EdTechWeekly #12

December 17, 2006
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Search 2.0 - What's Next?
Useful roundup of what's on the search horizon

Skype Extras
Interesting add-ons include a lie detector and chat translator

PayPerPost Does Something Right
Evildoers get less evil thanks to the FTC threat

Next installment in Stumble suite

Curriki - WebHome
Access to basic knowledge and learning tools for our children should never be proprietary. In fact, this can and should be a basic right of every child. Yet, over 100 million kids around the world do not have access to these primary education tools.

Dave's Top Ten Edublog Stories of the Year
Free Bonus Item!

Invite your friends to subscribe to your personal loop, then send alerts anytime about who, when & where to meet.

The eLearning Guild
elearning CoP

TIME.com: Person of the Year: You
Heres to community and collaboration!

Translation 2.0 - wiki meets subtitles

OpenCourseWare Consortium
Wow, this looks like a good thing!

Bear Bottoms Freeware
open source and freeware - try at your own risk :)

edu 2.0
Free web-based education with comprehensive features for teachers, students and parents.

Graham Glass, etc.
Blog of edu2.0 founder

Elgg Spaces :: create your own network!
Change in pricing - good idea!

 JohnSchinker  Jeff, I am here, though It's kind of noisy
 JenniferW  not me -- I muted my mike
 JohnSchinker  I'm in my kitchen making grilled cheese sandwiches while my kids are running around.
 JenniferW  OH -- I found that skype module
 JenniferW  but I didn't load it yet
 JenniferW  jenM - are you using Skype 3 -- the new beta yet??
 JenM  JenW - I don't think so?
 JenniferW  you can add on add on's -- I think that is what Jeff/Dave are talking about -- but we shall find out
 JenM  JenW - good call!!!
 JenniferW  I like the backgammon add on myself
 JenniferW  and the share your screen is pretty cool
 JenniferW  I think it is called Unyte
 JenM  http://www.wired.com/testguide/fall2006/index.html
 JenniferW  tried it out with Chris Harbeck -- it was great to share a screen
 JL  http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/search_20_what_is_next.php
 JenniferW  but it was interesting to have someone take over your mouse
 JenM  http://www.edu20.org/home
 dave  http://elgg.net/csessums/weblog
 JL  http://www.techcrunch.com/2006/12/16/payperpost-does-something-right/#mo...
 JenniferW  just signed up for Edu20.org
 JenniferW  Yeah -- no more psuedonyms
 JenM  http://splashcast.wordpress.com/2006/12/14/whats-the-best-rss-reader-for...
 JL  http://davecormier.com/edblog
 joycevalenza  that's what I was about to say
 JenM  http://loopnote.com/
 joycevalenza  this copyright shift is fascinating
 JL  thank you joyce
 JenniferW  do you think creative commons will truly protect the writer's rights -- that is someone does take something and NOT follow the rules -- could they be brought up on CC violation???
 dave  don't encourage him
 JenniferW  I think the RSS revolution is growing too
 joycevalenza  i think we have to rethink the ownership environment
 lee  yes and mobile net
 dave  http://www.cetis.ac.uk/members/scott/blogview?entry=20050125170206
 JL  I think the fact that we get to create our own copyright policy is very powerful - hope we can transfer some of this energy to patent law
 JohnSchinker  CC is really ignored by a lot of people, though.
 JohnSchinker  For instance, the Zune violates CC because it puts DRM on your stuff
 JenM  http://www.widgetbox.com/
 JL  i would buy a cc mp3 player if it was available
 JL  http://dotsub.com/demo/index.php
 JenniferW  OH NO -- okay JenM -- I am now going to get lost at that site.....
 JenniferW  I love widgets
 JenM  JenW: Have fun!!
 JenM  http://www.elearningguild.com/
 dave  http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Edgy
 JL  http://www.ocwconsortium.org/
 JenM  http://bearbottoms1.com/
 dave  https://eduforge.org/docman/view.php/142/1101/ePortfolio%20Project%20Res...
 JohnSchinker  Better than Drupal? Fighting words! Get 'im, Jeff!
 dave  ha
 JenM  http://www.stumbleupon.com/
 JenniferW  yes, I am having FUN with the firefox addons -- like stumble upon
 JohnSchinker  Interesting. I find that I'm doing more *surfing* now in the last several months than I did before.
 lee  http://elggspaces.com/
 JohnSchinker  In the ealy web days, everyone was surfing, just looking around for nothing in particular. That's kind of back now.
 JenniferW  you have to set your options
 JenniferW  but skype to skype is still FREE
 joycevalenza  John, I am seeing similar shifts
 JenniferW  and there is an international fee too
 JenniferW  Call places like China, Germany, Mexico City, Taipei and London for just 2.1 cents per minute*.
 dave  nice star.
 JenniferW  # 12 months of unlimited calls to any phone in the US and Canada - right from your computer. $14.95
 JenniferW  grins -- I blogged about Skype last night
 dave  ha
 joycevalenza  great stuff, guys!
 joycevalenza  will you post a list of these wonderful sites?
 JenniferW  the bearbottom site lost me for about the last 5 minutes -- what a site
 joycevalenza  me too, jennifer!
 JenniferW  so NO next 2 weeks????
 lee  yea great job tday
 JohnSchinker  you need another delicious tag for each episode, so they're easy to find
 joycevalenza  thank you, dear!
 lee  delicious
 joycevalenza  will do
 JenniferW  who is Scott???
 cheryloakeswow2  Hi hho Scott!!! How are the girls
 dave  http://tokyocalling.org/
 lee  hi scott
 JenniferW  but we have to do the New Years Marathon -- right??
 dave  oh yes.
 JL  absolutely
 joycevalenza  how can I explain leaving the holiday guests and the party?
 JenniferW  so it is tomorrow or yesterday where Scott is??
 JohnSchinker  oops
 JohnSchinker  Don't worry about it. nobody uses IE anyway :-)
 dave  i've been using it all show
 dave  firefox crashed over and over again
 JohnSchinker  I was listening to one of the twit podcasts, and Leo Laporte was complaining
 Durff  I'm on IE7 - not many problems
 JohnSchinker  that the new Zune violated their provisions because of DRM
 Cathye  I have to do it in Flock
 joycevalenza  i just don't know how to guide students and teachers in this landscape
 dave  two separate worlds really
 JenniferW  ooooooo cool -- can we guess first
 joycevalenza  the existing rules are completely ignored
 Gary  Thanks - I was listening
 JenniferW  you are SOOO glad that I am mutued
 JohnSchinker  All right: here's a question:
 JohnSchinker  We use Wordpress and Moodle. Do we need Elgg?
 JohnSchinker  K-12 classes
 joycevalenza  how does that look?
 JohnSchinker  Moodle is used to augment classroom instruction.
 Cathye  You guys always surprise me :)
 JohnSchinker  We've done the different schools thing in Moodle
 JohnSchinker  But it has been in small numbers
 JohnSchinker  Wordpress is mainly for the teachers
 JohnSchinker  Easy web pages
 JohnSchinker  That's how I sell it. Then, they get into the other stuff
 JohnSchinker  It seems like there'd be a lot of overlap.
 JenniferW  and it takes up a LOT of space for your webpage to have too many
 JohnSchinker  We do let the kids blog in Moodle, which is a walled community for us
 JohnSchinker  Right. Bringing others in is useful
 JenniferW  well -- LOL -- it takes a lot of space on my PERSONAL websites -- I guess if you are a school hosting, you might have more space than I do
 Durff  name these community sites
 JohnSchinker  *laugh*
 JohnSchinker  Actually, we used Mambo for the school website, too.
 JohnSchinker  We don't have space issues
 lee  well said dave
 JohnSchinker  I think I have about 400 gb free
 JenniferW  I have 40,000 MB Web space
 JenniferW  for $4.95 a month
 JohnSchinker  I'm hosting myself -- so I have as much space as there is in the server, along with 100MB Internet connection.
 JenniferW  and 1,000 mb on another site -- I wish I could host myself
 JenniferW  but am not ready to host yet
 JohnSchinker  Go to that link about Linux, grab an old computer, and off you go....
 JohnSchinker  The fact that it would be a secondary server means you can learn as you go along, without the pressure of 100% uptime
 JL  skypecast has expired - those already there can stay. If anyone else would like to join in, new one is here: https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
 JenniferW  I hear there is a monthly cost to do so??? To connect to the internet with a static ip
 JohnSchinker  Yeah -- there may be. It depends on how you connect to the Internet.
 JohnSchinker  I can get limited static ips for free at school.
 JenniferW  my dsl right now -- $19.95 isn't static
 JenniferW  John -- I am working from my home
 JohnSchinker  I wouldn't try it from home. You're better off in a hosted environment.
 JenniferW  yes -- I agree
 JohnSchinker  I don't trust residential internet access
 JohnSchinker  Uploading in Moodle isn't very hard, if I recall correctly
 JohnSchinker  My teachers can do it :-)
 JohnSchinker  You can set the file size, but it may be limited by php.ini
 JohnSchinker  Here's my Moodle victory story:
 JenniferW  should we move to the other SKYPE for the next session???
 JenM  Update Secure RSS feeds now completed as of December 14th: http://drupal.org/node/92816
 JL  no need to Jdub
 sroseman  JenniferW, is there a WOW2 session this week?
 JenniferW  thanks
 JL  as long as you can still hear and speak
 JenniferW  YES -- Leslie Fisher, gadget guru -- guest speaker
 sroseman  oh cool, JenW
 sroseman  what time again,
 JohnSchinker  Thanks, Jen. Secure RSS would be really useful for me
 JenniferW  6pm PST time --- 9pm EST --- 4pm GMT (or is it 5??)
 sroseman  eastern ok 9PM for me
 scott  hello - safari at least let me in
 JenniferW  is Oscar walking or crawling???
 lee  good moodle link http://del.icio.us/moodle
 JenniferW  so crawling???
 scott  Jennifer, can you post the drupal secure rss link again?
 JenM  sure! http://drupal.org/node/92816
 scott  thx
 JenniferW  http://www.nabaztags.com/
 sroseman  video ipod
 Durff  santa, I want a digital camera
 JenniferW  oooo I want a digital camera and TIVO
 scott  I wanna a sanyo exacti - digicam / video with sd memory
 sroseman  iwant iwant
 Durff  what's a TIVO?
 dave  he's crawling backwards
 sroseman  iwant
 joycevalenza  :-)
 JenM  oooh! what kind of camera! check here http://www.wired.com/testguide/fall2006/
 Cathye  Jen - it is the Belkin microphone with the iPod
 Cathye  It is wonderful
 JenniferW  and thisis the mike for the ipod
 JenniferW  http://www.xtrememac.com/
 sroseman  mac laptop
 JenniferW  thanks sue
 Cathye  yes- the mic for the IPod- belkin
 JenniferW  do you think the new VIDEO ipod will be out by Feb
 JenniferW  should I wait???
 lee  good idea jl
 sroseman  I want an iphone
 Durff  how is the Aune?
 Durff  Zune
 Cathye  I just bought the video 30 gig Ipod
 sroseman  what do you have on it, Cathye
 lee  which one did you get dave
 scott  yeah, but the zune has Minesweeper! Must Have Item!!
 Durff  buy a cow?
 JenM  re: iPod - they are also ready to announce a ipod phone
 sroseman  the new ipod shuffle ..clip on
 JenM  in early 2007
 JenniferW  yes Feb 1
 Cathye  I have not used the video much except for watching screen cast
 JenniferW  or near that date-- after the annual Mac conference
 Cathye  But the video is awesome- so crisp
 Gary  Never a Zune - my 2nd gen ipod from March 2003 still works well
 scott  bought a 5G iPod 80gig a couple of months ago - absolutely amazing
 JohnSchinker  We used protpage to distribute christmas lists to friends and family.
 JohnSchinker  Everyone asked what the kids wanted, so we just put lists out there.
 dave  Palm T|X
 dave  for me
 lee  tnx
 dave  child has awoken for evening feeding
 dave  talk to you all soon
 sroseman  This is the etoy of the year... the fly pen
 joycevalenza  bye dave!
 JenniferW  ooo the fly pen
 JenM  bye!!!! night!
 JohnSchinker  I was disappointed with the fly
 Durff  bye or good night John-Boy
 scott  Sanyo Xacti
 sroseman  the flash web site is impressive
 lee  zoom is cool
 Cathye  Same to you Dave!
 JenM  http://www.wired.com/testguide/fall2006/reviews/videocams/index.html
 sroseman  What is wrong with the Fly Top Computer? I have not had any experience with it
 JohnSchinker  I had a teacher who saw it in spring '05, and she was thrilled.
 JohnSchinker  When we finally saw it, I thought it was a lot more limited than what she had said.
 JohnSchinker  I was looking for writing on normal paper, and then hotsyncing via usb to transfer the text
 JohnSchinker  With built in OTC
 Cathye  OK- so you elementary folks- what are you doing with your kids this week to keep them grounded?
 JohnSchinker  I asked the leap people about it at NECC in '05, and they didn't know anything about it.
 JenniferW  we are going to Charlotte's Web on Thursday -- 1/2 day on Friday
 JohnSchinker  I finally saw it last winter
 JenniferW  luckily I am not teaching -- but i am helping my friend, 1st grade
 cheryloakeswow2  our elementary kids are making peace cards to the world and concerts
 JohnSchinker  it=fly, not charlotte's web
 sroseman  Hi Cheryl
 sroseman  went skiing today
 sroseman  how is the skiing out your way?
 cheryloakeswow2  I did not ski, it was foggy yesterday and today it was too warm to make snow, so just waiting
 sroseman  Spring skiing
 JohnSchinker  I bought three things online, the rest was in the store
 cheryloakeswow2  yes, and we are so ready for a big dump of snow. that is what I am dreaming of
 joycevalenza  night all!
 JohnSchinker  Mostly because I waited too long, and was worried about the shipping
 sroseman  me too..disgusted with the weather up here
 cheryloakeswow2  bye joyce
 cheryloakeswow2  oh, are yo u in the same spring skiing boat?
 sroseman  yep
 JohnSchinker  Dell: you can, I have :-)
 scott  hello cheryloakes
 cheryloakeswow2  Hi Scott, how are your delightful girls?
 sroseman  Would you buy a Mac laptop
 JohnSchinker  Scott, these girls are famous
 scott  they are full of energy - thx
 Gary  You would buy on-line if you will the the Apple education price
 JohnSchinker  If you join the chat late, you don't get the history, right?
 cheryloakeswow2  Oh, sorry about that Jeff, we have to get this streamlined
 cheryloakeswow2  I buy macbooks online
 JohnSchinker  So if someone comes in after the link was posted....
 sroseman  Best Buy will match the educational prices here
 Gary  Here?
 JohnSchinker  Got it. Limiting the participation, not asking for others to join in.
 cheryloakeswow2  That is a great alternative in skypecast
 sroseman  Do you have educational pricing, Cheryl?
 cheryloakeswow2  are you in skpye now
 cheryloakeswow2  I get educational pricing
 sroseman  I do too
 JL  https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
 JenniferW  http://womenofweb2.podomatic.com/enclosure/2006-12-13T04_15_33-08_00.mp3
 cheryloakeswow2  okay.
 JenniferW  that is the link to the Women of Web 2
 JohnSchinker  So in cases where you want to invite people to come in, you'd use the regular public skypecast, right?
 cheryloakeswow2  i am heading down to my microphone
 JohnSchinker  Cool feature: time code the chat
 JohnSchinker  (Skype): right. I get it.
 JohnSchinker  If the chat had the time and corresponded with the audio, that would make it easier for someone after the fact to look at the chat when listening
 scott  yes, John, timecoded chat - great feature idea
 JohnSchinker  I'm not sure it's possible.
 scott  Flash Meeting has it
 scott  cool - Dave is the man with the answers
 JenM  testing time
 JohnSchinker  right. That might be useful in the posted transcript
 scott  Jeff that is,
 dave  dave who?
 dave  dave's not here
 JohnSchinker  *bird*
 JohnSchinker  It's off :-)
 sroseman  *beep*
 JenniferW  http://flashmeeting.open.ac.uk/
 sroseman  Thanks, JenW
 JenniferW  it looks great
 JenniferW  does it have a limit to attenders
 JenniferW  oh, it costs, so I can't do it -- sorry
 scott  It isn't readily available to all to set up a conference, thought the webheads do have a complimentary account
 sroseman  What about another tour of SecondLife in the near future..speaking of avatars
 JenniferW  maybe they might give a comp account to Women of Web
 JenM  do you have the url for the yahoo video group you mentioned?
 scott  also, I understand they are amenable to requests that are educational in nature or focus
 JL  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/evonline2002_webheads/
 JenM  thank you!
 JL  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/videoblogging/
 sroseman  2.0.6
 JL  oops sorry - that 1st one was wrong
 JenM  JL: I wondered? Thanks
 JohnSchinker  I've always been amazed that you guys can be in the audio discussion and the chat room at the same time
 scott  sorry, I can't paste into the chat - thanks for the link Dave ;)
 JohnSchinker  When I describe it to teachers, they're amazed
 JohnSchinker  need to go -- thx everyone
 JohnSchinker  Merry Christmas
 cheryloakeswow2  by John
 scott  take care John - happy holidays!
 JL  bye John
 JenM  bye john!
 JenM  scott, that Dave is a great guy . . . Jeff is ok too ;)
 sroseman  I started a year ago as a newbie..I am still a newbie though
 scott  Here's an idea - how about an Ed Tech Talk Roast
 JenniferW  lol - that could be fun
 cheryloakeswow2  oh, that sounds good
 scott  Dave and Jeff have to sit back and listen to all of the people they have impacted talk about the EdTech Talk experience
 scott  testimonials such as Jennifer and Cheryl just shared
 cheryloakeswow2  you are right scott
 JenniferW  yep - they need the accolades
 lee  scott, highlite then drag links into the chat room text box
 JenM  Bloglines subscription to EdTechTalk: jmaddrell - subscribed since May 16, 2006
 scott  thanks lee
 lee  for mac that works
 lee  :)
 scott  http://eng115-fa06.blogspot.com/
 JenniferW  that is what I get to do at my NEW job
 JenniferW  getting to help teachers
 scott  just testing Lee's suggestion - ignore that link sorry
 lee  yea it worked
 JenniferW  I will be the first women on the IT team at a private school -- kinda scared -- but glad I will have a JOB
 lee  u go girl
 JenniferW  missed the monthly paychecks :)
 sroseman  Congratulats, JenW
 JenniferW  thanks -- its been a while of NO JOB -- but I have been able to do a lot of stuff while unemployed
 JenniferW  and just ran out of money yesterday -- LOL -- and one more freelance check is due tomorrow :)
 JenniferW  so -- it all worked out WONDERFULLY
 lee  i'm on my way cheryl!
 sroseman  I am looking at a private school as well and the local university for a part time job
 JenniferW  and sue you liv where???
 sroseman  Ottawa, Ontario Canada
 JenniferW  okay
 sroseman  not too far from Sharon
 JenniferW  cool
 sroseman  I was born in Montreal
 sroseman  went to school there
 sroseman  even taught French
 JenniferW  so you have SNOW??? now?
 sroseman  no..
 sroseman  bad winter
 JenniferW  we have SNOW on the mountains about 40 minutes away -- beautiful day in SoCalif today
 sroseman  out west in BC..lots of snow
 sroseman  need to bring cell phomes and ipods into the classroom in meaningful ways
 sroseman  phones
 cheryloakeswow2  Steve Dembo has a presentation about that.
 JenniferW  KidTech??? is that what you said??
 lee  also instant podcasting
 sroseman  I notice teens are on their cells and ipods in their spare time
 cheryloakeswow2  you can call in to gcast from a cell phone
 scott  thanks all
 JenM  nice "meeting" you, scott!
 sroseman  Thanks all..I never stoplearning
 JenM  nite all!
 sroseman  with you guys
 sroseman  what a second life session????
 lee  just thnx
 sroseman  what about a second Life session..correction
 lee  yes
 sroseman  soon .. I am addicted to SecondLife
 sroseman  Thanks all again
 JenM  ooh! just reading up on the chat! best of luck to you JenW!
 JenM  I'm a bad multi-tasker and missed this earlier! sorry
 JenM  nite all
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