EdTechTalk#53 - LibraryFest with Joyce Valenza

EdTechTalk#53 - LibraryFest
July 9, 2006
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We had a very entertaining conversation with School Librarian Extraordinaire Joyce Valenza this week. We talked about the place of librarians and libraries in 2006, about all the great work that librarians are doing and about how libraries may evolve in the future. It's a great introduction to what's happening in the world of Libraries 2.0.


Chat Transcript Below

17:44:16 dave-on-air: hello chatroom
17:44:20 cwe: hello
17:45:43 dave-on-air: cwe did you sign up for the cms elgg?
17:47:19 cwe: I did - but I also have started a blog in the regular section of elgg
17:47:56 cwe: I was confused about the difference between the regular and the cms
17:51:42 dave-on-air: yes... were gonna have to sort that out
17:56:28 dave-on-air: hi milo
17:56:29 Milo: Ok... now I'm here
17:56:33 dave-on-air: glad you could make it
17:56:39 Milo: It's Ross...
17:56:40 dave-on-air: yo ja.
17:56:48 JasonR...Calamari: Howdy
17:58:36 Milo: once upon a midnight dreary...
17:58:38 DougSymington: hi all
18:00:42 JL: Hey Doug - stream audio OK?
18:02:09 DougSymington: stream sounds very good
18:02:28 DougSymington: I concur Calamari rocks as a 2nd Life guide/concierge
18:02:36 Milo: how many people are on the Skeype cast? I only see 4 folks listed.
18:03:16 JasonR...Calamari: OK
18:03:27 JasonR...Calamari: Hi Cosmo/Doug
18:03:46 dave-on-air: chart in chat
18:03:49 dave-on-air: nice
18:04:22 dave-on-air: hello
18:05:12 JasonR...Calamari: Dropped from Skypecast...try back in a few
18:05:36 joycevalenza: hi peter
18:05:49 PeterMilbury: Hi Joyce!
18:05:51 joycevalenza: hi bev--are you a librarian
18:06:43 PeterMilbury: What is the skype download adress?
18:06:56 dave-on-air: http://skype.com
18:07:58 bevgold: hi joyce....yes, I am a librarian
18:08:09 bevgold: elementary school
18:09:09 Milo: I would think physicists and engineers were the first to latch on to the internet....
18:09:27 dave-on-air: i think she means for educators
18:10:01 Milo: not sure... I'd go with science teachers on that one... but I'd credit librarians for thinking through how to actually implement it
18:11:55 JL: We want to hear from all those interested in chiming in - anyone in the skypecast want to be unmuted?
18:14:16 Milo: are there still just 4 folks in the Skype? I am not entirely sure my list is correct.
18:14:32 JL: it is
18:14:40 Milo: Tx
18:15:12 Frances_M.: Can she gives ideas how she gets her high school excited about literacy?
18:15:33 dave-on-air: mmm... and by literacy you mean?
18:15:37 dave-on-air: traditional literacy?
18:15:42 Frances_M.: yes sorry
18:15:42 dave-on-air: reading and writing?
18:15:50 Milo: Joyce... do you know Greg Jones?
18:16:00 Frances_M.: reading and using lbrary resources.
18:18:22 Milo: I'd agree there...
18:18:48 Milo: books do not really hold all the pertinent information anymore... the publishing world is too slow
18:19:00 bevgold: Teachers (and parents) at the elementary level want much more information literacy as a critical part of instruction. Evaluating the information results from the internet, specifically.
18:20:20 dave-on-air: there are still a couple of books that are pretty good...
18:20:21 dave-on-air: :)
18:22:11 Milo: or ripping them from LimeWire
18:22:20 dave-on-air: yes...
18:23:33 Milo: one interesting literacy is how kids get to information that adults or the IP laws try to prevent them from getting.
18:25:38 dave-on-air: got your back milo
18:27:52 Milo: yeah.. but Iverson is a baby
18:27:54 Milo: j/k
18:28:01 dave-on-air: lol
18:32:50 Milo: me too... got stuck... Friedman is a great speaker
18:35:01 JL: If anyone else would like to chime in, skypecast is at https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
18:35:26 JasonR: Anyone actually read an ebook?
18:35:34 dave-on-air: i tried many times
18:35:39 dave-on-air: can't read a full book
18:36:49 Milo: that's a great idea
18:37:14 Milo: the problem always has been audience... it's great to move it outside the teacher...
18:37:25 dave-on-air: sing it!
18:37:34 Milo: doe a deer..
18:37:35 Milo: that one?
18:37:36 dave-on-air: a teacher is a very silly audience really
18:39:48 Frances_M.: Is there a way of getting a copy of the chat? There are so many wonderful ideas?
18:40:03 dave-on-air: we always post it as a podcast
18:40:11 dave-on-air: with a link to the copy of the chatroom
18:40:34 Frances_M.: Thanks I look later
18:42:43 bevgold: It's the same at the elementary level. Curriculum support/team teaching.
18:44:01 dave-on-air: http://www.google.ca/search?q=which+20th...
18:44:24 Milo: one of my favorite things to do in high school (pre-dates Google by some years), was figuring out how to refine my search...
18:45:20 Milo: it was imperative then... now, it's much more user friendly. Rather than ME having to speak the organization language, Google and others can hear whatever language I speak
18:50:19 joycevalenza: http://mciu.org/~spjvweb/catalogs.html
18:50:28 Milo: I am very blessed to be at a large research university...
18:50:42 Milo: ALL my research is via online DBs available in our library
18:50:48 dave-on-air: hee hee
18:51:03 JL: http://www.ipl.org/
18:51:31 Milo: and... they connect nicely to my bibliographic software - saving lots of time later on
18:52:19 JL: http://joycevalenza.com/
18:52:42 JenW: http://www.ipl.org/div/pf/entry/48519
18:52:49 JenW: presidents link
18:53:18 dave-on-air: thanks Jen.
18:53:18 bevgold: Take a look at my school's library portal page:
18:53:22 bevgold: http://www.neisd.net/canyon/libportal.htm
18:53:28 dave-on-air: see... this is what i like
18:53:35 dave-on-air: everybody flying in with links!!!
18:55:12 joycevalenza: http://mciu.org/~spjvweb/pathfinders.html
18:55:31 JenW: link doesn't work -- please repost
18:55:50 joycevalenza: http://mciu.org/~spjvweb/pathmenu.html
18:55:52 joycevalenza: sorry
18:56:22 JenW: thank you -- that worked
18:56:57 Milo: I'm not sure kids have the skills to evaluate well without guidance about it...
18:57:10 dave-on-air: that's the whole reason to teach it in school
18:57:27 JenW: link to skype please???
18:57:32 Milo: Right - and that is the literacy training that I promote
18:57:36 dave-on-air: skypecast?
18:57:41 JenW: yes
18:57:46 JL: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
18:59:39 Milo: research has shown that wikipedia's science articles are *more* accurate than printed encyclopedias (British researchers found this, I think)
18:59:50 dave-on-air: turned out to be bogus research
19:00:00 Milo: there were a couple of reports...
19:00:01 dave-on-air: that was 'Nature magazine'
19:00:23 dave-on-air: and encyclopedias were never really super accurate anyway :)
19:00:39 Milo: accuracy is relative, I guess
19:00:41 chart: Kathy Schrock has a lot of information on evaluating websites http://kathyschrock.net/abceval/
19:00:50 Milo: Good sit, Chart
19:01:37 Milo: I mean site...
19:01:42 Milo: (long i)
19:02:10 chart: :)
19:02:21 mtaylor: C-Span http://www.c-span.org/classroom/bhm2004.asp
19:04:22 Frances_M.: http://www,answer.com/ Is a good start
19:04:55 Milo: To php or not to php...
19:04:59 Milo: that is the question
19:05:11 Milo: oh wait...
19:05:22 Milo: to php or to asp... THAT is the question
19:05:52 Milo: hmm...
19:06:02 JasonR: "W\e're paying them to report, and they take it from blogs?"... http://www.metafilter.com/mefi/52849
19:06:13 Milo: that attitude is one of the biggest shifts in Western education over the last four decades...
19:06:13 JenW: Excellent Excellent comments Joyce!!
19:06:27 Milo: much more of a post-modern perspective
19:06:29 dave-on-air: yes. joyce is quite cool.
19:06:35 JasonR: A little political but an interesting link
19:06:37 dave-on-air: mmm... postmodernism
19:06:44 dave-on-air: gotta get that into every show
19:07:17 dave-on-air: http://journalism.nyu.edu/pubzone/weblogs/pressthink/2006/06/27/ppl_frmr...
19:07:28 chart: Value added...
19:08:04 Milo: Virginia is the first state to fund what are known as "Instructional Technology Resource Teachers" - their role is to help teachers integrate instruction. MANY of these folks were in the role of "school librarian" previously... they have a lot of skills.
19:08:17 PeterMilbury: Question for Joyce: What about the digital divide as it affects states, such as california, where there are few librarians and no money for informational databses?
19:08:26 JenW: I just realized this started at 4 today rather than 5 -- sadness
19:08:46 JL: skypecast link https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
19:08:47 Milo: shizzle... just heard thunder..
19:09:05 Frances_M.: You can read the log. She is excellent
19:09:14 PeterMilbury: Joyce, did you see my question?
19:09:21 dave-on-air: we got it
19:10:52 chart: Questia only view vs. a balance of various types of resources...
19:12:28 Milo: Access in sub-Saharan Africa is VERY problematic due to infrastructure challenges (human and technological).
19:12:38 dave-on-air: http://www.school-libraries.net/ wow...
19:12:42 dave-on-air: lotsof cool stuff here
19:12:48 Milo: Developing nations, quite simply, are without access.
19:12:50 dave-on-air: same peter?
19:13:52 PeterMilbury: This is ore up-to-date: http://melvil.chicousd.org/
19:13:56 chart: Does Joyce have a county media coordinator, or is she on her own?
19:14:11 Frances_M.: What databases would you recommand?
19:14:32 PeterMilbury: Well, a few of our schools do have databases, but nothing like most states.
19:14:50 dave-on-air: true milo, and many of them are gonna need a little peace before the access is goig to help them
19:15:02 PeterMilbury: Most california schools are database poor.
19:15:16 Frances_M.: high school NJ
19:15:49 Milo: dave - that's what is the saddest thing.. those who could benefit the most from information access, can't get it... the poor get poorer...
19:15:50 Frances_M.: new to the field. Looking of a high school position.
19:15:55 PeterMilbury: It certainly is a fest wih Joyce here! Many, many thanks to her.
19:16:03 Milo: here here
19:16:11 Milo: Great listening to you, Joyce
19:16:12 dave-on-air: indeed milo... and the $100 laptop isn't going to solve that peace issue
19:16:27 chart: Good job Joyce:-)
19:16:46 PeterMilbury: Acepted!
19:16:54 Milo: Nope. $100 is 1/3 the salary of many in those places...
19:17:04 JasonR: THanks
19:17:30 Milo: are we staying in this skype chat window for the SLL2 thingy?
19:17:43 chart: Just come to Florida Peter and get payed via sunshine:-)
19:17:52 JenW: big topic at NECC
19:18:09 JenW: lots of pros and cons
19:18:15 Milo: Milo = RPSP
19:18:18 JasonR: Separate cast... https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
19:18:19 PeterMilbury: Bye, and thanks for having Joyce aboard.
19:18:24 JasonR: For SL
19:18:39 cwe: As usual I enjoyed the session
19:19:23 JenW: i can find the link to his keynote -- brb
19:19:53 ROVER: good evening all
19:20:02 dave-on-air: good evening
19:21:36 dave-on-air: http://www.papert.org/
19:21:55 JenW: joyce --- did you get to play with the laptop ($100) at the conference?
19:23:12 JenW: loaded extra junk adds $$$
19:23:33 chart: Don't give them "white ear buds" (ie. iPod headphones)
19:24:05 Milo: Dave .. you Canadian?
19:24:40 JenW: if windows could address this -- it would probably fly just because people are so much more comfy with a NON-open source -- such as Windows. Linux based is a bit scarey -- because it is unknown
19:24:42 JL: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
19:25:05 JenW: LOL they are soooo ORANGE
19:25:37 ROVER: Linux is the way to go UBUNTU <sp> is an easy distro to run & use
19:26:11 ROVER: plus it comes with Open Office (like Microsoft Office)
19:26:15 Milo: problem is that Linux carries with it a lot of geekdom overhead (I say that affectionately)..
19:26:47 Milo: folks in developing nations do not have the ICT infrastructure or training for people to administrate Linux...
19:27:14 ROVER: the LIVE CDs would work nice
19:27:29 Frances_M.: How do you get there from the chat?
19:28:02 ROVER: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
19:32:00 ROVER: going to head out will be listening to stream
19:34:03 JenW: should the software be loaded??
19:35:44 dave-on-air: mmm...
19:35:54 dave-on-air: don't understand the question jen
19:36:16 JenW: sorry -- this is my first experience with 2nd life -- to be able to see what is going on -- should I have the software installed>
19:37:38 dave-on-air: oh yes.
19:37:46 JenW: okay -- I am installing it now
19:37:52 dave-on-air: you'll also need to sign up
19:37:58 JenW: I am Emmafer Levi :)
19:38:07 JenW: when it loads
19:38:11 dave-on-air: very nice
19:38:26 JenW: so look for me --- please
19:39:43 dave-on-air: i will
19:39:51 dave-on-air: let me know when you get in
19:42:16 joycevalenza: where should i go?
19:42:24 dave-on-air: what's your id
19:42:29 dave-on-air: i'll send you a teleport
19:42:49 DougSymington: JenW/Emmafer ready for you an looking
19:43:17 DougSymington: forward to your arrival in 2nd Life
19:43:31 JenW: sorry -- it won't let me run it -- I shall try again on my laptop to see if it will work
19:43:35 joycevalenza: joyce story
19:43:38 dave-on-air: coolio
19:45:05 DougSymington: Joyce just sent you a teleport
19:45:26 DougSymington: there you are!
20:01:44 CosmoCommons: Bev are you "inworld" in 2nd Life?
20:06:51 bevgold: No...sorry, got called away.
20:46:48 CosmoCommons: night all
20:47:01 CosmoCommons: my machine's strugglin' so I'm gonna give up on this chat
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What a show -- Thanks Joyce for an amazing tour of 21st Century Libraries.

I'm trying to coordinate a K-12 Information Literacy skills matrix at: http://schoolcomputing.wikia.com/wiki/Information_Literacy -- I would love any thoughts or resources that you have.

What an inspirational woman! Thanks so much Joyce. I wish my kids were at your school!
In regard to the digital divide ... it is a big issue here in Australia too. With a geographical situation not unlike Africa, we in Distance Education are severely hampered in our efforts to exploit the wealth of technology that should be available to our poorest and our remotest students (notably indigenous). There is a strong interest developing in mobile technolgy for education - something I haven't heard you guys talk about ...

I'm happy to report that, through the continuously loud voices of TLA and individual Texas librarians, we will now have access to more databases. We did have a limited package available through our education service centers, but not nearly enough to meet our needs. Our legislature listened, and made TexShare, the group of databases that have only been available to our public libraries, available to school libraries.

The resulting decrease in cost will allow us to have our DKC databases, plus the TexShare databases. This results in 40+ databases for a much lower cost.

I can hardly wait to share these new resources with my teachers and students!

Now the CLA will have to work on Arnie and their legislators to make it happen for them!

GayLynn Reynolds, Librarian
Southside High School
San Antonio, Texas