Chat Log for TTT#108

20:30:40 paulallison:
20:30:47 paulallison:
20:31:27 PaulAllison:
20:47:41 SusanEttenheim: hi everyone
20:48:54 Bill O'Neal: Hi.
20:49:01 SusanEttenheim: hi bill
20:54:07 PaulAllison: Hi Peggy.
20:54:15 PeggyG: Hi Paul
20:54:34 PeggyG: Is there any audio yet?
20:55:34 PaulAllison: Hi Peggy... no sound yet in about 5 or 10?
20:55:51 PeggyG: No problem! Thanks.
20:56:20 SusanEttenheim: hi peggy
20:56:39 PeggyG: Hi Susan :-)
20:57:19 SusanEttenheim: hi jbennett
20:57:26 jbennett: Hi Susan
20:58:00 SusanEttenheim: could everyone please introduce yourself- where and what do you teach?
20:58:32 jbennett: Jay Bennett, Lansing Michigan, Social Studies for the Michigan Virtual High School
20:58:54 PeggyG: Sure-I'm from Phoenix, AZ-retired elementary principal and retired university instructor for AZ State Univ.
20:59:05 SusanEttenheim: ahh wow I'd love to hear more about the virtual school!
20:59:13 SusanEttenheim: hi again peggy!
20:59:42 SusanEttenheim: hi ransomtech! where and what do you teach?
20:59:43 jbennett: Going on 7 years now, currently teaching one section of Sociology for the summer
20:59:45 Mr. Shelhart: I'm in Indiana, a mid life career changer pursuing and Elem. Ed. Degree
20:59:46 PeggyG: Is there a special topic for tonight?
21:00:31 ransomtech: Teach elementary, college, consult... all in upstate NY
21:00:41 SusanEttenheim: we're goingto do a group brainstorm with Paul for the summer program!
21:01:13 PeggyG: Excellent! You never know where these conversations will go :-) Last week's session on Voicethread was fantastic!
21:01:56 PeggyG: Is there a planning wiki for the summer program?
21:02:10 ransomtech: Yes, can hear just fine.
21:02:36 PeggyG: sound is good
21:02:50 SusanEttenheim: hi matt and rorowe welcome!
21:02:58 rorowe: Thanks! Hi
21:03:10 SusanEttenheim: where and what do you teach?
21:03:23 rorowe: Orchestra Director in central, PA
21:03:40 SusanEttenheim: wow how interesting! how did you find your way to us?
21:03:46 jbennett: Are you streaming yet?
21:03:50 rorowe: Through Matt (Twitter).
21:03:55 PeggyG: Classic show :-) love it!
21:04:15 Mr. Shelhart: no streaming here, had to click the media player link.
21:04:20 SusanEttenheim: just started streaming - click on edtechtalk A
21:04:24 PeggyG: @jbennett-audio is coming through channel A
21:04:38 Mr. Shelhart: Can I get audio thru skype instead?
21:04:44 SusanEttenheim: hi cpeterson and jenna - welcome!
21:05:04 PaulAllison:
21:05:08 SusanEttenheim: please everyone - and welcome ds - please introduce yourself! where and what do you teach?
21:05:10 cpeterson: hello
21:05:19 PaulAllison:
21:05:24 cpeterson: I teach at California University of Pennsylvania
21:05:46 PeggyG: Excellent :-) Thanks.
21:05:46 SusanEttenheim: welcome!
21:05:50 cpeterson: I am a professor and I am trying out EdTech Talk for the first time because I want my students to participate.
21:06:00 rorowe -> -Webcast Academy: Hello Matt!
21:06:08 SusanEttenheim: how great cpeterson - what is your class?
21:06:26 cpeterson: They are future teachers and I wanted to try it out before I type their directions for participation.
21:06:29 PeggyG: ETT is a fantastic place for your students to participate!
21:06:47 SusanEttenheim: cpeterson - where do you teach?
21:06:50 cpeterson: Thanks. I am looking forward to them networking and learning from otheres.
21:07:01 cpeterson: California University of PA
21:07:10 SusanEttenheim: edtechtalk is a great place for that!
21:07:15 PeggyG: Great intro
21:07:22 Mr. Shelhart: I'm a future teacher, and I recomend this for other students.
21:07:37 SusanEttenheim: hi gail welcome!
21:07:38 cpeterson: I was hoping they would be able to participate via audio too. Is that possible or are they only able to text chat?
21:07:53 ds: thanks Susan, I'm dougsymington and an EdTech Gadfly -- involved in work with charities and not-for-profits on South Vancouver Island > Victoria BC
21:08:05 gail desler: Hi Susan!
21:08:21 SusanEttenheim: hi wendy welcome please introduce yourself!
21:08:26 SusanEttenheim: hi doug!
21:08:48 jbennett: I want that kind of job!
21:08:50 PeggyG: Wow! Lots of links on the Youth Blogs & Wikis page :-) Great!
21:09:44 Wendy Farkas: Hello, I am an 8th grade teacher at JHS 194 in Whitestone and I'm looking forward to participating in the writing workshop at Lehman. I've never done this before and I'm not sure how it works.
21:10:05 SusanEttenheim: how great wendy - welcome!
21:10:14 gail desler: Hi Wendy, you're in for a great experience!
21:10:49 Wendy Farkas: I hope so. I wanted to participate tonight because Paul's email indicated that we would discuss some options for the direction of the workshop.
21:11:04 gail desler: @Wendy, my summer institute experience - over 10 years ago - remains at the center of my teaching
21:11:16 PeggyG: @Wendy-what a dream student!!
21:11:28 SusanEttenheim: hi dbragg welcome!
21:11:33 SusanEttenheim: hi cherylsweb
21:11:39 cherylsweb: Hello
21:11:41 SusanEttenheim: what's the new name?
21:11:43 JulieConason: Hey Wendy...welcome! I'm looking forward to meeting you.
21:11:46 DBragg: hi all
21:12:06 Bill O'Neal: Our summer institutes... The beginner one and three others. This is the first year we've had a tech-focused session, but it's only two days long:
21:12:07 Wendy Farkas: Although i'm a career changer, I'm very into integrating technology into the classroom, but other than using basic websites and modeling with Word, I'm not sure what else to do.
21:12:18 M.Dodes: Good evening everyone
21:12:32 SusanEttenheim: hi michael welcome!
21:12:47 gail desler: Hi Bill.
21:12:50 SusanEttenheim: I think you're in the right place wendy!
21:12:53 Mr. Shelhart: @Wendy - You came to the right place!
21:12:58 Wendy Farkas: glad to hear it!
21:13:07 M.dodes: Had to come tonight - I'm basically doing what we're talking about tonight next year
21:13:26 SusanEttenheim: great michael - where?
21:13:31 Wendy Farkas: i'm really interested in learning about wiki's and blogs and such - this is new to me
21:13:54 SusanEttenheim: did you day you taught 8th grade wendy?
21:13:59 M.dodes: At my school - I sold them on using 2.0 to engage our students with a little help from others and supplying them with information about it.
21:14:05 Wendy Farkas: yes
21:14:22 M.dodes: I've got a preliminary curriculum I think will work for helping engage teachers but wanted to hear what's going on here
21:14:30 Wendy Farkas: like michael, i'd also like to pass on w hat i learn this summer to the other teachers in my school
21:14:32 SusanEttenheim: great
21:14:52 ds: have to run folks, look fwd to archive and have a great summer all!
21:14:56 M.dodes: I wish I could come during the summer :( going to be abroad during most of the institute unfortunately
21:15:26 SusanEttenheim: sounds good michael where will you be?
21:17:01 M.dodes: Samuel Gompers High School in the Bronx still....we have a large technology grant over the next 3 years and they want to use my base of knowledge and a few others in the building who are savvy - we're already taking steps to organize how this will be executed in the building to teach teachers and also provide ongoing support.
21:17:07 PaulAllison: Does Gail or anyone else want to join us?
21:17:15 M.dodes: I'm very excited about it
21:17:43 Wendy Farkas: what exactly is 2.0?
21:18:01 Bill O'Neal: Wnna link for that?
21:18:05 Wendy Farkas: sure
21:18:23 M.dodes: That's a long discussion but basically the interactive collaborative web vs. 1.0 which was the static web as a resource type of thing.
21:19:03 Bill O'Neal: This might help with the Web 2.0 question:
21:19:04 cpeterson: Are there any of these workshops conducted in Pennsylvania?
21:19:09 Wendy Farkas: i'm not sure what that means. how does it differ from a web browser?
21:19:10 gail desler: I can join you, but maybe others in the chat room would like to.
21:19:11 PeggyG: @M.dodes-nice description! I often hear it called the read/write web :-)
21:19:58 M.dodes: web browser is what you use to browse content - in 2.0 users generate content and in 1.0 they just consume it pretty much.
21:20:30 Wendy Farkas: OHHH, that makes sense!
21:20:34 cpeterson: web 2.0 means web spaces that encourage and promote collaboration
21:20:34 DBragg: @cpeterson I am in the Lehigh Valley (Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton) area.
21:20:46 cpeterson: There are literally hundreds
21:21:03 Wendy Farkas: so we can post our own stuff - like on Wikipedia
21:21:53 M.dodes: What I'm thinking about doing right now is the following: leading off with igoogle and news aggregation - introduce teachers to leaders in their field whose blog they can follow, and then have them interact on those blogs to give them a feel for it, and then move into helping develop their own content on blogs.
21:22:20 SusanEttenheim: that sounds like a good plan mdodes!
21:22:29 Wendy Farkas: what's the difference between a blog and a listerve?
21:22:31 SusanEttenheim: over what amount of time?
21:22:32 PeggyG: I think that's a great point. Teachers want to leave with something they can actually use in their classroom. Start a blog or wiki for their class besides just learning how they can be valuable in the classroom.
21:22:35 cpeterson: The following website is a directory of all types of web 2.0
21:22:40 Wendy Farkas: listserve, sorry
21:23:12 M.dodes: A blog is a personal/corporate journal that one group/person generates and then users respond to it - a listserv is e-mail based and users all communicate back and forth to the entire group - there's no "top down" controller.
21:23:24 cpeterson: Very important for teachers to be able to apply what they are learning right away.
21:23:26 Wendy Farkas: gotcha
21:24:02 cpeterson: Needs to be a structured exploration. Time is key to experimenting and exploration, but also a structured exploration is helpful too.
21:24:09 Wendy Farkas: i'm happy to have all of this explained now so i'm not at a disadvantage when i begin the course
21:24:18 PeggyG: I love the opportunities to use a "sandbox" on a wikispace to try out the tool before they actually create their own.
21:24:21 cpeterson: Teachers do enjoy experimenting with tech tools.
21:24:21 gail desler: hello derralig
21:24:22 M.dodes: The time frame I'm thinking of is a few days for the introduction and trying to get teachers communicating using discussion boards by the end of our sessions, and then provide ongoing support, PD and advice throughout the year
21:24:28 derrallg: hi gail
21:25:12 Wendy Farkas: it would be wonderful to have someone to bounce ideas off of once i'm back in t he classroom and am trying to integrate this into lesson plans
21:25:14 cheryloakes: Just heard you talking webcast academy. It was open source learning.
21:25:32 derrallg: I think Doug Symington and I might be doing a session sometime over the summer
21:25:39 cheryloakes: Susan was an excellent co facilitator.
21:26:05 cheryloakes: Oh, Good for you derrallg, it is an amazing experience. I learned so much as the co teacher.
21:26:27 derrallg: I think it will be easier this time as I won't be teaching
21:26:40 M.dodes: I think part of the mentality we need to work on is that there isn't a competition or a right/wrong way to do things, just different ways to learn to do something - I see a lot of that in schools.
21:26:59 sheila: TEachers generally will put things off unless there's an expected time frame.
21:27:16 cheryloakes: Yes, it would be hard to teach and be in WEBCAST academy
21:27:38 derrallg: I co-facilitated the session with Pam Shoemap
21:27:44 SusanEttenheim: hi drezac
21:27:46 SusanEttenheim: welcome
21:27:49 SusanEttenheim: hi felicia!
21:28:13 gail desler: Hi Felicia
21:28:27 PeggyG: Focus on project based learning?
21:28:36 drezac: i'm here. Did I miss it?
21:28:42 M.dodes: To follow up on using blogs to record teachers thoughts, I was thinking about getting them into google docs to do team work on lesson/curriculum planning and publish it in a wiki.
21:29:12 M.dodes: then get groups working on each other's wiki pages
21:29:29 PeggyG: Google docs would provide a great way for them to collaboratively develop lessons :-)
21:29:55 Felicia: Hi Gail, I'm trying to multi-task but my computer is working too slow.
21:30:29 derrallg: In the webcast academy chat if a person asks a question someone will always respond with ideas
21:30:40 gail desler: Same at this end, Felicia.
21:31:02 PeggyG: super user beginnners! :-) eager learners, willing to take risks, open to new experiences
21:31:03 cheryloakes: absolutely, derrallg, that is where the o pen source really shines. lots of folks reach out and help.
21:31:07 drezac: Why start with a google doc? Why not just start with the wiki?
21:31:18 Felicia: Maybe i don't havve enough speed or is it memory?
21:31:23 sheila: Working through common projects = sense of community; not isolated. (My WCA experience)
21:31:27 M.dodes: Private planning to polish content so they have that experience
21:31:44 M.dodes: They might not want to do everything publicly.
21:31:58 PeggyG: @felicia-what else do you have open? are you on Skype as well as web and listening to audio?
21:32:07 M.dodes: Wikis in my experience need a solid base of content before people will refine and work on them
21:32:38 Felicia: The public is an issue for many teachers in NY.
21:32:52 Wendy Farkas: what do you mean Felicia?
21:33:22 Felicia: @PeggyG Yes, I have Skye and the web but I'm not listening to the audio.
21:33:41 PeggyG: @M.dodes-I agree with that point. It's a great transition from the Google doc to the wiki. It's working on one document at a time.
21:33:41 Bill O'Neal: That's Felicia typing
21:33:42 drezac: Sure. I'm trying use a wiki to collaborate with science teachers all over the country to design a science unit. Do you think this can work?
21:33:52 Felicia: Teachers in NY are reluctant to blog becaue its too open
21:34:09 gail desler: Ah the power of Twitter during an intro to blogging session - great idea to put teachers URLs out there!
21:34:12 Felicia: I think I'm going to just have to focuse onthe Skype.
21:34:34 PeggyG: Google docs can allow a small group of people to collaborate without opening it up to everyone in a wikispace.
21:34:54 Wendy Farkas: well, i'm sure it's always prudent to censor what you say in public, but why would this adversely affect teachers, specifically?
21:35:18 M.dodes: @peggyg that's my thinking...and then giving them the ability to put out something they're proud of as their first wiki project, and then help them cross collaborate across the curriculum on others lessons
21:35:25 drezac: Being public allows for transparency.
21:35:46 PeggyG: Yes it's the transparency that makes teachers nervous. :-)
21:35:58 cpeterson: Blogging can be set up to be private just for the class. It doesn't have to be a public blog.
21:36:00 drezac: I love that!
21:36:02 Wendy Farkas: but that's true for anyone
21:36:08 M.dodes: Yeah it's very permanent and they worry they'll put out something "wrong" and it'll be stuck with them forever
21:36:23 SusanEttenheim: hi caikeda welcome
21:36:29 Wendy Farkas: we should all think a bout that, not just teachers
21:36:45 SusanEttenheim: hi durff!
21:36:50 gail desler: Hi Lisa!
21:36:52 mrsdurff: hi susan
21:36:56 M.dodes: We do, it becomes a second nature after you have the experience of how to "behave" on the interactive web
21:36:58 mrsdurff: hi gail
21:37:12 Mr. Shelhart: I used to be afraid of having an online identity, but I have discoverd that it is very helpful.
21:37:13 M.dodes: and I think teaching how people how to "play nice" on the web is essential
21:37:13 Wendy Farkas: it's probably why sites like myspace are losing popularity
21:37:15 PeggyG: I agree Cheryl! starting by reading blogs! it helps you to build confidence in the medium.
21:37:17 derrallg: hihi durff
21:37:34 derrallg: meant hi
21:37:47 cheryloakes: PeggyG, I started out reading Miguel and Wes, then commenting and was surprised when they commented back to me!
21:37:48 Wendy Farkas: peggy, i agree with you. just like we have to learn social skill, we should b e learning computer etiquette
21:37:53 M.dodes: and seeing how people do it is best so I like this approach of reading blogs and responding - I want to show them that there are great people to follow who will give them ideas and share with them
21:38:17 PeggyG: That's really interesting Cheryl. I also started with Wes Fryer-blogs and podcasts. :-)
21:38:18 Felicia: Hi, Mrs. Druff. We were on the Horizon show a few days ago. I recognized your name
21:38:34 mrsdurff: hi felicia
21:38:39 gail desler: I agree with Cheryl's approach of having teachers read blogs and comment on blogs ----before helping them set up their own
21:38:42 Wendy Farkas: part o f what we need to teach our students is how to properly interact on the net - they don't understand that
21:38:59 cpeterson: Age doesn't matter. I teach pre-service teachers and they are still fearful of technology.
21:39:01 caikeda: I agree with Wendy
21:39:19 cheryloakes: by starting out writing comments, it is a lot easier to own a comment than a whole post.
21:39:26 cpeterson: It is the fear of trying something new and being wrong I think.
21:39:31 PeggyG: I think it's more than computer etiquette, although that's very important-it's posting your thoughts for a broad audience and not knowing if they are good ideas or not.
21:39:54 derrallg: I think a blog is for a certain type of learner, I think that including audio, pictures like Voicethread would be good too
21:39:57 mrsdurff: @cpeterson in general age does matter - the older the more staid in their ways - i am an anomaly
21:39:57 SusanEttenheim: hi fuzzhead welcome!
21:40:04 PeggyG: They don't want to look "dumb" :-)
21:40:05 M.dodes: I post bad ideas all the time....sometimes they turn into good ones :) like throwing darts at a wall, some will stick, some won't depending on if they spark others.
21:40:28 M.dodes: Kinda fun when others take ownership of something you start and run with it
21:40:29 gail desler: @Cheryl - you're right and it's a window into the blogosphere.
21:40:32 Wendy Farkas: i guess we first need to establish that as long as the idea is well thought out, whether or not they are "wrong" shouldn't be the issue - we need to teach confidence in sharing
21:40:48 cheryloakes: Gail and Wendy, little steps are really important steps.
21:40:48 cpeterson: I agree Wendy.
21:40:56 PeggyG: Me too, M.dodes :-) but that's a big risk for people just getting started. It took me a long time to get the courage to comment on blogs.
21:41:01 sheila: I wasn't comfortable with a blog as my first tool. Needed to know the in's and out's first. I found twitter was my information gathering tool, which has led to other explorations.
21:41:19 cpeterson: It is important to provide the necessary scaffolding. :)
21:41:20 cheryloakes: Wendy, confidence in sharing, is critical. Find someone outside of your school to converse with.
21:41:23 mrsdurff: i am constantly wrong - the only way to learn something is to fail at it first (now if I could just learn something...)
21:41:30 Wendy Farkas: sheila, these are things i know nothing about
21:41:32 M.dodes: I was wanting to use igoogle for that purpose - to teach them to gather information to one central place so they can deal with the information overload
21:41:38 PeggyG: Please say more about Youth Voices.
21:41:46 Wendy Farkas: cherlyoaks, that is why i joined the rutgers child lit listserve
21:41:57 gail desler: I've found that teachers usually want to set up a blog that's really a class website. Unless they are provided with time and incentive to read blogs, they can often leave a workshop with a blog that's all set up - but not a clue what blogging is really about.
21:41:59 M.dodes: igoogle/google reader widget combination
21:42:13 Wendy Farkas: this is my first entry into talking with strangers on the web about teaching in my field
21:42:17 cheryloakes: Durff, I learn more from mistakes, than from getting it right! I am more challenged and committed when making mistakes.
21:42:30 PeggyG: I've just discovered PageFlakes via Twitter and it is a great way to organize the blogs, podcasts, RSS feeds you want to follow :-)
21:42:32 cheryloakes: Wendy you are doing great and holding your own.
21:42:37 Wendy Farkas: we all learn from our mistakes, hopefully
21:42:38 mrsdurff: @M.dodes have you seen Pageflakes?
21:42:41 sheila: @Wendy - following others and learning
21:42:41 Wendy Farkas: thank you
21:42:43 M.dodes: igoogle and pageflakes are very very similar
21:42:49 derrallg: @gail I agree not all teachers want to be reflective in a personal blog but using it for a classroom is of interest
21:43:02 Mr. Shelhart: I use google reader for my rss feeds. Works great
21:43:17 M.dodes: @mrsdurff I have seen it, I do a lot with google apps though so I find a lot of my stuff integrates better on igoogle
21:43:19 PeggyG: Durff is the person who introduced me to PageFlakes. I love it!
21:43:20 Wendy Farkas: how do we motivate our students to explore blogs on their own time?
21:43:56 M.dodes: I was thinking technorati searching for that on topics of interest to them?
21:43:57 Wendy Farkas: and not all my students have access to computers at home
21:43:59 gail desler: @derralig - If that's what gets them started, I think that's fine. But hopefully, at some point in the future, they get the bigger picture
21:44:01 PeggyG: I use iGoogle for my homepage, but I create PageFlakes for special interest pages such as NECC 2008.
21:44:05 JulieConason: Wendy, once kids get comments/responses on their blogs, they become VERY motivated
21:44:08 drezac: Bill Bill 0 I'm trying a wiki, but I can't get teachers at my school to use it, so I'm trying to open it up to science teachers all over the world. I'm wondering i
21:44:20 mrsdurff: @M.dodes then you probably want teachers to stick with google - consistency
21:44:55 PeggyG: I have found it very challenging to get teachers and other educators to add to the wikispace. They seem happy to read it but don't contribute to it.
21:45:04 M.dodes: With earlier this year, I had great success when I taught students how to find information from sources that shared their interests, I see no reason the same reasoning can't be applied to technorati
21:45:07 derrallg: @gail I figure if a teacher won't go to a conference than they won't end up blogging with a broader approach either
21:45:10 drezac: wondering if social unit desgn can work
21:45:21 Wendy Farkas: yes, i could see that as a problem, peggy. we are a ll so overworked as it is
21:45:32 gail desler: @derralig - yep, I think you're right there
21:45:33 mrsdurff: @drezac did you put your science wiki in delicious or diigo?
21:45:47 mrsdurff: might gather traffic
21:46:11 drezac: delicious not diigo.
21:46:41 derrallg: my students are always excited because our classroom wiki "teamforce" keeps beating out a paintball web site for #1 on Google
21:46:48 mrsdurff: going to conferences and taking courses is high on my list so I pay for them myself - I envy all you public schoolers
21:46:51 PeggyG: name of the blog again??
21:47:01 gail desler: OK, I know I'm adding A finger in every pie to my reader -
21:47:01 Felicia: NNice to hear you in the chat room Wendy. We'll be seeing you in a few weeks.
21:47:08 mrsdurff: paintball?
21:47:18 mrsdurff: i have paintball kids
21:47:21 PeggyG: Thanks Gail! Me too!
21:47:21 derrallg: @durff I don't get reimbursed for any of my conference attendance
21:47:34 mrsdurff: really? pooh
21:47:38 SusanEttenheim: hi sue welcome!
21:47:49 PaulAllison:
21:48:20 Sue: hi ... I thought I might hear the audio if I signed in... I think I must have to do something with my vista settings - I don't hear a thing
21:48:37 derrallg: @durff I had to use my personal neccesity days to go to Classroom 2.0 because my principal didn't want me to go
21:48:47 PeggyG: click on the link for the audio - channel A
21:48:49 mrsdurff: click on the black icon on the right Sue
21:49:00 M.dodes: I follow Paul's feeling that it's more important that teachers get "into" it and enjoy their experience for them to keep going - add in professional pieces but keep it light and not arduous with short specific goals they can learn from and succeed with.
21:49:53 M.dodes: why not develop both?
21:49:57 mrsdurff: @derrall i had to use my days for three conferences
21:50:07 PeggyG: I agree M.dodes. Don't add too many requirements such as creating a portfolio. If there's too much the learning gets bogged down with meeting the requirements.
21:50:14 M.dodes: have them explore interests and integrate them into a group network
21:50:15 mrsdurff: two - one turned out to be snow days
21:50:31 derrallg: @durff that was fortunate
21:50:40 mrsdurff: it was snowy
21:50:54 PeggyG: Choice is really important!
21:51:00 mrsdurff: i stayed an extra night at pete-c
21:51:06 DBragg: great point cheryl!
21:51:12 SusanEttenheim: wendy what do you think about this?
21:51:13 M.dodes: I think developing a list of the "leaders" in these fields (there are plenty out there) and have them find interesting blogs for personal stuff but also people they can learn from
21:51:23 SusanEttenheim: what is your "passion?"
21:51:32 SusanEttenheim: hi taberboy welcome
21:51:44 Taberboy: thank you
21:51:56 cheryloakes: right susan, find your passion and share that with your students, let them find their passion.
21:51:58 mrsdurff: brb
21:52:02 drezac: You know, I find that there's still a lack of teacher to teacher collaboration with web 2.0. Lot's of student artifacts available.
21:52:03 SusanEttenheim: where are you and what do you teach?
21:52:49 drezac: Classroom 2.0 does not have much teacher examples and artifacts.
21:53:32 Taberboy: Who was that directed at Susan?
21:53:33 drezac: Are Web 2.0 Teachers having trouble collaborating with other teachers?
21:53:54 PeggyG: I think there are many examples on Classroom 2.0 but you need to follow links sometimes.
21:53:57 SusanEttenheim: you! welcome! where do you teach and what do you teach?
21:54:10 SusanEttenheim: true peggy!
21:54:41 SusanEttenheim: wendy - last thoughts? wishes?
21:54:45 derrallg: @drezac if you ask on twitter many will respond with student work examples
21:54:54 SusanEttenheim: Here's your moment
21:55:01 drezac: Are we on an island in our own schools? I feel disenfranchised by my own Web 2.0 skills
21:55:16 Taberboy: Sorry! I currently in Calgary Alberta and I am a beginning teacher. I start in as a Math/Science teacher in Grassy Lake Alberta in September.
21:55:30 mrsdurff: i am an island
21:55:42 PeggyG: That's a great question to guide your planning--asking participants what they want to learn/get out of the institute.
21:55:47 M.dodes: I really wish I could get more people to actually use google docs - we end up e-mailing too much because I can't get them to want to rely on it and it's so much cleaner to work in google docs when you're working on something privately
21:56:46 mrsdurff: i teach 7th graders google apps - their enthusiasm is contagious
21:57:02 mrsdurff: starting to influence their elders
21:57:18 PeggyG: It's important to allow some "unstructured" time for conversation during the day.
21:57:21 DBragg: its been a long day, I'm calling it a night
21:57:34 mrsdurff: nite DBragg
21:57:34 cheryloakes: nite dbragg
21:57:41 SusanEttenheim: durff nite
21:57:56 mrsdurff: oh i'm still here
21:57:59 M.dodes: I think more attention needs to be given to helping teachers search and deal with large amounts of information
21:58:09 M.dodes: not just generating and interacting with each other
21:58:23 gail desler: Ryan Bretag has written an article and several great posts about the importance of teachers becoming bloggers themselves before asking their students to become bloggers, "stepping away from the sidelines and into the game" -
21:58:45 PeggyG: Yes and they can learn by doing this together with someone else
21:59:05 Taberboy: As a beginning teacher I really feel overwhelmed by the amount of information and "relevant" applications that are out there
21:59:30 M.dodes: Case in point :) thank you taberboy
21:59:54 PeggyG: @Taberboy-that is the heart of the problem for many! even experienced web 2.0 users!
22:00:20 mrsdurff: @Taberboy pair it down to one important thing per month
22:00:25 mrsdurff: just one
22:00:27 sheila: I know Bloom's taxonomy has been updated for the digital age; Has anyone updated learning styles (like 4MAT) with Web 2.0 applications?
22:00:46 PeggyG: Great question Sheila. I'd like to know too.
22:00:52 mrsdurff: you're elecyed
22:00:59 mrsdurff: elected
22:01:10 derrallg: @durff you're so good at that
22:01:14 sheila: that'll be more than $5
22:01:30 mrsdurff: at electing people or mistyping or both?
22:01:32 PeggyG: Put it on a wikispace and invite people to contribute :-)
22:01:37 derrallg: electing
22:01:59 mrsdurff: then elect you to make the canned soup
22:02:16 derrallg: its too hot these days
22:02:28 cheryloakes: heading out folks, thanks for the conversation!! See you another Wed.
22:02:31 mrsdurff: i made spanish rice
22:02:37 PeggyG: Night Cheryl
22:02:40 mrsdurff: bye cheryl
22:02:41 derrallg: bye cheryl
22:02:52 SusanEttenheim: night cherly
22:02:56 cheryloakes: See you all. Hey Durff, save some rice for me!
22:02:58 SusanEttenheim: cheryl
22:02:59 derrallg: @durff you should post your recipes
22:03:16 mrsdurff: i don't use a recipe
22:03:28 derrallg: then creat a youtube
22:03:35 PeggyG: Yes time is always an issue!
22:03:45 mrsdurff: that's what utecht does
22:04:12 mrsdurff: we might have heard of bretag
22:04:30 M.dodes: we wouldn't ask students to write essays if teachers had never written one
22:04:54 mrsdurff: we have all written essays
22:05:11 PeggyG: YES! I agree about starting by reading lots of blogs!
22:05:19 M.dodes: :) concur here
22:05:37 mrsdurff: i spent a month
22:05:39 M.dodes: technorati = my savior
22:05:45 Mr. Shelhart: kids need their daddy...gotta go...g_nite
22:05:54 mrsdurff: technorati hates me
22:06:07 mrsdurff: bye mr. shelhart
22:06:09 PeggyG: G'night-Mr. Shelhart! Great to see you here!
22:06:23 Wendy Farkas: sorry, i got lost for awhile. i downloaded skype and my computer froze. i saw someone asked me what i thought of something but i don't know what the question was referring to
22:06:32 Mr. Shelhart: Tnx...I'll be back again
22:06:52 mrsdurff: Skype will save you a bundle
22:07:04 Wendy Farkas: on what?
22:07:15 derrallg: I love Skype
22:07:29 mrsdurff: i call my aunt in germany for .02 cents per minute
22:07:32 SusanEttenheim: wendy what are your final requests for the workshop?
22:07:39 mrsdurff: she is on a regular phone
22:07:51 mrsdurff: skype to skype calls are free
22:08:15 derrallg: yep same to China every night saves me so much
22:08:30 PeggyG: Very interesting conversation and questions.
22:08:48 mrsdurff: i don't try to talk the aunt into skype - she wouldn't get it
22:09:18 Wendy Farkas: okay, for the workshop i would like to know how to get my students interested in using their computers to talk about subject matter; how to incorporate more interesting a nd interactive technology in my classroom and how to use interactive technology to find and share information
22:09:19 mrsdurff: hum a few bars
22:09:19 PeggyG: Funny!
22:09:33 M.dodes: Good night, I loved this chat, it validated a lot of what I was thinking of doing for my own teacher training and gave me some new thoughts too
22:09:59 mrsdurff: wendy sounds cool - start with a skype video call
22:10:04 mrsdurff: class to class
22:10:19 drezac: Thanks for the read , Bill. @drezac is my twitter. Let me know when the next one is...
22:10:31 mrsdurff: then do a class to class collaborative project
22:10:49 PeggyG: @Wendy-great suggestions - get them interested by giving them something interesting to talk about and don't make it look like a homework assignment.
22:11:08 M.dodes: We have lots of curriculum stuff on wikis
22:11:18 derrallg: @drezac I'm following you on twitter now too
22:11:43 PeggyG: Thanks all. Very interesting conversation.
22:11:58 mrsdurff: rhizomes
22:12:01 Taberboy: See you next time!
22:12:01 Wendy Farkas: well, what i need to learn how to do is how to set it up in a way that they can access it, but restrict it to our class
22:12:24 mrsdurff: @wendy restrict what?
22:12:27 drezac: Gotch!
22:12:31 drezac: Gotcha!
22:12:40 Wendy Farkas: either a blog or a chat room or whatever format i decide to use
22:12:51 SusanEttenheim: night all
22:12:56 mrsdurff: which blog do you use?
22:13:01 derrallg: night
22:13:05 PeggyG: Night all! Thanks Paul.
22:13:07 Wendy Farkas: I don't
22:13:12 mrsdurff: ah!
22:13:15 PaulAllison: Hey Wendy Maybe next week you can join us on skype?
22:13:25 mrsdurff: i recommend classblogmeister
22:13:34 mrsdurff: google it
22:13:34 Wendy Farkas: I guess it's time to say goodnight. I'll try if you tell me how!
22:13:46 mrsdurff: read the front page
22:13:49 Wendy Farkas: okay. thank you
22:14:03 mrsdurff: then email david for a school code
22:14:15 mrsdurff: he is in hawaii so it may take a while
22:14:23 PeggyG: I agree with classblogmeister for getting started with blogging with students
22:14:28 mrsdurff: do you twitter wendy?
22:14:37 Wendy Farkas: okay i'll try. I have to go to sleep now. Sorry. Next week!
22:14:46 mrsdurff: nite wendy
22:14:49 PeggyG: G'night Wendy!
22:14:58 mrsdurff: nite all
22:16:00 M.dodes: I feel really good about what I'm bringing to my school next year...I really wish I could get involved with the institute.
22:16:21 M.dodes: Hopefully we'll do some more work next year, I really felt like I learned a lot this year.
22:16:43 M.dodes: Good night :)