Conversations #84 - November 21, 2010

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This week Maria and Sheila were joined by John Fladd to discuss "What is teaching?" Lisa was away with family. We didn't come up with the answer, but we did discuss teaching and learning.

 11:29:44  Sheila -> EdTechTalk: Welcome to Conversations!
 11:29:53  Sheila -> EdTechTalk: We will be starting shortly.
 11:32:42  Maureen -> EdTechTalk: Good morning- I can hear you typing... and chatting...ustream
  11:34:07  Maureen -> EdTechTalk: Hi karen
 11:34:32  Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: Abby was amazing
 11:34:43  Sheila -> EdTechTalk: Morning all! Welcome to the  Conversations chat!
 11:35:38  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: Good morning!
 11:36:03  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: Having trouble with my connection...may need to switch computers.
 11:39:18  Sheila -> EdTechTalk: Would anyone like to join us in the skype call?
 11:41:31  Sheila -> EdTechTalk:
 11:45:17  MariaK -> EdTechTalk:
 11:46:14  Sheila -> EdTechTalk: Welcome to the "Conversations" chat.
 11:47:33  caroline.boving -> EdTechTalk: hello!
  11:49:06  Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: Those were the good ole days when I had a good internet connection :)
  11:49:39  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: I first tested skype with Lisa Parisi!!
 11:49:40  Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: awww - Thanks Maria
 11:50:14  Sheila -> EdTechTalk: Look at all those connections!
 11:51:06  Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: I still struggle with getting teachers in my school to understand the value of having the connections
 11:51:57  Sheila -> EdTechTalk: I hear you CathyE!
 11:53:11  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: Cathy E...I have the same trouble! Hoping it will be better after all of us heard Heidi Hayes Jacob on Friday.
 11:53:38  Maureen -> EdTechTalk: Is she coming to do a one day thing? Or working with your school for a longer time?
 11:53:41  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: I was an infant in 1964
 11:54:12  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: Maureen...she was there for the entire diocese just for the one day
 11:54:15  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: LOL! :)
 11:54:55  Maureen -> EdTechTalk: I would love to have her come to talk at our school. We are afraid to let go of curriculum and just keep adding and adding.. it's crazy
 11:55:37  Maureen -> EdTechTalk: Teaching- making connections to kids... somehow you have to help light that spark
 11:55:46  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: More like a facilitator
 11:55:55  Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: Somedays it is just being there with TLC
 11:56:04  Sheila -> EdTechTalk:
 11:57:35  Maureen -> EdTechTalk: I was a very ineffectual teacher for my 4th graders this past week. They didn't get how to do something.. and I tried twice, couldn't get it across. Have to regroup this week- tomorrow and find a new way. I hate it when everyone is frustrated.
 11:58:33  Maureen -> EdTechTalk: It reminded me of how I felt as a student a few years back in Manchester. Not great.  
 11:59:43  Maureen -> EdTechTalk: You need to find a way to scaffold it- so the kids gain skills and build their learning.
 12:00:30  woodenmask -> EdTechTalk: I don't know EXACTLY what it means to be a teacher - but in my case, I'm pretty sure it involves igniting a passion for History and a broader world view.
 12:00:33  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: I always tell my kids if they want to really learn something, they need to teach it
 12:00:47  katherine valencia -> EdTechTalk: bye
 12:01:03  Sheila -> EdTechTalk: I tell the parents that too!
 12:01:22  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: I used to picture myself teaching a section in history (in college); it would help me remember it much better 12:02:14  woodenmask -> EdTechTalk: My intern is discovering that right now - she's blown away by how much better she's learning American History and Geography, now that she's teaching it.
 12:02:18  Maureen -> EdTechTalk: Now I try to get kids to "do stuff", to think, to figure it out. It doesn't work for everyone, everything I am trying to have them learn. I know it was not the way I learned, but is now the way I have to learn- by doing, since things change so fast
 12:05:16  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: You mean you're not going to give us the answers today, Maria?
 12:05:39  Maureen -> EdTechTalk: @Maria especially at K age- much of what they can learn is related to development. They may/may not be ready to learn dufferent things
 12:05:45  woodenmask -> EdTechTalk: Hallmarky or not, I feel the same way, Maria. I don't think I can know if I'm successful until several years down the road, at which time, I wouldn't be able to know if it was me that planted the seeds or something else along the way.
 12:05:49  Maureen -> EdTechTalk: *different
 12:06:06  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: Wait...what?
 12:06:09  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: LOL!
 12:06:22  MariaK -> EdTechTalk: john - can I pull you call
 12:06:33  woodenmask -> EdTechTalk: Sure, pull away.
 12:08:06  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: I'd like to know how I'm supposed to teach with constant interruptions in my day!
 12:12:05  Maureen -> EdTechTalk: Is one of our jobs to help kids figure out what kind of learner they are, and how to play to their strengths, compensate for weaknesses... learn how to learn
 12:12:11  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: No comment.
  12:12:54  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: Trying to encourage curiosity
  12:13:09  Sheila -> EdTechTalk: I agree Maureen
 12:13:42  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: I never require them to memorize dates, etc. More important to understand the process of history
 12:13:52  Sheila -> EdTechTalk: Recognize strengths and taking risks to work with your weaknesses.
 12:14:31  Sheila -> EdTechTalk: @McTeach and make connections with new situations, experiences.
 12:14:35  Maureen -> EdTechTalk: @Shelia- how does the not memorizing facts fit into science? Just thinking about the test my 9th graders just took on glycolosis...
 12:15:52  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: @Sheila...yes, and kids are always surprised to see that there are connections to today's world. No one has ever brought it to their attention before.
 12:15:59  Sheila -> EdTechTalk: Nowadays, I don't have them memorize as much as I used to.
 12:16:44  Sheila -> EdTechTalk: 25 years ago I probably relied on memorization as learning.
 12:17:27  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: I'm worried kids are going to stop asking questions because I say things like "That's a great question! I don't have the answer, could you get it for us?"
 12:17:45  Maureen -> EdTechTalk: @Shelia- these kids have to do the bio SAT- they won't pass it unless they memorize stuff. Not saying that this is learning, or that a test is a reason to do it this way
 12:18:59  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: Thank you, John! You're too sweet!
 12:19:12  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: I'll be emailing you later!
 12:19:40  MariaK -> EdTechTalk: @McTeach :)
 12:20:20  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: @Maria Back at ya! :D
  12:21:15  Maureen -> EdTechTalk: For me it means that kids are frustrated
  12:23:52  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: So, here's my am I supposed to teach? I just don't think I know how.
 12:25:08  Maureen -> EdTechTalk: Karen, you have taught many others by your example.. thinking paper blogs. If you are excited by something, inspired by something, I think you can convery that to the students
 12:25:55  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: Maureen, I feel like I know how to teach the teachers, but I'm struggling with how to teach my kids throughout the day.
 12:26:07  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: Alice is awesome!
  12:26:15  Maureen -> EdTechTalk: Maria- you should throw the chat into google voice, have it transcribe it, and then wordle it.. :-)
 12:26:34  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: can do that???
 12:26:35  woodenmask -> EdTechTalk: Karen, I know it's a huge question, but what part of it is hanging you up w/the kids? Is it pedagogy? Classroom management? Lesson planning? Pulling units together?
 12:26:36  Maureen -> EdTechTalk: @karen
 12:26:54  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: @woodenmask...all of the above
 12:27:03  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: Maria...Alice would be proud!
 12:27:21  Maureen -> EdTechTalk: I didn't have a great week, and I have yet to inspire the admin or many faculty at my school to try anything new... but aside from my ocassional depression- it's Ok
 12:27:23  Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: The two of you have done a great job
 12:27:54  Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: I was hoping to hear from Lisa - to hear if she had any feedback from her article
 12:28:09  Maureen -> EdTechTalk: I was thinking that maybe it was a good thing I can't read Spanish
 12:28:25  woodenmask -> EdTechTalk: Karen - I'm afraid you have to find your own way with classroom management and pedagogy, but there are a lot of us out here to help you with the rest.
 12:28:35  Maureen -> EdTechTalk: Next week Off? On?
  12:28:55  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: Thanks John! You truly are a kind and generous spirit!
 12:29:12  Sheila -> EdTechTalk:
 12:29:26  woodenmask -> EdTechTalk: Karen - why don't we Skype later. This is a big-ish discussion.
 12:30:02  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: John...would love to! Can't cards, you know. Thanksgiving break?
 12:30:12  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: I'll include my skype id in my email to you
  12:30:14  Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: Have a great Thanksgiving
 12:30:32  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Maria and Sheila...great job!!
 12:30:35  woodenmask -> EdTechTalk: Karen - sounds good. Hang strong for three more days.
 12:30:46  Maureen -> EdTechTalk: @Karen- I spent 18 hours last weekend on reports... so glad it's done
 12:30:47  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: Only two more for me!
 12:31:05  McTeach (Karen) -> EdTechTalk: Maureen...I'll be there tomorrow
 12:31:06  Maureen -> EdTechTalk: I wish I could come to NH to see you guys. No $$
 12:31:07  Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: What conference?
 12:31:11  woodenmask -> EdTechTalk: So there you go.
 12:31:52  Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: Sounds like a great line-up
 12:32:11  Sheila -> EdTechTalk: NHSTE - Christa McAuliffe Tech conf