Women of Web 2.0 Show 66

Welcome to our show! This is the viral show. No it is not a disease, it is how things spread on the internet using Web 2.0 tools. Actually this idea started with a couple teachers, twitter, some students, music and 48 hours later 667 comments! Does this sound like something you might be interested in? Join the Women of Web 2.0 and Kevin, George, Bill, Wendy, Sharon, Vicki and Cheryl for a great conversation. You will surely be Jazzed by this one!

The Chat has so many great links, grab the audio and read on!

 20:35:03  georgemayo  hi I'm early. :)

 20:45:59  Kevin Hodgson  Hey George!

 20:47:17  Durff  hi dogtrax

 20:49:29  Vicki Davis  Hi. Lisa.

 20:50:08  Kevin Hodgson  I'm here, too

 20:50:16  cheryloakes wow 2.0  Hello all,

 20:50:25  cheryloakes wow 2.0  Mrs. Durff, welcome and thanks for the twitter.

 20:52:20  Durff  $5 cheryl - hi Vicki

 20:53:16  loonyhiker  hi y'all

 20:53:30  plugusin  Hey Pat....Glad you're here!

 20:53:38  loonyhiker  thanks

 20:53:51  cheryloakes wow 2.0  Hey Ryan, heard you have a new partner in crime.

 20:53:57  cheryloakes wow 2.0  Congrats and fun!

 20:54:19  cheryloakes wow 2.0  Hey CathyN

 20:54:51  CathyNelson  Warm greetings to you Cheryl O

 20:55:35  CathyNelson  And warm SC greetings to my fellow sc-ian Loonyhiker

 20:55:39  ryanbretag  @cheryloakes yep! He is at our sister in the role I play. There are a lot of expectations for us so GIDDY UP!

 20:55:49  ryanbretag  sister school that is

 20:56:09  emapey  @loonihiker Hi

 20:56:24  loonyhiker  thanks cathy :)

 20:56:29  loonyhiker  hi emapy

 20:56:47  loonyhiker  should be warm tomorrow in sc and i will be out hiking :)

 20:56:50  Kevin Hodgson  Hi everyone

 20:57:09  CathyNelson  will we have 70+ tonight?

 20:58:25  cheryloakes wow 2.0  almost ready

 20:59:05  dianeh  hi folks! Have no voice but it doesn't matter here :-)

 20:59:05  loonyhiker  does anyone know the wiki address?

 20:59:36  cheryloakes wow 2.0  we only have a delicious going tonight, Vicky and I are holding down the fort

 20:59:49  Durff  I hear you all on ETTA

 20:59:57  loonyhiker  okay

 21:00:02  Vicki Davis  hello veryone!

 21:00:09  dianeh  French

 21:00:28  dianeh  That's French

 21:00:32  dianeh  it's OK

 21:00:38  emapey  French??

 21:00:39  Vicki Davis  @KathyNelson -- I don't know but we'll have fun!

 21:00:43  dianeh  I'm trying to improve my French and

 21:01:00  congerjan  hello all...

 21:01:07  dianeh  That's as much as i got Vicki

 21:01:13  dianeh  Keep going

 21:01:13  loonyhiker  i heard typing last nite at SL :)

 21:02:57  loonyhiker  i don't think we can in greenville county

 21:02:58  Vicki Davis  OK, french.

 21:03:09  Vicki Davis  I'll try totype it n -- I'm trying to decide if I should post it on my blog.

 21:03:34  Vicki Davis  Are we streaming guys?  Can you hear?

 21:03:36  dianeh  e-mail it to me: [email protected]

 21:03:38  colettec  sounds like Zamzar - it works great - but need pop up blocker

 21:03:45  alicebarr  yes can hear fine

 21:03:49  James.Sigler  Sounds fine

 21:04:19  Vicki Davis  http://m.fasfind.com/wwwtools /m/37951.cfm?x=0&rid=37951

 21:04:24  loonyhiker  i can hear

 21:04:27  Vicki Davis  http://m.fasfind.com/wwwtools/m/37951.cfm?x=0&rid=37951

 21:04:53  cheryloakes wow 2.0  thanks vicki for putting the links in

 21:05:07  alicebarr  Will these links be on the delicious links?

 21:05:12  Vicki Davis  http://blog.wikispaces.com/2008/03/bringing-color-to-your-wiki.html

 21:05:13  maureen  youtube is not blocked

 21:05:16  cheryloakes wow 2.0  if we can do it we will.

 21:05:31  cheryloakes wow 2.0  delicious links will happen after the show.

 21:05:36  Wendy Drexler  Now I'm going to have to colorize my Wikispaces.  :-)

 21:05:54  Vicki Davis  http://del.icio.us/brightideasguru

 21:05:56  Art Gelwicks  Ted Turner just bought Wikispaces...he'll do it for you.

 21:05:57  Kevin Hodgson  I always wondered why there wasn't color -- color is good for collaborative story writing

 21:06:18  colettec  yeah - color!!!!!

 21:06:53  congerjan  cool color!  Love it!

 21:07:08  Art Gelwicks  My favorite color...light gray.

 21:07:12  Kevin Hodgson  I saw Vicki's delicious tags. Great resource. She went through 400-plus links? Holy Cow.

 21:07:30  James.Sigler  I'm just getting to do a project in wikispaces.  Color now too!  cool!

 21:07:41  cheryloakes wow 2.0  Viral projects at WOW 2.0

 21:07:43  Kevin Hodgson  I'm scared about the number of my delicious links

 21:07:54  cheryloakes wow 2.0  Kevin, be brave

 21:08:02  Art Gelwicks  Passed along Vicki's links right to our staff...did not pass go...did not collect $200.

 21:08:12  CheriT  Hello everyone

 21:08:23  colettec  you can subscribe to the links in your network - much easier to view in bloglines a few at a time

 21:08:23  cheryloakes wow 2.0  hi cheri

 21:08:33  CheriT  hey Cheryl

 21:08:43  CheriT  Hi Alice

 21:08:46  alicebarr  Hi Cheri

 21:08:53  dianeh  I'm suffering from one

 21:08:57  georgemayo  found it- i need a new computer

 21:09:01  cheryloakes wow 2.0  Kevin's links, http://teacheng.us/?page_id=43

 21:09:21  cheryloakes wow 2.0  http://dogtrax.edublogs.org

 21:09:31  dianeh  Hi Kevin!

 21:09:37  cheryloakes wow 2.0  http://epencil.edublogs.org

 21:10:01  cheryloakes wow 2.0  Western MA writing project  http://masswp.org/wmwpnews

 21:10:29  cheryloakes wow 2.0  The video is at the epencil.edublogs.org site

 21:10:37  Vicki Davis  http://technorati.com/blogs/manyvoicesdarfur.blogspot.com/?reactions - "Waiting for the World to Get it Right"

 21:11:02  Wendy Drexler  That is SO cool!!

 21:11:33  cheryloakes wow 2.0  Welcome to all in the Chat! This show is about Viral projects, Many Voices of Darfur.

 21:12:15  lori a  evening all

 21:12:24  georgemayo  met wendy through twitter, then at SLA

 21:12:26  cheryloakes wow 2.0  Jen and Sharon are not here this evening, Sharon is with her folks in FL and Jen is holding down the fort at school for a tech evening.

 21:12:27  colettec  one of my journalism participated in the Darfur blog

 21:13:15  Kevin Hodgson  I love the possibilities of using the web and writing and moving into social action for young people. It gives them a forum.

 21:14:04  cheryloakes wow 2.0  Hello all, if you are new here tonight, ask for help if you need it. We are broadcasting on ETTA at edtechtalk.

 21:14:13  plugusin  Action for kids equals advocacy

 21:14:13  Durff  phew- all blogs updated for student tomorrow - time to enjoy WOW2.0

 21:14:21  Kevin Hodgson  I think ease of use is crucial for most people, as George says.

 21:14:26  cheryloakes wow 2.0  You will be able to hear the show on a podcast later in the week.

 21:14:39  cheryloakes wow 2.0  I like that action for kids equals advocacy.

 21:14:44  Durff  hi sharon!

 21:14:49  cheryloakes wow 2.0  Hello Sharon!

 21:14:53  CheriT  Hi Sharon

 21:15:00  sharonp  Hi folks - here at a Starbucks in Lakeland Florida jumping in

 21:15:04  plugusin  Advocacy is something that is easy for them to do with the web.

 21:15:05  colettec  i appreciated how easy it was to add post to blog

 21:15:14  Durff  mmm starbucks

 21:15:15  colettec  was able to share it with newbie teachers

 21:15:17  alicebarr  My students just loved the experience of commenting on the blog

 21:15:18  cheryloakes wow 2.0  Yeah Sharon, glad you are here.

 21:15:21  Vicki Davis  @sharonp -- do you want us to call you in?

 21:15:28  plugusin  Do you think that web 2.0 tools can give us an opportunity to promote student leadership again?

 21:15:30  sharonp  we can try...

 21:15:32  Vicki Davis  It is just shocking what is happening in darfur.

 21:15:41  Durff  it is

 21:15:43  loonyhiker  it is awful

 21:15:45  alicebarr  They felt they had a voice and that were on the "same page" as others who commented.

 21:15:56  Durff  my learners all knew

 21:15:57  Vicki Davis  http://stopgenocide.edublogs.org

 21:16:01  Vicki Davis  The blog

 21:16:05  Kevin Hodgson  I have some discussions online with teachers who object to using Genocide and think we are irresponsible. What do people think?

 21:16:11  alicebarr  They are now trying to digest the comments and write up an action plan

 21:16:20  Vicki Davis  Talking about what Genocide is?  @Kevin

 21:16:25  sharonp  it is time to start mobilizing web 2.0 tools for these kinds of impt issues

 21:16:27  Durff  irresponsible? how?

 21:16:33  Vicki Davis  WHAT? 

 21:16:35  Kevin Hodgson  Talking about Darfur as genocide

 21:16:44  Durff  how else?

 21:16:51  Durff  it is what it is

 21:17:09  Durff  am i missing something?

 21:17:11  Vicki Davis  @Kevin -- still trying to understand that one -- lets talk about it.

 21:17:14  suzievesper  Afternoon all - in my time zone anyway

 21:17:14  lindanitsche  it is but parents want to shield their kids from the real world

 21:17:28  Kevin Hodgson  I'll try :)

 21:17:37  Durff  i'm not getting it

 21:17:44  lindanitsche  personal/public censorship of topics

 21:17:54  loonyhiker  sounds like that movie hotel rwanda

 21:18:02  Durff  how can one censor the truth?

 21:18:12  Kevin Hodgson  I agree. I agree.

 21:18:45  cheryloakes wow 2.0  http://stopgenocide.edublogs.org

 21:18:50  Kevin Hodgson  I also struggled with balancing the reality with the ages of my students. How far do you go?

 21:18:51  Vicki Davis  @loonyhiker -- it is!

 21:18:57  KarenJan  genocide is a powerful word - the Turks still deny that their treatment of the Armenians was a genocide (I'm half Armenian)

 21:19:02  Kevin Hodgson  I think I did a good balance, though.

 21:19:08  cheryloakes wow 2.0  http://manyvoicesdarfur.blogspot.com

 21:19:13  colettec  students feel empowered when they use web 2.0 tools about social issues - they have a real audience

 21:19:15  Durff  ithink the kids will let you know

 21:20:34  sharonp  So great to see you all here for this impt issue!

 21:20:54  cheryloakes wow 2.0  see how important twitter to this viral project!

 21:20:55  colettec  i loved the blog comments about how the student would tell a student from Darfur what the world is doing about the issue

 21:21:01  Vicki Davis  I picked up on the project through Twitter ON THURSDAY! And we didn't have school on Friday!

 21:21:06  Vicki Davis  Amazing project.

 21:21:19  sharonp  This issue, and many like it, really give us an opportunity to leverage the "network" and use it for very valuable reasons!

 21:21:35  cheryloakes wow 2.0  this is real work for our students!

 21:21:39  loonyhiker  bill is the reason i got on twitter!

 21:21:43  sharonp  Kids love to know they are empowered

 21:21:43  congerjan  I would not have know without twiter...

 21:21:54  Kevin Hodgson  Simple set-up, as Bill says. Again, key for most teachers not quite ready for Web 2.0 but interesting in entering the conversation

 21:22:02  sharonp  they need reasons to think outside themselves and contribute to a better tomorrow

 21:22:48  lindanitsche  Simple and powerful

 21:22:50  georgemayo  http://guysread.typepad.com/theblurb/  THE BLURB

 21:22:51  Kevin Hodgson  I started hearing about Many Voices for Darfur from blogs, and then Twitter, and then Teachers Teaching Teachers. I knew something cool was going on.

 21:23:01  cheryloakes wow 2.0  http://guysread.typepad.com/theblurb/

 21:23:33  plugusin  Darfur Voicethread:  http://ed.voicethread.com/share/62276/

 21:23:34  georgemayo  http://stopgenocide.wikispaces.com/

 21:23:50  georgemayo  vicki- could you put some of those on wiki http://stopgenocide.wikispaces.com/

 21:24:25  cheryloakes wow 2.0  Good point Sharon, this allows for students to have a powerful voice.

 21:24:30  georgemayo  Vicki, paul allison also helped us a lot

 21:24:37  Vicki Davis  http://westwood.wikispaces.com/Stop+Genocide+in+Darfur -- Look at the photograph on this page

 21:24:53  cfoote  Hello all

 21:24:54  plugusin  Leadership means identify your values, then take action on those values.

 21:24:55  Vicki Davis  Paul is such a wonderful advocate -- he talked about it on teachers teaching teachers last week too!

 21:25:08  sharonp  This is so special.....this really gives teachers a REASON for using the very cool tools of the INternet

 21:25:16  lindanitsche  So well said Sharon!

 21:25:30  cfoote  MrMayo--how many comments did you all end up with?  I've been gone.

 21:25:35  Kevin Hodgson  Paul and Susan Ettenheim do a great job (and crew)

 21:25:37  Vicki Davis  Youth voices is wonderful!

 21:25:43  Durff  @Vicki Love that pic - 'tis powerful

 21:25:47  Vicki Davis  over 600 @cfoote

 21:25:58  loonyhiker  it is great for kids around the world to come together for an important cause

 21:26:15  cfoote  Wow, great.

 21:26:24  sharonp  there is a lot of sensitivity around the word "genocide"

 21:26:28  georgemayo   http://manyvoicesdarfur.blogspot.com/2008/02/many-voices-for-darfur.html   677 comments

 21:26:32  plugusin  Motivation was incredibly high for students because they knew our work was real.

 21:26:33  sharonp  some think it should be reserved for the Holocaust

 21:26:43  colettec  its much easier for us teachers to participate in smaller, collaborative projects like the Many Faces of Darfu.  Easy to fit in our schedule and not as intimidating

 21:26:44  Durff  but sharon that is the word

 21:26:44  georgemayo  677 comments in 2 days

 21:26:51  Wendy Drexler  Kids Galore Helping Kids in Darfur - 06/07 3rd grade Darfur Project http://www.shorecrest.org/Darfur.html

 21:26:53  Vicki Davis  Let your students comment -- there is still room!

 21:26:54  cheryloakes wow 2.0  Wow, George, that is a huge number of comments 677! in less than 2 weeks.

 21:27:02  Vicki Davis  Try 2 days!

 21:27:03  sharonp  I think it should certainly be extended to any movement that desires the extinction of antoher people group

 21:27:05  georgemayo  2 days

 21:27:10  georgemayo  48 hours

 21:27:18  cheryloakes wow 2.0  in wow 48 ho urs, amazing

 21:27:23  cheryloakes wow 2.0  so powerful

 21:27:25  Durff  it was said never again - and it is happening again

 21:27:26  sharonp  that is incredilbe

 21:27:32  sharonp  the numbers

 21:27:33  lindanitsche  How did you handle it with your students and parents Wenday?

 21:27:37  Durff  we NEED to use the word genocide

 21:27:44  georgemayo  the commenst are very good- a real testament to the teachers doing quality teaching

 21:27:52  Durff  wake people up if necessary

 21:27:54  cfoote  Interesting that there was a question about the word genocide.

 21:27:57  georgemayo  and students stepping up

 21:27:59  cheryloakes wow 2.0  right Durff, we need to be explicit

 21:28:05  georgemayo  as they always do!

 21:28:06  cfoote  if you look at definition, this is genocide.

 21:28:12  Wendy Drexler  I sent home information in my newsletter.  I had 100% support from parents

 21:28:14  Durff  yes

 21:28:22  sharonp  Just finished reading Three Cups of Tea - A MUST MUST MUST read for any teacher

 21:28:25  plugusin  What I like about commenting is that it is a source of prewriting/free writing.  Short, approachable bits of text.

 21:28:26  loonyhiker  people avoiding talking about genocide is part of the problem. we can't sweep it under the rug

 21:28:33  Durff  sharon - url?

 21:28:40  sharonp  one sec, Lisa??

 21:28:46  cfoote  well said, @mrmayo

 21:29:12  sharonp  threecupsoftea.com

 21:29:13  georgemayo  The issue also resonated quickly w/ my 8th graders,

 21:29:18  suzievesper  Great use of the tools - I'm running a workshop for 25 teachers who work with 11 and 12 year olds tomorrow - will be using all of these examples - thanks! Very powerful.

 21:29:21  cheryloakes wow 2.0  Great job Wendy explaining how you started this project with parents and kids.

 21:29:22  cfoote  @sharonp  Have been wanting to read that.

 21:29:27  Durff  thanks sharon

 21:29:29  cfoote  Hi Wendy!

 21:29:37  Vicki Davis  When you start looking at it, it is stunning!  Shocking!  Horrific!

 21:29:42  Kevin Hodgson  My students were appalled and angry at what is happening. (I avoided rape, too)

 21:29:48  plugusin  Our pledge to fight genocide:  http://guysread.typepad.com/theblurb/2008/02/a-resolution-on.html

 21:29:57  Vicki Davis  We talked about rape but I have 10th graders and 9th graders.

 21:30:16  cfoote  I think it is good to raise awareness, because there are many adults that don't know a lot about it either.

 21:30:16  Durff  we avoided nothing in our discussions

 21:30:21  Kevin Hodgson  Darfur Drawn -- my students were silent as they looked at it and read the captions. Really powerful.

 21:30:24  cfoote  including some teachers.

 21:30:30  sharonp  I say this as a friend of my American colleagues, but Americans do NOT have a good rep internationally - this is SUCH an opportunity to show that you have heart and you do care....

 21:30:38  colettec  kids hear about rape on the news all the time - you can use the term "sexual assault" instead

 21:30:52  Durff  i wouldn

 21:30:57  Durff  would not

 21:31:01  colettec  i teach HS

 21:31:03  loonyhiker  i dont think we should sugar coat words

 21:31:12  Durff  i agree loony

 21:31:23  plugusin  http://ed.voicethread.com/share/62276/

 21:31:24  cfoote  wow, great Wendy

 21:31:43  Wendy Drexler  Darfur Drawn  http://www.hrw.org/photos/2005/darfur/drawings/introduction.htm

 21:31:49  cfoote  I posted about the darfur project on my blog to publicize it :)

 21:31:59  cfoote  I was so impressed by the comments.

 21:32:03  Durff  i got the most in depth comments from those kids on this project in a long while

 21:32:20  Durff  i had 6th-8th

 21:32:24  sharonp  we really need our students to see that these genocides continue even to this day

 21:32:28  Vicki Davis  @cfoote -- so you were part of it.

 21:32:32  cfoote  I wonder how the three of you got together to work on this? via twitter?

 21:32:50  sharonp  too often, we teach about the Holocaust that happened "back then"

 21:33:02  sharonp  We are not so enlightened that we have moved on

 21:33:03  Vicki Davis  At Educon in Philadelphia - George and Wendy met.

 21:33:17  Durff  it didn't - it happened to my parents

 21:33:21  loonyhiker  have tried to tell students that intolerance continues today and isn't just in history

 21:33:29  Durff  mine - not back then

 21:33:38  cfoote  http://futura.edublogs.org/2008/03/06/can-third-graders-change-the-world/

 21:33:44  sharonp  Kids wrestling on "big ideas" - how much more authentic is that in learning??

 21:33:58  Durff  and they do

 21:34:01  Kevin Hodgson  I agree -- authentic thinking and writing and action

 21:34:05  cheryloakes wow 2.0  looneyhiker, this is a perfect way to demonstrate how history repeats

 21:34:06  cfoote  @vickidavis  Wow..that's great.  I met Wendy there but not George.

 21:34:10  Durff  they surprise us

 21:34:20  sharonp  We are talking about tomorrow's leaders, tomorrow's voters, tomorrow's change-makers in our society!

 21:34:33  lindanitsche  @cfoote Same here

 21:34:34  cfoote  good idea to tie it into what they already know.  Such sophisticated way to have students relate history to current events.

 21:34:39  Durff  our caretakers

 21:34:44  loonyhiker  have y'all seen this site: www.tolerance.org

 21:34:54  cfoote  I have to go finish cooking dinner ;)

 21:35:02  Kevin Hodgson  Now that blogging part is over, my students are working on ways to move their writing into action. We were planning some fundraising activities to help the refugees.

 21:35:02  cheryloakes wow 2.0  looneyhiker, this is a great site, and great magazine

 21:35:02  cfoote  great project, all.  Very powerful!

 21:35:03  Durff  i need coffee

 21:35:13  cheryloakes wow 2.0  hi chris harbeck, welcome

 21:35:20  sharonp  great stuff, Kevin - keep us in touch with what happens next!

 21:35:23  loonyhiker  i like to ask students, what would happen if this happened here and how would u want the world to react

 21:35:35  colettec  plus Voicethread can be even more powerful because we "hear" the actual voices of the kids who comment - some are very passionate

 21:35:47  Vicki Davis  So twitter is helping us network to help classrooms add their voices to real issues.

 21:36:08  sharonp  twitter rocks .... how long would it have taken if we had used email or even just skype a year ago?

 21:36:08  plugusin  technology has broken down the walls that separate me from the colleagues in my own building and connected me to teachers around the world.

 21:36:15  cheryloakes wow 2.0  , looney, that is what I think as an adult, if only we had known about the Holocaust, it would be different, well here is Darfur, how different can we make it

 21:36:17  charbeck  hi everyone

 21:36:20  Kevin Hodgson  I am a month into Twitter and already, I am blown away by the network.

 21:36:21  Vicki Davis  @sharonp - it wouldn't have worked!

 21:36:54  loonyhiker  twitter is so powerful. that is where i heard about vicki's horizon project

 21:37:35  suzievesper  As long as people keep their followers and friends ratio fairly even. I'm suziea on Twitter btw :-)

 21:37:37  jeff dungan  hey all I agree twitter is amazing.  The links I get turned onto alone is mind boggling

 21:37:43  plugusin  The lesson learned for kids is that they have power through their voice...and that power is equal to that of anyone.

 21:37:49  sharonp  you talk about the indifference or apathy of students - every generation is the same - teens need to know they make a difference - harnessing the tools and environments of the Internet gives them a chance to see results even faster than ever before

 21:38:02  charbeck  kids just get hooked with collaberation

 21:38:07  Vicki Davis  I'm coolcatteacher -- I have to add my followers but you can also set it so everyone who replies @coolcatteacher to show up even if not in my network.

 21:38:15  lindanitsche  We need to help teens find ways to see beyond themselves

 21:38:17  Vicki Davis  Kids get excited and love it.

 21:38:26  sharonp  and I am @speters on twitter - the same....

 21:38:35  loonyhiker  @suziea now i'm following you! i'm loonyhiker

 21:38:49  colettec  follow me @ccassinelli and i will follow you :)

 21:38:50  Vicki Davis  I had a student who spent 45 minute on this picture -- everyone does what they can - http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c323/hcj2010/Darfur/Darfur_poster1copy...

 21:38:59  lindanitsche  When we do- they are a force that makes a difference

 21:39:09  jeff dungan  when kids are passionate they get interested, when they get interested they learn and grow.

 21:39:31  James.Sigler  You can't this passion about an issue from a textbook

 21:39:41  colettec  i agree james

 21:39:53  plugusin  My kids first question after Many Voices Darfur was, "What are we going to make our next cause, Mr. F?"

 21:39:53  pgoerner  @vicki- nice job on the pic

 21:39:59  cheryloakes wow 2.0  James, great point.

 21:40:03  loonyhiker  isn't engaged learning what we are all about?

 21:40:04  lindanitsche  Real life- audience makes the difference

 21:40:05  Kevin Hodgson  Great point -- We talked about how they can view the country they live in and how fortunate they are.

 21:40:29  Vicki Davis  @pgoerner - A 10th Grader did this!

 21:40:33  charbeck  back to the hair commercial and they tell two fiends and so on and so on ... long live the network

 21:40:41  sharonp  What are we going to make our next cause...?? Wow, what an opportunity - there are so many, where to begin??

 21:40:43  loonyhiker  maybe it makes students grateful for what they have too

 21:40:47  pgoerner  @vicki very nice

 21:40:48  Vicki Davis  My parents were SOOOOO excited about this project.  The students went home and talked about it.

 21:40:54  jeff dungan  teachers who are passionate bring it to their kids.  Great project george I have been following you from the DR

 21:41:06  Vicki Davis  @sharonp -- I think we should take this one further.

 21:41:10  colettec  the "issues" don't have to be global - they can choose issues in their school, community

 21:41:23  sharonp  @vicki - and you know I have ideas!!

 21:41:24  James.Sigler  It's not just about what they remember this year. It's what they remember after they leave

 21:41:47  Wendy Drexler  My parents were extremely supportive.  We raised over $6000 last year.  For this project, parents were emailing me throughout the 48 hour blog.  They were blown away.

 21:41:48  colettec  last year my HS student recorded podcast complaining that soda machines were being removed from our school - they were passionate

 21:41:48  Vicki Davis  @colettec -- I have an action project planned with Julie Lindsay in Qatar and Barbara Stefanics in Austria -- where the students are required to act -- not ready to talk too much about yet.

 21:41:55  sharonp  how tragic!

 21:41:57  jeff dungan  essential understandings and enduring meaning in learning...what a concept:)

 21:42:19  sharonp  testing outrules real projects that beg for our students' interests and passions!

 21:42:29  Wendy Drexler  As with anything we do, it helps to over-communicate, acknowledge the conerns and focus on the benefits.

 21:42:29  cheryloakes wow 2.0  good point Kevin, getting your admin involved along with your class

 21:42:37  Wendy Drexler  Concerns

 21:42:38  Vicki Davis  And the students were writing -- what a way to get them to write -- but really the writing seems such a non issue in the light of what they are talking about.

 21:42:42  lindanitsche  I have my fifth graders take on action projects in the school, community each year-

 21:42:48  Vicki Davis  Writing to evoke emotion and action!  Wow!

 21:42:56  Durff  yeah, i didn't have elementary students those days

 21:42:57  lindanitsche  It is amazing how hard they work to make a real difference

 21:43:07  Vicki Davis  It is so amazing about this -- and educon was how long a go?  How fast did this happen?

 21:43:13  Wendy Drexler  I had parents sending in newspaper articles with their kids.

 21:43:33  plugusin  Hey George or Wendy:  Who moderated all 600 comments!

 21:43:42  cheryloakes wow 2.0  We are so fortunate that all our guests were able to be part of the conversation tonight.

 21:43:44  Wendy Drexler  Mostly George - he was a machine.

 21:43:44  plugusin  Many thanks to them...what a chore...

 21:43:45  James.Sigler  @ sharonp Does more for our students:  writing about real projects or testing?

 21:43:52  Wendy Drexler  We were both moderators.

 21:43:58  Vicki Davis  OK, so they want advice:  Where do they go next with Many Voices for Darfur?

 21:44:14  cheryloakes wow 2.0  evening arthus!

 21:44:15  colettec  did you encourage the parents to add comments to the blog??

 21:44:47  sharonp  @James - testing for our students... what will they remember in a month, a year, ten years? versus an opportunity like this??

 21:44:59  Durff  good qt Vicki

 21:45:00  cheryloakes wow 2.0  absolutely, Sharon!

 21:45:13  plugusin  That is typical...I've never had any inappropriate content in years of digital dialogue with kids.

 21:45:15  lindanitsche  they will remember the pain and suffering of tests only

 21:45:15  Vicki Davis  Chat room - what is next?  Your advice?

 21:45:20  cheryloakes wow 2.0  any questions from the chat room for our guests?

 21:45:25  sharonp  @linda - hah!

 21:45:29  colettec  limited technology is a problem - but why not make it a "home" work project and have the kids and parents do it together

 21:45:51  cheryloakes wow 2.0  yes, kids and parents

 21:46:09  loonyhiker  what a great example to fight fear in the school on using tech tools

 21:46:22  plugusin  That's amazing....Planned in no time, remarkable success...

 21:46:39  plugusin  I've never even seen George's face!

 21:46:42  Kevin Hodgson  Yes on getting publicity. I am getting our regional newspaper to publish some of the student writing and podcasts for the Darfur project. It usually takes a phone call (says the former newspaper reporter)

 21:46:51  cheryloakes wow 2.0  This type of project really was quite simple yet wide reaching.

 21:46:53  sharonp  how can this be such a hard sell to our admins? Global citizenship, international issues, writing skills, ICT skills....??

 21:47:12  sharonp  @kevin - go for it!!

 21:47:33  pgoerner  @kevin how do you get the newspaper to publish podcasts? Online I imagine

 21:47:35  cheryloakes wow 2.0  great question Vicki

 21:47:55  Kevin Hodgson  Yes -- the newspaper has a blog :)

 21:48:01  Vicki Davis  there is not for me either -- I get a lot of freedom.

 21:48:03  lindanitsche  They can wear very narrow blinders.

 21:48:07  pgoerner  @kevin- this is a great idea

 21:48:09  sharonp  @kevin - great to hear about newspaper blog

 21:48:20  sharonp  @kevin - would think they would eat this up

 21:48:24  Vicki Davis  Getting room to maneuver is issue.

 21:48:27  loonyhiker  schools need to be flexible for modify and adjust

 21:48:45  lindanitsche  Who actually asked their curriculum director?

 21:48:48  James.Sigler  They need to include current events as a part of the currculum

 21:48:55  Durff  I changed the days plan at the last minute

 21:49:11  Durff  this project was that important

 21:49:24  suzievesper  Great tip about allowing all @replies to be visible in Twitter - thanks! New Zealand curriculum is moving away from those two year cycles of topics. The new curriculum is allowing a lot more freedom and more of a contextual rather than content approach. We are quite excited about it here in NZ.

 21:49:43  sharonp  @suzievesper - similarly here in Quebec

 21:49:48  plugusin  I never ask permission!

 21:49:51  sharonp  I think it is quite exciting

 21:49:53  colettec  the curriculum should be based on critical thinking, creativity, real audience, like the new NET*S for students

 21:49:57  lindanitsche  @suzievesper Can you share a link?

 21:50:00  James.Sigler  That flexiblity is exciting

 21:50:06  LisaMLane  'tis better to ask forgiveness than permission

 21:50:18  Durff  i'm computer

 21:50:31  cheryloakes wow 2.0  These projects flourish with supportive administrators.

 21:50:39  loonyhiker  i was a special ed teacher. projects like this really are great for sped kids because it is hands on, visual, and auditory

 21:50:39  James.Sigler  @colettec yes!

 21:50:41  sharonp  @Lisa and plugusin - yes!

 21:50:43  Vicki Davis  I always inform the administrators and curriculum directors.

 21:50:44  lindanitsche  curriculum here is still being directed by state standards which encompass much more that can possibly be accomplished

 21:50:51  plugusin  Anyone read High Noon:  20 Global Problems and 20 Years to Solve Them?

 21:51:02  suzievesper  http://nzcurriculum.tki.org.nz/

 21:51:03  Wendy Drexler  I read High Noon - great book.

 21:51:07  plugusin  Should that be the focus of our work in classrooms?

 21:51:20  LisaMLane  directives tend to focus on specific content, rather than how to manage content

 21:51:30  lindanitsche  I have a supportive principal and administration

 21:51:42  Durff  never heard of a cultural literacy worksheet

 21:51:49  James.Sigler  @lindanitsche Exactly,  curriculums is too often a mile wide and an inch deep

 21:51:51  Durff  how absurd

 21:52:17  sharonp  @James - well put!

 21:52:21  jeff dungan  curriculums kill passion so do text books

 21:52:29  lindanitsche  Being able to explain your purpose and goal is really the significant issue

 21:52:37  Vicki Davis  Curricula is important but we need flexibility AND a plan.

 21:52:46  Durff  i don't have textbooks

 21:53:00  plugusin  I'm down with "action they can see," but that's so much easier with technology now.  Page views, subscribers etc.

 21:53:09  cheryloakes wow 2.0  Thanks to all in the chat room tonight. This show will be a podcast by Thurs. at www.edtechtalk.com

 21:53:14  colettec  we are global citizens - you could plan for a global project every year and just change the topic

 21:53:23  cheryloakes wow 2.0  The chat will be available by then as well.

 21:53:26  sharonp  @cheryl - you rock! Thanks for doing that for us!

 21:53:36  cheryloakes wow 2.0  you got it.

 21:53:44  plugusin  @colettec :  Or continue to extend the same project.

 21:53:54  sharonp  Vicki we need to tap into that energy before the issue loses its lustre

 21:53:55  cheryloakes wow 2.0  Any questions from the chat  for our guests?

 21:53:56  suzievesper  depends on the curricululm! We seem to have quite an open system here in NZ compared to other countries. Schools can decide what gets blocked not area administrators. Combine with a lot of freedom within the curiculum means that there are quite a few teachers here getting into web 2.0

 21:54:09  janices  @cheryoakes kudos for getting last week's webcast out in 1 day! Wow!

 21:54:19  cheryloakes wow 2.0  it was a trick!

 21:54:27  sharonp  @janice - I agree - kudos to cheryl

 21:54:31  Kevin Hodgson  Devil's Advocate: how do we get our kids to read through 600 plus comments? Is it about numbers? Or ...   I say this in full support of what we did but I wonder about what to do with the blog now. You know?

 21:54:31  cheryloakes wow 2.0  less editing, more just get it done!

 21:54:38  sheila  In Belize, they use a book called, One World, Many Issues. I've tried to use it with my students.

 21:54:50  sharonp  @Kevin - ask your students to find the NEXT issue....

 21:55:10  Vicki Davis  @kevin -- how about other kids looking through it and reflecting.

 21:55:13  sharonp  @Kevin - let them choose, what is next for ME?

 21:55:18  Vicki Davis  I wondered if it shouldn't have been on a discussion board.

 21:55:29  Kevin Hodgson  Yes, but leave the Darfur days behind?

 21:55:34  Kevin Hodgson  Of course not

 21:55:48  James.Sigler  @ Kevin skimming is one form of reading to use on the web, but it needs to be taught and developed

 21:55:49  colettec  wouldn't it be cool to keep a time-based blog or wiki to address these global issues and over the years you could reflect on the issues you have covered

 21:55:53  cheryloakes wow 2.0  I th ink your kids would rebel if you left Darfur behind.

 21:56:29  Kevin Hodgson  Yes -- true, which is why we are continuing to find avenues to support the refugees

 21:56:43  Vicki Davis  OK, so who wants to take this for next month?  Is there anyone?

 21:56:54  Kevin Hodgson  Package the comments and ship to the Sudan Gov't

 21:56:55  James.Sigler  What do you do with the blog once the year is over?

 21:57:02  colettec  why can't the reflection piece happen over time - months later - to see if the issue has changed or not?

 21:57:05  Wendy Drexler  [email protected]

 21:57:08  Durff  anyone count those in chat room this evening?

 21:57:14  Vicki Davis  30 something.

 21:57:19  plugusin  [email protected] @plugusin

 21:57:19  cheryloakes wow 2.0  I counted about 36

 21:57:21  Durff  cool

 21:57:25  sharonp  How about raising some funds for Darfur?

 21:57:31  georgemayo  [email protected]

 21:57:45  georgemayo  Thanks WOW!

 21:57:49  Kevin Hodgson  Yes, Sharon. Maybe my students could take the lead and get other classes involved?

 21:57:51  Vicki Davis  @sharonp - It sounds like Wendy is goign to do that also.

 21:57:52  James.Sigler  I can actually keep up with the chat this week.  Yeah!

 21:57:52  colettec  i like the idea of moving it to a bulletin board - then you could organize it by topics

 21:58:06  Wendy Drexler  Thank for having us.

 21:58:13  Vicki Davis  I hope that some others will look at this and consider this for their school.

 21:58:14  loonyhiker  this was a wonderful chat!

 21:58:16  cheryloakes wow 2.0  Amazing James.

 21:58:16  Wendy Drexler  I thank George - he is SO creative!

 21:58:18  sharonp  @Kevin - yes..... perhaps dream up some fun fundraisers

 21:58:19  loonyhiker  and a wonderful talk

 21:58:24  plugusin  Huge thanks to George and Wendy for their great project idea.

 21:58:36  Kevin Hodgson  Any ideas for web-based fundraising activities?

 21:58:45  James.Sigler  @ Cheryl :)

 21:58:53  Vicki Davis  @kevin - Beth katner has the ideas -- I'll have to pull out some links..

 21:59:09  dianeh  There's too much to listen to!

 21:59:27  georgemayo   http://manyvoicesdarfur.blogspot.com/  http://manyvoicesdarfur.blogspot.com/2008/02/many-voices-for-darfur.html  http://stopgenocide.wikispaces.com/

 21:59:29  Wendy Drexler  We had a fundraiser for UNICEF on the Kids Galore Site.  I'm presenting that project at NECC.  That might add more steam.

 21:59:34  dianeh  I'd like to help with this.

 21:59:34  cheryloakes wow 2.0  Thanks for the great ideas this evening.

 21:59:42  sharonp  @Wendy - great stuff - so pleased to hear!

 21:59:43  georgemayo  great idea Vicki!

 21:59:45  Durff  Kevin why not put the original blog + comments in a lulu book and sell it with profit going to Dafur refugees

 21:59:56  Kevin Hodgson  I thought of LULU. George?

 21:59:57  Vicki Davis  @Durff - I love that.

 21:59:59  James.Sigler  This is a great model project for Web 2.0 learning

 22:00:03  sheila  @durff - great idea!

 22:00:20  colettec  My plug:  please add any Voicethread projects to a wiki at http://voicethread4education.wikispaces.com  --- one of the Darfur voicethreads is already there

 22:00:24  James.Sigler  @ Durff Great idea!

 22:00:25  sharonp  I really have to go soon!

 22:00:39  dianeh  Thanks so much everyone! So much to think about!

 22:00:41  Durff  take care sharon

 22:00:44  sharonp  But what a great night! I was soooo glad to be here - the energy and passion is so palpable

 22:00:49  sharonp  you guys made my week!

 22:00:54  cheryloakes wow 2.0  Thanks for being herefor a great show.

 22:00:56  Wendy Drexler  Thank you to everyone for listening.

 22:01:01  plugusin  Night, All!

 22:01:04  georgemayo  thanks again wow! :)

 22:01:16  suzievesper  Great show - glad to be able to made it (not in classes for a change :-)

 22:01:26  Kevin Hodgson  Thanks for having us and thanks to George and Wendy. See ya on Twitter and other networks.

 22:01:31  Vicki Davis  Oh, oh!

 22:01:38  georgemayo  bye

 22:01:43  sendkathy  what about Blurb.com

 22:01:48  alicebarr     There is a web 2.0 tool that publishes a blog in to a book...

 22:01:59  sendkathy  blurb import the entire blog

 22:02:00  alicebarr  Hold on I'll see if I can find it

 22:02:01  Durff  just copy into Word

 22:02:03  sendkathy  with comments

 22:02:04  sharonp  We have a great guest lined up in two weeks

 22:02:18  Wendy Drexler  Nite all.

 22:02:18  Vicki Davis  DANAH BOYD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 22:02:35  janices  Thanks all. Stimulating conversation and topic.

 22:02:48  alicebarr  Yes my students are coming for sure!

 22:02:57  cheryloakes wow 2.0  thanks for listening this evening.

 22:03:21  colettec  thanks again WOW

 22:03:21  sheila  See you next week! Thanks WOW!

 22:03:23  Vicki Davis  Goodnight everyone!

 22:03:23  loonyhiker  bye y'all

 22:03:26  lindanitsche  Thank you all!  Night!

 22:03:32  cheryloakes wow 2.0  thanks for being here. good night.

 22:03:35  Vicki Davis  It has been a wonderful show tonight!

 22:03:53  James.Sigler  Great show! :)

 22:03:55  James.Sigler  Night all

 22:04:07  Durff  nite all!

 22:04:11  PeggyG  WOW-powerful sharing tonight with lots of things to think about-Thanks to all for modeling and inspiring critical thinking for all of us and for taking the risk to carry out such a meaningful project with your students!

 22:04:13  emapey  Good night everyone!!!

 22:04:34  emapey  Danah Boyd When????????

 22:05:12  Vicki Davis  March 25th

 22:05:19  Vicki Davis  @mapey - march 25 -- in TWO WEEKS!

 22:05:24  Vicki Davis  She has been tough to get!

 22:05:26  emapey  Thxs


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