21st Century Learning #114: NEIT2009 Review

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21st Century Learning #114
November 17, 2009
NEIT2009 Review

arvind, Vinnie and Alex debrief on the NEIT2009 conference. 

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21st Century Learning #114 November 17, 2009 NEIT2009 Review arvind, Vinnie and Alex debrief on the NEIT2009 conference.  <Chat Transcript> [14:02] == alex____ [i=42093c3c@gateway/web/freenode/x-czcwdqzmfukedtkh] has joined #edtechtalk [14:02] <alex____> Hey folks. [14:02] freenode-connect [freenode@freenode/bot/connect] requested CTCP VERSION from alex____: [14:02] <alex____> getting the stream going now. [14:02] <alex____> Thanks for your patience. [14:02] <matt-montagne> hey all...sounds good alex [14:03] == arvind [i=4051df02@gateway/web/freenode/x-rvtgswfvghhhuqgo] has joined #edtechtalk [14:03] <arvind> hi all [14:03] <arvind> hey Jason, Matt, Alex [14:03] <jramsden> Hye folks.. [14:04] <Guest26399> Sarah: I am the guest.  I got switched because I didn't "identify" in time.  Have I mentioned how I feel about the new chat lately? [14:04] <arvind> nice throwback that we're using IRC [14:04] <matt-montagne> hey arvind et al [14:04] <matt-montagne> ustream?? Or edtechtalk?? [14:04] <arvind> ha ha, I was just thinking that, Sarah [14:04] <arvind> should be both, Alex is probably getting set up [14:04] == Kim__ [i=d8380893@gateway/web/freenode/x-ignzjvuoytkklwni] has joined #edtechtalk [14:04] <matt-montagne> thanx [14:06] <arvind> hi Kim, welcome [14:07] == arvind has changed nick to arvindg [14:07] == vvrotny [i=ad0f7ead@gateway/web/freenode/x-sfxyghbonerluroc] has joined #edtechtalk [14:08] <alex____> folks. [14:08] <arvindg> just registered my username, and had to use arvindg. Silly IRC chat [14:08] <alex____> We're streaming over on the ustream. [14:09] == Mr [i=ce52147e@gateway/web/freenode/x-ktjkefubjkitbrrj] has joined #edtechtalk [14:09] <arvindg> we're going to be talking about the 2009 NYSAIS Education and Information Technology Conference that happened this past week: http://neit.wikispaces.com [14:10] == Mr has changed nick to Guest60772 [14:11] == matt-montagne [i=43797419@gateway/web/freenode/x-kbpmmtlzdvcsdmfc] has quit ["Page closed"] [14:11] == matt____ [i=43797419@gateway/web/freenode/x-wowcczkazntmcwoq] has joined #edtechtalk [14:11] <jramsden> Anyone else having trouble w/ sound? Also, can't we chat right over in the ustream app? Please... [14:11] <Guest26399> Sarah: Audio yet? [14:12] <matt____> no audio from ustream [14:12] <arvindg> checking audio, sorry! [14:12] <matt____> it looks like the ustream window is broadcasting, but no audio is playing currently [14:12] == matt____ [i=43797419@gateway/web/freenode/x-wowcczkazntmcwoq] has quit [Client Quit] [14:12] <arvindg> we'll start over, we were just practicing :) We had changed some settings for our conversation last week, switching back over now. Whoops! [14:13] <arvindg> don't you love it when tech directors switch up [14:13] <arvindg> and need helkp [14:13] == montagne [i=43797419@gateway/web/freenode/x-bnnvupncovzpoqwf] has joined #edtechtalk [14:13] <alex____> testing. [14:13] <jramsden> Good hear! [14:13] <Guest26399> yay! [14:13] <montagne> sounds good [14:13] <jramsden> BTW..pun intended. [14:14] <Guest60772> ah , good [14:14] <alex____> love the puns! [14:15] <montagne> how was mike wesch?? [14:15] <jramsden> If you've not attended NEIT you HAVE to go. I went back when it was just the NYSAIS Tech Director's meeting and it has just exploded. Wish I could get back to Mohonk! [14:15] <arvindg> Wesch was amazing [14:15] <arvindg> check out the wiki, all presentations up there: http://neit.wikispaces.com [14:16] <montagne> thanks for all the streaming as well... [14:16] == plennig [i=a9f48f77@gateway/web/freenode/x-felzrkdwrvebedlu] has joined #edtechtalk [14:17] <jramsden> Anyone want to switch to the USTREAM chat interface...a lot less old school. [14:18] <montagne> sounds like a great format... [14:18] <Guest26399> Sarah: @Jason-I went in there, all by myself. [14:19] <arvindg> what are the best conferences you've ever been to? What makes them great? [14:19] <montagne> were there any school administrators in attendance?? [14:19] <montagne> and if so, what did the administrators say about the format of the open space?? [14:21] <arvindg> no school admins (except for library/tech directors) for the most part, but we've done open space with division heads/assistant heads last year (for part of their conference) [14:21] <arvindg> their response was very positive [14:21] <montagne> nice [14:21] <Guest26399> @jramsden see, lots of people use the B when speaking of Liz! [14:22] <montagne> It would be nice if your open space model could be used as the model for school meetings [14:22] <jramsden> @sarah: LOL! I was just thinking the same thing! [14:22] <jramsden> @matt: keep going with that open space idea for school meetings - thoughts how it could look? [14:23] <montagne> @jramsden...not sure how it might look, but it could help us break out of our departmental models... [14:24] <montagne> @jramsden...for the model to proliferate, admins will need to be aware of the benefits of it. [14:24] <montagne> Etherpad is pretty cool [14:24] == dsmith [i=a8d77bc8@gateway/web/freenode/x-tjepbljuujzdcmpb] has joined #edtechtalk [14:24] <arvindg> http://etherpad.com was used for collaborative notes during sessions - it was amazing! [14:24] <jramsden> @matt - agreed. [14:25] <montagne> etherpad's pricing model is quite odd...but their freebie is great [14:25] <Guest26399> Sarah: We've been using the free version of etherpad in classes [14:26] <arvindg> Michael Wesch was our closing speaker. O.M.G. wow. [14:27] <montagne> Wesch's presentations are incredible...amazing how he uses short little video snippets [14:27] <alex____> FLICKR: http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=neit2009&w=all [14:28] <Guest26399> Sarah: I loved every minute of Wesch's talk that I caught while doing a million other things. I've changed my teaching based on what I've learned listening to him. [14:28] <montagne> he was there for three hours?? Wow [14:29] <arvindg> keynotes here: http://neit.wikispaces.com/NEIt2009-2009+Keynotes+and+Session+Videos [14:30] <arvindg> notes from all of the open space sessions here: http://neit.wikispaces.com/Open+Space+Sessions [14:30] <montagne> I like his "A New Future of Whatever" talk [14:31] <montagne> wikis are great for bringing it all together... [14:31] <montagne> very cool [14:31] <arvindg> http://www.fluidr.com/ [14:32] == kjholben1 [i=cf3fcbfa@gateway/web/freenode/x-lkmneassrexvjgpw] has joined #edtechtalk [14:32] <montagne> what was the conference tag?? [14:32] <arvindg> conference tag: NEIT2009 [14:32] == vvrotny [i=ad0f7ead@gateway/web/freenode/x-sfxyghbonerluroc] has quit ["Page closed"] [14:32] == kjholben1 [i=cf3fcbfa@gateway/web/freenode/x-lkmneassrexvjgpw] has quit [Client Quit] [14:32] <arvindg> on Twitter, Flickr, blog [14:32] == plennig [i=a9f48f77@gateway/web/freenode/x-felzrkdwrvebedlu] has quit ["Page closed"] [14:32] <Guest26399> Sarah: but we want YOU to come to NC! [14:33] <montagne> cool fluidr site arvind...perusing the NEIT photos in that GUI and it is really cool [14:33] <montagne> thanks again to teh 21st c learning crew [14:33] <jramsden> @sarah: Arvind's coming...Alex from afar and Vinny we're crossing fingers on! [14:33] <arvindg> tag stuff for our show: ett21 [14:33] == Kim__ [i=d8380893@gateway/web/freenode/x-ignzjvuoytkklwni] has quit ["Page closed"] [14:33] <montagne> do u have an on the air light alex?? [14:33] <montagne> You gotta take a photo and post taht [14:34] <jramsden> Thanks guys! Great recap... [14:35] <Guest26399> thanks guys-great talk! [14:35] <arvindg> thanks for being here everyone [14:35] <Guest60772> Thanks. First time. Interesting stuff [14:35] == montagne [i=43797419@gateway/web/freenode/x-bnnvupncovzpoqwf] has quit ["Page closed"] [14:35] == jramsden [i=d19b5782@gateway/web/freenode/x-utfagfvofjpbhgaz] has quit ["Page closed"] [14:35] <arvindg> come back again! same time, same place next week [14:35] <alex____> Thanks, Everyone! [14:35] == marilynj [i=a8d77bc8@gateway/web/freenode/x-uhjgjqjpiyqbrott] has quit ["Page closed"]