It's Elementary #33, Interactive Whiteboards

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Have a listen as the It's Elementary team is joined by fellow ETT webcaster Lisa Parisi as we discuss the use of Interactive Whiteboards and the changing landscape of education.  Welcomed New ETT listeners via the power of our twitter network. 

In this edition of It's Elementary we discuss Interactive whiteboards with our guest Lisa Parisi and our in house expert Maria Knee.  Our conversation centered around the use of the interactive whiteboards in a student centered curriculum.  We heard example of best practices both for Smart Boards given by Lisa Parisi and Promethean given by Maria Knee.  The discusion and comments coming out of the chatroom were very informative. For more details check out the text chat.

 Durff : hi blew
 Durff : hey maria
 MariaK : howdy
 Durff : answer your phone
 Jose Rodriguez : Hi Alana....
 Durff : hi colleen!
 colleenk : Hey Lisa!
 Durff : :)
 alicemercer :
 MariaK : hi colleen - you will be our next guest - in a couple of weeks!
 alicemercer :
 colleenk : I will?
 colleenk : just kidding
 MariaK : @colleen  heart failure!
 Durff : hi zoe
 colleenk : I tried to type fast.
 Durff : hi msreagan
 Durff : hi jdeyenberg
 jdeyenberg : Hey!
 Durff : hi michelle
 Durff : hi chris
 alicemercer : Hi all, anyone in audeince using an IWB?
 chriswherley : hello
 Durff : hi plnaugle
 Jose Rodriguez : Hi there all.. audio on ustream. only today
 plnaugle : Hi everyone.
 chriswherley : not using but we are evaluating smartboard and going to demo of einstruction demo tomorrow
 msreagan : Hi Paula
 Durff : hi barb
 alicemercer : seems like Mac teachers have promoethean more
 BarbInNebraska : Hi Guys!
 michelle beck : I have one mounted on a sliding system in my room. We have around 15 in my building (high school).
 alicemercer : Michelle, wanna join in convo later?
 plnaugle : I have a PolyVision WalkandTalk but getting Promethean next year.
 Durff : parisi is back!
 Lori Feldman : Hi Barb!
 alicemercer : You'll need headset with mic, OR headphone if you have a builtin
 Jose Rodriguez : Are yours on wheels? Michelle
 BarbInNebraska : Hi Lori!
 michelle beck : It's permanently mounted on a sliding rail system. We have a few movable boards on wheels.
Durff : hi lori
plnaugle : Hi Durff.
Zoe : At Lawfield, we have Smartboard in every room (some have two), it has been a huge learning experience for the staff, in tranforming the way we teach
Durff : :)
Durff : every room?
plnaugle : Hi Michelle.
Lori Feldman : grrr no audio yet...may switch back to ustream
alicemercer : Anyone with airliner or equivelient?
msreagan : We have a SmartBoard in every classroom. We are an IMPACT school.
Durff : wow!
BarbInNebraska : 2 Smartboards in a classroom!
msreagan : I have an airliner.
 msreagan : LOVE the airliner.
 Jose Rodriguez : So, Zoe you do see it as transformatie but in what way?
 Durff : what's an airliner?
 Durff : wb alana
 lparisi : an airliner is a tablet that allows you to control the board from around the room
 alicemercer : A pen/pad with controls and bluetooth wireless
 msreagan : A wireless slate that you can use just like you are writing on the board itself.
 Durff : hi brian
 Jose Rodriguez : cool.. I want an airliner.. too
 msreagan : Can pass it around for the students to use.
 Zoe : Teachers are begining to use the boards for more than just projection ssytems, as group activities, "virtual manipulatives"; yes, two to a room, one is used for a guided teacher work station.
 Zoe : I am not a fan of airliners at all
 Durff : whyh?
 Zoe : Students have a hard time using the ariliner and so do I.
 msreagan : I actually use the airliner only and pulled the projecter screen down so that it appears larger and the students can see from all over the room.
 michelle beck : to alicemercer let me know where to go for convo
 brianyearling : Hi Durf
 jdeyenberg : I had a tablet PC for a while.  It's like an airliner, but you can actually see the screen, kind of like a mobile smartboard
 Zoe : For the cost, I do not find the benefits worth it.
 alicemercer :
 jdeyenberg : But now I have  a smartboard - and I love it!
 michelle beck : I use random name generator to maximize "touches."
 Jose Rodriguez : random name generator?
 brianyearling : I love my Smartboard, but I just can't justify the cost for so many teachers' uses of them
 alicemercer : michelle: look for alice mercer on skype and then add me as a contact
 michelle beck : to brianyearling  Why not get portable boards so they can check out/share.
 Zoe : My studnets use the smartboard (grade five) for mind mapping activities (in a group) ie: Smart Idea's. They also love theM Making google lit trips after reading  a story
 brianyearling : Because the reality is, they don't
 brianyearling : Sadly
 brianyearling : I try to be a realist...most of these tech tools are beautiful and transformative
 Durff :  don't what?
 Durff : hi ernie
 brianyearling : but when it requires EXTRA STEPS, so many teachers are not willing to take those steps to check out or share them
 brianyearling : Some do, but most do not
 Zoe : Does anyone have Speaker systems with Smartboard? We also do a lot of recording on smartboard.
 plnaugle : All our teachers have Elmo's (document cameras), four have IWB now and 12 are getting them next year.
 hilld : Recording feature is underused.
 michelle beck : to brainyearling  That's sad.
 Ernie Easter : Hi finally got in. Had to finish other stuff first :(
 Jose Rodriguez : recording?  wothat's pretty coolw
 Durff : can you use any speakers?
 michelle beck : I love the recorder for screencasts.
 brianyearling : The transformative nature of these types of tech can't be experienced if you can only count on using the tech once or twice a month
 msreagan : We've had a couple of teachers use the smartboard to record lessons and post them online.
 brianyearling : to michelle beck, do you have a smart board?
 michelle beck : A few of us have used recorder for lessons when we are absent. Freaks the sub out but kids love it.
 BarbInNebraska : Our Junior high math teacher records her lessons and posts online.
 Durff : it saves the picture too?
 Zoe : We also have Document camera's with our smartboard. Recently using Destination REading Program with smartboard, very interactive and good for small group
 plnaugle : I like the idea of recording the lesson. It is more than just the flipcharts?
 Durff : hi ann
 msreagan : They didn't use flipcharts. They created lessons and recorded them--how to solve the problems, etc...
 Jose Rodriguez : it's even better when it records students...
 michelle beck : Yes, I have a SB permanently mounts. However, we started out with a portable one. Not many used the portable so it stayed in my room for a LONG time. We made a huge push this year to get some intensive training for teachers. It's made a big difference.
 Durff : now that IS cool!
 Durff : hey barb
 BarbInNebraska : oops! How did I log off?!
 Durff : yup
 Zoe : Michelee beck: we had the same experience and our staff has gone through intensive training, very important part of the process
 BarbInNebraska : extra support is huge!
 Durff : do the students access those lessons again?
 michelle beck : We started with training on how to use the board. Then we had training on how to use it in their content areas. After that we moved on to centers-based approach. (Centers is strange for hs teachers.)
 plnaugle : My school system had the training this spring, our teachers won't have boards till next year.
 alicemercer : Michelle, did you want to be called? Are you on Skype? there area  lot of Michelle Becks where are you?
 brianyearling : Here is what I have been promoting at my school...nobody listens, of course...Before a teacher gets SmartBoard purchased, they must first attend training of Smart Notebook software, and they must utilize the software for some time.  Before purchase is made, teacher must show how their lessons make instruction more interactive.  Once they've done that, then purchase it and let them run wild.
 BarbInNebraska : I think you need more training once yu get the boards.
 Durff : hi kennesan
 michelle beck : To plnaugle  Your teachers might benefit from a few refreshers once the boards are in the rooms. Otherwise, it will continue to be an underused teache rtool.
 brianyearling : I think that training should take place before you even get the board
 BarbInNebraska : because as you are working on the Smartboard, you find more things you can use them for.
 James Sigler : I heard some edtechies say they don't like
 Durff : shows kids how
plnaugle : I agree that I'll need more training. I am training online through Promethean Planet.
michelle beck : To alice mercer  I don't have skype yet. I'll have to spend some time getting it set up.
Durff : demos are so important
James Sigler : IWB because it promotes teacher-centered teaching
BarbInNebraska : @brian, we had some training, but our teachers didn't really get it until they had the borads in teir room
alicemercer : Okay, so we'll jus thave you here in chat
msreagan : We had training on the new software before it came out and by the time it was actually installed, we had forgotten it. Then we had to be retrained.
BarbInNebraska : @msreagan exactly!
alicemercer : @james: yeah, it's a complaint i hear a lot
Durff : maria is too lucky
 hilld : We have not had enough training
 Durff : i don't have a board
 plnaugle : @michelle beck Skype takes about five minutes to set up. Very easy.
 alicemercer : Interwrite and Airliner with Smart are ways to do that
 Durff : hi terry
 BarbInNebraska : I like to see what other teachers are doing on their smartboards
 James Sigler : I have a wireless keyboard and mouse that reaches anywhere in the room
 Jose Rodriguez : does anyoeoneave any good links for lessons..?.
 Terry Smith : Hello
 kennesan : Anyone have really good training on YouTube or TeacherTube they have found helpful?
 Durff : welcome terry
 alicemercer : Okay, so hild elaborate on that since it's the topic now
 brianyearling : @BarbinNebraska  I just don't know if I totally buy that argument.  In that early training, I think they should use the board, but the board, itself, isn't magical.  You really need to expand your mind on how to make your lessons interactive first.  The purchase of the board really should be a reward for a teacher changing their way of thinking on how to present lessons.  However, the software can allow you to do that without actually having the board.
 James Sigler : Smartboard lesson Podcast
 plnaugle : I think training ahead of getting board gets them excited, but definitely think a lot of training after boards are installed will be needed. Some teachers are willing to train themselves by playing around with the features. Other will not do that.
 Durff : hi deb
 debbarrows : Hello Durff!
 kennesan : Lots of constraints on time since you can't really take the board home with you.
 MariaK : hey deb
 James Sigler : Our teachers currently have projectors and access to SB software.
 debbarrows : Hey Maria
 BarbInNebraska : @brian our principal gave everyone smartboards, 2 to 8, in our building. Even if they weren't techie. Parents would wonder why thier child didn't have one
 annmcd : Hi Durff
 brianyearling : @plnaugle Don't you think, though, that if they are unwilling to teach themselves or learn interactively how to use this great tool, that they are not great candidates to get this kind of board in their room?  Not everyone can use this tool is not a magic bullet of education...some teachers will do what is necessary to use it well, and others will not.
 Durff : hi dorie
 James Sigler : Is it an effective use of money if you install SB in classroom where teacher won't use it.
 alicemercer : James: NO!
 annmcd : I think that it's a waste of time to give a SB to a teacher who won't use it
 brianyearling : @James Sigler, Obviously not, but that's the problem.  Why would you do that, anyhow?  Yet, as seems to be the case with so many education purchases, it is easier to just buy a bulk of something and put them in place.
 hilld : The trick is getting the teacher to use it. How can we make them feel more comfortable?
 annmcd : Give the boards to teachers who want to invest the time into using it
 debbarrows : Hmmm.. not getting any sound tonight - what channel is working?
 Durff : ustream
 msreagan : why not have pd where the teachers create lessons together so they understand how to utilize the sb?
 plnaugle : When they see other teachers using them I think they will get on the bandwagon. We started with 6 Elmo's two years ago. When teachers saw what could be done with them everyone got one this year. Experts need to mentor a newbie on the campus.
 michelle beck : I don't think that everyone should be given a board just to say that each room has a board. If the teacher isn't going to use it, it's a tease to the kids and a waste of money.
 brianyearling : I really think the trick is selectively purchasing these items.  Not every teacher deserves one or will use it properly. 
 Durff : click the ustream window to the right
 James Sigler : But how will the teacher learn to use it if they don't have access and training to use it.
 Durff : hi katy
 Jose Rodriguez : Welcome Katy
 brianyearling : The board REALLY doesn't require training
 katydel : hello
 brianyearling : The software does, the board doesn't
 Terry Smith : If teachers can see how they can put the board into the hands of their students and let them work independently, they can see a new way to learn in their classrooms.
 katydel : i wasn't sure you were here
 brianyearling : The software can be installed ahead of time
 BarbInNebraska : But the training helps show all that you can do with it.
 Durff : everyone have sound now?
 Terry Smith : no
 brianyearling : Right
 Durff : Terry - click the ustram
 Durff : i can't spell
 Durff : ustream
 plnaugle : We had to write a paper to our principal to get the board for next year. Five people wrote the paper and we are getting 12 boards.
 debbarrows : Hey Durff - thanks - I usually use iTunes.
 Durff : hi rozan
 brianyearling : EXACTLY...that's the craziness of the whole thing
 katydel : lucky you!!
 brianyearling : 12 boards...
 Durff : deb - not tonight
 brianyearling : why?
 Terry Smith : I think some of the training will lead teachers to use the board in typical fashion like ab overhead projector
 brianyearling : Only 5 teachers are going to use it effectively
 michelle beck : I think @plnaugle has the idea. Give them to people who will use it. Then mentor someone else. Two of our other schools have done this with tech in general and has worked wonderfully.
 BarbInNebraska : Does anyone know how much a SmartBoard costs?
 michelle beck : Wow! 12 boards!!!
 brianyearling : That's  a waste of money that could go toward classroom clickers, or just lcd projectors, or training for those 5
 Durff : like $2,000 i think
 brianyearling : When it's fully installed, not too far forom it
 brianyearling : from it
 debbarrows : Durff - are the 2 chats being complied from here and USTREAM?
 plnaugle : I have been mentoring teachers on how to post homework and links to our eBoards. They need to see and do several times to get it.
 Durff : deb - no
 Durff : the chat is here only
 Durff : hi tcooper
 James Sigler : Has anyone tried a Wiiboard?
 BarbInNebraska : Maria, cool moment
 brianyearling : Yep
 brianyearling : We tried to set it up, the Wiiboard
 brianyearling : Thought it would be the breakthrough
 BarbInNebraska : @James, I've seen one. I think Lori is trying to make one
 alicemercer : NO, someone on DyDan wrote about it, I'll drop link
 plnaugle : $10,000 each with all the bells and whistles. I am determined that they are not going to go unused.
 katydel : good that's attitude
 michelle beck : @alicemercer I have skyped downloaded. How do I find you?
 brianyearling : @plnaugle  One recommendation...if you don't already have it, set up a file/lesson sharing repository for teachers at your school
 alicemercer : look for Alice Mercer in Sacramento, CA
 James Sigler : I made one, but SB EULA doesn't allow the software to be used w/ the wii
 plnaugle : We have wasted too much money in the past on unused tech tools.
 brianyearling : When everyone can see other people's files, they aren't as overwhelmed that they hvae to recreate all of their lessons
 alicemercer : Brian look for me too
 alicemercer : and I'll add you
 debbarrows : Durff - thanks. It is possible to chat at UStream however.
 katydel : send them to Jujuy sure we will use it
 plnaugle : @brain We are already looking into that. Thanks.
 Durff : yes deb - but the show is here
 James Sigler : I agree. Creating all your lessons from scratch is overwhelming
 katydel : :)
 Terry Smith : Just a quesiton -do you see most lessons being delivered by the teacher using the SB software?
 Ernie Easter : And some times leadership must not give options  and expect teachers to use it.
 Durff : hey sheila
 alicemercer :
 plnaugle : There are thousands of lessons onlline. Don't reinvent the wheel.
 sheila : Hi Durff!
 James Sigler : Where do I look for lessons for 3rd grade?
 alicemercer : has comment from someone who did wii
 Durff : i thought i was the crazy one
 minhaaj : hi all
 Jose Rodriguez : Hi minhaaj...
 Terry Smith : Question  still for all - is the teacher mostly at the smartboard doing the lessons for the kids?
 Durff : hi minhaaj
 Durff : hi rozan
 brianyearling : Alice I just added you as a colleague on Classroom 2.0
 BarbInNebraska : Lisa, that's funny! I don't like the lights off either~
 alicemercer : Here is a link from CR 2.0:
 alicemercer : The concensus was, the more the kids touch and control the more transformative
 James Sigler : Lights on or off depends on whether students are working at the same time or students should focus attention on the SB
 alicemercer : brian, you want to come into call?
 brianyearling : The Wiiboard is an interesting concept, but it just isn't yet ready for primetime
 alicemercer : look for alice mercer or alice.mercer
 James Sigler : I agree.  The more kids touch the tech, the more student-centered the teaching becomes.
 brianyearling : No, not yet.  I've been listening for a long long time, but this is my first time in the chat.  I better take it in small increments.
 michelle beck : @alicemercer I am skype challenged. (find people>then entered your info but you're not there. What am I doing wrong?)
 alicemercer : Michelle, where are you living?
 michelle beck : illinois
 Durff : michelle - i am phone illiterate
 alicemercer : Did you get my request?
 michelle beck : Holy cow! There you are!
 Terry Smith : Student centered yes - however in the test environment, the SB seems to be used heavily by the teacher to go over testing materials
 Durff : cows? there are cows here?
 alicemercer : Accept friendship Michelle, so I can call you
 plnaugle : Please add me to your Skype (Skype name plnaugle) I teach 4th grade math and English in New Orleans.
 brianyearling : However, I will drop a personal plug...  ... practical uses for technology on a teacher's budget
 debbarrows : Ernie - do you use Whiteboards?
 brianyearling : :)
 Jose Rodriguez : katy and thomas.. to listen click on play on ustream
 Jose Rodriguez : play arrow.
 katydel : yes i can hear
 Jose Rodriguez : sorry I though you were listening.. we are only using the usteam tonight
 Durff : :)
 Jose Rodriguez : thanks katy
 James Sigler : @brianyearling Yes.  You still have to be pretty geeky to get Wii figured out and started. is a good start.
 plnaugle : With the activote system with Promethean the students will be activiely engaged throughout the lesson.
 alicemercer : Okay, you all need to accept my friendship on skype so you can join us
 alicemercer : Brian, are we friends yet?
 Ernie Easter : Mine hasn't been ordered yet. The projector is in & the video conferencing center, but not the white board.  5/6 also got their macbooks. they are waiting for their smartboard also.
 alicemercer : On skype, not CR20
 MariaK : @piaugle what grade do you teach?
 minhaaj : alice, skype name?
 brianyearling : Yeah, I saw that link.  @James Sigler...I like to play with it, and we got it working, but it is the linking up of the bluetooth and the remote again and again that gets really annoying
 debbarrows : So Ernie - you just need a WII board!
 Durff : i would go with laptops
 Durff : a cow would be nice
 debbarrows : Durff - me too!
 alicemercer : alice.mercer
 Durff : i want to take a cart of laptops into the rooms
 Ernie Easter : We use the LCD projector with our iBooks - am 1:1 at my school.
 brianyearling : @alicemercer  Alice, are you talking about on Classroom 2.0 .  I mean, yeah, in real life, we can totally be friends.  On classroom 2.0, I'd like to.  :)  I sent you a colleague request.
 brianyearling : Or should I look somewhere else
 Ernie Easter : Lots of projects in my classroom.
 MariaK :
 alicemercer : Brian, I'd like to add you to this phone call, which is on Skype
 Jose Rodriguez : The text chat with all the links will be posted with the audio later this week
 debbarrows : Oh cool
 alicemercer : not CR2.0
 Jose Rodriguez : just in case y'all were wondering.
 katydel : great i was wondering that
 Ernie Easter : Our 3rd / 4th has a smart board and that teacher loves it.
 James Sigler : @brian make sure you have a bluetooth driver that works well with the wiiboard.  I Once you get it up you can use Smoothboard with it.
 Durff : hi sra
 michelle beck : @alicemercer Did I get myself where I need to be?
 brianyearling : Alice, I don't have the setup for it right now.  No mic available at this moment, and a sleeping little girl in the next room.  Thanks for the opportunity, but I'll have to decline this week
 Jose Rodriguez : I am looking forward to incorporating them into my teaching this next schol year..
 debbarrows : They are great with students who nedd assistive technology too.
 Jose Rodriguez : sorry... the conversation
 Terry Smith : alos great for skyping and getting whole class involved
 Jose Rodriguez : michelle Alice can call you...
 Jose Rodriguez : She has the conference call
 Durff : hi escuela
 escuela500 : [b]hola
 Jose Rodriguez : escuela 500? sounds familiar..
 escuela500 : buenas noches
 michelle beck : wow! I have a lot to learn.
 Jose Rodriguez : hola si nos escuchas.
 Jose Rodriguez : ?
 escuela500 : i live in argentine
 debbarrows : Hola Jose
 escuela500 : noo
 Jose Rodriguez : did you do a show on puentesalmundo?
 debbarrows : Thanks for sharing
 Jose Rodriguez : Bienvenida.....
 Durff : during post show you may barrage alice with your calls
 escuela500 : gracias si es a mi
 escuela500 : estoy viendo
 brianyearling : @alicemercer  I'm impressed with your ability to keep up on chat room and to keep a mind focused on the discussion as well.  Good work
 escuela500 : para participar el 22
 Jose Rodriguez : estamos platicando de las pizzarras colaborativas.
 michelle beck : I second @brianyearling.
 debbarrows : Great wrapup
 Jose Rodriguez : cual es tu skype id?
 James Sigler : Is a tablet laptop w/ wireless connection to projector as good as a SB?
 minhaaj : great show!
 brianyearling : @James Sigler   Yeah, no doubt
 escuela500 : escuela.sarmiento
 escuela500 : creo
 alicemercer : @james: that approach has it's supporters
 escuela500 : es que tengo varios
 James Sigler : I can dream...
 brianyearling : @ James, Really, it is just as good to have a wireless mouse and keyboard, seriously, it achieves the same idea
 plnaugle : :p Thank you great session.
 sheila : April 21st, Tuesday
 minhaaj : and probably it'll be 23 here
 sheila : Next time.
 escuela500 : participamos con dos profesoras sobre tem?ticas ambientales
 rozansdm : thank you
 escuela500 : con peque?os
 brianyearling : It makes it interactive, and it allows students to engage with discussion/content
 brianyearling : Welcome aboard michelle
 escuela500 : ni?os cuidadores del planeta
 James Sigler : True.  the more the students can touch, the better.
 minhaaj : congrats Michelle
 brianyearling : Michelle, your on with ...Michelle
 Jose Rodriguez : si me pasas tu skype id for favor. Escuala 500
 brianyearling : Yeah, English rocks!
 brianyearling : Teaching writing!
 brianyearling : YES YES YES!
 brianyearling : It brings revision to life
 James Sigler : What justification did she give in the grant for buying SBs
 alicemercer : PLNaugle you want to join call, or just have me on Skype?
 brianyearling : Second semester seniors, and they still like to come up and fix up the writing on the whiteboard
 James Sigler : Centers in HS English?
 brianyearling : Writing centers
 brianyearling : Probably
 James Sigler : Ahh
 Durff : raises hand
 brianyearling : Buy yourself a wireless mouse, keyboard, and get yourself the Smart can do the same thing
 James Sigler : :D
 brianyearling : HS teacher
 brianyearling : The topic transcends the your area/content
 katydel : HS too
 brianyearling : This could be a math show, but the transformative nature of instructional tech really achieves that
 brianyearling : ability to transcend age and content
 alicemercer :
 James Sigler : @Brian I have have those.  It's close, but not quite as direct interaction as SB
 brianyearling : I agree, but when it comes to the key idea, I'd rather have that than nothing
 brianyearling : THe software really is the key...
 James Sigler : The software is important
 brianyearling : Really, the major foul ups in inadequate use stems from the inability of the teacher to use the software effectively
 brianyearling : It is rarely the other way, where the problem is the hardware
 Durff : is promethean better?
 James Sigler : Hard to say
 brianyearling : I just wish districts would learn that the concept of the "shared" board just does not achieve the most important piece, which is regular use that transforms the content delivered in the classroom on a day-to-day basis
 Durff : i prefer simple yes or no
 brianyearling : At that point it is about "having" the technology, not using it appropriately
 brianyearling : Not better
 Durff : i'm difficult that way
 brianyearling : Just different
 brianyearling : Check out software
 James Sigler : Ok, yes
 brianyearling : If you like Promethean's better, that's your answer
 michelle beck : @brianyearling I agree that shared boards are not optimal. However, if you don't have the money then it's a good alternative. Having it on-hand increases the odds that it will integrate.
 brianyearling : Maybe, I've got limited experience, but in my instructional master's program we looked at that exact theory
 brianyearling : What we found was that it really became a glorified projector at that time
 James Sigler : Can Polleverywhere with 1:1 or 2:1 computers replace clickers?
 brianyearling : Few teachers were creating interactive lessons at that point
 James Sigler : @Brian I can definately see that happening.
 Ernie Easter : It was a great show and I logged in because of Durff's Tweet.
 michelle beck : That's when you need to bring a content area SmartBoard specialist in to do very specific training for integration into the content are.
 brianyearling : Have faith...this podcasting is precious, and so is your work.  If you maintain it, they will come.  (You should hear that eerie "Field of Dreams" voice)
 sheila : Next time - Earthcast09, Tuesday, April 21, 9 pm EDT.
 sheila :
 Ernie Easter : That is during April vacation for Maine.
 James Sigler : Looking forward to earthcast.
 brianyearling : Yeah, but you know how people are.  If they can't go back to their room and try it today, then they tune out (many of them).  They say or think things like, "Yeah, but I'd have to haul that thing all the way in my room," or "I won't be able to get that thing because so and so has it in their room all the time."
 James Sigler : Oh, I've been using Scratch with my students after school
 michelle beck : So true!
 brianyearling : So the training is important, but that's where getting the software on their machines can counter it, even if they don't have the board in their rooms
 brianyearling : On their school machins, and on their home machines
 brianyearling : Anyone here on twitter
 brianyearling : Can I follow you?
 brianyearling : How about classroom 2.0?
 James Sigler : True.  need the software for prep and planning
 brianyearling : I'm at brianyearling
 brianyearling : for both
 Ernie Easter : I'm on ernieeaster
 James Sigler : jsigler
 plnaugle : :D Thank you everyone.
 BarbInNebraska : Night!
 MariaK : thanks for coming everyone - y'all come back
 sheila : Thank you all!
 brianyearling : Good work
 James Sigler : Great show!  Cool music
 Jose Rodriguez : night all...
 katydel : great work thanks for sharing
 Jose Rodriguez : thanks for coming by
 James Sigler : 'night
 sheila : Enjoyed the music!



Very disappointing to read that teachers have this tool available and don't use it. We have one in every 2nd through 4th grade classroom (20+ rooms). We sold our overheads; whiteboards are used for permanent displays except when subs are in the class. Our staff trains other teachers in the county. What do we use them for? Everything! Lessons and tools are instantly available with Educator's resources. I couldn't begin to list everything that is available for every subject: maps, people, math tools, diagrams, you name it. It's interactive, it's a whiteboard, it's a big screen monitor for educational content like United Streaming! I LOVE MY IWB! The kid's love it and know how to use it as well as I do. BJD Tennessee

I listened to this on my iPhone while I painted my window frames the other day. You got me thinking more about how and why I use my Smart Board. I stand midway between teacher directed lessons and student directed lessons. And I would have to agree, the Smart Board is best for whole class instruction. However, I don't think this is a bad thing. I use the Smart Board like I'd use my laptop - if there's some way I think that it can help me to complete a task better than without, I use it. And in doing this, students see this behaviour modeled. They see how to do things on the big screen and see my thinking as I try to troubleshoot when things go wrong. Computer use is just part of what we do. Ideally, I'd have enough laptops or stand alone computers in the room so that students could access computers as they feel the need, but that's not the case...yet. One big lesson I've learnt from you in this show, is that I need to give my students more opportunities to interact with the board. That will be a mini-goal for me this term. Thanks. :) Penny Ryder