Instructional-Design-Live#12 2010-4-2 Michael Power on Designing Effective Blended Online Courses with Faculty

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Of great interest to Instructional Designers in academic settings are models that promote the engagement of faculty in redesigning their face-to-face courses into powerful online learning experiences for students. In this episode, Michael Power of the University of Laval, Québec discusses a prototype for working with faculty that can make the process manageable while still addressing key instructional design goals such as tying the learning outcomes of the course to the assessments and activities. Michael provides a number of visuals to help illustrate key aspects of this faculty support and instructional design process. If you're looking for further information on his model, you may wish to refer to A Designer’s Log and the recent article on Blended Online Learning in JOLT.

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This Week, Michael Power of the University of Laval, Québec joined us to discuss the prototype that he developed to engage faculty in the development and delivery of effective blended online learning courses. in addition to discussing how he developed his prototype, Mike address the following key areas: 

  1. What key factors informed the modifications you made to the prototype?
  2. A university's culture or context can influence faculty views about online education as well as pedagogical beliefs about teaching and learning.  To what extent is your prototype applicable/transferrable across various campus cultures?

The show was conducted via Elluminate, so you can access the video recording by clicking on the Video.


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MICHAEL POWER - INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN LIVE - Joined on April 2, 2010 at 10:04 AM

00:08 to: Anthony
Actually - what you would here is <franglais>

01:13 to: Michael
yes I do

01:25 to: Michael
we can make it informal

01:34 to: Michael
suret thing

02:33 to: mary engstrom 1
What a great idea to keep an ID log book!

02:51 to: Robert

04:01 to: mary engstrom 1
Wow, I can't imagine creating an online course in one month!

04:18 to: mary engstrom 1

05:31 to: Robert

05:35 to: mary engstrom 1

05:36 to: jim murphy

07:02 to: jim murphy

07:04 to: mary engstrom 1
good point re: re-design

08:04 to: Marlene Zentz

09:30 to: Michael

10:05 to: Michael
I was it!

10:07 to: Michael
1 designer

10:13 to: Michael
plus a tech support team

10:22 to: Michael
all regulars

10:48 to: mary engstrom 1

11:02 to: mary engstrom 1

11:13 to: PeggyG
sorry I'm late! I'm so excited you are presenting this in Elluminate!!

11:29 to: Marlene Zentz
Yes, the slides are very helpful.

11:41 to: PeggyG

12:06 to: PeggyG
love that it's a wrench and not a hammer :-)

12:31 to: PeggyG
it's all about finding the right tools for the job!

13:35 to: Marlene Zentz
I'm sure the faculty you worked with benefitted from your sense of humor!

15:34 to: PeggyG
sounds like Understanding by Design--get the big picture and then work backwards and clarify the objective

17:11 to: mary engstrom 1
that helps my understanding. thanks.

17:42 to: Robert
Did you get any pushback on deisgning/emphasizing weekly units?

18:34 to: PeggyG
weekly units work really well for online instruction!

19:13 to: mary engstrom 1

19:33 to: jim murphy
more for asyncronous i would think

19:42 to: Robert
Sounds great to me

19:42 to: jim murphy

20:36 to: PeggyG
I think this is definitely replicable across disciplines. It is the model I used when I was teaching hybrid courses and the students loved it.

21:14 to: jim murphy
students like and want the human contact, not just the canned content

21:25 to: PeggyG
yes it is definitely a 24/7 job but you can structure that to make it manageable

21:40 to: Ms. I
@PeggyG: how?

22:10 to: jim murphy
human contact - live synchronous sessions

22:14 to: PeggyG
by things like setting up virtual office hours, live interaction chat among students, etc.

22:36 to: Robert
And also making expectations ofr responding to posts clear

22:58 to: Ms. I

23:21 to: PeggyG
yes--clear expectations and set up support structure so students can help each other and it doesn't always come from the instructor

24:32 to: PeggyG
very nice graphic!!

25:00 to: jim murphy
asynchronous - LMS

25:31 to: Ms. I
@jim What are some examples of an LMS?

25:39 to: jim murphy

25:45 to: jim murphy
desire to learn

25:53 to: Robert

25:53 to: jim murphy
blackboard, etc

25:55 to: Robert

25:58 to: jim murphy

26:01 to: jim murphy

26:11 to: Jennier Maddrell
wasn't familiar with BOLD ... very interesting

26:21 to: PeggyG
this would work really well in Moodle!

27:09 to: Michael
`sure I'm available

27:19 to: Michael

27:22 to: PeggyG
This has been fantastic!! I'm so sorry I missed the beginning but I'll definitely watch the recording!

27:27 to: Michael
thanks Peggy

27:37 to: Michael
just raise your hand and grab the mike

28:22 to: Michael
guess what same here... moving from WBCT to our own

28:28 to: PeggyG
Definitely look into Moodle! I find it so much more versatile than Blackboard

29:00 to: mary engstrom 1
horizontal course syllabus (HCS) model that Michael developed

29:11 to: Michael

30:46 to: PeggyG
we all need to be life long learners and it's so important that faculty model this for students--it's not about getting paid for your hours above and beyond! It's about learning and growing. :-)

30:55 to: jim murphy
GOs and SOs

32:22 to: PeggyG
thinking of the quote "to teach is to learn twice"--students are great teachers of other students

32:32 to: Michael

33:09 to: jim murphy
Michael, what was the most difficult component of the horizonal plan to have professors fabricate with you? Where did they struggle most???

33:37 to: PeggyG
our faculty struggled most with learning how to use the technology tools

34:04 to: jim murphy
What tools did they struggle with most?

34:31 to: jim murphy
Michael, what was the most difficult component of the horizonal plan to have professors fabricate with you? Where did they struggle most???

34:33 to: Marlene Zentz
Thanks for that clarification.

34:36 to: PeggyG
that was my challenge! getting the students to read the material before the time to discuss it

34:41 to: Robert
you can press thie mic Dbalck and talk

34:45 to: Michael
linking OBJ to activities

34:50 to: PeggyG
many of the faculty were only really comfortable with email and PPT

35:07 to: Michael
linking OBJ to activities

36:13 to: PeggyG
also many of our faculty were not comfortable turning over some of the control to students so it could be really collaborative learning

36:26 to: Michael
ah the control issue...

36:31 to: PeggyG

36:37 to: Michael
so central

36:41 to: Michael
to many faculty

36:54 to: Michael
blended online

36:56 to: PeggyG
that was my experience

36:57 to: Michael

36:59 to: Michael

37:00 to: DBlack
I pressed the mic and it registered but I guess that was an illusion.

37:01 to: Richard Lemay
No mike today, but could you talk about that control issue Michael?

37:03 to: Jennier Maddrell
funny ... seems so obvious to link the activities to objectives, but too often a focus on "cool" activities with no real purpose (in terms of the objectives)

37:06 to: Michael
have gotten some flak over that!

37:22 to: Robert

37:35 to: mary engstrom 1
I wondered that, too, Robert.  What percentage of your students work full-time while seeking an online degree?

37:41 to: PeggyG
that's so true Jennifer!! many teachers start with the activities and don't have clear purpose for them

38:10 to: jim murphy
change in mindset....

38:24 to: PeggyG
Sorry I have to leave! Thank you for this great session!

38:33 to: Michael
ok bye Peg

38:36 to: mary engstrom 1
Thanks for joining us, Peggy.

38:42 to: Michael
clear upfront

39:21 to: DBlack
Thanks for a great session. I'll check on the mic function to see that it works properly next time.

39:27 to: jim murphy
retention rates are much higher

39:33 to: mary engstrom 1
Thanks for joining us, DBlack.

40:10 to: Michael

40:11 to: Michael

40:12 to: Robert
@jim I would be interested in seeing research on this if any springs to mind..

40:32 to: jim murphy
will have to see what I have

40:43 to: Jennier Maddrell
thank you!

40:48 to: DBlack
Robert... quick question

40:52 to: Robert

40:59 to: Marlene Zentz
Thanks for the presentation, Michael. Really appreciated the visuals.

41:01 to: Michael

41:06 to: DBlack
can you gine me a minute to check the mic function?

41:06 to: jim murphy
k, enjoy. Thanks MIKE!!