Teachers Teaching Teachers #221 - Calling for creative students to bring their passions into the classrom - 10.06.10

Post-Show description: 

Exciting conversations are budding on Youth Voices and on Voices on the Gulf

Martha, a senior at the East-West School of International Studies in Queens (Paul Allison's school) begins this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers by putting out a call for other students to join us on TTT. She wants to talk about how students express themselves creatively outside of school. We hope more students will be able to join us on the next TTT, Wednesday, October 13, 9:00 pm Eastern / 6:00 Pacific.

Margaret Simon, whose elementary school students have been shining on Voices on the Gulf joins us on this podcast as well. Margaret has invited a few of her students to join us on TTT this coming Wednesday as well.

Gail Desler, Chris Sloan, David Pulling have updates to share with us as well. We talk about research, I-Search and more!

Enjoy this podcast. Join us on Wednesday, and invite a student to join us as well.

Click Read more to see a copy of the chat that was happening during the webcast.

12:48:45 arvind: hi, we're streaming live and talking about NAIS's request of us to give presentations during the NAIS speed innovation session
12:54:01 jramsden (raventech): Hey all...
12:54:45 alex.ragone: hello!
12:54:59 jramsden (raventech): Late to the party.. what's the topic today?
12:55:33 alex.ragone: Chatting about the NAIS conference
12:55:41 arvind: talking about the NAIS Speed Innovating sessions, too
12:55:59 jramsden (raventech): Love the NAIS Speed Innovating Sessions.... lots of good sessions in that hour.
12:56:04 alex.ragone: 2011 Speed Innovating Session: Leadership, Innovation, and Technology
12:56:08 alex.ragone: Yep...
12:56:26 alex.ragone: Hi CAC.  Where are you from?
12:58:17 jramsden (raventech): Vinnie - Did you get the Google App invite for NAIS? Hope so, recommended you for that one :-)
12:59:01 jramsden (raventech): Sweet!
12:59:06 jramsden (raventech): On that committee
12:59:51 jramsden (raventech): I'm suppossed to live blog that entire session for NAIS.. will see how that pans out for the speed sessions.
13:00:36 jramsden (raventech): Good ideas!
13:00:56 jramsden (raventech): My laptop has a camera built-in and it swivels.. might be interesting to check it out.
13:01:32 jramsden (raventech): I'm ADD... I can handle it.
13:02:16 jramsden (raventech): Kindle App and Nook App on my tablet... best of both worlds...
20:49:30 SusanEttenheim: hi arvind
20:49:43 SusanEttenheim: hi martha! welcome
20:49:53 Martha: Hi! =]
20:51:19 SusanEttenheim: is your skype on?
20:54:07 Martha: Yeah, it is
20:54:38 Gail Desler: Hi Martha
20:54:42 Martha: Hi
20:57:18 Gail Desler: Hi Aram
20:57:33 Aram: Hi Gail.  How are you?
20:57:57 Gail Desler: Aram from PhilWP, no?
20:58:21 Gail Desler: No from Michigan, no, Aram?
20:58:30 Aram: You mean there are other Arams?  Yes, I'm from RCWP in E Lansing and I was at PhilWP
20:58:47 Aram: for the annual meeting
20:59:16 Gail Desler: The Aram hicstro speaks so highly of, right?
21:00:10 Aram: hickstro in my obiwan...and you're from the Bay Area, right?
21:00:38 Gail Desler: Close to the Bay Area - A3WP at UC Davis (near Sacramento)
21:01:35 SusanEttenheim: martha - what's your skype username?
21:01:49 Martha: Right now? It's Hatake Kakashi
21:02:29 Aram: Hi I'm back
21:02:36 Aram: and listening too
21:02:43 Gail Desler: Welcome back, Aram
21:02:57 Gail Desler: Are your students connecting with Voices on the Gulf?
21:03:59 SusanEttenheim: Hi aram - welcome!
21:04:00 Aram: No, we're not. Tell me about it.  Is that what this show is about?
21:04:03 Aram: Hi Susan
21:04:11 Gail Desler: Yes
21:04:32 SusanEttenheim: voicesonthegulf.net
21:05:18 SusanEttenheim: welcome aram - what and where do you teach?
21:05:39 Aram: I teach 7th grade English in East Lansing, MI
21:06:08 Gail Desler: Susan, if you have a copy of Troy Hicks Digital Writing Workshop, you'll see Aram referenced
21:06:30 SusanEttenheim: welcome welcome!
21:06:39 Aram: I like the voicesonthegulf site...nice look...I'll explore the content...later...I have trouble typing and listening...and thinking...and viewing at the same time...
21:10:57 SusanEttenheim: aram - just jump right in with questions/comments!
21:11:56 Aram: I promote doodling in my class.  Even during lessons.  As long as they are doing their work too.  And I feel that students are willing to work harder for me when they see I support their passion (doodling or drawing or other stuff)
21:11:58 Gail Desler: @Martha, love hearing you refer to yourself as a writer
21:12:48 SusanEttenheim: I just offered extra credit in one class to anyone who wants to moderate an official backchannel in my class
21:14:18 Aram: I found a good backchannel site called http://todaysmeet.com/
21:14:33 Aram: I haven't used it with students, but I have played with it a bit and it seems useful
21:14:38 Martha: @Gail, I love referring to myself as a writer too. lol I hope to be one in the near future so I better get used to referring to myself as one. =]
21:14:43 SusanEttenheim: thank you! I'll try it!
21:15:15 Aram: And I love Ken MaCrorie...I've read Telling Stories or something like that
21:15:24 Gail Desler: @Martha, that's actually the first time I've heard a high school student recognize themselves as a writer
21:16:03 Gail Desler: Somewhere I think I have Ken McC's book...will search for it tonight
21:16:41 Aram: Research topics that mean something to students is key
21:18:04 Aram: Two years ago I tried something new with my research papers.  I wanted a version of wikipedia that my students created.  I need to take it to another level, but we called it MacDonaldpedia...I teach at MacDonald MS
21:18:07 Aram: It
21:18:13 Aram: It's at http://akabodian7.pbworks.com/MacDonaldpedia
21:19:30 Aram: I would like to incorporate this "opposing viewpoints" angle that Chris is talking about.  Students have lots of opinions, but they don't back it up with much
21:19:45 Aram: And they can't see the other side either
21:20:11 Gail Desler: Being able to disagree - that's an art.
21:20:32 Chris Sloan: http://uw.kqed.org/youdecide/election2008/index.html
21:22:11 Aram: promoting an open mind....wonderful
21:22:45 Chris Sloan: informed opinion.  that's what I'm looking for.  Talking with people even though you disagree, not "talking at" people, which I see a lot these days
21:22:59 Martha: I think
21:23:25 Chris Sloan: But Martha, I do try to leave things open to writers.
21:23:31 Chris Sloan: It's a challenge
21:24:14 Chris Sloan: There's stuff teachers are supposed to do, but then there's the stuff that's more meaningful personally for students.
21:25:09 Aram: Making the school day relevant to students is a worthy goal
21:25:19 Aram: Hi Chris, by the way
21:25:23 Chris Sloan: @Martha.  I've got a student who's interested in talking to you about more "creative" writing.
21:25:25 margaretsmn: Susan,
21:25:35 margaretsmn: I got cut off. Can you call me back?
21:26:29 Chris Sloan: Hi Aram.  Last time we talked it was in Michigan this summer.  We'll have to get together again when I'm in East Lansing next summer.
21:26:34 Gail Desler: Ah, back on.  Thanks, Susan
21:26:36 Martha: @Chris I'd love to talk to them and answer their questions. Just let me know how to get in touch. =]
21:27:03 Chris Sloan: One student Emily, couldn't make it tonight, but I think wants to join us next week.
21:27:14 Aram: And I'll be in Orlando
21:27:16 margaretsmn: Thanks, Susan. I'm back.
21:27:36 Gail Desler: @Aram, I'd like to be an honorary MWP member.  I hang out with Cory Harbough and Amy Lainin through HEN community
21:27:38 SusanEttenheim: everyone on the call - please mute if you type :)
21:29:00 Aram: @Gail, I dub thee Honorary MWP TC.  And Cory is a force to be reckoned with
21:29:14 Aram: :)
21:30:34 Chris Sloan: @Martha. Here's a link to one of Emily's Youth Voices posts.  It's not fan fiction, but it's an example of some of the creative work she does outside of school.  http://youthvoices.net/node/43795
21:31:30 Gail Desler: Thank you, Aram:D
21:37:06 Aram: I bring my creativity into my teaching.  I juggle.  I sing.  I've been known to dance.  And write, of course.  Living on the edge a bit at times.  And again, I find that students are more willing to share their creative pursuits with me or with the class.  My intern thinks I'm a bit weird, but I take that as a compliment.
21:38:01 Aram: Each person brings so many rich experiences (even by 7th grade) to the class...it's a challenge to try to get them to share
21:38:09 Martha: @Chris: I read the post. That's a really neat idea. I myself have a stack of empty notebooks waiting to be written in on my desk. I make sure I'm never without an empty one. =D
21:38:37 Chris Sloan: Yes, so we need to get you and Emily and others like you together to talk
21:42:12 Martha: @Aram: I get what you're saying. If you show that you're not afraid to put yourself out there and show off your creativity, your students will feel more comfortable putting themselves out there as well. I think that's a great idea. I really like it.
21:42:47 Aram: I really appreciate this conversation.  As I think about my students researching...I want them to "follow their bliss"
21:42:57 Chris Sloan: @Susan. As far as creativity goes, I tried to have my students comment on your students photography using photos of their own.  Example: http://youthvoices.net/node/44623
21:43:29 SusanEttenheim: chris did you see my email about tomorrow?
21:44:19 Chris Sloan: Yes.  I still have to look at my schedule to see if I can get something together with some of my other photographers tomorrow.
21:45:02 Chris Sloan: But I've got a number of pretty creative students who gather in my room during my (and their) free period on Tuesdays when your Digi II photo class meets.
21:45:02 Aram: @Chris. I can't get that link to work on the student photography
21:46:01 SusanEttenheim: great - so are we going to skype with the same class too?
21:46:07 SusanEttenheim: tomorrow?
21:46:45 SusanEttenheim: [SusanEttenheim] great - so are we going to skype with the same class too? [SusanEttenheim] tomorrow?
21:47:26 chris sloan: Would it be possible to just have a couple of students talk specifically about their photography.
21:47:32 SusanEttenheim: sure
21:50:17 margaretsmn: Where are the photos posted?
21:50:58 margaretsmn: I would love to work in some creative writing responses to the photography.
21:51:08 chris sloan: I'll try this again. http://youthvoices.net/node/44623
21:51:23 chris sloan: I think Youth Voices site is acting up.
21:51:52 margaretsmn: yeah, it wouldn't connect.
21:52:15 chris sloan: if this link doesn't work.  The link is good, the site is offline apparently
21:52:29 margaretsmn: I learn so much new technology from these talks.
21:52:38 Aram: I wrote the link address down with a real pencil and paper.  I'll check it later
21:52:42 margaretsmn: are the flicker accounts private?
21:53:41 Aram: this has been very interesting. I'll do my own research on the sites and be in touch.  I need to go.  thanks to adults and students alike for your time and thoughts.
21:53:54 Aram: bye
21:54:07 Gail Desler: Bye, Aram
22:02:20 chris sloan: my students Flickr accounts aren't private, but they're high school students
22:02:50 SusanEttenheim: so chris should we go online to find you tomorrow?
22:03:24 chris sloan: I'll have my students join the Youth Voices group in Flickr tomorrow.
22:04:23 chris sloan: If you could have your students look at the comments my students made, yours might be interested in continuing conversations with my students
22:05:21 SusanEttenheim: ok but again that's the other class ... can you have some students online then? well, it's in the email... :)
22:06:11 chris sloan: yes I'll try to connect to both your Digi I and II classes.  I'll try tomorrow, but again it might be more of a test
22:06:34 SusanEttenheim: ok :)
22:11:09 Gail Desler: night all