women of web 2.0 Show #35!

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This is a great show, the chat is below and you will love listening to the Aussies! This is the first show we had hosting 8 people in the SKYPE. This is our first show where we were live in 2 days July 10 and July 11.

Join us!

Here is the agenda!


1) WOW's
Cheryl, Jen, Sharon, Sharon Vicki

2) Introductions - Each of you will share a bit about yourself and I'd like you to each to introduce yourself and one or two "over the top" things you've done lately in your classroom.Education 2.0 in Australia -- What are some good things that are happening?or happening faster?5) As you talk to other educators who are learning about Web 2 tools, what do you say or do to encourage their participation and integration into their classroom?Describe your school year, how many teacher days, how many student days, starting date, ending date.

Chat from July 10/11, 2007

 20:37:49  Jennifer W  http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/2007July10

 20:38:16  Jennifer W  http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/2007July10

 20:38:28  cheryloakes wow2.0  Getting ready in the background.

 20:38:47  Jennifer W  no worries

 20:38:51  Jennifer W  I just got the WIKI ready

 20:44:39  Jennifer W  http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/2007July10

 20:45:15  CheriT  hey Jen

 20:46:34  Jennifer W  Hello Cheri

 20:46:38  Jennifer W  I am enjoying your journeys

 20:46:44  Jennifer W  with your blog!!!

 20:47:33  grahamwegner  multitasking mania

 20:48:33  CheriT  ah, what a tangled web i'm weaving

 20:48:55  CheriT  back home - what a time - almost 3 weeks on the road

 20:49:11  CheriT  many detours and lane closures ... sounds like a metaphor for life

 20:49:53  Jennifer W  wowowow

 20:50:17  Jennifer W  the wiki for tonight is

 20:50:21  CheriT  how's the job, Jen

 20:50:24  Jennifer W  http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/2007July10

 20:50:28  Jennifer W  Today was a HARD DAY

 20:50:35  Jennifer W  but ended on an UP

 20:50:43  Jennifer W  got a 15% raise on Friday

 20:50:49  Jennifer W  so I can't complain

 20:51:12  CheriT  raises are good!

 20:51:17  Jennifer W  http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/2007July10

 20:51:21  Jennifer W  it was unexpected

 20:51:29  Jennifer W  but with more---comes more responsible

 20:51:51  CheriT  to those whom much is given, much is required :-)

 20:52:00  Jennifer W  yes, but am having FUN

 20:52:16  Jennifer W  Sue Waters -- wow -- welcome

 20:52:52  grahamwegner  Sue, how are you?

 20:53:04  Jennifer W  ready to stream??

 20:53:08  Jennifer W  get ready to let us know

 20:53:12  Sue Waters  Hi Graham how are you?

 20:53:14  Jennifer W  http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/2007July10

 20:53:38  cheryloakes wow2.0  get ready for a sound check

 20:54:19  grahamwegner  I'm good - interesting thing to do on a holiday Wednesday.

 20:54:36  Jennifer W  we appreciate you being here!!!

 20:54:53  Sue Waters  Really pleased that you guys are doing it...although kids wanted to go to Harry Potter

 20:55:17  Jennifer W  Sue Waters -- already???

 20:55:19  cheryloakes wow2.0  sound check for me?

 20:55:24  Jennifer W  I thought Friday

 20:55:39  Sue Waters  No Wednesday in Perth

 20:55:46  Jennifer W  OH WOW

 20:55:50  Jennifer W  you will have to give me the news

 20:55:56  Jennifer W  I want to see it

 20:56:05  Sue Waters  Do you want to go in my place ...I am over HP

 20:56:06  Jennifer W  but more important -- I am looking forward to the book

 20:56:09  Vicki Davis  When you hear us - come in.

 20:56:12  CheriT  wow2.0 gals are louder than the others

 20:56:15  grahamwegner  I can't tand Harry Potter.

 20:56:16  Jennifer W  LOLOL

 20:56:18  cheryloakes wow2.0  Hello, Cheri, can you give me a sound check?

 20:56:28  CheriT  Vicki is loudest

 20:56:33  grahamwegner  stand!!

 20:56:41  grahamwegner  Just stirring Sue up.

 20:56:42  CheriT  Cheryl is good sound

 20:56:54  Jennifer W  I am not a fanatic -- but I like to see where it is going

 20:56:58  cheryloakes wow2.0  you are my hero cheri

 20:57:00  Sue Waters  You will never stir me Graham

 20:57:01  Jennifer W  plus I like Alan Rickman

 20:57:04  CheriT  really?

 20:57:04  Vicki Davis  My mike is so so low I can't believe it.

 20:57:11  Vicki Davis  But it comes out so loud.

 20:57:17  grahamwegner  You are unstirrable, Sue.

 20:57:17  CheriT  hmmm

 20:57:18  Jennifer W  so do you Jo, Jason, Graham -- know each other in RL too??

 20:57:25  Jennifer W  or just like us -- you met online??

 20:57:27  sharonp  hi folks - may not be with you in audio tonight

 20:57:34  Jennifer W  sadness

 20:57:35  CheriT  Hi Sharon

 20:57:37  Sue Waters  Actually that is not totally correct

 20:57:39  Jennifer W  I miss the background music

 20:57:40  grahamwegner  I've met Jo f2f, but don't really know Jason.

 20:57:47  Jennifer W  ahhhh  okay

 20:57:54  Jason Hando  well today is the day for meeting you graham

 20:58:01  sharonp  my wifi is low

 20:58:14  cheryloakes wow2.0  okay, we will try and bring you in later if you want

 20:58:28  sharonp  am bummed that I cannot be doing the audio thing

 20:58:32  CheriT  hello Alice!

 20:58:41  Jennifer W  sharon -- do you have a WOW??

 20:58:42  JulieLindsay  Hello all

 20:58:43  cheryloakes wow2.0  we can bring you in if you get a signal

 20:58:55  CheriT  Hi Julie

 20:59:03  JulieLindsay  I'm just on chat, can't get audio

 20:59:09  cheryloakes wow2.0  Hi JUlie, Alice, Cheri, John na , Sue,

 20:59:13  JulieLindsay  I'm in Melbourne!

 20:59:14  Vicki Davis  It is on A.

 20:59:15  Jennifer W  A Stream

 20:59:17  cheryloakes wow2.0  audio is edtech a

 20:59:19  Vicki Davis  I'm sorry I was wrong.

 20:59:19  CheriT  Hey Cheryl

 20:59:24  Vicki Davis  I thought it was on both.

 20:59:30  John Maklary  Hello!

 20:59:37  sharonp  Hi Julie - thanks for that lovely photo in flickr of the SigTel award

 20:59:39  alicebarr  Hi cheryl, julie, cheri

 20:59:42  Vicki Davis  Hello John, where are you located?

 20:59:49  Vicki Davis  Hey Chrissy from New Zealand.

 20:59:49  CheriT  Hi Durff

 20:59:50  Durff  hello

 20:59:52  CheriT  A

 20:59:53  Vicki Davis  Yeah!

 20:59:54  John Maklary  Hi Vicki, I'm in Katy, Texas outside of Houston

 20:59:56  sharonp  wow of the week was a podcast from NECC

 20:59:58  Durff  hi NZ!

 21:00:06  nzchrissy  Hey Durff!

 21:00:11  Durff  hi Dr. Toledo

 21:00:11  JulieLindsay  HI Sharon, you're welcome!

 21:00:17  nzchrissy  Can't get audio this time

 21:00:17  Vicki Davis  Yes, us north americans were going to be outnumbered here -- that would be a first but good to.

 21:00:20  Vicki Davis  Hey Cheri.

 21:00:21  John Maklary  Vicki, I'd love to pick your brain sometime on using google accounts in classrooms.

 21:00:23  Vicki Davis  No audio?

 21:00:26  CheriT  Hi Vicki

 21:00:28  Vicki Davis  Love to John.

 21:00:29  Sue Waters  His life is boring he lives in Adelaide

 21:00:32  sharonp  and realization that I use the Internet like most teens according to a recnet survey

 21:00:33  Vicki Davis  Cheri your audio isn't working?

 21:00:33  CheriT  I'm hearing fine

 21:00:36  Durff  i don't hear anything

 21:00:41  cheryloakes wow2.0  www.clipclip.org

 21:00:58  nzchrissy  edtechtalk says it's not currently streaming

 21:00:58  Durff  but stream is on

 21:01:11  Sue Waters  I can hear on the stream

 21:01:23  Durff  yes it does say you are streaming

 21:01:30  John Maklary  I'm hearing just fine.

 21:01:33  Durff  on A

 21:01:39  Durff  figures

 21:01:40  cheryloakes wow2.0  http://www.clipclip.org/cheryloakes50

 21:01:57  Jennifer W  http://betterfonts.com/

 21:02:03  Durff  ok

 21:02:11  Durff  try another palyer

 21:02:12  grahamwegner  never have enuff fonts

 21:02:19  Durff  the iTunes didn't work

 21:02:19  CheriT  hahaha

 21:02:24  Durff  thanks iPhone

 21:02:31  Durff  stream is great

 21:02:41  Durff  hi Maria

 21:02:44  sharonp  my blog post from today has the links - I love the Karl Fisch pic! http:/mtl-peters.net/blog

 21:02:44  Jennifer W  http://www.peachtree-online.com/teachers.aspx

 21:02:49  Durff  MariaKnee?

 21:02:55  Maria  yes

 21:03:01  Durff  hi

 21:03:11  Maria  hi there, friend

 21:03:13  cheryloakes wow2.0  please add where you are from,

 21:03:14  Durff  I have a student named Maria too

 21:03:24  Maria  great name

 21:03:25  cheryloakes wow2.0  Cheryl Oakes, Wells, ME USA 9 PMEDT

 21:03:32  Durff  i'm from MD

 21:03:33  Vicki Davis  http://mashable.com/2007/07/04/podcasting-toolbox/

 21:03:34  Sue Waters  Perth Western Australia

 21:03:43  Durff  hi Sue

 21:03:44  patruffing  Bethlehem, PA

 21:03:45  Maria  Fremont NH

 21:03:46  Sue Waters  Hi

 21:03:51  nzchrissy  Napier, New Zealand

 21:03:51  Colleen  Boston, MA

 21:03:52  Jason Hando  Sydney, Australia

 21:03:58  Jennifer W  WOW -- we appreciate so many from AUS and NZ

 21:04:00  Durff  jason!

 21:04:10  Jennifer W  wow, thanks so much for being here

 21:04:12  Jason Hando  Hi Lisa!

 21:04:12  Maria  Hi Chrissy

 21:04:13  Durff  the WOW goes international

 21:04:14  sharonp  what a cool crew tonight!

 21:04:18  Vicki Davis  www.eol.org

 21:04:24  Jennifer W  officially ---

 21:04:27  Vicki Davis  http://www.eol.org/vision/mushroom_expert.html

 21:04:31  grahamwegner  Adelaide, South Australia

 21:04:32  Jennifer W  on our wow2 chats

 21:04:36  CheriT  Normal, Illinois USA

 21:04:38  Durff  hi grahan

 21:04:38  Jennifer W  our group has always been international

 21:04:39  nzchrissy  Hi Maria!

 21:04:43  Jennifer W  Corona, CA  USA

 21:04:46  grahamwegner  hi durff

 21:04:58  Jason Hando  I've so enjoyed the wow broadcast when I can get on to listen

 21:04:59  Vicki Davis  Can you all hear now?

 21:05:05  Durff  ok lets all just say hello once and be done with it

 21:05:11  JulieLindsay  currently in Melbourne, Australia (my home town)

 21:05:11  nzchrissy  No still no audio for me

 21:05:22  JulieLindsay  no audio for me either

 21:05:24  Vicki Davis  Yes, say hello everyone -- where are you from?  And how about the date and time where you are.

 21:05:34  Vicki Davis  Camilla, Georgia 7/10/07 9:07 pm

 21:05:38  Jennifer W  hmmmmmm

 21:05:41  Sue Waters  Perth Western Australia 9.05 am

 21:05:42  Jennifer W  Julie -- you don't have sound???

 21:05:49  Vicki Davis  Julie can you hear yet?

 21:05:53  JulieLindsay  Hi Jen..no sound!

 21:05:54  Jennifer W  via the Stream??

 21:05:55  Vicki Davis  Can you hear me now?

 21:05:57  Jennifer W  sadness -- okay

 21:06:02  JulieLindsay  On my father's dialup connection!!

 21:06:07  Vicki Davis  Who can hear on channel A.

 21:06:16  alicebarr  Kennebunkport, ME USA July 10,2007 9:06 PM

 21:06:16  patruffing  I am on A

 21:06:19  John Maklary  Katy, Texas

 21:06:24  Vicki Davis  Tell your Dad we said hello.

 21:06:48  CheriT  I'm on A

 21:06:55  sharonp  Sharon - currently in Laurentian mountains of Qu?©bec

 21:07:00  JulieLindsay  thanks, I will

 21:07:56  nzchrissy  It's Wednesday, 1.07pm here in NZ

 21:08:03  jo mcleay  Hello, here I am, from Victoria, Australia

 21:08:04  cheryloakes wow2.0  Hello to all in chat room, let us know where you are from, time, country is great

 21:08:18  jo mcleay  IT is 11 am here

 21:08:38  jo mcleay  Hi Joyce

 21:08:43  Vicki Davis  Hello Joyce, you've been busy lately.

 21:08:50  JulieLindsay  Hi Jo

 21:08:58  Jennifer W  Welcome Joyce

 21:08:59  sharonp  hey Graham - love to know what school do you teach at - am with my sis-in-law from

 21:09:02  JulieLindsay  We are in the same time zone!

 21:09:04  Jennifer W  we want to get you on the SHOW!!!!

 21:09:05  jo mcleay  Hi Julie, you're in oz right now

 21:09:06  JulieLindsay  and in the same town!

 21:09:18  JulieLindsay  yes, Croydon

 21:09:19  sharonp  from Adelaide at the reunion this week

 21:09:28  jo mcleay  wow, wonder if we could catch up

 21:09:39  JulieLindsay  that would be great!

 21:10:02  sharonp  am wondering what Graham thinks of proposal for international edubloggercon...

 21:10:03  jo mcleay  I'm in Endeavour Hills, but I could come to you Julie

 21:10:05  Durff  hi julie

 21:10:11  JulieLindsay  Hi Lisa

 21:10:12  Jennifer W  LOL -- we will get to that Sharon

 21:10:14  Jennifer W  :)

 21:10:14  joycevalenza  hi everyone!  nice to be back in touch

 21:10:17  Sue Waters  Aussies think it is a good idea

 21:10:26  JulieLindsay  JO, let's email today

 21:10:30  Csouthard  Hi Everybody.

 21:10:30  Jason Hando  yeah, I agree Sue

 21:10:44  jo mcleay  yes Julie, wll do

 21:10:44  sharonp  so much fun to hear those Aussie accents

 21:10:44  Jason Hando  Hi Csouthard

 21:10:45  Sue Waters  And our own Aussie group :)

 21:10:45  Durff  any experts want to troubleshoot audio with Chrissy - she has none

 21:10:50  Jennifer W  24 in chat room

 21:10:53  Jennifer W  7 in chat

 21:10:56  Durff  24!

 21:10:57  Jennifer W  skype

 21:11:06  Durff  WOW hits the big time

 21:11:07  sharonp  naturally, I don't have an accent at all.... ;-)

 21:11:11  Jennifer W  Is she on Mac or PC??

 21:11:11  nzchrissy  Just trying IE

 21:11:13  sroseman  I am from Ottawa, Ontario and it is 9 pm

 21:11:14  Vicki Davis  I love their accents,  they sound so intelligent!

 21:11:16  nzchrissy  PC

 21:11:22  Jennifer W  Lockleys North Primary School

 21:11:25  jo mcleay  Oh Vicki!!

 21:11:26  Jennifer W  for Graham

 21:11:29  Sue Waters  Aussie sound intelligient :) ?

 21:11:29  Durff  ask her

 21:11:33  Vicki Davis  I wonder how "y'all' would sound intheir accent.

 21:11:35  sroseman  Spent a month in Australia and New Zealand year before last

 21:11:39  sharonp  thanks Graham!

 21:11:43  Jennifer W  much smarter and intellectual  :)

 21:11:56  joycevalenza  wow!  judy!!!

 21:12:01  sharonp  audio is spotty tonight - but could just be me

 21:12:03  Jennifer W  http://www.lnps.sa.edu.au

 21:12:23  nzchrissy  Yay I can hear

 21:12:23  cheryloakes wow2.0  Judy, anyone would love to have you in their school.

 21:12:27  JulieLindsay  Hi Joyce!

 21:12:38  joycevalenza  hi, julie!

 21:12:55  Vicki Davis  We need to hear more about their filtering policies and how they do it!

 21:13:00  grahamwegner  sorry Sharon bit slow here

 21:13:02  sharonp  Hi Joyce - you will be at the BLC conference next week in Boston, right?

 21:13:05  cheryloakes wow2.0  Hi joyce, just saw you! and Mick, mjanzi, pat, sueroseman,caloparr

 21:13:14  joycevalenza  yes, you too, Sharon?

 21:13:18  sharonp  yes

 21:13:21  patruffing  hi cheryl

 21:13:25  joycevalenza  way cool.

 21:13:26  sharonp  really looking fwd to it

 21:13:31  mjantzi  Howdy all!

 21:13:36  sharonp  will take a chance to meet you

 21:13:38  Durff  howdy

 21:13:41  Diane H  Austalian schools seem to be early adopters to me! When I started with online collaborative projects in the early 90's there were always Australian schools involved.

 21:13:44  joycevalenza  my daughter is planning a fun outing for us Weds. night

 21:13:59  sharonp  is that the same night as the cruise?

 21:14:01  cheryloakes wow2.0  diane I think you are right, early adopters

 21:14:12  Durff  where are you going joyce?

 21:14:16  Jennifer W  TIME TO GO COLOR

 21:14:22  Jennifer W  check the bottom left of your toolbar

 21:14:25  Jennifer W  check the pallette

 21:14:26  sharonp  Aussies adn kiwis are way ahead of us....

 21:14:27  Jennifer W  choose a COLOR

 21:14:34  joycevalenza  nope, that's thursday.  Boston, november learning

 21:14:35  Jennifer W  Like This

 21:14:37  grahamwegner  nz schools are just as if not more innovative

 21:14:55  joycevalenza  nice

 21:14:58  Jason Hando  my colour is purple

 21:15:01  Diane H  Yes, we have a number of schools from Australia and NZ involved in our International Space Station Project.

 21:15:02  sharonp  yes, Graham, so I have heard - it is a matter of necessity of geography, isn't it?

 21:15:05  nzchrissy  Wow that's a huge compliment - thanks Graham

 21:15:09  Jason Hando  I agree Graham re: NZ schools

 21:15:14  Durff  joyce-you're in springfield township, right?

 21:15:20  joycevalenza  yes

 21:15:26  Jason Hando  am considerinig going to NZ later this year for Moodle conf

 21:15:34  Durff  great district

 21:15:46  joycevalenza  yes, durff

 21:15:46  nzchrissy  Let us know when you're coming Jason!!

 21:15:50  Durff  yea Jo!

 21:16:06  Jennifer W  http://bluyonder.wordpress.com/

 21:16:29  CheriT  I was told that NZ schools don't have the same degree of bureaucracy, so they can do much more than many of us

 21:16:47  Jason Hando  could be true Cheri

 21:16:55  CheriT  Hi Jason

 21:17:00  nzchrissy  That is correct Cheri - we're not as tightly constrained as some

 21:17:04  joycevalenza  would love to partner with our aussie friends on novel discussions

 21:17:12  nzchrissy  Our curriculum is quite flexible

 21:17:14  Jason Hando  Hi Cheri, good to see your text ;-)

 21:17:26  Durff  remember back to whole language? In which country did that begin?

 21:17:33  joycevalenza  tea!!!  I want tea!

 21:17:35  nzchrissy  NZ!!!

 21:17:38  Jennifer W  LOLOL

 21:17:39  Diane H  There's a key point -flexibility in curriculum!

 21:17:48  CheriT  I'm looking at applying for a Fulbright Fellowship next summer for 2011 in NZ and Australia

 21:17:55  Jennifer W  please choose a COLOR to help make chat easier to read

 21:18:00  Jennifer W  bottom LEFT of your toolbar

 21:18:02  CheriT  just have to come up with a project

 21:18:09  Durff  year 7s are which grade for us?

 21:18:10  CheriT  and make some connections

 21:18:16  Jennifer W  I believe 3rd

 21:18:19  jcox  Color isn't showing up correctly for me.

 21:18:22  nzchrissy  Grade 6 Durff

 21:18:23  Durff  thanks

 21:18:28  Jason Hando  http://technologyfaculty.com

 21:18:32  jo mcleay  Year 7s are 12 years old

 21:18:34  joycevalenza  we should come up with a list of readings, maybe a calendar.  a wiki project?

 21:18:38  Durff  yea Jason!!!

 21:18:41  grahamwegner  speak for ypourelf jason

 21:18:43  patruffing  everyone's text looks black to me

 21:18:51  Durff  and saves the day!

 21:18:52  patruffing  including my own and i chose a color

 21:18:57  Jason Hando  ;-)

 21:18:58  jcox  The voice that announces new arrivals sure is sexy though

 21:18:59  joycevalenza  me too!!!! yeah jason

 21:19:00  grahamwegner  whoops just proved it

 21:19:15  Durff  live up to that!

 21:19:16  Jennifer W  is there something that announces new arrivals??

 21:19:29  Durff  yes

 21:19:29  Jennifer W  Pat -- TRULY???

 21:19:30  jcox  If you turn the audio on/off, it will

 21:19:32  jo mcleay  here is some colour I think

 21:19:32  Vicki Davis  Hey I'm blue.

 21:19:33  Jennifer W  that is weird???

 21:19:35  Durff  use Word

 21:19:44  jo mcleay  no it didn't work

 21:19:45  Jennifer W  Pat -- what kind of computer are you on???

 21:19:47  Vicki Davis  Great group tonight.

 21:19:55  Jennifer W  Jo -- your color is quite bright

 21:19:57  patruffing  windows laptop

 21:20:07  JulieLindsay  So sad I acnnot hear this live

 21:20:07  Jennifer W  Hmmmm --

 21:20:08  jo mcleay  oh i couldn't see it

 21:20:08  Vicki Davis  I'm fascinated by the idea of myspace pages for characters and the filtration policies and the virtual office hours.

 21:20:15  Jennifer W  Julie -- I am sad too

 21:20:16  HK  in skype, you can try 'call/mute microphone'

 21:20:17  patruffing  names are light blue...login messages are red, text is all black

 21:20:17  Vicki Davis  Great things!

 21:20:21  sroseman  the Jazz Festival in Montreal???

 21:20:23  Jennifer W  did you try rebooting???

 21:20:25  Durff  wind?

 21:20:27  Jennifer W  oh -- you are on DIALUP

 21:20:31  Durff  that's breathing

 21:20:33  Jennifer W  Someone is breathing

 21:20:40  jcox  hahaha

 21:20:41  joycevalenza  :-)

 21:20:45  Durff  breathing is allowed

 21:20:49  Jennifer W  LOLOL

 21:20:50  jcox  "You just turn them on and they work :D"

 21:20:51  Durff  death is not

 21:20:51  jo mcleay  Vicki, the student had to do her myspace at home, it is blocked at school

 21:20:52  Jennifer W  at times

 21:20:59  Csouthard  I have the sniffles... is that allowed? LOL

 21:21:08  Durff  yes

 21:21:10  Jennifer W  Hmmmm

 21:21:14  Jennifer W  how many sniffles???

 21:21:16  Jennifer W  :)

 21:21:18  Durff  for awhile

 21:21:21  Csouthard  LOL

 21:21:23  Durff  two

 21:21:27  patruffing  what was the link he just mentioned...teacher something

 21:21:29  Jennifer W  Listen closely - you might hear Mac soon

 21:21:33  Jennifer W  http://www.technologyfaculty.com/www/

 21:21:40  patruffing  ok thanks

 21:21:43  Diane H  Great job if you get to learn as part of your day  :-)

 21:21:43  Durff  nice kitty

 21:21:47  Jennifer W  LOL -- I still had it in my que

 21:21:50  Jennifer W  Hello Alice

 21:21:54  Durff  hi alice

 21:21:57  AliceMercer  howdy

 21:22:02  JulieLindsay  Have to dash to an appintment....just wanted to share a new initiative...Vicki will follow up with this as well: EdubloggerWorld at http://edubloggerworld.ning.com/ It is only 1 hour old....Bloggers of the world invited to join. Chhers for now....

 21:22:19  Jennifer W  sounds interesting

 21:22:19  Vicki Davis  Skype an expert -- cool?

 21:22:22  Jennifer W  thanks for sharing

 21:22:29  Vicki Davis  OK, edublogger world -- yes, everyone join.

 21:22:31  patruffing  moodle is only fee...no free version?

 21:22:37  joycevalenza  thanks, julie!

 21:22:38  Jennifer W  Thebloggerscafe.com is doing well too

 21:22:44  jcox  Moodle is free

 21:22:47  jcox  If you want to host it yourself

 21:22:49  Durff  moodle is free

 21:23:04  patruffing  i can't host...no web server

 21:23:05  Durff  it is a download

 21:23:07  jcox  Having gone through the process of installing, and then the painful upgrade, have it hosted :)

 21:23:09  jo mcleay  what an interesting idea Jason

 21:23:13  Durff  to a server

 21:23:18  Csouthard  Are you all skyping too?

 21:23:26  Vicki Davis  I like skype an expert -- that is really a cool title.

 21:23:28  Durff  who?

 21:23:41  Durff  hi jen

 21:23:43  grahamwegner  skype is blocked in south oz schools

 21:23:46  Jennifer W  Hi Lisa

 21:23:48  mjantzi  Skyped with students in Cairo, Egypt.

 21:23:55  cheryloakes wow2.0  siteground hosts moodle for 6.95 per month

 21:23:56  Jennifer W  Skype is blocked -- but MySpace is wide open???

 21:24:00  Durff  no jenhurd

 21:24:01  jcox  lol

 21:24:02  sharonp  I have been booted out of skype conversatin - my stubborn mac wouldn't let me mute and teh blues music was getting too distracting (as was the wind)

 21:24:07  Csouthard  so we're just chatting tonight?

 21:24:07  Sue Waters  Our gov departments don't like Skype

 21:24:08  Durff  butr hi to you too

 21:24:14  Diane H  How do you make connections with your experts?

 21:24:16  Vicki Davis  Some don't like skype

 21:24:17  Jennifer W  because???? --- not like skype??

 21:24:21  Vicki Davis  We are on channel A

 21:24:24  Vicki Davis  Can you not hear?

 21:24:27  Durff  Meebo

 21:24:29  patruffing  too much bandwidth?

 21:24:30  Durff  Evoca

 21:24:35  Vicki Davis  I'm trying to figure out how many cannot hear.

 21:24:35  jcox  Skype likes to jump around and find open ports

 21:24:38  Durff  Skype

 21:24:46  Jennifer W  really???  I did not know that

 21:24:46  jo mcleay  skype is a problem at my school because of bandwidth I think

 21:24:48  Durff  Elluminate

 21:24:48  jcox  It's pretty hard to block, and opens up a lot of stuff you might want to block.

 21:24:54  Jennifer W  about PORTS

 21:25:00  jerihurd  how do I find you on SKype?

 21:25:04  Sue Waters  Google Talk seems to be less of a problem

 21:25:13  Durff  email address

 21:25:18  jo mcleay  that's interesting sue

 21:25:19  Sue Waters  We use Google Talk not a problem

 21:25:20  jcox  Is that available on macs yet?

 21:25:21  cheryloakes wow2.0  does google talk work on macs now?

 21:25:22  Durff  finds people on skyped

 21:25:23  Jennifer W  Jeri -- right now, we are at our limit

 21:25:29  Jennifer W  OH -- sory

 21:25:32  Jennifer W  you mean in the future

 21:25:35  Jennifer W  I am JenW0424

 21:25:36  Sue Waters  not sure will ask my mac friends

 21:25:36  jerihurd  oh, ok

 21:25:37  Jennifer W  on Skype

 21:25:38  patruffing  i will have to look into google talk

 21:25:40  sharonp  that's funny - my school gave me skype but balked at google talk

 21:25:49  Sue Waters  Google Talk is good

 21:26:05  sharonp  one needs to have a google accoujnt and they didn't want the kids to have access to email on campus

 21:26:23  patruffing  that is always the problem...email for the kids

 21:26:25  jo mcleay  we do have emil for each student

 21:26:30  jo mcleay  email

 21:26:31  sharonp  hey I love google - my bro in law works there - have a funky new google girl mug this week!

 21:26:38  patruffing  we have used our wiki mail to communicate in class

 21:26:43  Durff  yes jo - use gaggle

 21:26:53  Jennifer W  gaggle or google??

 21:26:54  sharonp  what a good idea - wiki email - of course!

 21:26:58  jo mcleay  ok i'll try that Lisa

 21:26:59  Sue Waters  Lost sound

 21:26:59  Durff  hello jenhurd

 21:27:14  nzchrissy  Is there much of a difference between skype and google talk - apart from access

 21:27:16  sharonp  bring the expert in

 21:27:18  Jennifer W  Sue Waters -- have you ever lived in the Southern California area??

 21:27:22  joycevalenza  hi jeri

 21:27:29  Durff  Sue try another audio player

 21:27:32  Sue Waters  Never even been to US

 21:27:35  Jennifer W  ahhhhh

 21:27:42  Diane H  It's amazing how professional the students become when engaged with experts.

 21:27:43  cheryloakes wow2.0  thanks for helping Durff

 21:27:51  jerihurd  hey, joyce!

 21:27:56  Durff  i did nothing

 21:28:19  Durff  chrissy - they are similiar

 21:28:25  Jennifer W  Hi Sue -- I just wondered because I interviewed a Sue Waters in 1977

 21:28:28  sharonp  I would like to know what constitutes as professional development for Australian teachers

 21:28:28  Sue Waters  Got sound back but lost chat screen

 21:28:38  Jennifer W  only remember because I won a prize for the interview

 21:28:45  Sue Waters  Not me sorry but my sites are Mobile Technology in TAFE

 21:28:51  Jennifer W  ahhhhhh

 21:28:54  Vicki Davis  OK, Sharon, we'll make sure we get that one in.

 21:28:59  jo mcleay  Jason we have 75 minute period

 21:29:13  Durff  that's long

 21:29:19  jo mcleay  I love it

 21:29:29  Durff  how true

 21:29:29  Jason Hando  ok, Jo, that is a good length

 21:29:33  Jason Hando  would like that

 21:29:43  AliceMercer  JO, are you doing activities, and projects?

 21:29:50  Durff  i like the no block thing

 21:30:05  jo mcleay  yeah we are encouraged to vary the activities

 21:30:18  Jason Hando  we have filter for last 6 mths - no myspace, youtube etc

 21:30:20  AliceMercer  You'd have to Jo, or they'd fall asleep/revolt

 21:30:24  jcox  Teachers don't take advantage of longer blocks, from what I've seen...it's not a time to split the block up and do different projects mixed with lectures, it's just straight lectures

 21:30:41  jo mcleay  Haven't lectured for years

 21:30:44  patruffing  can you give us your school's website so we could get to know more about how things work at your school?

 21:30:46  AliceMercer  Great, block schedule leading to longer lectures, lol

 21:30:57  Vicki Davis  I think the research is showing that teachers aren't taking advantage of blocks -- I'm not sure where I read that.

 21:30:59  jcox  Mostly at the high school level, I haven't been out for that long

 21:31:00  jo mcleay  www.materchristi.edu.au

 21:31:05  patruffing  thanks

 21:31:07  Jason Hando  http://www.mas.nsw.edu.au is my school's site

 21:31:08  cheryloakes wow2.0  the chat with all links will be published on Thur. at edtechtalk.com

 21:31:12  Vicki Davis  So I'll have to find it to share it -- Cheri do you know if you've seen anything about that?

 21:31:21  grahamwegner  primary school teachers have so much more flexibility

 21:31:24  Sue Waters  Blocking varies State by State; and can be school by school

 21:31:24  sharonp  the survey I mentioned earlier the students reported that they wanted less standardized testing and less filtering on the Internet

 21:31:29  Jason Hando  MCEETYA

 21:31:40  Durff  who?

 21:31:46  AliceMercer  I think they vary between 9th and 10-12th here.

 21:32:10  AliceMercer  They have/had a school within a school for 9th here to try to transition kids to comprehensive HS

 21:32:11  CheriT  I haven't heard anything about the block system

 21:32:17  sharonp  Speak Up survey

 21:32:29  jo mcleay  I can't wait till that happens to me Judy

 21:32:29  Vicki Davis  I'm going to ask Dr. Shepherd I think it came from her.

 21:32:48  Jason Hando  I'd like to share about the new catholic schools in sydney run by Greg Whitby if possible

 21:32:51  patruffing  jo...I am at a Catholic school also

 21:33:24  Mickprest  it depends on whether the people on charge of the filters at the school have an open or closed view of schoolkids

 21:33:34  Sue Waters  Transformation coulc be negative

 21:33:36  Durff  you know too much jason

 21:33:44  Sue Waters  NSW is blocking a lot

 21:33:48  Jason Hando  often the tech support guys run the filtration unfort

 21:33:58  Jason Hando  durff ;-)

 21:33:59  sharonp  yes, often they are the ones

 21:33:59  jcox  Facebook, Myspace, stuff like that can't really be controlled.

 21:34:14  Durff  yeaqh, i hear ya

 21:34:20  Vicki Davis  Oh no, I'm on blogger too!

 21:34:33  cheryloakes wow2.0  I am on blogger too.

 21:34:34  jcox  Blocks can be applied but students will still get to them, and once one figures out how they all know how.

 21:34:36  Jason Hando  so am I!

 21:34:49  Durff  what's wrong with blogger?

 21:34:55  jcox  Examples like airaim, tons of proxy servers, all that junk.

 21:35:03  Durff  oh!

 21:35:05  Mickprest  Judy,the problem we are striking in Sydney CEO and Web 2.0 is bandwidth!!  But I do agree that qweb 2.0 is beginning to build.

 21:35:06  sharonp  my daughter discovered I had a facebook account last night - it was pretty funny - students will behave themselves if they realize they are being monitored

 21:35:10  Durff  i disagree

 21:35:18  Durff  thank you very much

 21:35:39  Durff  i am blogger

 21:35:52  Vicki Davis  There are some bad blogs on blogger -- but there are bad blogs anywhere.

 21:35:56  Sue Waters  I agree that there is too much blocking

 21:35:59  Durff  and just posted a Christian rock group

 21:36:32  grahamwegner  rachel boyd is very cool

 21:36:36  Jason Hando  blocking is a knee j*rk reaction that is only option while leadership catches up

 21:36:39  Durff  she is

 21:36:41  alicebarr  Why are the IT guys making the educational decisions?

 21:36:41  sharonp  establishing good relationships with the tech support peeps is critical

 21:36:45  nzchrissy  Rachel Boyd is awesome!!

 21:36:47  jcox  lol

 21:36:54  Sue Waters  Actually it is not always the IT people

 21:37:01  Jennifer W  Rachel Boyd is COOL -- we just met 2 nights ago

 21:37:02  Vicki Davis  IT should not be making educational decisions.

 21:37:07  Durff  admin should be making the decisions

 21:37:09  Jennifer W  LOL -- I am IT

 21:37:12  CheriT  we need to be educating our adminstrators so they are the ones who are making informed decisinos

 21:37:13  Vicki Davis  Filtering in the chat room.

 21:37:15  Durff  sounds like politics

 21:37:16  Cathy N from SC  but admin trust the it

 21:37:17  jcox  As my experience as IT, it hasn't been me

 21:37:23  Jennifer W  and my admin trusts my judgement

 21:37:25  Sue Waters  The problem is they have to respond to Gov auditors

 21:37:25  jo mcleay  Jen I wish you were in my school

 21:37:29  alicebarr  I agree CheriT

 21:37:30  Jennifer W  Me too JO

 21:37:31  Cathy N from SC  the hardware it folks

 21:37:35  patruffing  i do education AND  i am IT

 21:37:36  jcox  Sue has it

 21:37:44  Vicki Davis  Jen is an exceptional IT person -- she has classroom experience.

 21:37:45  patruffing  i control all the filtering...haha

 21:37:48  Jennifer W  you also need to push for having EDUcATORS in the IT department

 21:37:51  Csouthard  We just had this conversation @ our school.  We'd like to meet w/ the IT people to collaborative more. 

 21:37:56  Jennifer W  instead of TECHIES

 21:38:03  joycevalenza  We have to get word out about our projects.  Make administrators eembarrassed not to have them going on at their schools

 21:38:07  jcox  You need both, imo

 21:38:10  sharonp  bringing the tech support peeps into the conversation and SHOWING them how what we are doing is educationally great works wonders

 21:38:14  sharonp  bringing the techies into the conversation and showing them  the educational benefits works wonders

 21:38:16  Jennifer W  we also do well with bribes!!!  :)

 21:38:17  Durff  it is a perfect word

 21:38:20  Vicki Davis  IT folks are often trying to free up bandwidth versus looking at academic use.

 21:38:30  sharonp  sorry double post - having wifi issues

 21:38:32  Jennifer W  I think that is a blanket statement

 21:38:35  sharonp  feed the techies!

 21:38:41  Jennifer W  I think bandwidth is an issue

 21:38:43  jcox  Please, we're hungry

 21:38:45  Jennifer W  that needs to be addressed

 21:38:50  Csouthard  Connect & Collaborate

 21:38:50  Sue Waters  We should be educating them on appropriate use and we can't if we block

 21:38:51  Jennifer W  but it is easier to buy more space

 21:38:55  Jennifer W  and they need to realize that

 21:39:03  CheriT  we in the US need to catch up with Japan on band width

 21:39:08  Jennifer W  but bandwidth should not be the deciding factor

 21:39:11  jo mcleay  Hi Rachel

 21:39:12  patruffing  jen...easier to buy more bandwidth?

 21:39:17  jcox  You can educate students all they want, they're going to see what they want to see

 21:39:22  Jennifer W  HELLO RACHEL -- its MacsMom!!!

 21:39:25  Csouthard  What is Japan doing that we aren't?

 21:39:30  Rachel  Hi! I am late but I am here!

 21:39:30  Sue Waters  Yes but we can go to far

 21:39:31  joycevalenza  an educators should make curricular decisions

 21:39:31  nzchrissy  Hi Rachel

 21:39:33  Jennifer W  Pat -- we were able to purchase more

 21:39:37  Jennifer W  through our servers

 21:39:38  Cathy N from SC  bandwidth is the easiest way to say no  for some district admin

 21:39:40  Jennifer W  don't ask me how

 21:39:43  Durff  how many in the chat room?

 21:39:43  CheriT  their band width is about 100 times what we have

 21:39:44  Jennifer W  but we were able to

 21:39:48  Jennifer W  27

 21:39:51  patruffing  i just got ours bumped up, but not what i really want

 21:39:52  Durff  wow

 21:40:03  Jennifer W  Bandwidth is an easy out

 21:40:04  patruffing  money is ALWAYS an issue

 21:40:07  Jennifer W  you need them to PROVE it

 21:40:11  Cathy N from SC  hey melinda

 21:40:14  cheryloakes wow2.0  oh hello melinda, is the baby in bed?

 21:40:16  patruffing  prove what?

 21:40:19  Mickprest  The reality is that the kids who really want to get around things the filters are using the proxy masking sites.

 21:40:19  mmiller  Hello everyone

 21:40:20  Durff  good then they see the good youtubes too

 21:40:20  Jennifer W  we thought that our bandwidth was an issue -- with the old IT guys

 21:40:24  Sue Waters  But they are going to do it at home so better to teach them at school

 21:40:24  Jennifer W  and it WAS NOT

 21:40:32  Jennifer W  but no one knew it

 21:40:37  mmiller  No I have relatives here and she is running around like a crazy child

 21:40:38  Jennifer W  so they had to just accept the IT's determination

 21:40:46  jcox  As a note, if any teachers need to get around a specific block, get a server and set up squidproxy

 21:40:50  cheryloakes wow2.0  mmilller, live is busy with the babe.

 21:41:03  mmiller  Cheryl, I have pic to send you of the youngest WOW member

 21:41:05  Sue Waters  Ideally lets stop them from blocking in the first place

 21:41:11  Jason Hando  agree Graham

 21:41:14  cheryloakes wow2.0  oh, please send it along, that will be great

 21:41:21  joycevalenza  use a torn newspaper to demo this concept

 21:41:27  Jennifer W  we thought out Bandwidth would hit the roof with United Streaming -- and it didn't even make a dent

 21:41:35  Rachel  and we all know Graham is addicted to twitter!

 21:41:38  Durff  it's a game

 21:41:43  Durff  a challenge

 21:41:46  Sue Waters  That is crazy

 21:41:51  Vicki Davis  He is a bit twit happy -- ha ha!

 21:41:52  patruffing  i don't agree to unblock everything

 21:41:59  Sue Waters  And as you find them they block them

 21:42:04  Jennifer W  is he twitting now???

 21:42:06  jcox  Good tip

 21:42:11  patruffing  i unblock as needed

 21:42:11  Sue Waters  sorry I work for a TAFE system

 21:42:14  jo mcleay  We have to teach stude nts what to do when confronted with questionable material

 21:42:15  Cathy N from SC  how to use torn paper joyce?

 21:42:15  Jennifer W  I would NEVER unblock everything

 21:42:24  Jennifer W  for a multitude of reasons

 21:42:28  patruffing  if I want to show kids a really good vid on youtube i unblock

 21:42:30  Durff  that would be me...gettting around those blocking guys

 21:42:36  Vicki Davis  I agree, Jo.

 21:42:42  Jennifer W  my boss calls our filter our REGULATOR

 21:42:46  Jennifer W  not our FILTER

 21:42:48  Vicki Davis  Pat, you have access to your filter like I do?

 21:42:48  Sue Waters  In a big organisation like I work unblocking takes months

 21:42:48  patruffing  then i reblock when educ use is over

 21:42:51  Jason Hando  its a good conversation to have - what do we think about blocking

 21:42:54  cheryloakes wow2.0  sharon, ready to come back on skype?

 21:42:55  Rachel  Yes, all my kids have unfiltered systems at home

 21:42:57  jcox  Kids love p0rn...and if they can't get p0rn, they'll go for excerpts from romance novels

 21:43:00  patruffing  yes...i am the filter admin

 21:43:08  Sue Waters  my kids are also unfiltered

 21:43:09  patruffing  i am the everything admin if it has a plug

 21:43:13  Jennifer W  LOLOL

 21:43:20  Jennifer W  I totally understand Pat

 21:43:47  Jennifer W  do you do the webpage too???

 21:43:54  Diane H  Do you have to be young to be techno savvy :-)

 21:43:55  Cathy N from SC  their phil--ignorance is bliss

 21:44:02  jcox  Yes

 21:44:03  Sue Waters  no

 21:44:07  Jennifer W  LOL -- Hope NOt

 21:44:11  patruffing  i am old...and i am techier than my kids

 21:44:18  Sue Waters  Last time I looked I am not young

 21:44:20  Cathy N from SC  me to

 21:44:26  Jennifer W  I am closer to 50 than young

 21:44:30  Jennifer W  so Hope Not

 21:44:31  Sue Waters  :)

 21:44:32  Cathy N from SC  is 43 young? I think so

 21:44:35  Rachel  I know way too many great NZ teachers who are at least twice my age and they are VERY techno savvy!

 21:44:37  Durff  yes

 21:44:38  Jennifer W  I do-- CathyN

 21:44:48  patruffing  i have passed 50 a while ago

 21:44:57  Durff  Cathy you are young

 21:44:58  Jennifer W  and you survived??  LOL, so there is hope for me???

 21:44:59  jo mcleay  me too patruffing

 21:45:05  alicebarr  Jcox I disagree, I have seen students be quite responsible when ur cmes to

 21:45:10  patruffing  the best is yet to come jen

 21:45:10  Cathy N from SC  i also know young teachers  who are technophobes

 21:45:13  alicebarr  p*rn

 21:45:14  Jennifer W  I hope

 21:45:19  Mickprest  I find that the problem is (as Jason just said) that the school leaders just don't understand this web stuff. They can handle bullying on the bus etc but they feel powerless in this web environment that they don't understand so they kneej*rk!  Since the shoot (my asterixed word wors fileter by this site!!) stops with them it is understandable- we need to work with them too!!

 21:45:22  Cathy N from SC  i blame the teacher educ programs

 21:45:24  patruffing  i don't care about looking foolish anymore...i try anything

 21:45:29  patruffing  (legal)

 21:45:32  jo mcleay  I agree pat

 21:45:33  Jennifer W  LOLOLOL

 21:45:33  Durff  i agree with alicebarr

 21:45:35  Jason Hando  Mick - spot on!

 21:45:37  Jennifer W  yeah right, Pat

 21:45:44  Sue Waters  Agree Mick

 21:45:46  joycevalenza  isn't that a strange thing. do any of our local colleagues really read our blogs?

 21:45:50  jcox  I had the opportunity to monitor via a VNC connection wha tstudents look at in school

 21:45:55  Jennifer W  My boss reads my blog

 21:45:55  Sue Waters  no they do not read our blog

 21:46:01  nzchrissy  So does mine

 21:46:04  jcox  And then I enjoyed looking through their computers to find out what they were doing out of school

 21:46:08  Jennifer W  and so do friends

 21:46:09  Cathy N from SC  i wish

 21:46:11  joycevalenza  mine might

 21:46:11  Durff  i read your blog joyce

 21:46:12  patruffing  my principal doesn't even look at our website

 21:46:15  mmiller  Careful - Principal Miller is learning a s quickly as she can:):):)

 21:46:16  joycevalenza  not sure.

 21:46:17  Csouthard  We have so many teachers who won't establish student blogs b/c they're afraid

 21:46:18  jo mcleay  My boss doesn't have time to read my log

 21:46:21  jerihurd  grin--well, I'm teaching a blogging workshop to classmates, and when I teach them BLoglines, I'm making them add mine!

 21:46:22  jcox  Even the ones you wouldn't think to, they love the p0rn

 21:46:24  Jennifer W  Pat -- we need you ON our show!!!

 21:46:24  Rachel  My principal reads my blog too.... but he never makes a comment

 21:46:32  joycevalenza  thanks, durff

 21:46:39  patruffing  ha

 21:46:43  Cathy N from SC  i send forwards from blogs to my princ all the time

 21:46:46  mmiller  I had to tell my teachers how to find the comments that I left them

 21:46:48  CheriT  lost the sound

 21:47:03  Jennifer W  MMiller -- but now they have it???

 21:47:06  Csouthard  I don't have audio either

 21:47:07  jerihurd  yeah, Joyce.  Do your school colleagues realize what a guru you are?

 21:47:10  joycevalenza  good point, vicki!

 21:47:11  CheriT  it's back

 21:47:11  Maria  Absolutely - we need to encourage and support our new teachers

 21:47:12  Durff  use a different player Dr. Toledo

 21:47:20  cheryloakes wow2.0  we were a little quiet, is the sound back?

 21:47:22  Durff  oh now you tell me

 21:47:23  mmiller  yes, I told them not to block the comments

 21:47:28  Jennifer W  Ahhh

 21:47:29  Cathy N from SC  probably since she travels extensively--say Joyce?

 21:47:30  Diane H  Ontario has an online network just for new teachers!

 21:47:31  Jennifer W  and you use what blogger???

 21:47:38  joycevalenza  huh?  i play it very low key at school.  shhhh

 21:47:38  Jennifer W  wordpress??  edublogs??

 21:47:41  Durff  bless you

 21:47:43  Rachel  Yes, I know several good teachers who are no longer teaching - we have lost them!

 21:47:48  Cathy N from SC  so do i

 21:47:50  mmiller  we use edublogs at school

 21:47:55  Rachel  The pressure of the job

 21:47:57  Jennifer W  ahhhh -- are you content??

 21:47:58  Cathy N from SC  I share  but don't push mine

 21:48:02  Csouthard  we use classblogmeister

 21:48:04  Jennifer W  with edublogs??

 21:48:15  Vicki Davis  Joyce is so amazing!  I think you're great, Joyce, I loved meeting you at NECC.

 21:48:29  Cathy N from SC  and I too Joyce

 21:48:31  patruffing  i am looking for the best blog site for students gr 4-8 approx

 21:48:40  Jennifer W  I am quite happy with Word Press

 21:48:41  Vicki Davis  http://classroom20.ning.com

 21:48:41  Durff  we use class blogmeister with kids and another professionally

 21:48:44  Jennifer W  quite HAPPY

 21:48:49  Durff  okay not we just

 21:48:51  Rachel  Oh I WISH i had a IWB!!

 21:48:56  joycevalenza  shucks, vicki.  I've been in awe of you

 21:49:00  Cathy N from SC  what about Moodle or Drupaled

 21:49:02  Csouthard  I like classroom20

 21:49:22  alicebarr  podcasts are GREAT prof dev

 21:49:26  Durff  we all are in awe of the WOW ladies

 21:49:32  nzchrissy  I second that

 21:49:34  alicebarr  I listen to them on my commute

 21:49:37  joycevalenza  :-)

 21:49:41  Cathy N from SC  I have i love 2,0

 21:49:45  Rachel  podcasts and blogs are great - free and available anywhere!

 21:49:51  Vicki Davis  We're all "just" educators -- I'm thankful to be a part of a great group of people.

 21:49:57  Rachel  even to us in NZ or OZ!

 21:49:58  Vicki Davis  Lots of good hearts and minds.

 21:50:13  cheryloakes wow2.0  don't forget the online K12 online conference in October 2007

 21:50:25  Durff  dating?

 21:50:29  Cathy N from SC  sped dating--now that's an attn getter

 21:50:30  Sue Waters  Posted my response yesterday

 21:50:42  Rachel  Yes looking forwards to K12 conference

 21:50:48  nzchrissy  me too

 21:50:50  Diane H  Very cool idea!

 21:50:50  Cathy N from SC  Jason what is your twitter name?

 21:50:50  Csouthard  I'm excited about the K12 Conference

 21:50:54  jerihurd  I'm looking forward to it, too

 21:51:00  Durff  a jigsaw

 21:51:06  Jason Hando  http://twitter.com/jhando

 21:51:07  Rachel  wow that's a cool idea

 21:51:15  Cathy N from SC  thx

 21:51:17  Durff  now i can breathe again

 21:51:18  mmiller  I think we are going to host some open computer lab times for the online conference and give teachers credti

 21:51:19  Csouthard  What about TappediN?

 21:51:20  Vicki Davis  http://twitter.com/coolcatteacher -- I'll share mine too!

 21:51:23  jcox  How do you motivate teachers to care about technology?

 21:51:27  Jennifer W  love TAPPED IN

 21:51:42  cheryloakes wow2.0  our tapped in show has been downloaded 1455 times, a record for us.

 21:51:44  Rachel  PD online is great!

 21:51:49  Cathy N from SC  my pro deve happens online most as well

 21:51:56  Csouthard  Teachers have to play w/ technology to be less scared

 21:51:58  Rachel  but I still like meeting people in real life!

 21:52:00  patruffing  i have to say, though, that sometimes I feel overwhelmed by so much out there to try out...i can't keep up with Real Life

 21:52:07  Diane H  Go with the "unconference"!

 21:52:13  Jennifer W  I agree, Rachel

 21:52:17  Cathy N from SC  lose tv and you'll gain time

 21:52:28  Vicki Davis  http://parra-bib-blog.blogspot.com/ - From Judy - great group blog.

 21:52:30  patruffing  i don't watch TV

 21:52:30  Rachel  nothing like getting away to somewhere and truly immersing yourself in a conference

 21:52:35  jcox  Lose a family, a job, various other junk, you'll gain time

 21:52:37  patruffing  i am mostly on the computer

 21:52:37  Csouthard  What unconference?

 21:52:43  nzchrissy  We love unconfrerences

 21:52:47  Sue Waters  :)

 21:52:47  jcox  And you'll find out why students have so much time to get around school filters

 21:52:52  Csouthard  I'm only here b/c the baby is sleeping :D

 21:52:58  Cathy N from SC  m on right now while the guys watch a baseball game

 21:53:01  Jennifer W  Pat -- I think I use your TV time allowance then  :)

 21:53:06  patruffing  hah

 21:53:06  mmiller  In defense of principals, leaders, admin everywhere, our job is VERY people oriented and some days we are dealing with so much we don't even get to our email until noon and then we have 50 by then.

 21:53:15  Durff  i'm glad the baby is sleeping!

 21:53:17  Rachel  NZ had an online conference this year (the first) and the main thing that came out of it for our teachers was that they couldn't manage to look at the presentations whilst also full time teaching -

 21:53:26  Rachel  although I made the time!

 21:53:32  Jennifer W  is the All Stars game on already???

 21:53:38  nzchrissy  You do it if you want to

 21:53:45  Cathy N from SC  i have wow and other shows listed in my google calendar

 21:53:45  nzchrissy  you make time that is

 21:53:48  Rachel  all about motivation?

 21:53:51  Csouthard  K12 is during the school day?

 21:53:54  Rachel  and need

 21:53:54  Durff  true Chrissy

 21:53:57  Jennifer W  CathyN -- you are a dedicated teacher!!!

 21:54:07  Cathy N from SC  even 2nit i logged in a little late due to SL

 21:54:11  Vicki Davis  http://edubloggerworld.ning.com

 21:54:12  jcox  How do you create that though?  Why would someone who already ahs a full plate want the extra work?

 21:54:25  jcox  And pouring through all this stuff is work

 21:54:32  Csouthard  If you want something done - ask a busy person - they know how to juggle

 21:54:35  patruffing  i do professional development for our teachers after school once a week, and i bribe them with snacks, and they even get paid to come...it is still a struggle

 21:54:45  Rachel  NZ conference is available virtually until at least the end of the year

 21:54:46  nzchrissy  if it's part of your philosophy and you believe it will work with your teaching and work for your students you will do it

 21:54:49  nzchrissy  and learn it

 21:54:52  Rachel  oh yes - bribes are good

 21:54:56  jcox  lol

 21:54:58  Cathy N from SC  NZ address?

 21:55:00  nzchrissy  yes those too!!

 21:55:01  jcox  philosophy vs bribes

 21:55:11  jcox  nz sounds like a nice place :)

 21:55:12  Vicki Davis  Those interested in an international edubloggercon - http://edubloggerworld.ning.com

 21:55:22  nzchrissy  Napier, New Zealand - NZ is great!!

 21:55:25  Cathy N from SC  thx vicki

 21:55:45  Mickprest  On time ... how many of us Australian people would actually be listening to this if it wasn't holidays????

 21:55:45  Vicki Davis  http://australianedubloggers.pbwiki.com/

 21:55:49  Durff  jokers

 21:55:51  mmiller  Hey Cathy, glad you are blogging so much lately, love to read it

 21:55:58  nzchrissy  I listen at school - it's lunchtime

 21:55:59  Vicki Davis  We need a down under educators show on edtechtalk.

 21:56:05  Vicki Davis  Then we can listen while we grade during our planning periods.

 21:56:05  nzchrissy  or I download the podcast

 21:56:07  Jason Hando  true Mick, school days are so busy

 21:56:09  Vicki Davis  ha ha

 21:56:09  cheryloakes wow2.0  mickprest, you can always listen to the podcast later, too.

 21:56:14  Csouthard  What time is it in NZ?

 21:56:22  nzchrissy  It is Wed. 1.56pm

 21:56:23  Cathy N from SC  thanks Melinda

 21:56:25  Rachel  NZ conference  - http://time4online.org.nz

 21:56:28  jo mcleay  Mick that is true. I would be teaching

 21:56:34  Rachel  I am in Nelson, NZ

 21:56:37  Cathy N from SC  Im glad to know I have one faithful reader

 21:56:40  nzchrissy  Go Nelson!!

 21:56:45  Cathy N from SC  sorry about typos

 21:56:46  Durff  who's in first?

 21:56:54  Cathy N from SC  another fan?

 21:57:07  Cathy N from SC  oops

 21:57:09  mmiller  I have been assured that typos aren't counted against us on WOW

 21:57:17  Cathy N from SC  whew

 21:57:38  nzchrissy  Wow that time went fast

 21:57:38  Jennifer W  LOL - MMiller -- we edit them all out at the end

 21:57:42  Durff  wow this chat moves quickly

 21:57:57  nzchrissy  Fantastic show

 21:57:57  Rachel  oh YES the chat moves quickly!

 21:58:04  Durff  i concur

 21:58:06  mmiller  I am so glad you guys look out for us!!!!

 21:58:06  mjantzi  Inspiring

 21:58:08  jo mcleay  I have loved been in this

 21:58:14  jo mcleay  being

 21:58:15  Rachel  I am SO glad NZ is on holidays!

 21:58:21  nzchrissy  Me too

 21:58:27  Durff  for how long?

 21:58:29  Rachel  and thanks Chrissy for working out the NZ time and sharing it on your blog

 21:58:32  Cathy N from SC  free is good

 21:58:37  nzchrissy  a couple more days left

 21:58:41  Durff  very good

 21:58:49  patruffing  thanks for all the sharing...i have so many tabs open for the websites mentioned...i will be busy

 21:58:49  Rachel  I got home as quickly as I could to join in even if for a little bit!

 21:58:53  nzchrissy  Thanks for reading me Rachellol

 21:58:55  cheryloakes wow2.0  Next weeks show Internet Safety.

 21:58:58  Durff  oh-can't you all come next week?

 21:58:59  CheriT  that's a lot

 21:58:59  Jennifer W  Thanks everyone -- we are winding down

 21:59:00  Mickprest  How do I get skype contacts? Could any of us have joined in if we were on Skype with you?

 21:59:13  nzchrissy  I can listen next week but not chat

 21:59:21  Jennifer W  Mick -- not tonight -- we were at our limit of skype

 21:59:22  Rachel  Chrissy to you normally catch 30 min of the show during lunch on wweds

 21:59:22  Maria  My class and i have enjoyed reading and learning about classrooms in other countries. it is so exciting.

 21:59:27  Durff  that's good

 21:59:27  cheryloakes wow2.0  Mickprest, I can only handle 8 connections. However, skypecast is improving

 21:59:41  nzchrissy  then I'll wait 10 weeks before taking part in chat again

 21:59:44  Mickprest  Thanks

 21:59:44  cheryloakes wow2.0  in skypecast we can host and have over 20 people, but it isn't working on the mac just yet

 22:00:01  sharonp  maria, are you in canada?

 22:00:04  nzchrissy  Yes Rachel - I sometimes cheat and keep listening while my class silent reads straight after lunch!

 22:00:05  jcox  As homework for internet safety

 22:00:06  Rachel  I think I may be able to join for a little bit during term time - but will have to check my lunch duties

 22:00:10  jcox  Everyone needs to watch this video

 22:00:11  Maria  Rachel - I enjoy reading your blog

 22:00:14  jo mcleay  thanks so much Vicki and WOW

 22:00:26  Maria  No - i'm in NH

 22:00:30  nzchrissy  School Zone blocks the chat access though

 22:00:30  Rachel  oh, have you worked out who I am maria?

 22:00:32  Jason Hando  Thanks guys and gals - been great

 22:00:33  mmiller  I have missed  you guys for a couple of weeks! Great show again Great NECC podcasts I have listened to

 22:00:47  Csouthard  Goodnight Everybody From NY

 22:00:50  nzchrissy  Jason - let us know when you come to NZ

 22:00:52  Rachel  sorry didn't sign in with my full name - Rachel Boyd!

 22:00:54  Vicki Davis  This chat has been wonderful!

 22:00:57  Mickprest  C ya

 22:01:00  Csouthard  From, NY 0ops

 22:01:03  Jennifer W  Mark your calendars

 22:01:03  Vicki Davis  Hey, Darren, we were talking about you -- we missed you!

 22:01:04  jo mcleay  Thanks Dave and Jeff

 22:01:05  darrendraper  Sorry, I guess I missed the party.

 22:01:06  joycevalenza  thank you all!

 22:01:09  mjantzi  Farewell from Virginia

 22:01:12  Jason Hando  sure Chrissy, will do

 22:01:14  Jennifer W  NO SHOWS Last week of JULY -- FIRST TWO weeks of AUGUST

 22:01:17  Vicki Davis  We talked about the new site for international edubloggers.

 22:01:18  jo mcleay  I guessed you were Rachel Boyd

 22:01:21  Jennifer W  Mark your calendars

 22:01:26  Rachel  !!

 22:01:27  darrendraper  Great!

 22:01:31  Cathy N from SC  enjoyed the show folks

 22:01:32  Jennifer W  Rachel Boyd in RL ---  ???  IN SL

 22:01:40  Rachel  WOW this has been great!

 22:01:42  jcox  http://akamat.wordpress.com/2006/10/12/red-vs-blue-internet-primer/

 22:01:48  lrntch  I missed the show. Maybe next time!

 22:01:49  Jennifer W  NO SHOWS  Last Week of JULY -- First TWO weeks of AUGUST

 22:01:50  Sue Waters  Another avator darren?

 22:01:55  Rachel  Yes Jen...

 22:01:56  darrendraper  I guess Julie and Steve filled you in.  Was great to chat!

 22:02:05  jcox  That's internet safety homework

 22:02:07  sharonp  Hi Darren - did you know we were talking about you? taking your name in vain

 22:02:11  darrendraper  No, same avatar, different day.

 22:02:18  Jennifer W  yes, I have met you in SL several times  :)

 22:02:20  Sue Waters  No it is different today

 22:02:28  darrendraper  Hi. Yes, my ears were ringing.

 22:02:40  Rachel  I think I will have to join in if I can during term time

 22:02:43  Durff  this was GREAT!

 22:02:47  Mickprest  Who uses a mac???????????????

 22:02:48  Cathy N from SC  which is why Darren dropped by

 22:02:52  jcox  I do

 22:02:56  Rachel  I am mac

 22:02:57  nzchrissy  Thank you!

 22:02:59  Cathy N from SC  mac--me

 22:03:02  darrendraper  Sue, I had to post a different picture after you said how much you missed the photo of my avatar.

 22:03:03  Rachel  but can have access to pc

 22:03:06  alicebarr  I am MAC

 22:03:07  darrendraper  I use a Mac.

 22:03:07  Maria  me - mac

 22:03:07  Durff  WOW hits the BIG time

 22:03:08  nzchrissy  I wish I was MAC

 22:03:09  Rachel  THANK YOU!!!!

 22:03:12  darrendraper  and a PC.

 22:03:14  Sue Waters  But I liked the first one

 22:03:25  Jennifer W  My MAC is now sitting across the room

 22:03:27  Sue Waters  :(

 22:03:34  CheriT  great show, everyone

 22:03:34  darrendraper  That happens. :)

 22:03:36  Jennifer W  and my other MAC is lying on my computer desk

 22:03:38  Diane H  Great evening folks - thanks!

 22:03:38  mmiller  Alyson is clapping, she knows you are wrapping up. She has figures t hat out

 22:03:38  CheriT  thanks

 22:03:45  Jennifer W  purring up a storm

 22:03:52  Jennifer W  LOL MM

 22:03:53  darrendraper  My mac wouldn't let me enter EdTechTalk.  Java issues.

 22:03:53  Sue Waters  I might have to change my avator now

 22:03:57  mjantzi  Thumbs up you all!

 22:03:58  Jennifer W  so she appreciates we are done???

 22:04:01  Sue Waters  hate java

 22:04:02  jcox  I'd like to hear the aussies talk like pirates

 22:04:02  sroseman  neat show from down under

 22:04:03  Rachel  lovely to hear the accents!

 22:04:11  jcox  Same

 22:04:12  cheryloakes wow2.0  darren, i get on with firefox or flock to edtechtalk

 22:04:17  jcox  Firefox worked fine

 22:04:18  mmiller  No I just always clap at the end, for her so now it is a routine :):):):)

 22:04:19  cheryloakes wow2.0  darren, I am macbook

 22:04:23  jcox  Safari likes to explode

 22:04:29  darrendraper  Yep.  Does it work in Safari?  No?

 22:04:29  cheryloakes wow2.0  thanks for clapping.

 22:04:34  Rachel  I don't ever really use safari on my mac

 22:04:37  cheryloakes wow2.0  I don't use safari,

 22:04:38  Durff  who said that?

 22:04:41  jcox  I don't either

 22:04:43  Rachel  love the firefox!

 22:04:48  cheryloakes wow2.0  darren try flock, you will like it.

 22:04:49  darrendraper  Safari = :(

 22:04:52  Jennifer W  I use FIREFOX on both PC and MAC

 22:04:55  Durff  and why should we believe that?

 22:04:56  darrendraper  Unless it's on an iPhone?

 22:05:02  darrendraper  Hey Durff!

 22:05:04  Jennifer W  who has an IPHONE???

 22:05:04  Sue Waters  you and iphones

 22:05:11  patruffing  not me

 22:05:12  Durff  hey darren

 22:05:13  CheriT  not me

 22:05:14  darrendraper  Did somebody say iPhone?

 22:05:14  Jennifer W  WHO?????

 22:05:18  cheryloakes wow2.0  wes fryer has an iphone, doesn't steve dembo?

 22:05:23  Rachel  Yes I have to get Firefox downloaded on our school mac pod - safari is not wiki friendly

 22:05:24  mmiller  my wow of the week was voicethread

 22:05:26  Jennifer W  I know Wes does

 22:05:39  Jennifer W  he did a great post on waiting for his IPHONE

 22:05:46  cheryloakes wow2.0  oh, do you hve voicethread on your blog?

 22:05:48  darrendraper  I said to Wes that iPhones were too expensive, he says "I couldn't agree more".

 22:05:55  alicebarr  I played with my friend's iPhone this weekend SP COOL

 22:05:57  darrendraper  Then I find out he's getting one the next day!

 22:06:02  mmiller  not yet, i may be mentioning the wrong thing

 22:06:06  darrendraper  AT&T.  The nerve.

 22:06:07  cheryloakes wow2.0  I am waiting for the next version iphone to work in Maine.

 22:06:10  Jennifer W  yep -- he didn't protest THAT much

 22:06:11  Durff  i have a free phone

 22:06:13  Rachel  I certainly couldn't afford a iphone

 22:06:18  Rachel  so I will just drool

 22:06:19  Sue Waters  Not nice to talk about iphones when Aussie guests can not buy them

 22:06:24  Durff  i won't pay

 22:06:25  darrendraper  Will an iPhone work down under?

 22:06:27  alicebarr  It worked in Maine Cheryl

 22:06:31  Durff  too cheap

 22:06:32  Sue Waters  Why not :)

 22:06:32  mmiller  something you can talk on top of pictures that one of youo guys posted, not bubble share tho

 22:06:40  jcox  att network works in maine, I think edge is sketchy though

 22:06:42  Rachel  Are they out here yet Chrissy? (iphone)

 22:06:44  sroseman  iphones in Canada?

 22:06:49  Sue Waters  But why would we 2.5 G is too expensive here

 22:06:53  darrendraper  I don't know, maybe some American conspiracy. ;)

 22:07:07  jcox  We're denying you portable myspace

 22:07:09  Durff  those Americans

 22:07:10  Sue Waters  definitely I am sure Graham will agree

 22:07:14  Durff  oh i am one

 22:07:15  jcox  Keeping you down (under)

 22:07:15  Rachel  !!

 22:07:24  darrendraper  Is Graham still here?

 22:07:24  Sue Waters  Aussies are just as bad Graham

 22:07:31  Sue Waters  Yes talking

 22:07:41  cheryloakes wow2.0  yes he is

 22:07:46  Durff  on skype darren

 22:07:58  Rachel  hmmmm tall poppies!

 22:08:01  Durff  hi leslie

 22:08:03  darrendraper  I wasn't sure if I was invited to this party until I saw he was coming. (Women of Web - no guys allowed).

 22:08:04  Sue Waters  Our sport is dominated by Aussie and what about front news being Aussie sport players

 22:08:05  Rachel  very true

 22:08:09  grahamwegner  g'day darren

 22:08:17  Rachel  they think WE think we're somehow better

 22:08:34  leslie  Hi -- late missed the show, but ready for next one

 22:08:37  Rachel  but is it that we're just more willing to share and put things out there?

 22:08:38  jo mcleay  yeah i think that's right

 22:08:42  darrendraper  Hello Graham.  Working on audio now.  Is there a quick trick to turning it on?

 22:08:47  Rachel  and put stuff on the line?

 22:08:59  cheryloakes wow2.0  go to itunes and listen to edtechtalk a

 22:09:00  grahamwegner  where?

 22:09:05  Vicki Davis  Oh, Darren -- we renamed it WOW2 -- everyone is invited.

 22:09:12  cheryloakes wow2.0  probably safari won't work

 22:09:16  Vicki Davis  Look, lots of gents in the chat.

 22:09:20  jo mcleay  That's a good idea Cheryl

 22:09:24  Durff  gender?

 22:09:24  patruffing  summer school?

 22:09:33  jcox  "Listen & Chat" on the right, click LISTEN

 22:09:39  CheriT  nite everyone! Great chat

 22:09:43  darrendraper  Ohhh.  That works.  WOW2.

 22:09:49  Rachel  2 in afternoon here in NZ

 22:09:51  CheriT  hey darren

 22:09:55  Jennifer W  and goodnight

 22:10:05  Vicki Davis  I learned so much!

 22:10:07  cheryloakes wow2.0  just stopped the stream, thanks for joining us tonight

 22:10:08  Vicki Davis  How shall I sleep!

 22:10:08  darrendraper  Hello Cheri.

 22:10:10  Vicki Davis  Thanks!'

 22:10:15  mjantzi  adios

 22:10:23  alicebarr  Thanks all!

 22:10:24  Jennifer W  see you next week!!!  HOPE HOPE

 22:10:29  CheriT  stream was in and out tonight

 22:10:31  Durff  night folks!~

 22:10:31  patruffing  good night and thanks

 22:10:32  darrendraper  So Vicki, how did the crew take to EduBloggerWorld?

 22:10:33  CheriT  next week

 22:10:34  sroseman  au revoir et merci

 22:10:38  CheriT  now off to sl? Jen

 22:10:39  Rachel  maybe a CD would be more user friendly for some

 22:10:40  Durff  I enjoyed the accents!

 22:10:42  Vicki Davis  Just brieflyu mentioned.

 22:10:45  Durff  SL?

 22:10:47  Maria  good bye all

 22:10:51  Rachel  I love the accents!

 22:10:55  CheriT  second life

 22:10:57  Vicki Davis  I didn't get to go in before the show started so we'll talk more about it next week.

 22:10:57  darrendraper  Are they ok with the name?  We debated for a while.

 22:11:02  cheryloakes wow2.0  good night and good morrow

 22:11:03  Rachel  lol

 22:11:09  Maria  durff - SL name?

 22:11:10  grahamwegner  Darren you on skype?

 22:11:15  Vicki Davis  I've got to reread the chat tonight with you and Julie and I'll look for you online tomorrow.

 22:11:20  Durff  Edih Halderman

 22:11:28  Rachel  I love your name!

 22:11:30  darrendraper  Sounds good.

 22:11:38  Durff  i'll go in a moment

 22:11:39  darrendraper  Graham - yeah.  darrendrapernotthecity

 22:11:41  Rachel  I am KatarinaMay Capalini!

 22:11:44  darrendraper  All one word.

 22:11:45  CheriT  etdoc sungsoon

 22:11:46  grahamwegner  got it

 22:11:48  CheriT  that's me

 22:11:50  Rachel  more of a normal name

 22:11:53  Sue Waters  DArren can I add you to my skype?

 22:11:57  darrendraper  (there's a city named Draper by my house.

 22:12:05  alicebarr  I am LillyoftheSea Starr

 22:12:06  Maria  I'm Kaguyahime Watanabe

 22:12:16  CheriT  i've seen you both before

 22:12:20  darrendraper  Sure.  You are all welcome to add me to your Skypes.  Isn't Skype amazing?

 22:12:30  Sue Waters  or do you prefer google talk

 22:12:44  darrendraper  I prefer Skype.  Hold on.  Opening now.

 22:13:19  Rachel  I use skype and MSN in my personal life - although mac msn has no audio

 22:13:20  darrendraper  Oh, yeah.  It's not going to let me Skype here.  I'm behind a proxy (Utah State University).

 22:13:24  Durff  ok...night

 22:13:29  darrendraper  :(

 22:13:48  Rachel  must be frustrating not having access to all of that!

 22:14:01  darrendraper  Maybe that's why my audio for this isn't working either.  My brain is small, but I can usually figure these things out.

 22:14:05  CheriT  Sue, what's you're skype name?

 22:14:12  Rachel  Something I am not used to in my school in NZ - but it is not the same everywhere in NZ

 22:14:13  Sue Waters  suewater1

 22:14:19  CheriT  can i add you?

 22:14:24  Sue Waters  Google Talk [email protected]

 22:14:25  leslie  I'm a newbie. Hope to keep up with you all sometime soon.

 22:14:26  Sue Waters  sure

 22:14:35  CheriT  I'm Cheri Toledo

 22:14:45  Sue Waters  Hi Cheir where are you from?

 22:14:57  darrendraper  We'll all have to Skype later when it'll let me log in.

 22:15:06  Sue Waters  what is your name again?

 22:15:13  CheriT  normal, illinois USA

 22:15:17  darrendraper  darrendrapernotthecity

 22:15:25  Sue Waters  Sorry Darren your skype namge

 22:15:35  Rachel  that's a long skype name!

 22:15:43  darrendraper  That is my skype name.  Beleve it or not. :)

 22:15:56  CheriT  Sue, can you add me? My skype can't find you with your email address

 22:16:22  Rachel  Where are you from Sue?

 22:16:29  darrendraper  So, when is the next WOW2?

 22:16:32  Sue Waters  Perth Western Australia

 22:16:39  CheriT  I got you ;-)

 22:16:41  Rachel  ahh... close to home

 22:16:46  Sue Waters  aquaculturepda.edublogs.org

 22:16:54  Sue Waters  aquaculturepda.wikispaces.com

 22:17:02  Sue Waters  aquaculturepda.podomatic.com

 22:17:29  Sue Waters  Darren next week same time

 22:17:47  CheriT  later all

 22:17:49  darrendraper  Great.  I'll show up on time this time.

 22:17:56  Rachel  yep, have visited your wiki before

 22:18:11  Sue Waters  Hope you liked it then?

 22:18:33  Sue Waters  This will be my last WOW for awhile - they are making me work

 22:18:33  Rachel  !! yes - not can tiki-tour over to your blog!

 22:18:40  Rachel  !! lol

 22:18:56  darrendraper  Thanks for the chat.  Have a great day/night.

 22:19:05  Sue Waters  Changed my class from afternoon to morning

 22:19:07  Rachel  see ya darren!

 22:19:42  darrendraper  Peace.

 22:20:57  Rachel  I will have to catch up with the first part of the chat that I missed when it goes online

 22:21:28  grahamwegner  back in, cut myself off

 22:21:50  Rachel  you on holidays too Graham?

 22:22:03  grahamwegner  yep

 22:22:05  nzchrissy  sorry battery went flat

 22:22:12  Rachel  2 weeks also like NZ?

 22:22:16  grahamwegner  had a few people ask for yr blog url

 22:22:25  grahamwegner  yes, 1st week tho

 22:22:35  Rachel  We are back on Monday in NZ

 22:23:25  nzchrissy  Rachel - would love to skype with your class sometime this term!

 22:23:37  Rachel  !! yes have been thinking that Chrissy

 22:23:52  nzchrissy  lets do it

 22:23:53  Rachel  we had bad run in with Skype like we discussed last week of term

 22:23:57  Rachel  way overloaded

 22:24:13  Rachel  ended up resorting to cell phone calls to see what the problem was

 22:24:28  nzchrissy  us too - most times I can't ring out but can be rung

 22:24:31  Rachel  told the kids there was 7 million other people also using skype

 22:24:41  Rachel  !! inconcievable to them

 22:24:51  Rachel  sp!

 22:25:24  Rachel  6 & 7 year olds can barely imagine 1000 let alone 7 mill

 22:25:31  nzchrissy  we are room18tis on skype

 22:25:37  nzchrissy  I am nzchrissy

 22:25:56  Rachel  I am nz-rach

 22:26:04  Rachel  don't have a class skype

 22:26:06  nzchrissy  k - will look you up

 22:26:10  Rachel  should I look into that?

 22:26:42  nzchrissy  I just keep them sep and then I can have skype running twice in the classroom

 22:27:00  nzchrissy  Graham - we would be keen to do something with you guys too

 22:27:32  Rachel  what age kids you got Graham?

 22:29:11  nzchrissy  I've gotta go - have a training session now with Sitech

 22:29:21  Rachel  see ya Chrissy

 22:29:40  nzchrissy  See ya - glad you made it in today!

 22:29:59  Rachel  Where do you live Leslie?

 22:31:10  leslie  Ohio

 22:31:36  Rachel  Aha.... and you classroom teacher too?

 22:31:44  leslie  gotta go. trying to catch harry potter after midnight

 22:31:54  Rachel  see ya

 22:31:56  leslie  yes 5th grade

 22:32:02  leslie  gifted this year

 22:32:13  leslie  yeah. i think durff has me hooked.

 22:32:17  Rachel  oohhh lots of fun and challenges

 22:32:35  leslie  i'll be back tomorrow. bye \!

 22:34:16  Rachel  Right... well I had better get on with my stuff... nice to "meet" you all - I will catch up with the part of the talk that I missed when it's online and Sue I will check out your blog

 22:34:46  grahamwegner  sorry rahcel, too much multitasking

 22:34:56  grahamwegner  11/12 year olds

 22:35:02  Sue Waters  Thanks I am also going to check out yours

 22:35:06  Rachel  oh yes, I have 2 people messaging me on skype at mo

 22:35:20  Rachel  I am http://rachelboyd.blogspot.com   Sue!

 22:35:24  Rachel  cheers!

 22:35:39  Rachel  Oh, you teach much older kids Graham

 22:35:49  Rachel  I wish I did sometimes

 22:36:11  Rachel  ! 6 & 7 year olds can be interesting

 22:36:41  grahamwegner  gotta scoot - see you all

 22:36:45  Rachel  different challenges when using ICT.... patience is a virtue, as is not clicking absolutely everythig!

 22:37:01  grahamwegner  rachel love to chat with you on skype sometime

 22:37:15  Rachel  yes, think I have you on there already do i?

 22:37:19  grahamwegner  sounds like you might be lined up for a nz show

 22:37:33  Rachel  oh no - will add you

 22:38:03  Rachel  a nz show would be awesome - I'd recruit lots of help from Chrissy, Simon and Allanah etc

 22:39:44  Rachel  Ok, I'm off - E noho ra!