Conversations Episode 74 - The Discovery Education Network

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  Right off the heels of a great DEN Day of Discovery, Sheila, Lisa and Maria talked about the Discovery Education Network.  Lee Kolbert and DENnis Grice joined the show.

 Right off the heels of a great DEN Day of Discovery, Sheila, Lisa and Maria talked about the Discovery Education Network.  Lee Kolbert and DENnis Grice joined the show.



11:30:02 Lisa Parisi: Hello Keith

11:30:30 keithhs315: :)

11:30:44 Lisa Parisi: Sound is on ustream

11:32:12 Lisa Parisi: Hello WingsonWAter

11:32:20 wingsonwater03: howdy

11:32:53 Lisa Parisi: HI Peggy

11:33:06 Peggy George: Good morning :-) seems to be some looping :-)

11:33:24 Peggy George: woo hoo! way to go Sheila

11:33:45 Peggy George: hooray for good weeks!! :-) mine was great too!

11:34:12 Peggy George: what fun! a Civil War project! you should skype in Civil War Sallie :-)

11:34:28 Peggy George: she would love it

11:35:38 Peggy George: Sarah and Jim Beeghley were our guests on Classroom 2.0 LIVE a few months ago and did a fantastic job of sharing all of the resources they have on their Civil War wikis

11:36:31 Peggy George: what a fun project Sheila! very integrated :-)

11:37:02 Peggy George: they have Oregon Trail on an iTouch app now

11:37:14 MariaK: and on FaceBook

11:38:18 Peggy George: looks like it LIsa

11:38:29 Lisa Parisi: This is Conversations.  PuentesalMundo is in a different room.

11:39:23 Peggy George: This is the blog post with the recording of Civil War Sallie's presentation with lots of related links in case your students might be able to use some of them

11:39:57 Peggy George: what makes that a competition?

11:40:28 Peggy George: is there a winner in the competition?

11:41:05 Peggy George: team that gets to the end first--I get it

11:41:40 Peggy George: sounds like a lot of fun!! I'll bet the kids love it!

11:41:49 Lisa Parisi: They do, Peggy.

11:42:01 Peggy George: yes early adopters :-)

11:42:47 Peggy George: that's a great idea Maria!

11:43:25 Peggy George: simulations aren't as threatening as real life experiences

11:44:20 Peggy George: a brilliant brainstorm Maria!!

11:45:02 Peggy George: when is school out for all of you?

11:45:19 sheila: JUne 21 for our school

11:45:37 Peggy George: some of the AZ schools got out last Fri-May 21

11:45:40 sheila: Hard to go back for a day.

11:46:17 McTeach: Wait...she said "roadkill"???

11:46:29 Peggy George: I don't laugh any more when Sheila talks about her road kill projects!! they are incredible learning experiences!

11:46:34 MariaK: road kill is sheila's thing!!!!

11:46:34 McTeach: Alrighty

11:46:41 Lisa Parisi: June 25th last day with kids...June 28th last day for us...snow makeup day

11:46:43 MariaK: yea brewster!!!

11:47:24 keithhs315: June 3

11:47:26 MariaK:

11:47:40 Peggy George: I was just about to drop that link Maria :-)

11:47:57 sheila:

11:47:58 MariaK: yea- I beat Peggy - but who's competing!!!

11:48:18 MariaK: :D lol

11:48:53 MariaK:

11:49:00 Peggy George:

11:49:24 Peggy George: that project is rich with data!!

11:49:59 Peggy George: that is Sheila's website

11:50:05 Peggy George:

11:50:20 sheila: You're fast Peggy! Thanks!

11:50:27 McTeach: Yay!! Go DEN!!

11:50:37 Peggy George: I love the DEN!!!! I'm finally a DEN Star :-)

11:51:04 Peggy George: congrats Lisa on being on the Leadership Council!!

11:51:12 McTeach: Applied for CA LC but never heard anything

11:51:23 Scott Shelhart: No DEN activity in Indiana :(

11:51:39 sheila: DEN = Discovery Educators Network

11:51:50 Peggy George: good idea Maria

11:52:03 Lisa Parisi:

11:52:25 Peggy George: Lisa your voice has gotten a bit soft for me

11:52:39 Peggy George: coming and going

11:53:09 MariaK:

11:53:34 Peggy George: the Ocean show with Costeau was incredible this year

11:53:53 Peggy George: can't hear her at all now

11:54:57 Peggy George: Discovery educators are so willing to share things and the chats during every webinar are packed with ideas, links--really valuable

11:55:08 Peggy George: I thought the same thing Maria

11:55:46 MariaK:

11:55:52 Peggy George: the state of AZ pays for Discovery Streaming for all of the teachers in the state

11:56:19 MariaK: wow - something great from Arizona

11:56:24 sheila 2: oh that's nice Peggy

11:56:48 Peggy George: sure hope we don't lose it with all of the budget cuts!! it's such an increcible resource!

11:57:47 Peggy George: I love the way that you can integrate Discovery video, photos, etc into so many other tools like Google Earth, Google Maps, etc.

11:58:40 Peggy George: huge network of educators who are all blogging :-)

11:59:05 Peggy George: I always participate in their free full-day virtual webinars in the spring and fall! Outstanding!

11:59:09 MariaK:

11:59:35 newman5: drink drink drink!!

12:01:31 Peggy George: Steve Dembo was the keynote speaker for our MEC 2010 conference this year and he was fantastic! They offered Discovery workshops all day long that people flocked to :-)

12:01:58 sheila 2: Steve was the keynote yesterday.

12:02:16 Peggy George: they do a great job of showing how you can combine hands-on with technology!!

12:03:05 Peggy George: I haven't been to a Day of Discovery yet--are they organized by states or leadership councils?

12:03:08 Lisa Parisi: Hi Dennis.

12:03:22 DENnis Grice: @Lisa Hello to you.

12:04:18 Peggy George: I once created a fun PPT for learning the alphabet using clips from Discovery streams--I was just learning to make PPTS :-) It was really fun!

12:06:26 MariaK:

12:06:27 Peggy George: what page are you showing Sheila?

12:06:35 Peggy George: Hi Dennis! WElcome!

12:06:44 sheila 2: forums

12:06:53 Peggy George: how perfect Dennis! so glad you did!

12:06:56 McTeach: Hello Dennis!

12:07:22 sheila 2: NOw this is the blog page.

12:07:42 Peggy George: wow! that's a big council in CA!!

12:07:51 Peggy George: thanks Sheila

12:08:01 Lisa Parisi: Hello Lee...want to join skype?

12:08:05 McTeach: Hello Lee!

12:08:22 Lee Kolbert: Hi Everyone!

12:08:42 Lee Kolbert: Sure

12:08:58 Peggy George: I had that same experience Maria!! was a DEN groupie for years even as a faculty member at ASU before I became a STAR just a few months ago :-)

12:09:39 Peggy George: yes the resources promote themselves--don't take any persuading :-)

12:10:06 Peggy George: Welcome Lee!

12:10:27 McTeach: Lee's a DEN Rock Star!!

12:11:16 Peggy George: teachers always love food :-)

12:12:09 Peggy George: I want to see your video Maria! Is it posted somewhere?

12:12:57 Peggy George: DEN isn't just a few good presenters! it is an entire network of teachers and educators who love to share with each other!

12:13:08 MariaK:

12:13:14 McTeach: It's also a great opportunity to get re-energized by being around other edtech folks!

12:13:15 MariaK: not sure if this works

12:13:42 Peggy George: yes that link worked :-) thanks

12:14:45 Peggy George: Jennifer Dorman?

12:15:21 Peggy George: she's such a fabulous presenter!!

12:15:40 Peggy George: I learned that from her workshop in AZ!!

12:15:42 McTeach: Oh, yeah...I love that!!

12:16:07 Peggy George: I recorded her session for us (audio only) and posted it as a podcast :-)

12:16:12 keithhs315: gotta go.  You gave me some great ideas on reteaching with DEN.  Thanks!

12:16:20 McTeach: Or wake up some by putting their name in there!!

12:16:36 McTeach: "I see you, Brian!"

12:16:58 Lisa Parisi: That would be funny, Karen

12:17:08 Lisa Parisi: Bye Keith

12:17:21 McTeach: It gets their attention! :)

12:18:04 Peggy George: This is where I posted Jen's presentation and also Steve's keynote message (audio only) if you're interested in listening to them.

12:18:46 Peggy George: I visit MediaShare but I'm not teaching now

12:18:50 McTeach: Haven't uploaded to it. :(

12:19:03 Maureen: I have access, but I can't get anyone to use it at my school ;(

12:19:12 Peggy George: why Maureen?

12:19:40 sheila 2: Our staff forgets about it.

12:19:46 Maureen: @Peggy- no one would even test out DE.... I've signed up for trials for the school, but no one has "time"

12:19:57 Peggy George: there's so much available I can understand how that would happen :-)

12:20:40 Peggy George: it's such a great way to share and GET ideas for teaching!

12:20:57 Peggy George: great point Lee! only as good as we make it

12:23:16 Peggy George: you don't feel like you're in a vendor workshop because they are all teachers sharing tips!

12:23:49 Peggy George: prizes are good :-)

12:24:07 Peggy George: wow! that's a fantastic prize! Smartboard slate!

12:24:25 McTeach: Ok, just went to DEN site...I don't see "media share" but I do say "upload manager"

12:24:28 jessica: ok

12:24:35 McTeach: see...not say

12:24:58 Lee Kolbert: Try going to the DEN site and RESOURCE LIBRARY perhaps.

12:25:08 Lee Kolbert: or SHARE RESOURCES

12:25:17 Lee Kolbert: sorry I don't know what it should look like.... (feel dumb)

12:25:27 McTeach: does say media share in the url!

12:25:44 Lee Kolbert: Ok, so it should say UPLOAD MANAGER???

12:25:59 McTeach: Yup...upload manager on the right-hand side

12:26:20 Maureen: This is where I find media share stuff- no tab- just educator resources in DEN

12:27:06 Peggy George: during DEN Teacher Appreciation Week we got a subscription to Science and Health streaming resources

12:27:16 DENnis Grice: If you don't see MediaShare on your list of products at the top, try going to the DEN tab and click on Educator Resources.

12:28:38 MariaK: @dennis -not seeing it

12:29:07 Peggy George: that's the key!! you're paying for it so you SHOULD be using it! superior resources already "vetted" by teachers :-)

12:30:45 Peggy George: found them! yeah!

12:31:13 Peggy George: is everything transitioning to the new website?

12:31:52 Peggy George: yes Maria

12:32:01 Peggy George: have to be a DEN Star to upload media

12:32:01 McTeach: Pretty!

12:33:03 Peggy George: interesting idea Lisa!

12:33:29 Peggy George: upload YouTube videos in DEN mediashare so it won't be blocked

12:33:56 Maureen: Do you have to download the video and then upload to DEN?  Is that OK to do?

12:34:01 Peggy George: are you really uploading it or just linking to it?

12:34:13 Lisa Parisi: it's an upload peggy

12:34:14 Peggy George: we were thinking the same think Maureen

12:34:49 Maureen: Ithought that you legally couldn't download from youtube and post to other sites... unless it explicitly says you can

12:34:58 Lee Kolbert: You can link and/or embed

12:35:05 Maureen: Thanks Lee

12:35:32 Lee Kolbert: blocking depends on your school's network. Doesn't always work.

12:35:42 Peggy George: there's so much "fine print" on YouTube :-)

12:36:41 McTeach: We should continue this conversation

12:36:44 Peggy George: great topic today!! always new things to learn about the DEN!

12:36:48 newman5: Thanks yall!  See you next time.

12:36:51 McTeach: Yes, it's really easy to use!

12:36:52 Maureen: Gotta go- have to get back to work.

12:36:54 Peggy George: yes it would be great to continue the conversation

12:37:03 Lisa Parisi:

12:37:10 Maureen: Christine does tho... she posts various things

12:37:36 Peggy George: you can follow the blogs for any state :-)

12:38:01 Lisa Parisi:

12:38:14 McTeach: Maria, when you log in, go to DEN

12:38:35 McTeach: You'll see a link for "my blog" near your pic

12:39:01 Peggy George: I agree Sheila--AZ pays for it but there are still lots of teachers who don't take advantage of it

12:39:32 Peggy George: great idea Dennis!

12:39:57 McTeach: Yay!! I'll be at the zoo!!

12:39:57 Peggy George: I go to everything I can that they offer for "free" :-)

12:40:13 Peggy George: it's the same day as edubloggercon

12:40:20 McTeach: Can't wait!!

12:40:27 Peggy George: yes and same day as Affiliates meeting

12:40:46 Peggy George: wish they didn't conflict!! I would love to go to the DEN Day!

12:41:08 Peggy George: OpenSourceCon is also the same day -- Saturday

12:41:28 Lisa Parisi: I'm not even going to ISTE this year.  No funding.

12:41:39 Peggy George:

12:41:45 Peggy George: so sorry Lisa!!

12:41:57 McTeach: Gotta get that DEN swag!! :)

12:42:39 Peggy George: so many fabulous choices!

12:43:04 sheila 2: Peggy are you going to affiliates meeting?

12:43:09 sheila 2: I am.

12:43:29 Peggy George: oh no Maria! I'm going to edubloggercon :-)

12:43:38 McTeach: Thanks Lee and Dennis!!

12:43:44 DENnis Grice: You're welcome. Thanks for the invite.

12:43:49 Peggy George: wonderful Sheila!!

12:43:51 Lee Kolbert: Thank you, everyone!

12:43:56 Lee Kolbert: Thanks for inviting me in!!

12:44:08 Peggy George: thanks everyone!! have a great day!!

12:44:17 DENnis Grice: @maria Look forward to seeing you at Summer Institute too.

12:44:51 Peggy George: like your creative name Dennis :-) DENnis...

12:44:51 Lisa Parisi:

12:45:05 Lisa Parisi: bye everyone