Parents as Partners Webcast Episode #3 March 3, 2008

Show hosts Lorna Costantini, Matt Montagne, Rhoda Cipparone and resident parent Cindy Zautcke engage in lively discussion about how to encourage more parents to be involved in their children's education. Dr. Joyce Epstein, Principal Research Scientist, and Research Professor of Sociology at Johns Hopkins University and Director of the National Network of Partnership Schools with Frank Iannatuono, Superintendent of Education for the Niagara Catholic District School Board as guests on the Parents as Partners webcast. Mr. Iannatunono is responsible for Area 1 schools for the Niagara Catholic District School Board as well as community outreach, which includes school councils and parent involvement committees. Mr. Iannatuono is currently coordinating a Parent Reaching Out project with the Niagara Catholic Regional School Council

 Chat log

20:49:10  lee baber ->  lorna
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20:49:18  Matt Montagne ->  Hi everyone
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20:51:42  Matt Montagne ->  Hello Antonio
20:51:48  Matt Montagne ->  welcome to Parents as Partners
20:51:52  Antonio DellaVentura ->  Hello
20:51:59  Matt Montagne ->  we'll get going here in a few moments
20:52:06  Antonio DellaVentura ->  Thank you
20:52:11  Matt Montagne ->  Hey Ryan B
20:52:19  Matt Montagne ->  great day down in chicagoland today
20:52:34  Matt Montagne ->  we really enjoyed the mini-conference day
20:52:37  ryanbretag ->  @Matt it was great having you!
20:52:49  ryanbretag ->  We have a lot to improve upon but it is a start!
20:53:07  Matt Montagne ->  just so everyone knows, we'll start the audio stream in a 7 mins
20:53:29  Matt Montagne ->  @ryan you have some very nice teachers...we enjoyed their sessions...we want to steal a few!
20:54:02  ryanbretag ->  They are amazing! I'll be sure to share your thoughts with them.
20:54:03  Matt Montagne ->  @ryan...just kidding of course :) 
20:54:15  Matt Montagne ->  @ryan ... about the stealing part
20:54:23  ryanbretag ->  steal their sessions -- yes. them -- no ;-)
20:54:44  Matt Montagne ->  we almost turned around on 94 to go back to your school
20:54:49  lee baber ->  you lost the stream for me
20:54:51  Matt Montagne ->  Hello Virtual Teacher!
20:54:53  lee baber ->  anyone else have sound
20:54:54  Matt Montagne ->  welcome
20:54:59  Virtual Teacher ->  Hello
20:55:02  Matt Montagne ->  lee ... the stream is off
20:55:06  lee baber ->  ok
20:55:08  Matt Montagne ->  we'll be on in a moment
20:55:11  lee baber ->  donnt scare me like that
20:55:13  lee baber ->  :)
20:55:19  Matt Montagne ->  a little pregame chalk talk
20:55:25  Antonio DellaVentura ->  Welcome virtual teacher
20:55:33  Virtual Teacher ->  Thanks
20:55:42  Matt Montagne ->  Lorna is getting us fired up for the show right now!
20:55:54  Matt Montagne ->  we have two really interesting guests...
20:56:03  Matt Montagne ->  Dr. Joyce Epstein
20:57:50  Matt Montagne ->  and Frank Iannatuonno, 
20:57:58  Matt Montagne ->  Hey Betty...welcome!
20:58:23  Matt Montagne ->  Patrick W- thanks for joining in
20:58:35  pwoessner ->  hey matt...glad to pop in
20:59:15  Matt Montagne ->  Hello Marco
20:59:22  Matt Montagne ->  thanks for stopping by Parents as Partners
20:59:27  Matt Montagne ->  stream to being in 1 minute
21:00:12  SRVilly ->  Hey Matt...looking forward to tonight!
21:00:13  Matt Montagne ->  Hey Judy!
21:00:25  Matt Montagne ->  Hey Jchan!  Thanks for stopping in
21:00:34  Matt Montagne ->  Hey SRVilly
21:00:54  jepcke ->  Hey Matt. Thanks for connecting with me in linkedin.
21:01:12  jepcke ->  looking forward to this tonight
21:01:18  jepcke ->  audio?
21:01:25  Matt Montagne ->  audio is streaming
21:01:32  Matt Montagne ->  click the stream icon
21:01:33  lee baber ->  edtechtalk A
21:02:41  jepcke ->  Hi Patrick
21:02:45  Matt Montagne ->  Hi everyone!
21:03:21  pwoessner ->  Hi...I still owe you info on global collaborations!
21:04:08  pwoessner ->  aarrgg...lost the connection
21:04:45  jepcke ->  @patrick no worries, just thankful you're giving it a try for us
21:05:38  jepcke ->  Good info Matt
21:06:12  pwoessner ->  @judi...thanks...and nice Twitter etiquitte :)
21:06:31  pwoessner ->  ok...missing audio...what am i not doing right?
21:06:59  jepcke ->  It's not showing up as streaming, but it is, try room A
21:07:10  Virtual Teacher ->  I'm so glad you're going over this.  This is my first time in an interactive podcast.  It's a bit of a test to see whether it works on a dial-up connection.
21:07:54  pwoessner ->  got it...thanks!
21:08:09  jepcke ->  Hi from Chicago!
21:08:27  Antonio DellaVentura ->  GO Leafs GO
21:08:33  Matt Montagne ->  Virtual TEacher-glad you could join in..where are you from
21:08:48  Virtual Teacher ->  I am in Quebec
21:09:10  Matt Montagne ->  ahh...that is great...I'm a lifelong Red Wings fan after growing up in Detroit
21:09:24  Matt Montagne ->  Hi Lisa Sjogren! Thanks for joining us
21:09:46  Lisa Sjogren ->  Hey Matt! Glad I could.
21:09:51  Matt Montagne ->  Background on Dr. Epstein:
21:11:37  kjones ->  Hello from Grimsby
21:11:57  Matt Montagne ->  National Network of Partnership Schools:
21:12:07  Matt Montagne ->  Hello Kjones!
21:12:12  Matt Montagne ->  thanks for stopping in!
21:13:08  Antonio DellaVentura ->  Matt I am having trouble accessing the website links without loosing my connection....any advice?
21:13:27  Matt Montagne ->  @Antonio...
21:13:40  Matt Montagne ->  it should load in another window or tab...
21:13:50  Matt Montagne ->  are you using Firefox or IE?
21:13:52  jepcke ->  @antonio could you copy/paste into a new window/tab?
21:14:11  Matt Montagne ->  @jep-good idea :) 
21:14:28  Antonio DellaVentura ->  Thank you I will give it another try....I like the idea ofcut and paste 
21:14:55  Matt Montagne ->  Hey Dave...welcome
21:15:51  carol ->  Matt, I don't know what I am supposed to
21:15:54  Matt Montagne ->  Hello Jacquie B!
21:16:02  Matt Montagne ->  Hey Carol...can you hear audio?
21:16:09  carol ->  nope
21:16:35  Matt Montagne -> one of the little media player icons in the EdTechTalk-A box  that you see to the right
21:16:41  Matt Montagne ->  give that a shot
21:17:03  Matt Montagne ->  the audio will play in your audio software (iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc)
21:17:41  Matt Montagne ->  welcome PeggyG!
21:18:00  Matt Montagne ->  for those of you who are joining us late, Dr. Epstein is speaking right now...
21:18:16  PeggyG ->  Hi Matt
21:18:41  Matt Montagne ->  Hello Purcham...welcome to Parents as Partners!
21:19:48  PeggyG ->  Have you shared any links for Joyce Epstein?
21:19:57  Matt Montagne ->  @peggy
21:20:02  Matt Montagne ->  I'll drop them in again
21:20:23  Matt Montagne ->  dr. epstein's profile:
21:20:47  Matt Montagne ->  National Network of Partnership Schools:
21:21:05  Matt Montagne ->  all parents can't participate in traditional ways
21:21:15  Matt Montagne ->  what are some non-traditional ways for parents to get involved?
21:21:23  PeggyG ->  Those are great categories for parent involvement--sound similar to Beyond the bake sale :-)
21:21:42  Matt Montagne ->  I'm interested in leveraging web2.0 tools to gain parental involvement
21:21:57  jepcke ->  @matt great idea
21:22:32  jepcke ->  Hi derrall
21:22:36  Matt Montagne ->  the same reasons we like web2.0 for our students (connect, collaboate, creativity, etc) are the same I like them for parents
21:22:42  derrallg ->  howdy
21:22:49  Matt Montagne ->  Hey Derrall!!
21:22:58  derrallg ->  hey
21:23:18  pwoessner ->  hi derrall!
21:23:27  PeggyG ->  List of 6 types -
21:23:31  derrallg ->  hi Patrick
21:23:39  SRVilly ->  @Matt - How have parents responded to using Web2.0 for meetings, etc?
21:23:48  Matt Montagne ->  6 types link:
21:23:55  jmsd18 ->  I'm interested in the web 2.0 tools too! I'm a District Education COuncil Chair in NB). 
21:24:29  Matt Montagne ->  @srvilly-I think it has been very positive...we've used ustream to connect to parents in non-traditional ways...they've been very appreciattive
21:24:43  Matt Montagne ->  Hello jmsd18...welcome!
21:25:28  Matt Montagne ->  Hello Sharon!!
21:25:39  Matt Montagne ->  Thanks for stopping by...
21:25:41  sharonp ->  Hi Matt!
21:26:01  Susan Cutajar ->  Hey matt, just arrived
21:26:03  sharonp ->  just running a bit late tonight
21:26:05  Matt Montagne ->  @sharonp...great WOW show last week with Chris and Arthus
21:26:07  PeggyG ->  @Matt when you used ustream did they tune in live and interact or did they primarily view the archived ustream?
21:26:11  Matt Montagne ->  Hey Susan...
21:26:44  Matt Montagne ->  @PeggyG-our US History teacher used ustream to give an overview of the 8th Grade Washington DC trip...
21:26:59  Matt Montagne ->  the face to face meeting kept getting snowed out
21:27:10  Matt Montagne ->  some parents expressed that they realy liked the format...
21:27:21  PeggyG ->  @Matt  very creative alternative! :-)
21:28:01  Matt Montagne ->  6 types of involvement link:
21:28:16  Matt Montagne ->  EVERYONE can be involved in some way...
21:28:23  Matt Montagne ->  I totally agree
21:28:51  PeggyG ->  I'm really interested in hearing about ways people have involved parents in decisionmaking beyond participating in school councils--and beyond surveys
21:28:59  Matt Montagne ->  Tips to involve parents:
21:29:16  Matt Montagne ->  Hello Scott!
21:29:44  PeggyG ->  @Matt--great job--you're reading her mind :-)
21:29:48  Antonio DellaVentura ->   Excellent information....
21:30:02  Matt Montagne ->  TIPS=Teachers Involve Parents in Schoolwork
21:30:34  jepcke ->  How do you handle resistant parents? 'I don't have time to volunteer?'
21:30:48  sharonp ->  @Matt - thanks for the compliment - Chris L had some great nuggets of wisdom that I am still chewing on last week
21:31:27  sharonp ->  Wish my kids would let their teacher mom help them with their homework
21:31:37  jmsd18 ->  @Peggy - we have several parent "forums" per year, inviting input on the "hot" issues sometimes, others more long term...but it is the same core of parents (usually school council parents) who attend. Still valuable though.
21:31:43  jepcke ->  or those parents who say, 'I want my kids to do their own homework'
21:31:46  sharonp ->  they won't even let me look at their PowerPoint presos!
21:32:10  PeggyG ->  I love the concept of teachers assigning TIPS assignments on a regular basis to encourage parents to become actively involved
21:32:56  Matt Montagne ->  @jmsd-we generally see the same thing...excellent involvement, but typically the same folks...I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that our parent ed events are old school in format
21:33:12  Matt Montagne ->  Hey Liz...thanks for poking in...
21:33:18  PeggyG ->  @msd18-do you hold the parent forums at school or focus groups/informal conversations in homes?
21:33:43  jepcke ->  Also, some parents feel like 'outsiders' may have negative feelings about school from their childhood or don't feel 'in with the in-crowd'
21:34:11  Matt Montagne ->  @jep-that is where some non-traditional methods have to come into play...
21:34:14  PeggyG ->  @jepcks  excellent point!
21:34:36  jmsd18 ->  @Matt - I wonder that too...that's why I'm interested in Web2.0...I'd like to see the same "engagement" from parents as I see with kids using tech tools.
21:34:37  Matt Montagne ->  how can we leveral some of the tools we have now to bring in some of the shy folks or the unheard parental voices?
21:34:42  jepcke ->  @matt That's a great option
21:34:52  sharonp ->  One school I worked at finally closed the door to parent volunteers because of all the problems that were caused.... I wasn't involved in that decision, bu t am wondering if that was not a healthy way of handling it
21:35:16  Susan Cutajar ->  Being involved in school helps you create a network to help know what your child is doing as they get older.  Those other school families will be your support as a parent when they get older and you need help from other parents not just teachers to let you know what is happening in your childs life.
21:35:41  [email protected] ->  A key link in tech engagement is teacher and teacher training.  Some teachers are very good at using tech to link in parents.  Some teachers are not so adept.
21:35:52  Matt Montagne ->  @susan - that is a gr8 point and compelling argument for involvement
21:36:14  jepcke ->  we have parents sit on our school committees like curriculum committees or our tech committee, etc
21:36:52  kjones ->  maybe parents are involved and just do not realize it. The parents are guiding their children to do their best work on a daily basis. We need to recognize this to maintain their involvement.
21:36:54  Matt Montagne ->  yayy frank...use 21st cent tools to bridge gaps and do things differently!!!
21:36:59  jepcke ->  only touches a few parents, but they then report back to their school community through newsletters, PTO meetings, etc
21:37:10  Susan Cutajar ->  USM had the 5 year focus group where they involved all levels of the school administration/teachers and parents to look at the future goals and needs of the school
21:37:15  jepcke ->  maybe we'll create a wiki!
21:37:56  PeggyG ->  Does anyone use text messaging via cell phones for school/class reminders, announcements?
21:37:58  Antonio DellaVentura ->  Excellent ideas for keeping communication current and convenient
21:38:02  jepcke ->  brought up the idea of ustreamin our school board meetings and we shot down (gently) thought there would be too much posturing by the board
21:38:19  Matt Montagne ->  @jepcke...or a facebook group!!! :) 
21:38:22  Betty ->  I find it harder to involve High School parents since they find that there is no longer the need as there was at the elementary level. Any ideas?
21:38:26  Lisa Sjogren ->  @PeggyG we use it in the most basic form.
21:38:31  jepcke ->  @peggyg we do. try to use it for positive, as well as the emergencies
21:38:38  Matt Montagne ->  Hey Kyleguy
21:38:44  Antonio DellaVentura ->  We have been cautioned when it comes to some technologies
21:38:48  PeggyG ->  one of our local governing boards is posting all of their board meetings on the internet--videocasts--highly visited :-)
21:38:52  Matt Montagne ->  @betty-awesome question...
21:39:12  jepcke ->  "There is an orchestra concert tomorrow night..." "Remember conferences begin next wednesday night"
21:39:14  thekyleguy ->  hey Matt, thanks for the welcome
21:39:20  Lisa Sjogren ->  I have always thought SRS should have a facebook group. Apparently another school in the area uses MySpace to communicate what is going on.
21:39:36  PeggyG ->  @jepcke--excellent uses :-) Do parents like it?
21:40:07  jepcke ->  They do. it also is very efficient when there is an emergency or a snow day, etc
21:40:38  Matt Montagne ->  Lisa...I was partly joking about Fbook group, but I am also quite serious about it to...I think it could be beneficial for parents on many levels
21:40:45  Matt Montagne ->  Hello Marbat!
21:41:15  marbat ->  Hello
21:42:01  Antonio DellaVentura ->  A family involvement strategy should be developed with all key stakeholders
21:42:26  SRVilly ->  @Matt - Have you had any experience with parents and facebook?
21:42:30  Matt Montagne ->  Hi Ms. Durff!
21:42:33  PeggyG ->  As a former elementary principal I observed too many school council meetings used as ways to inform parents about school goals (telling) vs asking for their involvement in decisionmaking
21:42:37  Durff ->  hi matt
21:43:02  Matt Montagne ->  @srvilly...just informal connections with a few parents via facebook...nothing more than that...but a parent group mite be interesting
21:43:45  Antonio DellaVentura ->  Our board also tries to leverage the local cable station 
21:44:52  Matt Montagne ->  Hello James.Sigler...thanks for stopping in...
21:44:53  PeggyG ->  one of our biggest challenges for getting parents involved in school councils was getting a DIVERSE group of parents willing to commit the time for an extended period of time--that led to the same key people always getting involved
21:45:00  James.Sigler ->  Hi
21:45:22  Lisa Sjogren ->  @Matt, I see the benefits of Facebook group. I think as more young teachers get into leadership roles there will be an increase of the tools we use to communicate. 
21:45:29  jmsd18 ->  I've joked with a district Tech mentor about a blog for DEC (school board members), administration and parents ... has anyone tried a blog to discuss school/district improvment?
21:45:37  jepcke ->  Hi Durff.
21:45:40  Matt Montagne ->  I agree Lisa...and as more and more parents use it...
21:46:00  jepcke ->  @Lisa I hope that's true
21:46:21  jepcke ->  OUr newsletters are all emailed. Trying to 'go green'
21:46:36  Antonio DellaVentura ->  We also use a voice system for automated messages
21:46:52  Durff ->  hi jepcke
21:47:02  PeggyG ->  an email structure like that sounds like a great alternative--a wiki could be used too so parents could see the suggestions coming in from other parents
21:47:23  Lisa Sjogren ->  @jepcke I think there will be an increase. My HS reunion is being planned entirely on MySpace with little mention on Facebook as well.
21:47:24  Durff ->  why not IMs instead of emails?
21:47:34  James.Sigler ->  Some parents don't have e-mail
21:47:47  Matt Montagne ->  Hey Conrad...thanks for joining!
21:47:53  marbat ->  Our school council has now changed their meetings to 3;30 p.m which prevents working parents from attending.   Equao results are really   not discussed, they are presented in newsletters in confusing wording and educational "lingo"  that really says nothing.  Our school website is not up to date, our phones almost always are answered with an answering machine and we cannot call into the school and reach staff; messages have to be left, and staff controls the contactl
21:47:54  conrad ->  Hi
21:48:00  James.Sigler ->  The voice systems is a great idea.  Everybody has a phone.
21:49:06  Matt Montagne ->  I think we need to stay away from the "Lingo" too...good point Marbat
21:49:14  Durff ->  James - are you sure? I don't own a landline
21:50:01  Matt Montagne ->  Hey KarenJan!
21:50:16  KarenJan ->  Hi, Matt!
21:50:31  Matt Montagne ->  who is a first timer tonight?
21:50:38  jmsd18 ->  transitions - very important and something we don't look at enough
21:50:39  Antonio DellaVentura ->  I am
21:50:51  PeggyG ->  one way messages via phone are still limiting--like the idea of finding ways to makethem more interactive--but the gap in technology access is always an issue 
21:50:53  Matt Montagne ->  Just wondering how many folks are new to this webcast format
21:50:58  kjones ->  i am
21:50:59  Durff ->  can i be a first timer? do i get a doorprize?
21:51:03  James.Sigler ->  Our district has a primary phone number for every student, whether land line or cell.
21:51:08  Lisa Sjogren ->  First Timer
21:51:20  Virtual Teacher ->  @MAtt.  I am a first timer.
21:51:23  Durff ->  James - i have skype
21:51:25  thekyleguy ->  First timer to this Podcast
21:51:27  jchan ->  I am
21:51:37  KarenJan ->  lots of first timers tonight - how did you find out about this?
21:51:40  thekyleguy ->  What brought you first timers here
21:51:52  Matt Montagne ->  @Durff...door prizes are an awesome idea!!!
21:51:59  kjones ->  an email from our principal
21:52:01  Durff ->  well no doorprize for me
21:52:05  Matt Montagne ->  virtual door priizes?
21:52:08  Lisa Sjogren ->  @thekylegy ISED-L
21:52:13  jchan ->  from School Council e-mail
21:52:14  Durff ->  too many 1st timers here
21:52:22  frank2 ->  this is new to me- Frances
21:52:22  Antonio DellaVentura ->  Thank you folks...I feel better realizing I am not the only first timer
21:52:24  KarenJan ->  @durff - is that bad?
21:52:27  Matt Montagne ->  like webkinz pets or something :) 
21:52:31  James.Sigler ->  @Durff Good point.  Maybe it should be both phone and e-mail.
21:52:34  Durff ->  it's goodf!
21:52:35  Matt Montagne ->  I love the new voices.
21:52:40  PeggyG ->  we used hotline messages and newsletters regularly and provided rewards to students whose parents submitted "raffle tickets" answering questions based on info in the messages--the reward was a weekly drawing for lunch with the principal--students loved it :-)
21:52:42  Matt Montagne ->  KarenJan
21:52:52  Susan Cutajar ->  Welcome everyone and thank you for getting involved.
21:52:52  KarenJan ->  yes
21:52:54  Durff ->  James - newsletter online?
21:52:57  Matt Montagne ->  will you tell 1st timers about some other shows going on each nite of the week
21:52:59  Virtual Teacher ->  Learned about the WOW2 podcast, came to EdTechTalk, found this one
21:53:09  thekyleguy ->  very cool, lots of different publicity for folks to find this cast. Are you teachers or parents?
21:53:20  KarenJan ->  durff is better for that
21:53:30  Durff ->  what?
21:53:30  Susan Cutajar ->  parent
21:53:41  jmsd18 ->  parent
21:53:45  KarenJan ->  telling about the other shows going on here
21:53:48  Matt Montagne ->  Parents as Partners wll take place on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month...@ 9 EST
21:53:49  James.Sigler ->  teacher
21:53:49  Antonio DellaVentura ->  Parent and Teacher
21:53:50  PeggyG ->  use of elementary parents as greeters as secondary schools--very interesting idea :-)
21:53:53  Durff ->  eternal learner
21:53:57  frank2 ->  parent
21:53:58  James.Sigler ->  and parent
21:53:59  Virtual Teacher ->  Teacher
21:54:06  marbat ->  parent of six gr one to college
21:54:16  jepcke ->  I bet high schoolerss would object to parents on MySpace/Facebook
21:54:20  Durff ->  hi ds!
21:54:20  thekyleguy ->  Hi there Cindy
21:54:26  Matt Montagne ->  Hey Cindy S!
21:54:28  Antonio DellaVentura ->  I like "eternal learner"
21:54:38  ds ->  hi @Durff and all
21:54:40  thekyleguy ->  Lots of involved & interested parents.
21:54:51  James.Sigler ->  Just like the teaching, the more modes of communication the more people you'll reach.
21:54:57  Lisa Sjogren ->  @jepcke A few of our students are amazed that the teachers our on Facebook. We have always tried to stay "one step ahead"
21:55:06  Cindy Seibel ->  @Matt been listening for a bit but couldn't get into chat
21:55:09  Matt Montagne ->  @James...BINGO! Excellent point!
21:55:20  PeggyG ->  very interesting distinction between parent involvement and parent engagement--like that!!
21:55:25  Matt Montagne ->  Blended techniques to involve parents...that is the way
21:55:35  Antonio DellaVentura ->  James...the more the better...excellent!
21:55:41  czautcke ->  Cindy from the webcast here--yes, teenagers DO object to parents being on their facebook. 
21:55:49  thekyleguy ->  is Dr. Pushor from U of S
21:56:02  thekyleguy ->  ?
21:56:16  Cindy Seibel ->  @kyle yes Dr. Debbie Pushor - link to paper on my wiki
21:56:24  KarenJan ->  i resisted Facebook for a long time out of respect to my own kids - now they leave comments for me!
21:56:24  PeggyG ->  They're really the same thing but some schools don't think of it as engagement--partnerships are the key concept--great points Joyce!
21:56:25  Antonio DellaVentura ->  The Dr. is from John Hopkins University
21:56:33  ds ->  think so re FB and rest. Once the "old people" adopt--the shark has been jumped in eyes of youth
21:56:44  thekyleguy ->  TThanks Cindy, I thought I had seen her name recently, your wiki is where
21:56:59  Cindy Seibel ->
21:57:03  Matt Montagne ->  here is the partnership schools link:
21:57:13  KarenJan ->  found out about this from twitter
21:57:17  Matt Montagne ->  @cindy-are there many parents in that ning?
21:57:18  PeggyG ->  It's a great time of night in Phoenix Az--8:00pm now :-)
21:57:20  Antonio DellaVentura ->  Great information and excellent web sites links
21:57:38  Durff ->  i saw 36 listeners on the stream
21:57:48  thekyleguy ->
21:57:53  PeggyG ->  the website looks like it contains lots of helpful information and provides a great model--can't wait to explore it further
21:57:56  ds ->  beat me Kyle
21:57:57  Matt Montagne ->  oops...that isn't a ning group
21:58:08  Matt Montagne ->  @durff
21:58:11  jmsd18 ->  @Matt Liked Frank's ideas - any links for Frank?
21:58:22  KarenJan ->  @matt - looks like a great wiki - thanks!
21:58:28  Matt Montagne ->  @jmsd18...hold up
21:58:33  thekyleguy ->  DS I have had lots of practice lately
21:58:42  lorna ->
21:58:53  ds ->  gotcha :)
21:59:36  jmsd18 ->  Thanks...I could have googled...but wasn't sure the board name!
21:59:37  ds ->  sorry I was late. Great turnout for the show--great to see!
21:59:38  Durff ->  it's only 9:59
22:00:09  Betty ->  Very informative!  Thanks Dr. Epstein, Frank and Lorna for your time and expertise!
22:00:19  James.Sigler ->  Great to see lots of parents as well as teachers here.
22:00:20  Lisa Sjogren ->  Thanks Dr. Epstein
22:00:27  ehelfant ->  @matt gotta run, once again a great session and sorry to have been late.might bug you this week!
22:00:38  kjones ->  I know that our schools could use some tips to get parents involved in developing possible support groups to specific needs...for example parents of children with ADHD.
22:00:44  Matt Montagne ->  @thanks Liz!
22:00:49  Antonio DellaVentura ->  Excellent session...thank you everyone...give my best to Frank 
22:00:54  ds ->  @James--think that's the key--not only different media for communicating, but as many voices as possible too
22:00:57  PeggyG ->  Thanks to all of the guests and chatters!! excellent ideas!
22:01:15  KarenJan ->  thank you for the web resources!
22:01:22  Matt Montagne ->  thanks all!!!
22:01:42  Matt Montagne ->  Thanks for your participation in the chat...your comments were awesome!!!
22:01:51  ds ->  @kjones like the notion for special needs support 
22:01:59  Betty ->  Thanks to you Matt!
22:02:11  James.Sigler ->  Great session!
22:02:12  Antonio DellaVentura ->  Matt you were great....look forward to it again 
22:02:18  Matt Montagne ->
22:02:22  lee baber ->  ell here at the end i have gotten ustream up and running! :)
22:02:24  PeggyG ->  Big grin :-)
22:02:26  Durff ->  but visit It's Elementary next week
22:02:27  Cindy Seibel ->  Thanks all. It's 8pm here in Alberta too
22:02:29  rhoda ->  thank you matt and cindy...goodnight
22:02:31  thekyleguy ->  Thank you everybody, Off to listen to the Edtech Posse 
22:02:33  James.Sigler ->  Yeah!
22:02:35  Matt Montagne ->  Thanks Antonio!
22:02:40  SRVilly ->  Thanks again to everyone...Great info!!
22:02:42  thekyleguy ->  Come when you are done here 
22:02:46  ds ->  kyle, drop a link for us
22:02:48  KarenJan ->  @thekyleguy - is that with courosa?
22:02:54  Matt Montagne ->  All the new visitors were awesome!
22:03:18  Cindy Seibel ->  @Karen - yes.
22:03:25  Matt Montagne ->  Please leave Parents as Partners feedback at
22:03:34  thekyleguy ->  Yep. thanks cindy I couldnt paste
22:03:37  Matt Montagne ->  also, if you have ideas for future guests, please let us know!
22:03:48  Cindy Seibel ->  THanks Lorna!
22:03:53  thekyleguy ->  Good night. See you all
22:04:00  Susan Cutajar ->  good night, thank you
22:04:04  PeggyG ->  Night all-thanks
22:04:05  Durff ->  fantastic! nite
22:04:10  James.Sigler ->  Goodnight
22:04:21  Betty ->  Good night everyone!
22:04:24  frank2 ->  thanks - very informative-Frances
22:04:36  Lisa Sjogren ->  Thanks
22:04:44  lee baber ->  Thanks everyone

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