Teachers Teaching Teachers #262 - Listening to Students and Leaving Stuff Around - 8.31.11

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On this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers, Monika Hardy and Paul Allison were joined by Matt Montagne, Alexander Pappas, Chad Sansing Valerie Burton, Amy Lewark, Julie Phelan and Cristian and a couple of other young people. We continued the conversation we started last week, Teachers Teaching Teachers #261 - Monika Hardy and colleagues discuss Lab: a plan of disruption to redefine school - 8.24.11, and we began to look for intersections between the Lab ;that Monika is facilitating in Loveland, Colorado and our work with Youth Voices, both of which seem to be places where students can peruse other students' passions and pursue their own.


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Welcome to the 'teachersteachingteachers' room.
paulallison: Join Paul Allison and Monika Hardy at 9:00 PM Eastern / 6:00 PM Pacific right here on Wednesday, August 31.
paulallison: We'll be live at 9:00 PM Eastern / 6 PM Pacific.
matt montagne: Hey all
alex: say
pgeorge: Hi all-do we need to log into Livestream?
paulallison: You jus press play.
pgeorge: perfect
pgeorge: did that and hearing/seeing you fine
pgeorge: Great to see you Monika :-)
pgeorge: hard to see the people who have bright light behind them (Monika's windows)
pgeorge: Amy is coming through just great on video
fmindlin: hi everyone
pgeorge: hi everyone! Is Livestream an experiment tonight?
pgeorge: I really like Livestream and have used it for several years for streaming AzTEA events (and even family events) :-)
paulallison: It's the standard for ttt
pgeorge: standard??? since when??? :-)
pgeorge: what an awesome team is assembled here tonight!
fmindlin: I can't hear anything, but the video is ok
fmindlin: got the audio now
pgeorge: @fmindlin--there is an audio button in lower left corner for Livestream-that's not muted or low?
pgeorge: hooray!!
matt montagne: hi all!!!
pgeorge: Hi Matt :-)
pgeorge: what a simple way to match up!! sounds great!
fmindlin: anyone have the link?
fmindlin: hourschool.com
pgeorge: glad to have the link :-) thought it was "our school"
pgeorge: sounds like an exciting new job, Matt! Congratulations!
pgeorge: neophyte??? :-) doesn't sound like it
pgeorge: that's a great way to introduce it by brainstorming together with the class before they do it on their own :-)
fmindlin: increasing our tolerance for silence is such an important learning process
pgeorge: :-)
pgeorge: that's a big adjustment to move away from 1:1--you've been spoiled
pgeorge: great to meet you all!
billoneal: Not so sure about the Jeremiah Weed ads, but the rest is cool.
pgeorge: funny billoneal!
pgeorge: the good thing is mine only came up once before the show started and not every 15 mins like on ustream (at least not yet)
pgeorge: I love the excitement at the beginning of the school year!! Challenging but exciting!!
billoneal: There's software out there that can do this without the ads if you have a server with IIS. I'm thinking of Expression Encoder 4 Pro in particular.
pgeorge: costs money :-(
billoneal: Not that much.
pgeorge: have you seen an ad since the one when you first entered the site?
billoneal: $200 1st year I'd guess, between software and web space. Just the web space after that.
pgeorge: super Chris! jog or bike :-)
billoneal: No new ads. No. Just that initial one.
pgeorge: great @billoneal :-) so far so good
pgeorge: the introductions were really helpful!
pgeorge: how exciting to see these two meet live on TTT :-)
fmindlin: just heard that the International Baccalaureate program is starting a pilot for IB schools that are targeted to continuation and vocational
pgeorge: does dabbling count?? :-)
pgeorge: :-) Awesome, Alex!
fmindlin: dabbling is the essence of bricolage...
pgeorge: that's wonderful!! found a book about programming on the side table in the living room and he read it to learn Python--love it!!!
pgeorge: that is a great story!!
fmindlin: a tool of choice for connecting
fmindlin: what a great phrase!
pgeorge: for sure!
pgeorge: good point!! start with curiosity!
fmindlin: what sparks curiousity? Was thepython book left there because somone knew it might become an object of curiosity?
pgeorge: that is such a hard thing for teachers and parents to do--just wait...
pgeorge: that's a great question fmindlin!!
fmindlin: and how did they know?
pgeorge: @Monika--any chance you could turn on a light in your room so we can see both of you better?
pgeorge: great to meet you! have fun tomorrow with your 10-10 project
fmindlin: what is the 10-10 project?
pgeorge: she explained it in her intro
fmindlin: I missed that when I was muted
pgeorge: maybe Matt can summarize for her
fmindlin: alongside-ness=great term
pgeorge: is Alex still sitting beside Monika? can't see him
pgeorge: a true advantage of home schooling :-)
pgeorge: love it!!! Amazon rabbit holes :-)
pgeorge: a perfect strategy!! lay id down and wait for them to discover it
pgeorge: what a great point about praise!!
pgeorge: yes! Carol Dweck's Mindset!
pgeorge: Steve Hargadon had a great interview with Carol on Future of Education last August--you can still hear the recording
pgeorge: http://www.stevehargadon.com/2010/08/thursday-live-in-elluminate-intervi...
fmindlin: thanks for the link
pgeorge: that terrifies most teachers to start with a bare classroom! but so obvious how it invites them into creating their own learning
pgeorge: excellent points!
matt montagne: my big take away tonight, "Flood your classroom with resources"
matt montagne: I have wooden blocks that are seniors use all of the time...they were desgned for younger kids
pgeorge: :-)
pgeorge: I'm really curious--how is the audio so good tonight when no one seems to be wearing headsets?
pgeorge: this is a great story!
fmindlin: good reminder, matt:
matt montagne: my big take away tonight, "Flood your classroom with resources"
pgeorge: are all of the speakers in a chat in hangout and not here in Livestream?
pgeorge: that would be such an awesome connection with students teaching students :-)
pgeorge: wish Monika and Christian weren't so hard to see
pgeorge: flashlights?
fmindlin: how does one get online without electricity?!?
pgeorge: really appreciate the effort from them to participate without electricity!
fmindlin: what's the connectivity?cell phone?
pgeorge: must have charged up the laptop before the webcast
fmindlin: but wheredoesthe access come?
pgeorge: bet you're right-cell phone for wireless
pgeorge: Paul always has last words :-)
pgeorge: this has been a great conversation!!
pgeorge: of course!! you all have last thoughts!!
pgeorge: the theme of the upcoming K12 Online Conference is "Purposeful Play" :-)
fmindlin: yes, when I first proposed digital storytelling classes to my COE they said, "That sounds like too much fun"
pgeorge: you should all consider submitting a proposal for the conference with the student voices :-)
pgeorge: love it Valerie! :-)
fmindlin: Valerie, I'd love to chat with you more about your digital storytelling work
pgeorge: http://teachersteachingteachers.org/
pgeorge: good night all
paulallison: thanks!