37:36  Durff   maybe next time

 21:37:49  lbfogle   Aww!

 21:37:50  learningismessy   JOHN ewey

 21:38:12  Cathy N   Durff--I want to meet f2F too--next time

 21:38:20  cindy p   it could be that I've been looking forward to this since i got here

 21:38:29  mizmercer   Thanks Brain, adding you to my feed

 21:38:36  cindy p   nothing else could compare :D

 21:38:37  Lee Baber   Sharon.. did you present?

 21:38:42  Durff   Did you all read the future of education in this:http://education.independent.co.uk/news/article2539348.ece

 21:38:49  CheriT   my best find and absorption is that connection is where it's at - so i need to make sure that my students know how to connect professionally

 21:38:57  Durff   http://education.independent.co.uk/news/article2539348.ece

 21:39:11  mrichme   This is really starting to sound like the all-star edition of WOW2 :D

 21:39:18  learningismessy   WE even had people Skyping others into sessions that couldn't be here - unreal.

 21:39:25  CheriT   it is all-star

 21:39:55  Durff   JenW skyped me and Dr. Toledo too

 21:40:15  sroseman   wow is he operative word here!

 21:40:19  sroseman   the

 21:40:19  Durff   welcome backl julie

 21:40:29  JulieLindsay   I was bumped off for some reason

 21:40:47  CheriT   welcome back

 21:41:07  Durff   hey vinnie!

 21:41:12  Lee Baber   i would love to have one to one in my school

 21:41:20  Lee Baber   hi vinnie

 21:41:28  patruffing   what exactly is "back-channeling"?

 21:41:29  mizmercer   raise hands, how many of us have passed notes during trainings?

 21:41:37  Vicki Davis   It is like this conversation in chat while we're talking.

 21:41:38  CheriT   me me me

 21:41:40  Vicki Davis   me

 21:41:41  mizmercer   Sidebar conversation.

 21:41:43  patruffing   ok

 21:41:53  mizmercer   Yeah, especially if it's really good, or really bad, no?

 21:41:57  Vicki Davis   http://www.utechtips.com/

 21:41:58  learningismessy   David Jakes, Jeff Utecht, Brian Greier, Vin, and me - it was a hoot to comment to each other during the preso - you see what I mean how cool this was here.

 21:42:36  Durff   in other words, it's passing notes in class

 21:42:54  guest478   I've always been a big fan of the notes

 21:43:03  Vicki Davis   Except everyone gets to look at the note!

 21:43:04  learningismessy   Skype is so cool in more ways than I even thought - definetly check out Jeff's post at the thinking stick

 21:43:06  bknittle   Those of us in SL are also chatting inworld

 21:43:11  CheriT   Vinnie we should do tags for ILTCE

 21:43:13  Vicki Davis   this sort of back channeling is so inclusive.

 21:43:13  JulieLindsay   sorry....learningismessy who are you again?

 21:43:22  CheriT   Hey Rushton

 21:43:25  Vicki Davis   Brian -- is learning is messy he is sitting in front of you.

 21:43:29  Lee Baber   Brian

 21:43:35  learningismessy   Brian Crosby is Learning is Messy

 21:43:46  JulieLindsay   Hi Brian ;_0

 21:43:46  Durff   so conferences are messy

 21:43:49  Cathy N   hey Rushton--its me--Cathy N from SC!!

 21:44:08  learningismessy   Hi!!! We've talked - it was great!

 21:44:11  vinnie   Cheri - that would be great as well. Thinking of a conference session? Workshop?

 21:44:27  Vicki Davis   Hold on a second,  just hold a second -- we'll be right back.

 21:44:30  CheriT   Right - the edubloggercon and somehting else

 21:44:44  sharonp   there has been some compelling research about back channeling and its benefits for learning...

 21:44:45  Vicki Davis   We're coming back, hold on -- we lost something.

 21:44:53  CheriT   i'm wondering how we could do some marketing for the educbloggercon starting in the fall

 21:45:02  mrichme   okay who unplugged them in Atlanta

 21:45:04  CheriT   i don't like the quiet

 21:45:11  Lee Baber   It was me

 21:45:11  mizmercer   Tom! Welcome

 21:45:15  CheriT   Ted Turner - he's jealous

 21:45:15  Vicki Davis   Dave unplugged us -- but we will be right back.

 21:45:18  Durff   what quiet?

 21:45:20  Vicki Davis   ha ha

 21:45:21  Karen Janowski   anyone coming to Alan November's conference in Boston?  we could edubloggconn there

 21:45:23  Vicki Davis   you'll see.

 21:45:24  patruffing   i usually learn as much from the chat as i do from the interviews you do on WOW

 21:45:29  JulieLindsay   Brian, what is your URL?

 21:45:34  Durff   oh that quiet

 21:45:35  Vicki Davis   The listeners are the stars of WOW2.

 21:45:35  mizmercer   The sound died, sorry tom

 21:45:53  Durff   what should we be doing?

 21:45:55  sharonp   Hey Karen - I will be at the Building Learning Comm conf in Boston

 21:45:56  learningismessy   http://www.learningismessy.co/blog

 21:45:56  Tom_Turner   I'm sorry I didn't make it back over there tonight Ladies....don't have the sound going atm

 21:46:01  Vicki Davis   We'll be right back -- hey guys ask questions-

 21:46:01  Lee Baber   Very nice Dave

 21:46:01  bknittle   i wanted to go to the Edublogger con and necc, also wish I was going to November boston

 21:46:07  Vicki Davis   We have some great people in the chat.

 21:46:13  mizmercer   Tom are you in person or in hotel room

 21:46:15  Karen Janowski   anyone else - can we set up some sort of edubloggercon there?

 21:46:21  CheriT   bummer

 21:46:30  JoseR   Must be those google people

 21:46:35  mrichme   Is it going to be culture shock returing the RL later in the week?

 21:46:38  patruffing   did Discovery Education Network run anything at NECC?

 21:46:41  Tom_Turner   I'm in the hotel room .... dinner in the hotel took almost 1 1/2 hours

 21:46:46  bknittle   If you get an edblogger con going in boston I could go

 21:47:02  Karen Janowski   beth, it's the only way I can go also

 21:47:14  Tom_Turner   pat are you talking about like a precon event or booth sessions?

 21:47:23  vinnie   Cheri - we can chat later. I am returning home tomorrow. We can skype or call to plan.

 21:47:23  cindy p   are there "notes" from the edublogger conference on their wiki

 21:47:25  learningismessy   I saw people here from Discovery

 21:47:39  CheriT   ok, Vinnie, I'll be back home July 10

 21:47:46  Durff   i can't believe he did that

 21:47:52  Cathy N   there were SC Den folks here in an officia capacity

 21:47:58  Durff   i will have to get you!

 21:47:59  learningismessy   Yes notes are there or soon will be - I think Vicki posted on her blog about this

 21:48:02  Karen Janowski   so what happened????

 21:48:04  Cathy N   maybe working in booth

 21:48:04  Vicki Davis   We're back.

 21:48:06  CheriT   yea! we're hearing you

 21:48:09  CheriT   ouch

 21:48:10  vinnie   We will connect then. I may start brainstorming on googledocs and invite you to participate

 21:48:21  Tom_Turner   STAR Den members were given the yellow and blue shirts to wear this week

 21:48:23  JoseR   cool

 21:48:29  Vicki Davis   Yes, there are notes on the dubloggercon wiki -- just a second.

 21:48:30  CheriT   ok - drctedd [at] yahoo [dot] com - vinnie

 21:48:32  Karen Janowski   ok, you guys are having way too much fun!!!

 21:48:42  mizmercer   Jose, do you have United Streaming at your school?

 21:48:43  Vicki Davis   http://edubloggercon.wikispaces.com/

 21:48:55  sharonp   Vinnie, did you say you will be in Boston too?

 21:49:08  JoseR   Alice:  Not this year but have used before

 21:49:13  Vicki Davis   http://edubloggercon.wikispaces.com/Unconference

 21:49:20  mrichme   It is a conspiracy!

 21:49:23  Cathy N   the connection in there is ????

 21:49:33  Cathy N   13

 21:49:33  patruffing   I am going to guess she was going to say why are SL classrooms designed the same as RL classrooms

 21:50:39  Tom_Turner   hope no Discovery people are in the room alice.... it's in lower case: unitedstreaming all together as well

 21:50:43  mizmercer   Oh, just at the good part!

 21:50:44  alicebarr   I was saying the session about redisigning learning spaces in Sl was inspiring

 21:50:51  Cathy N   my confrence highlight--making connections for two different coll. projects for the upcoming school year--just in case anyone wants to know

 21:50:52  mizmercer   sorry tom

 21:50:57  CheriT   thank you

 21:51:02  sharonp   stream has dropped out... sorry

 21:51:17  bknittle   There are some discovery people (DEN) in secondlife

 21:51:30  mizmercer   shhh, don't tell them I spelled it wrong!

 21:51:33  Karen Janowski   the one thing I haven't heard ANYTHING about is assistive tech at NECC - anything new and exciting?

 21:51:45  mrichme   How will this play out on the podcast?

 21:52:18  Karen Janowski   who is this speaking?

 21:52:40  Cathy N   i'm sure someone with editing skills will edit some of it out

 21:52:54  Cathy N   at least the dropped parts...

 21:52:59  Durff   liked please edit me out

 21:53:05  guest478   i look a little disheveled

 21:53:07  mizmercer   Change can't just be about better test scores those, and making the rats (kids) run the maze quicker

 21:53:27  Durff   you need the lipgloss

 21:53:32  guest478   right

 21:53:34  guest478   i heard that

 21:53:40  CheriT   so true

 21:53:40  Durff   :)

 21:53:54  mmiller   Is that Wes Fryer

 21:53:56  patruffing   Karen J...I downloaded the reader for Word as you suggested, but did you buy other voices or get them for free somewhere?

 21:54:07  Durff   that's a heavy responsibility

 21:54:13  Karen Janowski   pat, i bought other voices at www.nextup.com

 21:54:22  Karen Janowski   you can check them out before you buy them

 21:54:27  patruffing   ok...was hoping not to have to spend$

 21:54:33  vinnie   no, i will be in memphis at the laptop institute in july

 21:54:35  Karen Janowski   Neospeech Kate and Paul are good quality

 21:54:43  Durff   that's wes

 21:54:45  patruffing   i just am very poor right now

 21:54:46  Karen Janowski   they cost $35 for both

 21:55:11  Karen Janowski   pat, can you make it work with microsoft sam that is already on your computer?

 21:55:14  Durff   so how?

 21:55:21  patruffing   karen, yes

 21:55:27  Durff   how do we move forward from here?

 21:55:33  Karen Janowski   not as good quality but free

 21:55:34  Durff   what is next?

 21:55:45  patruffing   i will go with that for a while...thanks karen

 21:55:50  learningismessy   New tech - Apple was showing off Leopard, iChat is going to become more like skype or elluminate - not major hardware that I sa but i spent VERY LITTLE time in exhibits

 21:55:57  Karen Janowski   pat, where do u work?

 21:55:59  sharonp   any questions in the chat room?

 21:56:02  patruffing   PA

 21:56:06  patruffing   catholic school

 21:56:08  Karen Janowski   can you get AT from special education?

 21:56:12  sharonp   we have to wrap soon

 21:56:15  Durff   read that article

 21:56:20  patruffing   i don't know...i will look into it

 21:56:25  Durff   it is the future

 21:56:30  Durff   it's here

 21:56:59  learningismessy   My share about PocketCaster was a cool tool but it's software

 21:57:03  Karen Janowski   Brian, when will Leopard be out?

 21:57:09  Durff   someone count the number in the chatrtoom

 21:57:20  learningismessy   I believe October

 21:57:27  Karen Janowski   thanks

 21:57:33  patruffing   teachers need smaller class sizes also

 21:57:36  CheriT   27 now, but there were 31

 21:57:44  Durff   wow!

 21:57:58  guest478   KATHY MALSBENDEN!!!!!!!

 21:58:01  guest478   yay

 21:58:08  mmiller   How many of them are live at NECC

 21:58:14  sharonp   yay guest 478!!!!!

 21:58:17  sharonp   thanks to you!!!!

 21:58:25  patruffing   there are only so many hours in a day...and the teachers who want to incorporate these technologies to benefit their students are often maxed out and give up much personal time

 21:58:32  Lee Baber   hi kathy

 21:58:42  mizmercer   cclap hands!

 21:58:43  Karen Janowski   is the edublogger cafe open during the whole conference?

 21:58:45  learningismessy   31 not including those in second life

 21:58:49  Durff   metacognition...

 21:58:58  CathyE   Thank you Jeff and Dave- you are awesome!

 21:59:02  mmiller   Oh my that is great! Thanks brian

 21:59:06  CheriT   I win

 21:59:17  JoseR   See you in the Gym Jeff?  Sounds personal

 21:59:18  mmiller   Can we win in the chat???:):):):):)

 21:59:22  alicebarr   Bye all! Great show!

 21:59:25  guest478   yay chatroom

 21:59:27  learningismessy   Yes cafe is even open when the conference closes - I was in there at 8:30 tonight posting to my blog

 21:59:31  Durff   clap

 21:59:35  guest478   CHARLOTTETOWN

 21:59:50  guest478   doh.

 21:59:52  Durff   where?

 21:59:56  mizmercer   not CHARLESTOWN?

 21:59:58  Karen Janowski   Definitely stop by the cricksoft booth

 22:00:02  mmiller   My house

 22:00:08  mmiller   :):):):):):)

 22:00:08  Durff   i want a doorprize

 22:00:13  learningismessy   Goodnight!!!!

 22:00:14  patruffing   Cleveland

 22:00:15  CheriT   orlando

 22:00:17  cmatzat   San Diego?

 22:00:19  bknittle   We use some crick soft ware in our schools

 22:00:20  CheriT   yahooooooooooo

 22:00:24  CheriT   my home town

 22:00:29  CheriT   well, one of them

 22:00:29  Cathy N   goodnight

 22:00:32  bknittle   are getting some more people like it

 22:00:38  CheriT   bye eveyrone

 22:00:49  mizmercer   night

 22:00:51  bknittle   Good night

 22:00:53  Vicki Davis   Goodnight!

 22:00:53  ColleenK   Goodnight!!!

 22:00:56  Durff   bye cheri

 22:00:58  mrichme   good night

 22:00:59  Sue Waters   Bye

 22:01:02  Durff   stream gone

 22:01:03  CheriT   bye lisa

 22:01:10  Lee Baber   night all

 22:01:14  Diane Hammond   God night and safe travel back home!

 22:01:41  Durff   stream is gone - good night

 22:01:42  JoseR   Great show. Let's do it again in 2008

 22:04:54  alexr   Hi Folks.  I guess I missed it.

 22:04:59  alexr   How is everyone?

 22:48:11  cfoote   Hello? is the women on the web still going on?