Women of Web, November 27, 2007 Show # 52 with Konrad Glogowski

The Chat from November 27, 2007 with Konrad Glogowski

Thanks to Cathy Evanoff for streaming the show and thanks to Lisa Parisi for the recording. 

20:48:54 JenWagner Hello Simon

20:49:28 Simon Hi Jen, looks like I'm early for class tonight!

20:49:32 JenWagner Grins

20:49:34 JenWagner me too

20:49:36 JenWagner :)

20:50:24 JenWagner Hi CathyE

20:50:56 Cathy e Hey- I think I crashed the front page of edtechtalk

20:51:43 JenWagner grins

20:51:46 JenWagner OH NO

20:51:48 JenWagner :)

20:51:57 JenWagner Hello Carolyn

20:52:08 cfoote HI Jen

20:52:23 JenWagner looks like we are drifting in slowly tonight

20:52:34 JenWagner CathyE -- you are a webcaster right??

20:52:37 Cathy e Tell them to go to edtechtalk.com/chat

20:52:45 JenWagner ahhhhh Okay

20:53:03 Cathy e Yes- can Lisa not get the stream?

20:53:13 JenWagner Yes

20:53:16 JenWagner could you help her out

20:53:48 Cathy e I don't see her in Skype

20:54:35 JenWagner Cathy -- I am talking with her now

20:54:37 JenWagner just a sec

20:54:54 cfoote is the audio on?

20:55:31 JenWagner NOT YET carolyn

20:55:32 JenWagner sorry

20:55:40 JenWagner we are having some TECH issues

20:55:47 fceblog Hello everyone

20:55:49 JenWagner Hi Claudia and Sharon and CathyN

20:55:49 cfoote no problem...I'll be patient..

20:55:59 cfoote Hi Claudia, Hi Sharon, Hi Cathy!

20:56:09 JenWagner Yep -- Carolyn -- it will all work out alright

20:56:11 fceblog Good to be here

20:56:21 CathyN streamlocated where?

20:56:25 sharonbetts hi folks - cheryl is having some issues with ed tech talk

20:56:30 JenWagner No Stream YET

20:56:37 JenWagner we are working on it

20:56:50 CathyN thanks for sending the link

20:57:01 fceblog We'll wait. No problem

20:57:07 JenWagner CathyN -- say Thanks to CathyE -- she suggested I post it

20:57:11 JenWagner soooooo

20:57:11 CathyN purple for me?

20:57:16 JenWagner how was everyone's week??

20:57:24 CathyN cloud nine

20:57:31 JenWagner going green for me

20:57:31 CathyN nominee!!!

20:57:37 JenWagner CATHY __ CONGRATS

20:57:43 cfoote my week has been the pits!

20:57:46 CathyN to you too!!!!!

20:57:46 JenWagner FOR?? EduBLog??

20:57:58 JenWagner sorry Carolyn --

20:58:02 sharonbetts very busy week - at Christa now

20:58:03 JenWagner my week has been BUSY

20:58:07 dea Mine sucks

20:58:09 fceblog Congrats to nominees!

20:58:11 JenWagner Sharon - you are????? How cool is that

20:58:21 sharonbetts I'm good - enjoying the conference.

20:58:23 CathyN @cfoote i have another friend a boxin her lib this week

20:58:32 JenWagner We are having tech difficuluties

20:58:36 JenWagner so thanks for your patience

20:58:40 JenWagner hello Ryan and Collen

20:58:47 cfoote CathyN the project manager just informed me today we might be CLOSED SIX EXTRA months

20:58:52 ColleenK Hi Jen

20:58:58 ryanbretag Hi Jen

20:59:03 ryanbretag Hi Colleen

20:59:05 CathyN oh my how do you function???

20:59:06 JenWagner if JL is Jeff -- you need to call Lisa Parisi -- RIGHT AWAY

20:59:09 sharonbetts cheryl keeps getting fatal errors

20:59:12 ColleenK Hi Ryan!

20:59:19 CathyN yu will have to be a virtual lib in every sense of the word

20:59:19 JenWagner PLEASE

20:59:21 cfoote CathyN exactly--we'd be closed for one year.

20:59:21 JenWagner and THANKS

20:59:27 JenWagner what is a boxin her lib mean??

20:59:27 cfoote instead of one semester.

20:59:37 cfoote We're being renovated.

20:59:38 sharonbetts that sounds nasty

20:59:40 CathyN boxing up the books Jen for a renovation

20:59:42 JenWagner LOL

20:59:55 JenWagner OH -- a friend to help??

20:59:58 JenWagner Welcome Maria

21:00:03 CathyN sore muscles galore

21:00:04 JenWagner and welcome Pam and Cheryl

21:00:11 shoemap Thanks!

21:00:13 CathyN but great oportunity to toss OLD BOOKS

21:00:15 JenWagner we are working to get our SOUND worked out

21:00:17 cfoote We have movers...just wasn't planning on being closed an entire year! kind of changes the plans

21:00:28 cfoote and we only have two weeks to adjust.

21:00:34 CathyN u can sit back and really read the paper now--right?

21:00:36 cfoote nuff of that!

21:00:44 cfoote lol, Cathy, right

21:00:46 JenWagner Hello Karen Jan

21:00:47 sharonbetts where is Jeff - still here in Nashua?

21:00:50 cheryloakes wow2 Hi there. we have Sharon Betts, Alice Barr,Maria Knee, Shelia Adams, Hilary, Kathy M

21:00:53 JenWagner we are working on getting SOUND

21:00:55 cfoote I will be a virtual librarian.

21:00:56 cfoote hi all!

21:00:57 cheryloakes wow2 Jeff is hm, don't know

21:01:04 JenWagner you are all at CHRISTIA??

21:01:07 JenWagner CHRISTA??

21:01:19 CathyN your web presence will be very important @cfoote

21:01:19 sharonbetts Yep - cheryl, alicebarr, maria, and more

21:01:28 shoemap Sounds fun

21:01:36 cheryloakes wow2 We are all at Christa McAulliffe conference

21:01:41 JenWagner we have 3 excellent webcasters trying to fix the issue NOW

21:01:43 cfoote Neat, Cheryl

21:01:55 JenWagner its kinda fun to just chat with you all -- as panic insues behind me

21:02:00 cheryloakes wow2 Hi Steve, you made it home!

21:02:02 cfoote lol, jen

21:02:03 sharonbetts sounds good - at least the chat is fun.

21:02:15 shoemap Can I help? I'm a beginner, but I had it working last night!

21:02:15 JenWagner yep

21:02:19 CathyN the page dtechtalk now works too

21:02:22 shoemap webcasting

21:02:23 JenWagner Pam -- I think they have it

21:02:25 JenWagner but thank you

21:02:28 shoemap good

21:02:29 ColleenK Hi Liz, Hi Karen

21:02:39 sharonbetts just waiting for the stream

21:03:09 lizbdavis Hi everyone

21:03:14 Karen Janowski @colleen we demoed mathplayground in my workshop tonight - they loved it!

21:03:23 CathyN my eyes are itchy again--oh no i'll be swollen and red again tomorrow

21:03:27 ColleenK Really? Thanks!!

21:03:33 CathyN allergies are bad

21:04:03 cheryloakes wow2 Hi Susan, Cathy E, Cathy N, cfoote, Chan, ColeenK, dea fceblog,

21:04:03 sroseman I have demoed Mathplayground at Tappedin

21:04:06 JL audio sounds good

21:04:11 Karen Janowski have to go join Cheryl and Maria

21:04:25 ColleenK Thanks a lot, Sue!

21:04:27 JenWagner Okay

21:04:32 JenWagner about 5 minutes to go

21:04:37 JenWagner Hope that everyone can be patient

21:04:38 cheryloakes wow2 Jen, Karenjan, liz, maria, marie, ryan, sadamsrjh, simon, steve

21:04:42 JenWagner we are passing out popcorn NOW

21:04:44 fceblog CathyN Blink more often.

21:04:46 JenWagner AND WE ARE STREAMING

21:04:51 lizbdavis I can hear you all

21:04:57 cheryloakes wow2 yea,

21:05:17 sroseman Hey guys I had 40 teachers in Tappedin tonight ..simple topic ..Writng Fun ..focus was Writing Fix site

21:05:19 JL With all those girls (or is it women) gathered in Nashua, are there going to be any drinking games involved in tonight's show?

21:05:19 emapey Hi everyone

21:05:33 CathyN yes

21:05:36 cheryloakes wow2 not telling

21:05:36 shoemap Sounds good!

21:05:45 cheryloakes wow2 depends....

21:06:04 cheryloakes wow2 hi Simon, David

21:06:04 cfoote I can hear you all

21:06:10 CathyN what was with the site being down, anyone know?

21:06:14 cfoote Hi Konrad, welcome!

21:06:22 djakes hello Cheryl

21:06:22 cheryloakes wow2 Hi Konrad

21:06:23 fceblog Hi David and Konrad

21:06:23 Konrad Hello all

21:06:37 djakes hello fceblog

21:06:39 Simon Brown Hi, I have no mike or audio

21:06:46 JenWagner We are having Tech issues

21:06:47 fceblog Listening now!

21:06:51 JenWagner but we will be right with you

21:06:57 JenWagner thanks for your patience

21:07:04 CathyN live is so wonderful

21:07:11 sharonbetts got you know - hearing and typing

21:07:13 CathyN we get to hear the experts troubleshoot

21:07:14 fceblog Hi Lisa

21:07:41 CathyN Konrad is LOW

21:07:55 djakes @ryanbretag. Are we set for tomorrow?

21:08:09 sharonbetts nice to have you now

21:08:15 CathyN thank you for geting me the link

21:08:17 cfoote djakes--emailed u about thurs.

21:08:24 djakes ok

21:08:43 ryanbretag @djakes :-) You tell me hahaha... What are your times looking liek?

21:08:46 Ann-NJTechTeacher Hello everyone...happy Tuesday.

21:08:47 cheryloakes wow2 Hi Durff

21:08:54 djakes I have had no contact

21:09:13 CathyN @cfoote is there a googlepres we can lurk on Thurs?

21:09:14 Durff howdy

21:09:27 Durff make it difficult tonight

21:09:30 fceblog Hi Durff

21:09:34 cfoote CathyN No..you could skype in

21:09:40 cfoote I think though.

21:09:41 CathyN hmmm

21:09:42 sendkathy hello all

21:09:44 cfoote it's pretty informal.

21:09:55 Simon Brown how do you skype in?

21:10:04 sroseman that's one year if my math is correct

21:10:05 fceblog Hi Miguel

21:10:05 sharonbetts we are enjoying cheryl big time here

21:10:06 Durff hi miguel

21:10:09 CathyN is there snow there @cheryl

21:10:17 sharonbetts no snow CathyN

21:10:19 ryanbretag @djakes Wow! Bryan knows you are coming though, right?

21:10:28 MGuhlin.net Hola!

21:10:31 sroseman She will be missed

21:10:33 cfoote Hi Miguel!

21:10:38 cfoote hola, como estas :)

21:10:44 sharonbetts can't believe no Vickie

21:10:48 MGuhlin.net Hi Carolyn. Nice to know I've met a celeb like you F2F!!

21:10:53 djakes @ryanbretag-emailed, did not return it

21:10:54 cfoote rflolol, hardly

21:10:59 CathyN @wow2 u need a southern voice as a sub

21:11:00 MGuhlin.net What, Vickie had enough of Jennifer and Cheryl? hehe

21:11:02 cheryloakes wow2 no snow there in NH yet

21:11:03 Durff i like blue

21:11:19 Durff hey it shows blue tonight!

21:11:55 stevesoko NH was fun today!

21:11:56 CathyN meow

21:11:57 cfoote I switched my green

21:11:59 Durff meow!

21:12:06 sharonp Hiya Miguel.... I saw that!

21:12:07 Durff hi cory

21:12:16 lisaparisi Hi everyone

21:12:18 Durff hi arthus

21:12:22 cfoote Hi arthus

21:12:24 Cory Peppler Hey, Durff and everyone!

21:12:24 emapey color color color

21:12:26 Durff heyt parisi

21:12:29 JenWagner http://www.teachingheart.net/readerstheater.htm

21:12:31 arthus hi all

21:12:33 sharonbetts I love these WOWs - takes me all week to test them out

21:12:45 JenWagner http://smithsonianeducation.org/educators/lesson_plans/podcast/index.html

21:12:46 CathyN @jen now that is wesome!

21:12:53 CathyN awesome

21:13:07 shoemap Great story, Jen

21:13:07 Janice S That's a great link, Jen

21:13:09 CathyN podcast don't have to be on web--but its nice

21:13:22 arthus :( soooo tired.... really shoulldn't be listening

21:13:30 CathyN had a tchr challenge me about what makes a podcast--subscription or no

21:13:33 sharonp spokentext.com

21:13:47 JenWagner It was a FUN DAY

21:13:51 stevesoko YES! That is all I ask for a podcast. Record something, anything the kids wrote.

21:13:55 Durff that works jen

21:14:03 Janice S Tchr Created Materials will let you use their reader's theater materials for podcasting, if you ask.

21:14:06 JenWagner However, I am bit wary to let them use my iPod!! :)

21:14:13 sharonbetts she is waiting for a call - Cheryl

21:14:14 lizbdavis I have a solution for not having enough time - get less sleep.

21:14:15 Ann-NJTechTeacher That's great and easy for anyone to do.

21:14:19 JenWagner not for the tech -- but I don't want to have it broken

21:14:21 Simon Brown I added Ed Tech Talk to my contacts, and sent a text message - where is it displayed?

21:14:23 sendkathy Really Jen get something cheaper

21:14:32 sroseman Give the kids the lead with technology and they will run with it!

21:14:38 arthus Liz, I do that way too much

21:14:39 Durff on twitter simon?

21:14:45 JenWagner Kathy -- I could do MICs -- but we still are dealing with THE COMPUTER IS ON THE TEACHERS DESK

21:14:47 sroseman especially grade 4 and 5 I have noticed

21:14:52 JenWagner which will change next year

21:14:56 sharonp buzzword.com

21:15:08 sendkathy ahh, that does make it tough

21:15:10 MGuhlin.net Sharon, I didn't include you in that, you notice?

21:15:17 MGuhlin.net ;->

21:15:20 Durff computers do not belong on teachers' desks

21:15:24 emapey color color

21:15:30 JenWagner To everyone that I missed -- WELCOME

21:15:38 JenWagner and please use the FAR left icon to choose your COLOR

21:15:40 cfoote JenWagner We use digital recorders--cheap and easy Olympus ws-100

21:15:57 JenWagner Carolyn -- I have about $50 per classroom right now

21:16:00 ds hey kidz

21:16:03 Ann-NJTechTeacher @cfoote - what is the cost

21:16:09 cfoote about $59.

21:16:09 JenWagner Maybe I could put them all together to buy ONE ipod :)

21:16:13 cheryloakes wow2 My wows are Route21 www.centuryskills.org/route21 and shout out to sharonbets for www.buzka.com and it has a great teacher resource with winter snowflakes.

21:16:21 JenWagner Carolyn -- Excellent THANK YOU!!!

21:16:25 JenWagner Welcome WalkingGal

21:16:26 CathyN i got $4 headsets w/ mics last year--they work okay w/ computer

21:16:32 cfoote they have built in usb port

21:16:33 Durff i had a kid ask me today how to get a recording off his mp3 onto the computer - like i would know

21:16:34 walkinggal hi:)

21:16:49 arthus well i''m sorry to say I've g2g... :( must sleep

21:16:55 sharonbetts And we are all having fun - here at Christa

21:16:58 Ann-NJTechTeacher @CathyN - does it cut down on background noise in the room?

21:17:01 Durff by arthus

21:17:04 JenWagner congrats Arthus on your Edublog award

21:17:05 Durff sleep well

21:17:06 cheryloakes wow2 www.centuryskills.org/route21

21:17:08 CathyN its fair

21:17:13 JenWagner nomimnation

21:17:16 sharonbetts @cheryloakes - you are welcome for buzka

21:17:20 arthus Thanks Jen

21:17:24 arthus bye all

21:17:41 ds cya arthus

21:18:16 JenWagner Welcome Sadamsrjh

21:18:48 Durff hi chan

21:18:50 Lisa M Lane sorry I'm late -- reading an article on how constructivism doesn't work :(

21:18:53 sadamsrjh Hi Jen

21:18:56 sharonbetts clapping here for Conrad

21:19:05 JenWagner Welcome Lisa -- didn't see you slip in

21:19:06 Durff why lisa?

21:19:12 sendkathy @Lisa, care to share the article url?

21:19:23 sharonbetts sounds good

21:19:24 Durff hi sarah

21:19:24 cfoote Hi Vinnie!

21:19:29 cfoote Can't wait to hear Konrad!

21:19:31 Lisa M Lane sure, it was linked off Downes blog -- just a sec

21:19:35 Durff hi vinnie

21:19:39 fceblog Loud enough yes

21:19:41 Durff oops

21:19:49 Sarah S Hello!

21:20:01 djakes It takes me two hours to read and digest a Konrad post

21:20:08 Durff hi again vinnie

21:20:15 fceblog @djakes right!

21:20:18 cfoote very thought provoking @djakes

21:20:50 Durff that's because you stop for munchies all the time, isn't it?

21:21:02 JenWagner Here is our WIKI for the week

21:21:02 fceblog @konrad We are all ears.

21:21:04 JenWagner http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/20071127

21:21:09 JenWagner please feel free to add links and ????

21:21:13 JenWagner thanks so much

21:21:18 Durff hi derrall

21:21:25 CathyN @dmcordell hello

21:21:26 derrallg hi durff

21:21:39 djakes I think that some of the best work is now coming out of Canada, Konrad, Clarence Fisher, Darren Kuropatwa, Sharon, Dean and others.

21:21:53 cheryloakes wow2 Vince, Dave Cormier etc

21:21:54 Janice S I agree @djakes

21:21:58 cfoote @djakes they've also been way ahead in teacher-librarian work.

21:22:00 derrallg yes along with stephens why is that?

21:22:02 Durff i think you have a point djakes

21:22:03 cfoote in Canada, I mean.

21:22:18 cfoote Canada and Australia.

21:22:18 Cory Peppler It's all the snow...

21:22:19 Maria hey there durff

21:22:25 dmcordell Hi, friends!

21:22:32 Durff hi maria

21:22:36 Cory Peppler what else is there to do :p

21:22:42 djakes how much does NCLB and AYP influence our efforts to do similar work?

21:22:44 Durff welcome back chan

21:22:49 JenWagner http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=166

21:23:01 JenWagner please visit the K12 Online link to Konrad's chat

21:23:01 sharonbetts I find myself often on Canadian sites for research

21:23:10 dmcordell I'm slow and methodical - I'll lumber along with you

21:23:11 Durff djakes - not me at all (private school)

21:23:15 Chan Hi

21:23:19 shoemap @djakes negative influence

21:23:21 djakes @durff. Correct

21:23:33 sharonbetts @djakes NCLB and AYP are very detrimental to progress

21:23:34 sharonp wow, thanks DJakes! I am impressed with my fellow Canadians

21:23:34 djakes @shoemap-absolutely, forcing us in a different direction

21:23:34 Chan messing with skype

21:23:41 Linda Nitsche @djakes I was thinking NCLB impact takes too much attention away from other initiatives also

21:23:50 djakes agreed

21:24:03 cfoote @djakes I'm reading Ken Robinson book...

21:24:11 cfoote has some very powerful things to say about how we measure students

21:24:14 sharonbetts I find myself ignoring NCLB, but my teachers must concentrate on it

21:24:22 djakes Title of book?

21:24:23 Durff he is amazing cfoote

21:24:43 dmcordell hard to hold teachers responsible for students

21:24:53 JenWagner Please remember we have a 30 second delay

21:24:53 cfoote Out of Our Minds: Learning to Be Creative

21:24:57 cheryloakes wow2 sharon, where do we get the most bang for our buck, preparing kids for tests or preparing kids for life? ignore away

21:24:59 Lisa M Lane paper by Kirschner saying constructivism doesn't work: http://www.cogtech.usc.edu/publications/kirschner_Sweller_Clark.pdf

21:25:03 JenWagner but feel free to add your ??? for Konrad

21:25:04 sharonbetts and hard to motivate students to test

21:25:10 lizbdavis Ironically in a system where students are doing really well on state tests - teachers are not as interested in innovation.

21:25:16 sharonp love Kirschener

21:25:18 sharonbetts @lisa - thanks for the link

21:25:20 Ann-NJTechTeacher It's a big benefit to work in a private school

21:25:23 Linda Nitsche This week is benchmark testing take two- too much time given to testing if we are ready for the state test

21:25:24 sendkathy Thanks @Lisa!

21:25:26 sharonp he has great stuff

21:25:28 fceblog @konrad most definitely

21:25:33 cfoote @lizbdavis true for my campus too.

21:25:37 Lisa M Lane it's pretty depressing -- Downes hates it

21:25:41 dmcordell what about preparing kids for business - that's the focus for most initiatives

21:25:57 JenWagner Welcome Smeech

21:26:02 sharonbetts @dmcordell - most large businesses are now using wikis and interactive sites

21:26:09 smeech Evening ... thanks

21:26:18 dmcordell not @ our school, though

21:26:27 dmcordell filters are crippling us

21:26:29 sharonbetts My son (IBM employee) works in a group that is around the world - all online

21:26:30 Lisa M Lane going blue

21:26:31 sendkathy @Lisa, still I like to see all sides as much as possible

21:26:41 lizbdavis Many elite colleges are not using web 2.0 tools

21:26:48 sharonbetts we have really opened up our filters - no problems yet (mid-Maine)

21:26:54 JenWagner Thank you for using the @ sign and also COLORS!!! Makes it so easy to keep track of conversations!!

21:27:05 dmcordell teacher prep is sadly lacking in 2.0 tools

21:27:09 derrallg @dmcordell my district does'nt use the tools to know to filter

21:27:11 Lisa M Lane @sendkathy: me too, and was reassured that I always seem to need to guide more than I'd like

21:27:41 sendkathy @Lisa, it's just async collaboration, right?

21:27:43 cfoote I'm glad he's doing research on blogging.

21:27:45 dmcordell no email for our students, sad disability

21:27:50 cfoote be good to have some data about it.

21:27:56 sharonbetts @dmcordell - how do we motivate teacher prep schools?

21:28:00 Janice S one teacher prep univ. in our area thing Web 2.0 will go away. That it's a trend.

21:28:07 Lisa M Lane @sendkathy -- ?

21:28:13 cfoote lolol, konrad

21:28:14 dmcordell got to be mandates, otherwise they won't play

21:28:18 djakes That's the question, what is the balance between school related posts and personal posts in student blogging?

21:28:35 dmcordell my posts blend both

21:28:41 sharonbetts @dmcordell - but who mandates a paradigm change

21:28:42 Lisa M Lane to many students, personal and school related are inextricably mixed

21:28:53 sendkathy @Lisa, what I mean is that when I read I feel like I'm collaborating by asking the author to share their opinion ..confused? I'm weird.

21:28:59 djakes I'm talking about student blogs, and the relative numbers of types of posts

21:29:04 derrallg @djakes if its behind a walled garden it doesn't matter which i've always had at elementary level

21:29:05 dmcordell wish my kids could blog - everything blocked

21:29:05 cfoote @lisamlane that's true.

21:29:08 sharonbetts @djakes I think students need to include some items that relate directly to their lives

21:29:18 Lisa M Lane @sendkathy -- I like that idea!

21:29:21 cfoote sad to hear @dmcordell

21:29:32 sharonbetts next year we are going to allow any student to blog that can get a teacher mento

21:29:37 dmcordell working on change not easy

21:29:37 cfoote we convinced our district to unblock edublogs since all are educational

21:29:39 sendkathy @Lisa, so I'm not crazy?!

21:29:40 lizbdavis I met with a teacher who is trying to get her journalism students to use wiki discussions to reflect on different topics and she can't get them to buy in.

21:29:43 djakes @sharonbetts. I agree, I think that student blogs should have personal aspects and school-related posts

21:29:45 Lisa M Lane I set up a Facebook account last night, and I was bored doing it

21:29:46 Chan 21classes is not blocked in our district

21:29:55 Lisa M Lane @sendkathy -- nope, it's cool

21:30:02 dmcordell kids are more conservative than I expected

21:30:10 sharonbetts @Chan 21 classes is what we are using - district wide

21:30:11 derrallg @lisa m lane give it time i'm seeing a lot of newbies

21:30:12 ehelfant we use a word press mu and some of them make a personal category and do blog, they have class categories for school work

21:30:27 ehelfant most are timid personal bloggers

21:30:28 djakes @dmcordell. Correct, its different, and they are not all the digital natives Prensky claims them to be

21:30:29 sendkathy @Lisa, friend me I only have 9 friend in FB and my kids laugh at me! sendkathy

21:30:30 shoemap @Chan does 21 classes require email to sign up?

21:30:37 dmcordell got permission for 21 classes IT can't figure how to unblock it!

21:30:42 lizbdavis I was talking to her abut getting involved with youth voices

21:30:43 Lisa M Lane @derrallg there was no one from my work and it kept making me join the San Diego network

21:30:56 Chan It needs an e-mail

21:30:58 sharonbetts @shoemap - no email needed for the paid server 21 classes

21:30:59 Lisa M Lane @sendkathy -- ok -- what are you called in Facebook?

21:31:08 JenWagner DMcordell -- tell them to add it to their filters YES list.

21:31:11 derrallg @ lisa m :(

21:31:13 Chan I'm using the free one

21:31:20 dmcordell How can a 60 yr. old be ahead of the new teachers & kids! Sad.

21:31:23 cfoote Hi julie

21:31:38 [email protected] Hello!

21:31:41 JenWagner actually DMCordell -- that is a bit exciting -- to be the pioneer!!!

21:31:41 sharonbetts @Chan started wtih a free one and moved to the paid for better administration - not control, but administration

21:31:44 JenWagner Welcome Julie!!

21:31:47 cfoote in texas?

21:31:51 Lisa M Lane @dmcordell -- 60 yr olds should *always* be ahead of the young!

21:31:55 djakes what age kids is Konrad talking about?

21:31:59 dmcordell I have to live forever to get to everything1

21:32:00 JenWagner I shall ask

21:32:03 cfoote He works with 8th grade I think?

21:32:05 [email protected] In texas!

21:32:09 sharonbetts @dmcordell- 60 year olds can be way ahead of those young whipper snappers

21:32:12 dmcordell I'm K-12

21:32:13 cfoote me too, Julie

21:32:17 derrallg @shoemap dennis should be here to see

21:32:27 [email protected] Where are you from?

21:32:32 sharonbetts k-12 here too

21:32:34 dmcordell @sharonbetts you'd better believe it!

21:32:45 djakes I'm also wondering about the level of participation-did everyone participate and the academic level of the kids-honors, etc.

21:32:46 cfoote Central Texas, Julie

21:32:52 shoemap @derrall YES!

21:33:00 cfoote I like this idea of calling it the "third place"

21:33:06 JenWagner Grins -- when Konrad takes a breath, I will ask DJ :)

21:33:07 dmcordell I teach in rural Fort Ann, NY

21:33:10 cfoote that's why some kids are so different online.

21:33:16 djakes @JenWagner. Thanks

21:33:19 sharonbetts @cfoote so now theres 2nd life and 3rd place

21:33:20 cfoote they have fewer constraints

21:33:28 cfoote lol, sharon

21:33:33 JenWagner elementary - in ONtario - grade 7 and 8

21:33:35 Cory Peppler 4th dimension??

21:33:37 cfoote who is the person who coined that term?

21:33:47 dmcordell No restraints for Mrs. C.!

21:34:00 djakes @JenWagner. Appreciated

21:34:18 JenWagner be prepared - sharon is ready to ask the question in just about 10 seconds

21:34:25 JenWagner maybe 20 LOL

21:34:28 cfoote I really like his explanation

21:34:34 dmcordell How do you all follow the conversation and respond? My old brain is lagging!

21:34:42 sharonbetts I have thought that you can make nearly any web 2.0 to have educational uses - it is a game I play - give me a tool and find a use.

21:34:45 [email protected] Is this David Jakes?

21:34:50 cfoote as a former English teacher--we did have students journal, not on academic topics, but just for fluency

21:34:58 derrallg @dmcordell back and forth for me

21:35:00 cfoote so it's the same concept

21:35:04 djakes yes it is David Jakes

21:35:08 cfoote but trying to create more of a community space for it.

21:35:09 sharonbetts @dmcordell - I am exhausted after and hour or so of this - also watching twitter

21:35:09 JenWagner Hello Gail -- Welcome!!

21:35:13 JenWagner and welcome back Ann

21:35:20 glovely thanks, Jen

21:35:21 JenWagner I promise -- sharon is going to ask

21:35:24 cfoote Hi Ann!

21:35:26 [email protected] I follow you in twitter.

21:35:30 dmcordell I feel like an elephant among gazelles

21:35:34 sharonbetts I have setup a Ning site and am tring to get international classes to participate - have had no luck

21:35:41 Ann-NJTechTeacher Hi - Tryig to figure out buffering problems.

21:35:47 Maria WOW fans from NH http://www.flickr.com/photos/86297125@N00/sets/72157603314263720/

21:35:50 JenWagner Here you go -- the answer to the question

21:36:02 djakes @julie-turner. Thank you! (I think)

21:36:03 Linda Nitsche @sharonbetts what's the project and for what level?

21:36:17 JenWagner any other questions --- please post them HERE!!!

21:36:17 dmcordell I have answers - not sure about the questions

21:36:21 [email protected] you bet!

21:36:37 [email protected] gotta go now -

21:36:47 JenWagner thanks JULIE

21:36:52 JenWagner hope to see you again

21:36:56 fceblog @konrad So students had a first presence online because you introduced them to it. I wonder how students would create community if they already belong to a third place like... myspace or similar.

21:37:07 [email protected] Yes - next week!

21:37:10 JenWagner Claudia -- I will ask

21:37:19 fceblog @Jen thanks

21:37:29 dmcordell My kids say 70% have accounts. But they're not very tech tool savvy

21:37:29 sharonbetts @Linda Nitsche - students 15-18 cultural exchange and language improvement. I have a Spanish class ready to jump in to learn about other teenagers in an educational way

21:37:32 Janice S Great question Sharon

21:37:37 glovely do you think students see these "spaces" as "spaces" or simply as how they "do stuff"?

21:37:48 sharonbetts @Linda Nitsche - http://TLGplace.ning.com

21:37:59 JenWagner Welcome back CORY

21:38:00 dmcordell They use them like telephones

21:38:12 Cory Peppler Trying to do to many things...

21:38:15 sharonbetts Hi Gail - I think they see these as "life"

21:38:26 glovely I think they don't even see them...

21:38:27 dmcordell Not much innovation - no bleed into education

21:38:30 stevesoko Great concept - playing school!

21:38:33 Chan I am working with my 1-5th graders creating art wiki pages

21:38:34 Ann-NJTechTeacher @dmcordell - they learn what they need - copy/paste codes to block myspace pictures - but not tech savvy

21:39:08 cheryloakes wow2 chan what is the url for your wiki pages? for art?

21:39:08 glovely I think they are just doing what kids do - communicate and try out actions, personas and that sort of thing, but I have no research

21:39:09 dmcordell Neither are the new teachers, supposedly digital natives

21:39:20 shoemap Where is the blog planning sheet?

21:39:24 JenWagner Claudia -- Konrad has your QUESTION

21:39:38 cfoote like the idea of a long term engagement with ideas.

21:39:46 cfoote making it real. Not schooly as clay burell say

21:39:48 cfoote says

21:39:53 sharonbetts I am also working with 5 groups from around the US and Australia - 5th grades in a wiki - no pressure exchanges just getting started http://classroombraids.wikispaces.com

21:39:54 dmcordell New teachers, old mentors - not much innovation in my area

21:39:57 [email protected] Agree I like long term as well - deep learning

21:40:09 JenWagner Claudia -- here comes your question

21:40:15 cfoote sharon, can i share that at workshop thursday?

21:40:18 sharonbetts @livingston long term is the only way - same for professional development

21:40:24 ryanbretag http://www.cogtech.usc.edu/publications/kirschner_Sweller_Clark.pdf Blog planning sheet

21:40:29 djakes This is rapidly becoming a must listen for any teachers that want kids to blog

21:40:29 Ann-NJTechTeacher @sharonbetts - thank you for the "no pressure" part - we're working slowly and steadily

21:40:31 sharonbetts @cfoote share anything

21:40:34 lizbdavis Some one just posted on Twitter that great SNL episode with Seinfeld as the teacher.

21:40:36 dmcordell RSS is my personal PD

21:40:36 ryanbretag ?

21:40:54 [email protected] yes, long term, but so much of education is not deep and long term unfortunately

21:40:57 Simon How would I grow a blog with senior students, thinking about university applications and the grades they require to get in, without the marks reward?

21:41:05 sharonbetts @dmcordell - I live wtih RSS - only way to stay up at all

21:41:10 Durff human beings? you mean students are human beings? now that is radical!

21:41:17 sendkathy LOL

21:41:27 dmcordell Are teachers human beings also?

21:41:29 fceblog thanks

21:41:37 JenWagner Simon -- that is a great idea -- I wish I would have had that avenue long ago for university applications and college choices

21:41:54 glovely teachers should BE students... and viceversa, right?

21:41:55 Ann-NJTechTeacher @dmcordell - depends on how tired they are

21:42:09 Linda Nitsche @Simon Find something they are passionate about

21:42:11 dmcordell Some kids will never be bloggers...or writers

21:42:14 Durff we did that long before there were blogs during my grad school days

21:42:18 sharonbetts @Simon nice idea - college apps would go with our portfolio idea

21:42:22 ryanbretag sorry, tinyurl.com/crtap

21:42:37 sharonbetts @dmcordell - the non bloggers may make great podcasters

21:42:40 JenWagner @Gail -- YEP -- you have to be both.........I learn daily from kids!!!

21:42:45 shoemap Amen - opportunity to communicate with others outside class

21:42:51 cfoote @djakes I agree

21:42:52 [email protected] interesting idea about community - sometimes we do romanticize community as a concept

21:43:01 cheryloakes wow2 yes @ sharonbetts, or some will be the artists!

21:43:13 sharonbetts I am beginning to hate the word "blocked"

21:43:14 dmcordell Right - I'm a visual learner, not auditory...need to understand the difference

21:43:18 derrallg @thanks cheryl for a bit of red/orange

21:43:21 Janice S @shoemap Here's is one place to find the planning sheet. http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=166 (took long - couldn't cut and paste

21:43:29 Sarah S My artists had better be able to write and talk about their art.

21:43:38 shoemap @Janice thx

21:43:40 JenWagner Thanks everyone for your HELP and IDEAS tonight

21:43:45 JenWagner great conversation!!

21:43:52 sharonbetts this is a great chat room - yet again

21:43:59 cheryloakes wow2 Hi Sarah, yes they need to write and talk about their art in reflections, they will with purpose

21:44:04 dmcordell Got to go..see you in Twitter or on my blog

21:44:11 cfoote Bye diane!

21:44:13 fceblog @Konrad. Thank you. I do not mean to include myspace, I agree on creating a new place. I mean, what if they already have codes learnt in those communities. In Argentina, fotolog is the equivalent to myspace.

21:44:14 glovely @Jen thanks for keeping it open and available!

21:44:25 sharonbetts @Sarah - discussing something they are passionate about is usually so much easier.

21:44:27 JenWagner Gail -- I am just pleased as punch that you are here!!

21:44:56 cheryloakes wow2 @ sharon and sarah, that was my point too, they will write when they have purpose

21:44:57 glovely @Jen, this is not usually a time I can be here, but am on the road so no family stuff happening

21:44:59 sharonbetts @Gail - just used some of your references from NECC last year yesterday :D

21:45:02 JenWagner welcome back, ryan -- you were missed!! :)

21:45:05 Sarah S I'm hoping they will break through the technical aspects to the meaning - and that the blogging will help them do that.

21:45:09 sroseman Facebook for teachers..any recommendations for groups to join

21:45:12 glovely @Sharon, gee THANKS!

21:45:18 JenWagner If you don't know Gail -- check out her website at www.gaillovely.com

21:45:24 djakes who is typing?

21:45:24 JenWagner great resources for K3

21:45:30 djakes LOL

21:45:30 JenWagner sorry

21:45:31 Simon @sroseman Vicki Davis started one for edubloggers

21:45:38 derrallg @sroseman edubloggers

21:45:53 JenWagner sorry for typing -- NOT for K3 resources :)

21:46:05 sroseman will searh for edubloggers

21:46:44 sharonbetts online-social-space - interesting, but the word social sometimes gets negative responses in my district

21:46:46 smeech Facebook people: Did you read article about Teacher union in Ohio warning their members about using Facebook, etc.: http://www.ohio.com/news/break_news/11195031.html

21:46:56 sroseman I am a background extra in films so I had to have a Facebook account to get the announcements

21:46:57 glovely sorry I "bounced"

21:46:58 sharonbetts @smeech I read that

21:47:03 cfoote @sharonbetts I agree--blogging is a more positive term in our district

21:47:09 cfoote than social networking

21:47:15 sroseman I can see the charm of Facebook

21:47:19 JenWagner did he say what he could call BLOGGING -- sorry, I had a coughing fit

21:47:26 sharonp @sharon - I have started using online social spaces as a generic term to get awa from technojargon

21:47:27 [email protected] too bad about the connotation your district attaches to social but so much of student use of computers is social and we can also read Vygotsky about social

21:47:36 sharonbetts @JenWagner - wish I could send a cough drop

21:47:43 derrallg I've moved from myspace to facebook as a means of understanding my students

21:47:58 JenWagner @Sharonbetts -- thanks so much.

21:48:00 cfoote @livingstonp I don't think it's just my school...

21:48:03 sharonbetts @derrallg - I am also moving to Facebook

21:48:13 glovely i have accounts at both - it helps me keep a little bit uptodate

21:48:14 cfoote I think when people hear "social network" they think Myspace and then you lose them.

21:48:25 [email protected] what about the facebook and districts saying you can't relate to kids this way - yes, cfoote, I agree not just your district at all

21:48:36 sharonbetts @cfoote - yes, if I use Ning instead, it goes over much better

21:48:37 JenWagner we are at 10 more minutes -- any questions for Konrad??

21:48:50 cfoote @sharonbetts Or if I just say blogging

21:48:52 sharonbetts wow - only 10 minutes can't be.

21:48:53 djakes How many of you want your kid to be in Konrad's class?

21:48:55 fceblog @Konrad Has any of your students continued blogging on their own blog after the course?

21:48:58 cfoote they are okay with that..there is a supreme court blog, after all ;)

21:49:01 Lisa M Lane name at FB is "edublogs" -- thanks for posting that!

21:49:04 derrallg I started facebook because of a 4th grader that I didn't think his parents were monitoring him

21:49:05 JenWagner I put the silencer on my keyboard -- is it better??

21:49:10 glovely @sharon, does it work because they don't know what ning is?

21:49:12 lisaparisi just got timed out due to inaction!

21:49:12 JenWagner :)

21:49:17 sharonbetts @fcblog Hand is up - wish I was much much younger and had teachers like him

21:49:29 cfoote I wonder if any students are reluctant to participate? in his classes?

21:49:44 lizbdavis I started a ning network for my faculty

21:49:47 cfoote yes, Jen

21:49:50 sharonbetts @glovely - no, they understand forums, journals, etc. - they just have such a "fear" of Facebook and Myspace

21:49:53 JenWagner Thanks Carolyn

21:49:56 Lisa M Lane looks like all spanish-speakers at "edublogs" in FB

21:50:08 Sarah S @liz - did your faculty join the ning and participate?

21:50:24 glovely @sharon, that's good - some places just fear "social" and want "school business" only

21:50:30 cheryloakes wow2 Liz did you join the ning as a group?

21:50:31 Cory Peppler @lizbdavis Are your teachers req'd to join? Any resistance?

21:50:36 lizbdavis 40 teachers have joined, but they aren't really using it

21:50:39 glovely they don't understand learning IS social

21:50:50 sendkathy What is the difference between a FB account and attending a big party in your school community? Either way you have to be socially responsible.

21:50:51 lizbdavis Faculty of about 140

21:51:04 sharonbetts @Sarah - we use Moodle for all our Professional Development - then I embed other stuff - they don't fear Moodle

21:51:07 lizbdavis I keep trying

21:51:08 [email protected] 4 Konrad what would you have preservice teachers read or learn about to help them become more connected with students when they have their first teaching job

21:51:14 glovely does anyone know the statistics on the percentage of blogs which are "inactive"?

21:51:17 fceblog Lovely

21:51:25 Janice S How do you find the time? is a question for everything these days

21:51:30 Lisa M Lane @sharonbetts -- mine fear Moodle

21:51:33 JenWagner what is inactive??

21:51:37 Sarah S @Sharon - I tried a wiki for a committee, but no dice.

21:51:43 lizbdavis @Janice Yes I hate that question

21:51:46 lisaparisi i wasn't typing

21:51:56 glovely I heard someone say that 96% of blogs have no new posts in last 90 days

21:51:58 sharonbetts @Lisa is there anyway I could invite some to join one of my classes in Moodle to see it in action?

21:52:01 lizbdavis I tell them to get less sleep - they don't think it funny

21:52:04 JenWagner sometimes people go for weeks between posts -- is that inactive??

21:52:13 JenWagner just wondering -- not challenging

21:52:20 ehelfant we set up a ning for the entire student body to do summer reading reflections on.. that went well.. and showed faculty what a social network was..advisors had to read kids reflections and comment

21:52:22 Lisa M Lane @sharonbetts -- I have done this, created a content-only class and let them join

21:52:27 sendkathy Ning bugs me because I would like to join many communities and have only one profile. Why do I have to create a new page each time?

21:52:31 glovely not sure, was hoping one of you would know the "stat" and where it came from

21:52:34 sroseman I am looking for some of Gail Lovely recent handouts ..someone just mentioned her

21:52:38 sharonbetts @JenWagner - I don't think there is a time for inactive -

21:52:44 JenWagner Sue -- you should have GAIL on your show

21:52:49 derrallg @sendkathy I've found that annoying too

21:52:51 sharonbetts @sendkathy - I also hate that making a new profile everytime

21:52:51 lizbdavis I started several now inactive blogs before I found a way to be active

21:52:52 Linda Nitsche I tried a wiki for group planning and a member called foul- felt parents could find us and learn what we were doing - IMAGINE:D

21:52:58 cfoote great question about why we are assigning boring papers

21:52:59 glovely @sroseman I am here

21:53:18 sroseman Thanks Jen...good possibility

21:53:26 djakes @cfoote. Because thats what we've always done.

21:53:26 sendkathy If we could just have onbe page I think it would be great. I would love it, but then...it would be like FB.

21:53:27 sroseman oh hi Gail

21:53:45 glovely Hi

21:53:52 cfoote good--wanted to hear about the students and how eager they were

21:53:58 sroseman @Gail ..i have referenced your sites at tappedin

21:54:06 sharonbetts @Linda Nitsche - I had a board member complain because another parent could see a picture his 2nd grader drew in class posted on the web(without a name)

21:54:08 glovely gee, thanks

21:54:10 JenWagner Gail -- Sue hosts a K3 class at Tapped In.org

21:54:11 derrallg @sendkathy except that fb has more trivial info compared to ning

21:54:11 cfoote @djakes plus it is easier

21:54:16 ehelfant @djakes still laughing about your twitter post on 1974 assignment

21:54:18 lizbdavis It would be nice if you had the option on ning to share a certain page with other networks

21:54:21 djakes its about developing a climate and culture of expectation

21:54:26 sharonbetts TappedIn - there is somewhere that I have stopped visiting

21:54:28 cfoote @ehelfant same here

21:54:29 JenWagner @ehelfant -- that made me laugh too

21:54:41 sendkathy true, about FB, so ning would surpass the FB, at least for adults

21:54:42 smeech @ehelfant I agree... @djakes twitter post was perfect timing!

21:54:44 Lisa M Lane I can't visit everywhere, have a profile everywhere, do every-Ning

21:54:45 djakes @ehlfant. Shareski just asked me if that was real

21:54:48 cfoote @djakes could do whole workshops on writing good research topics

21:54:50 djakes Unfortunately, it was

21:54:51 cheryloakes wow2 @david, didn't make me laugh, just remined me of school, HS

21:54:51 sroseman @glovely tappedin.org ..take a look at rhe calendar

21:54:55 cfoote for teachers

21:54:56 sendkathy my own teens can't see beyond FB

21:55:06 ehelfant my middle school tech person talks about the smell of learning with sharpies

21:55:10 lisaparisi audience comment from my class...we wanted to record their shares to the class..they said they wanted to prepare, not just have me hit record...we asked why and they said if more than just the class was listening, then theyneeded to work harder...not mess up, etc.

21:55:10 glovely @sroseman will do!

21:55:11 sharonbetts @Lisa M Lane - me too - I have pages of passwords

21:55:22 sendkathy @Lisa, love it! every-NING!

21:55:50 Durff wow parisi

21:55:51 Lisa M Lane I blog, I tweet, I ning, I moodle, therefore I am

21:55:58 ryanbretag @glovely take a look at the last question http://www.chicagotribune.com/features/lifestyle/chi-1113blogsnov13,0,60...

21:56:01 Durff growing up before your eyes

21:56:10 sharonbetts @Lisa - sound good

21:56:12 Cory Peppler @lisamlane A great t-shirt idea!

21:56:25 sharonbetts @Cory - fund raiser

21:56:25 Lisa M Lane @Cory -- oooh, marketing

21:56:32 cfoote empowering students to lead their own conversations

21:56:35 sendkathy @Lisa, my my a regular phiblog-sopher

21:56:37 cheryloakes wow2 the show will be posted with chat and podcast a little later this week, by Sunday

21:56:41 cfoote dethroning us--great term.

21:56:47 ryanbretag @glovely not sure I buy it but found it interesting

21:56:59 CathyN sorry-got skyped on the side by Mom--will have to listen to podcast to catch up

21:57:11 cfoote I bet when they do get to a "research project" they have so much more depth of ideas in Konrad's class.

21:57:15 sendkathy Mom comes first

21:57:23 CathyN yes

21:57:23 sharonbetts @CathyN - I have trouble remembering to go back to the podcast

21:57:42 cheryloakes wow2 podcasts will be there for you whenever.

21:57:54 sharonbetts Extending classroom conversations is one of the biggest pluses

21:58:01 CathyN @sharonbetts its the only way to really digest this show! LOL

21:58:02 Cory Peppler @cathyn What, can't you multi-task?:p

21:58:16 glovely gee a skype just knocked me off the site. - is that "typical"?

21:58:17 CathyN @cory not very well just watch my typos

21:58:22 sharonbetts I have a teacher that starts each class with a podcast or blog post from him to get them started (middle school science)

21:58:25 sendkathy Konrad, we have to show the kids that we read, we write and we think it's important!

21:58:28 cheryloakes wow2 you are right@cathyn, i usually listen to this 3 or more times while editing, just to get it

21:58:43 VinnieVrotny it has been great to listen and half watch tonight. Catching up on emails for the day

21:58:58 cheryloakes wow2 @ sharon, very cool, does he use the one minute science podcast?

21:58:59 sroseman we should write when the kids write

21:59:01 [email protected] like the participatory presence as a reader - fan fics sites very readerly supportive example outside of education

21:59:04 JenWagner @Glovely -- not typically -- but tonight ETT is a bit touchy

21:59:08 shoemap @sharonbetts love that

21:59:26 sharonbetts @cheryloakes no he makes his own - BTW something interesting about chatting here when you are sitting across the room

21:59:40 Lisa M Lane I think we have to show each other that we read, too, for prof development

21:59:43 cheryloakes wow2 yes, very, just like passing notes in class

22:00:06 sendkathy In my grad classes I never once read anything written by my professors except for comments on my papers. I want to know how they think. I want them to be 'out there' and open to criticism.

22:00:16 sharonbetts @Lisa M yes and that is why I do all my Prof. dev using the tools that I hope they move to their classes

22:00:25 Lisa M Lane I have a history blog for my students but few students read it.

22:00:26 sroseman @glovely are you doing any workshops in Ontario, Canada

22:00:32 sendkathy How many teachers go out on a limb the way they expect students to do?

22:00:36 djakes how would that play in an American school?

22:00:39 sharonbetts @sendkathy - I only read the books they wrote and forced us to buy

22:00:40 cfoote love these ideas. Exactly @sendkathy

22:00:41 Lisa M Lane @sharonbetts do you blog about it?

22:00:46 smeech @cheryloakes and @sharonbetts Imagine a typical teacher letting this much side chat go on while they were presenting to a class

22:00:48 glovely @sroseman, no, but I would like to!

22:00:58 cheryloakes wow2 sendkathy, this group is way out on a limb, but minority

22:00:58 cfoote I ditzed out just now...wish i'd heard all of that clearly.

22:00:59 [email protected] sendkathy good point about going out on a limb

22:01:15 cfoote writing as a social artifact, great point.

22:01:23 cfoote Wish I was taking notes. Do you all log the chat?

22:01:27 sharonbetts @Lisa - now that is a good idea - I usually just blog shared and techie things. I do have a Tech Teacher of the Quarter award - for the leaders

22:01:31 glovely taking risks is something we ask students to do, but many teachers are not willing to do

22:01:33 JenWagner CFoote -- yes we always grab the chat

22:01:44 Sarah S what's the best tool to have a backchannel chat going on during a class presentation so you can record it? say, in a hs classroom.

22:01:49 cheryloakes wow2 @smeech, I think it would be very disconcerting for a regular teacher, or they would not notice, as in class when the notes went around???

22:01:55 sharonbetts @glovely I think I take daily risks or I don't feel it was a good day

22:01:58 sendkathy Really, we expect students to take risks and to grow but we seldom do the same. Modeling.

22:02:05 [email protected] So often students don't see us learning and engaging in the struggle and process of learning

22:02:14 sharonbetts @Sarah S I use meebo

22:02:21 djakes @sendkathy. Absolutely.

22:02:23 cheryloakes wow2 cfoote, the chat is posted at edtechtalk.com/womenofweb2 in a few days, the whole show is archived

22:02:23 cfoote @sendkathy Exactly...we expect them to do all sorts of things we'd complain about, like do art one hour and then suddenly do history the next

22:02:29 Sarah S @sharon Thanks!

22:02:36 cfoote ok, thanks cheryl. I knew podcast was, wasn't sure on chat!

22:02:56 ehelfant thanks, this was once again great!

22:02:58 sendkathy Wow time flies!

22:02:59 [email protected] How many of us could deal with 8 periods of 40 minute classes every day once saw Michael Thompson say he shadowed a student and it was brutal

22:03:05 JenWagner @Ehelfant -- thanks so much

22:03:08 glovely I guess I have a "pet peeve" that we refer to these powerful tools as "social" like other thigns are not

22:03:11 Lisa M Lane we're done already???

22:03:13 djakes Bulls 44 Atlanta 36

22:03:14 sendkathy @livingston, so true

22:03:16 sharonbetts I love chatting and social-networking with educators around the globe

22:03:19 CathyN Of topic--my sister just commented on my blog LOL

22:03:32 smeech @djakes won't last

22:03:44 djakes @smeech. You are so right

22:03:48 fceblog @konrad You're amazing.

22:03:53 stevesoko Thank you WoWs & Konrad!

22:03:56 cheryloakes wow2 @djakes, wow2 35+ TV zero

22:03:58 CathyN celtics are the new team to beat

22:04:00 sharonbetts Some WOW, we should get everyones blogs, ning sites, wikis in a big list (do I read WIKI)

22:04:12 JenWagner and suddenly the conversation SHIFTS?? LOL

22:04:18 cfoote lol..

22:04:19 CathyN lol

22:04:21 sharonp [email protected] is Konrad's email address

22:04:26 glovely attention span of 40 minutes?

22:04:29 EvanS is it baseball season yet?

22:04:31 Lisa M Lane yes, let's -- so I can stop opening six million tabs every Tuesday! A list of all our blogs, please?

22:04:31 cheryloakes wow2 yes, @sharonbetts, it is possibly on the womenofweb wiki

22:04:35 sharonbetts happens every week

22:04:36 JenWagner Gail -- I think so

22:04:42 cfoote i scrolled up to grab some notes from earlier in the chat to remind myself...for a workshop I'm doing thursday but chat doesn't scroll that far!

22:04:43 JenWagner so sad when we are competing with sports...........LOL

22:04:44 fceblog I like the way Konrad sees research paths as he learns.

22:04:48 sadamsrjh will someone sign my pd paper or this session?

22:04:49 cfoote hope someone can be my brain later ;)

22:04:51 CathyN time for mine

22:04:53 Durff Amen!

22:04:53 sendkathy What about a combined blog feed

22:04:58 [email protected] The preservice teachers were taught too so they know what they saw

22:05:02 Durff We talk too much!!

22:05:03 Linda Nitsche Asking great questions with the intention of really listening is powerful

22:05:08 cheryloakes wow2 the chat will be posted in a couple days, not to worry it is all there

22:05:08 sharonbetts @sendkathy - might work

22:05:10 lisaparisi yes we do

22:05:11 [email protected] And they saw teacher centric models

22:05:12 CathyN http://techntuesday.edublogs.org

22:05:25 shoemap I tried to find the show by going to www.wow2.com Don't try that.

22:05:26 sharonbetts how can we listen with all this activity going on - must remember to listen

22:05:27 CathyN oops technotuesday.edublogs.org

22:05:30 Durff I know I can talk up a storm

22:05:34 derrallg @durff yes i'm always apologizing

22:05:37 sroseman @JenWagner..are you going to have Gail Lovely as a guest in the near future?

22:05:38 glovely being respectful is the key - respect for ALL learners as teachers

22:05:44 cfoote i posted recently about the idea of the "beginner's mind"

22:05:44 lisaparisi me too durff...famous for it

22:05:46 Durff i'm sorry (lol)

22:05:46 CathyN listen to the podcast later like me

22:05:51 JenWagner SRoseman -- I would love too -- but she is very very busy

22:05:53 cfoote listening as a beginner and not an expert

22:05:57 cfoote keeping our minds open

22:06:06 JenWagner but I will ask again

22:06:07 Linda Nitsche I use checklists to log student discussions and keep me out of the discussion

22:06:10 cheryloakes wow2 absolutely, keep an open mind

22:06:14 cfoote I think that is a big obstacle for teachers at secondary level

22:06:19 [email protected] beginner's mind as in zen? I have a book like that DT Suzuki I think

22:06:19 sharonbetts @CathyN - I do , I get the points by listening, the ideas by reading and the enjoyment from all of you

22:06:20 sendkathy @Linda, good plan

22:06:21 CathyN we are just honing our multitaksing skills here

22:06:21 cfoote who consider themselves content experts.

22:06:27 cfoote yes, livingston

22:06:29 Durff only one hole can be open at a time - either your mouth or your mind

22:06:33 lizbdavis Beginners mind is a buhdist term

22:06:39 CathyN @durff LOL

22:06:50 sroseman I wonder how many of us here have a myspace and or facebook account

22:06:52 Linda Nitsche @ Durff That's what I tell the kids

22:06:53 [email protected] love the idea of beginners mind

22:06:54 sharonbetts readers not evaluators - great

22:06:54 lisaparisi love that durff

22:06:58 cheryloakes wow2 i have one of each

22:07:07 glovely shucks - hate to have this end

22:07:10 cfoote livingston ..here's the link http://futura.edublogs.org/2007/11/23/beginners-mind/

22:07:14 sendkathy @durff, the (w)hole is the sum of its parts!

22:07:15 sharonbetts No no don't go away

22:07:19 sroseman me too, Cheryl ..helps me understand

22:07:28 smeech Great stuff WOW as usual and keep up the great work Konrad!

22:07:28 lisaparisi yay colleen

22:07:29 sroseman why students have them

22:07:32 lizbdavis I'm getting one OLPC can't wait

22:07:35 Durff love that kathy!

22:07:37 cheryloakes wow2 it is how I get a hold of high school kids and ask questions

22:07:39 [email protected] great thanks for the link

22:07:43 CathyN ooooh

22:07:49 glovely can someone resend the link that was shared earlier to me about blog stats?

22:07:51 cheryloakes wow2 alice and I are getting the laptop as well

22:07:52 Linda Nitsche Because kids need to learn to listen to each other too - not to me the teacher

22:07:57 cfoote Welcome! Thanks all...I stayed too long, need to run!

22:08:05 CathyN bye cf

22:08:06 cfoote Great show Konrad--very powerful stuff!

22:08:08 Durff no rumming!

22:08:13 cfoote Thanks wow crew!

22:08:13 Durff running

22:08:16 sharonbetts thanks to Konrad - great show

22:08:19 Cory Peppler 'Nuther great show, WOW! Thanks, Konrad!

22:08:23 sendkathy Fun time!!!

22:08:23 Lisa M Lane thanks all!

22:08:24 Janice S Fantastic show!

22:08:26 Janice S Thanks

22:08:27 lizbdavis Thank you all

22:08:31 glovely thanks everyone!

22:08:35 Linda Nitsche Thanks for a grat WOW!

22:08:38 derrallg thanks for a great conversation

22:08:39 djakes Konrad Rules

22:08:44 JenWagner and now the POST SHOW

22:08:46 Linda Nitsche Thanks Konrad - just great

22:08:48 ryanbretag Thanks Konrad for a VERY insightful discussion

22:08:54 sharonbetts We will take good care of Cheryl

22:08:55 [email protected] Thanks for this I always enjoy it keep up the Twitter reminders too

22:09:00 djakes will skype you ryan

22:09:03 CathyN and who is the guest hostess next week?

22:09:03 fceblog Thank you Konrad. Your voice was perfect in spite of your tweeted concerns.

22:09:23 shoemap thanks!

22:09:27 Durff clap, clap

22:09:52 Lisa M Lane PM private message

22:10:19 fceblog Konrad speaks of a difficult job and yet, he makes it seem simple. Achievable after all.

22:10:25 derrallg djakes started it

22:10:27 fceblog So clear

22:10:32 Maria ustream http://www.webcastacademy.net/cam/maria

22:10:44 JenWagner LOL -- always pass the buck, derrallg

22:11:02 JenWagner Ihad to remember what team was the BULLS :)

22:11:09 derrallg @jenwagner :D

22:11:16 JL ustream looks and sounds good maria

22:11:17 JenWagner what team is Atlanta??

22:11:20 JL is that wireless?

22:11:24 EvanS Hawks

22:11:25 derrallg hawks

22:11:29 JenWagner ahhhh - -thank you

22:11:36 JL Yep, JL is jeff

22:11:38 EvanS wc

22:11:39 JenWagner and EvanS -- thanks for the very nice backchat comment

22:11:57 EvanS thank you for doing this. my first one.

22:12:18 JenWagner Thanks Evan -- it is a learning experience each week

22:12:45 JenWagner Thanks everyone for being a part ............you are appreciated!!

22:12:58 derrallg @jenwagner thank you for your blog posts this past week

22:13:13 JenWagner @derrallg -- it was TRULY a team blog post --

22:13:17 JenWagner but thank you!!

22:13:41 JenWagner 50 comments -- great conversations -- weren't they??

22:14:48 derrallg good night great show

22:15:21 fceblog You'll be read, Konrad. No doubt.

22:15:35 Konrad thanks fceblog

22:16:15 Durff ok, falling asleep - nite all!

22:18:48 megormi Amazing how we write about collaboration, but your actual writing is so isolated. Imagine having your social network help!

22:19:33 JenWagner I think we are creating a SECOND SHOW with Konrad

22:20:19 megormi Sorry, is this live?

22:20:23 JenWagner yes

22:20:24 sharonp I could talk to Konrad for HOURS!

22:20:49 megormi cool, this is awesome, so clear, I can't type fast enough!

22:20:50 sharonp Hi Kathy Mals! Nice to see you! we met at NECC!

22:22:00 sroseman I read that incident on his blog!!

22:22:12 CathyN oh so sorry i have to go...cant wait to re-listen to the podcast everyone. See u next week same time

22:22:31 JenWagner thanks CathyN

22:22:36 sharonp Thanks for joining us!

22:23:03 JenWagner this has to be on the conversation SHARON

22:23:11 JenWagner we have to include this postshow

22:23:13 sharonp yes.....

22:23:26 sharonp still being recorded, right??

22:23:29 JenWagner yes

22:23:36 JenWagner they are still listening -- right??

22:23:38 sharonp should be included

22:23:56 megormi Playing school, yes, you are sooooo right focusing on talking about writing instead of writing about an authentic audience!

22:23:56 JenWagner Meg -- can you still hear??

22:24:02 sharonp we are still streaming, right?? Hey chat room....??

22:24:06 JenWagner yet -- we are still streaming

22:24:10 sharonp great

22:24:11 megormi yes I can hear

22:24:12 Cathy e still streamig

22:24:19 megormi yes, very clear

22:26:20 sroseman OISE

22:26:40 sroseman are you presenting at ECOO, Konrad

22:27:59 JenWagner thanks everyone

22:28:06 JenWagner we are closing the stream

22:28:09 JenWagner in about 2 minutes

22:28:17 megormi thanks will join you again!

22:28:29 JenWagner thanks Meg

22:28:38 sroseman goodnight and thanks

22:28:59 megormi thank you all!

22:29:04 JenWagner thanks

22:30:30 Cathy e ok

22:30:40 Cathy e nite all

22:30:51 fceblog Thank you all. I have enjoyed every minute of this show.

23:16:11 dennisar hi djakes. can you tell me where konrad's discussion can be found?

23:16:37 dennisar i'm new to edtechtalk.

23:18:42 dennisar jl, can you answer my question?

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