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Dave Cormier

EdTechBrainstorm - Community Callibration

60:53 minutes (27.87 MB)
Sept. 24, 2009

A Community Callibration
for EdTechTalk and other Worldbridges Communities

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EdTechWeekly #135

43:10 minutes (19.76 MB)
EdTechWeekly #135
September 20, 2009

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EdTechWeekly #134

49:54 minutes (22.85 MB)
EdTechWeekly #134
September 13, 2009

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EdTechHangout - NECC reflections, roadkill mooseburgers, & backchannel literacy

56:39 minutes (25.94 MB)
(Not EdTechWeekly)
July 5, 2009

As EdechWeekly begins its summer hiatus, we go on air for an EdTechHangout.  
Topics covered include: NECC reflections, why Dave uses coarsesalt as his Skype ID,  Albertan scorpions,  deep sea ducks, roadkill mooseburgers,  Michael Jackson  overload,  getting to EdTech Step#1, proprietary keynotes,  teachers as lame presenters,  back channel literacy, concerns, & ettiquette,  multitasking challenges,  & possibilities for upcoming EdTechTalk Summer Specials.

Participants include: Gary McFarlane, Sue Roseman, Alice Mercer, Bethany  Smith, Dave Cormier, & Jeff Lebow

EdTechWeekly133 - June 21, 2009

50:19 minutes (23.03 MB)
EdTechWeekly #133
June 21, 2009

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