EdTechWeekly #144

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Dave, John, Jeff, and Jen do their best with this week's edtech news and resources. Happy Birthday to Dave!

EdTechWeekly #144
November 22, 2009

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[18:05] cyndidannerkuhn_> sound from Ustream, and chat in that crazy chat room
[18:06] cyndidannerkuhn_> It works though!
[18:06] GaryM> Hate IRC!
[18:06] GaryM> Too late.
[18:06] sheila> Well, I'll tell you Jen . . .   .
[18:06] sheila> Just wish it would float.
[18:07] PeggyG> My thoughts about the chat room are recorded in the archives of several ETT shows. :-)
[18:07] sheila> :)
[18:07] sheila> There's color!
[18:08] cyndidannerkuhn_> I am just curious, why the change, I am sure there is a good reason, just curious as to what it was?
[18:08] sheila> And it notifiies you if your nickname is used, and even dings at you. It's wonderful!
[18:09] PeggyG> you can change your background color to anything you like--just doesn't change your comments to a specific color like the old chat room
[18:09] Guest26458> http://blog.oup.com/2009/11/unfriend/
[18:09] PeggyG> word of the year--unfriend???
[18:11] sheila> pound sign
[18:11] JenW> yep, number sign
[18:11] JenM> Chrome OS from Google Blog: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2009/11/releasing-chromium-os-open-source... ... and ... http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2356137,00.asp
[18:12] JenW> so -- google machines will be available at BestBuy -- kinda of thing??
[18:13] JL> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6jXPpqVPVI
[18:13] GaryM> Sounds a great deal like previous version of Windoze (lack of support)
[18:13] JenW> So -- they think I will reformat DOWN to something that might not work??
[18:14] cyndidannerkuhn_> Just buy a Mac!
[18:14] JL> http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/top-5-freeware-registry-cleaners-that-impro...
[18:15] jackiegerstein> Kind of like the Apple Tablet - lots of discussion about something that may not exist
[18:15] PeggyG> are registry cleaners for PCs?
[18:15] JenW> I used ccleaner
[18:15] GaryM> Is sound coming and going for others?
[18:15] JenW> and ccleaner does work on PC
[18:16] JenW> @Gary -- yes
[18:16] PeggyG> no GaryM--sound is pretty consistent for me
[18:16] GaryM> Hmm
[18:16] JenW> not here Peggy -- John just went out for about 15 seconds --
[18:16] cyndidannerkuhn_> Sounds keeps popping in and out, hmmm.....
[18:17] @JohnSchinker> Black Friday: http://www.blackfriday.info/
[18:17] @JohnSchinker> Black Friday Ads: http://bfads.net/
[18:17] GaryM> I am older so who knows what I might be hearing.
[18:17] JenW> Peggy -- is john taling blackfriday already -- cuz he had not here yet
[18:18] PeggyG> talk is definitely delayed from the chat
[18:19] CAthyE> My audio is very broken
[18:19] CAthyE> but I think it is my connection
[18:19] CAthyE> ETTA?
[18:19] GaryM> @CAtheyE - probably not
[18:19] PeggyG> audio for me is not choppy--just delayed from the chat
[18:19] JenW> WALMART is going to be open for 48 hours
[18:20] JenW> so people can get in line at 5am -- LOL, they will line up at 9pm
[18:20] @JohnSchinker> isn't walmart always open 24 hours?
[18:20] PeggyG> I think the only audio is via ustream
[18:20] sheila> Sound was pausing for a bit.
[18:20] cyndidannerkuhn_> mine is better last couple minutes
[18:20] sheila> better now too!
[18:21] JenW> Your sound is PAUSING --- for 10 - 20 seconds
[18:21] Guest26458> http://www.technologyreview.com/computing/23951/page1/
[18:21] JenW> but you are NOT sounding like you realize it ---
[18:21] JenW> but we just keep up -- we are techies
[18:21] GaryM> No - there is a sound problem
[18:21] PeggyG> you have to keep scrolling down on the chat--it pauses when you type something and then you have to move it on
[18:21] sheila> Out again . .
[18:21] JenW> just did it again --
[18:21] sheila> back
[18:21] cyndidannerkuhn_> oops, sound back to cutting out now
[18:22] JenW> We are -- but I think you are ahead of our chat
[18:22] sheila> Maybe it's ustream.
[18:22] GaryM> Sound in-out-in-out-in-out
[18:22] sheila> ?
[18:22] JenW> it is 16:22 -- you just asked us to share -- we are sharing -- LOL -- but not sure why you think we are not
[18:22] cyndidannerkuhn_> cutting out on Dave
[18:22] JenW> Yep -- totally
[18:23] PeggyG> I think you're right Sheila--ustream will refresh everyone once in awhile
[18:23] sheila> I notice the reloading circling dots on the ustream window
[18:23] @JohnSchinker> ustream cutting out, too, or just ettA?
[18:23] jackiegerstein> I am getting the cutting out too
[18:23] JenW> Ustream
[18:23] JenW> I am not on ETTA
[18:23] sheila> ustream
[18:23] GaryM> On Ustream
[18:23] dug_> yeah ustream is pausing
[18:23] PeggyG> nothing is being streamed on ETTA
[18:24] JenW> almost like contractions -- getting more regular     :)
[18:24] JenW> I will start timing them   :)
[18:24] PeggyG> funny JenW!!
[18:24] jackiegerstein> LOL Jen
[18:24] cyndidannerkuhn> BRB, gonna try restart and see if that fixes sound problems for me
[18:24] JenW> 10 sec out
[18:24] sheila> lol!
[18:24] JenW> and again
[18:24] JenW> and again  :)
[18:25] JenW> should I continue???   :)
[18:25] CAthyE> It is like trying to understand a foreign lang.  I can't get enough of the words to understand
[18:25] GaryM> @CAtheyE - good description
[18:25] JenW> Ohhh --- they turned off video and right now -- it is going well
[18:26] sheila> @JL - does seem better that no video
[18:26] JenW> YEAH -- that is working
[18:26] CAthyE> yea
[18:26] CAthyE> musch better
[18:26] GaryM> Much better
[18:26] JenW> they don't seem to be seeing our CHAT though -- agreed??
[18:26] cyndidannerkuhn> seems better now
[18:26] sheila> I didn't realize there is such a delay for ustream.
[18:26] JenW> not a delay --- it was ON and OFF
[18:27] JenW> smiles --- they are like 4 minutes behind the CHAT
[18:27] PeggyG> ustream is usually less delayed that ETTA
[18:27] sheila> At least 3 minutes behind?
[18:27] cyndidannerkuhn> Yes better now
[18:27] dug_> feedback
[18:27] JenW> keep the video off -- please
[18:27] JenW> is John going to Africa again??
[18:27] Guest26458> i'm now broadcasting on ETTA
[18:28] cyndidannerkuhn> no problem, we just love you guys!!
[18:28] JenW> ahhh we have not seen guest 26458 for a while
[18:28] JenW> Please LET us know WHEN you see THIS -- it is 4:28 HERE
[18:28] PeggyG> audio is good in ustream now--better since the video stopped
[18:28] Guest26458> now
[18:28] JenM> Pushcard Educator: http://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/2009/11/22/pushcart-educator-named-cnn... ... and ... http://edition.cnn.com/SPECIALS/cnn.heroes/archive09/efran.penaflorida.html
[18:28] JenW> okay -- waiting for Jen to see it
[18:29] JenW> wowow -- my desk just levitated   :)
[18:30] JL> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6jXPpqVPVI
[18:30] GaryM> The cave is rebelling that they are leaving.
[18:30] sheila> "I am outta here!" - JL
[18:30] JenW> use your google voice #
[18:31] sheila> Who gets to edit this show?
[18:32] PeggyG> that sounds like a great pronunciation of his name, JenM
[18:32] JenM> @peggy ... thank you :)
[18:32] PeggyG> I saw that story on CNN this weekend! very inspiring :-)
[18:32] @JohnSchinker> The History of the Internet in a Nutshell: http://sixrevisions.com/resources/the-history-of-the-internet-in-a-nutsh...
[18:33] dug_> they already do that with google voice
[18:34] PeggyG> how does that YouTube service compare to DotSub for translating videos?
[18:34] cyndidannerkuhn> The caption feature is not available to everyone yet, but will be soon
[18:34] JL> Youtube is automatic
[18:34] GaryM> That 3 minute delay makes it hard to follow the conversation.  Let us blame the IRC client.
[[18:34] Guest26458> http://regulargeek.com/2009/11/20/chromeos-will-fail-unless-its-purpose-...
[18:34] JL> Dotsub requires manual input
[18:35] PeggyG> this sounds incredible! instant translation!
[18:38] JenM> Overparenting is so over (this from a non-parent): http://www.joannejacobs.com/2009/11/overparenting-is-so-over/
[18:39] PeggyG> that's a very interesting perspective JL and sounds very likely
[18:41] cyndidannerkuhn> wow, if this is true, might make some teachers life easier
[18:41] PeggyG> their life would be easier but very limited...
[18:42] GaryM> I know college teachers who have parents who "step In" for their "children".
[18:42] cyndidannerkuhn> Prabably a bit of over reaction, I still believe extra activities are of great benefit, Kids learn many things from them
[18:44] JL> http://ck12.org/flexr/
[18:44] GaryM> I received corporal punishment (the strap) in school.  Not sure it actually worked.
[18:45] PeggyG> we have talked about ck12.org and other online textbook alternatives before but always interesting!
[18:45] JL> http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/edtechtalk.com
[18:45] PeggyG> Canada
[18:45] CAthyE> My college daughter just called "Mom" cause she backed into another car in the parking lot - should I beat her?
[18:46] PeggyG> that has to be related to TWB-Canada mission!! fantastic!!
[18:47] @JohnSchinker> Selling Lessons Online Raises Cash and Questions: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/15/education/15plans.html?_r=3&ref=education
[18:47] @JohnSchinker> Should Teachers Sell Their Class Materials?: http://www.edweek.org/tm/articles/2009/11/18/norton_sales.html?tkn=W[[CC...
[18:48] JenM> example ... http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/
[18:49] PeggyG> teachers should be able to sell their original work
[18:49] cyndidannerkuhn> Everybody else makes money for their expertise, why not teachers!!
[18:50] PeggyG> I can understand if they are using materials provided by the district to create materials that it would belong to the district
[18:50] cyndidannerkuhn> So pay them what they are worth and it woulsn't be an issue
[18:51] cyndidannerkuhn> I give all mine away, but it they want to, no problem
[18:51] cyndidannerkuhn> I agree with Jeff!
[18:51] PeggyG> there are lots of people now who don't share their "content"--the norm in universities...
[18:52] JD> They would be modeling entrepreneurialism
[18:52] GaryM> Sometimes teachers share with others and then it comes back to them in a different form as something they should use.
[18:52] cyndidannerkuhn> I am university faculty and opened a can of worms with my course being totally out there for anyone to use.  Grad faculty came unglued
[18:53] PeggyG> that was my experience too cyndidannerkuhn :-)
[18:53] JD> What did those faculty do when wikipedia came out??
[18:53] cyndidannerkuhn> Good question, who does buy it?
[18:53] CAthyE> I think teachers go and work for textbook publishers
[18:54] JD> Textbook publishers are so far behind in creating consistent and updated online resources
[18:54] Guest26458> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYO7Fj5BORM&feature=player_embedded http://tweet3d.com/
[18:54] GaryM> @CAthey - I have known teachers who have done that and then used materials they received free from others.
[18:55] JenM> Pogoplug: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-10402015-1.html
[18:56] PeggyG> that was fun on tweet3d--I entered edtechtalk :-)
[18:57] cyndidannerkuhn> me too, maybe we all need to let them know we hate the auto play on YouTube.
[18:57] JL> http://www.mingoville.com/en.html
[18:57] GaryM> is it my imagination or has the delay gone?
[18:57] PeggyG> is that a free service JenM?
[18:58] PeggyG> that's not free--pay $129.00
[18:58] JL> http://adaptechclassroom.blogspot.com/2009/11/rss-feeds-and-education.html
[18:58] JenM> @peggy ... sorry ... I mean no recurring fee like with GoToMyPC
[18:58] JenM> $129 for the gadget
[18:59] sheila> 
[18:59] cyndidannerkuhn> WOW, JEN that would be so handy, thanks, I missed it before!
[19:00] sheila> 
[19:00] PeggyG> why wouldn't you just use the free drop box to upload content from your hard drive--does Pogoplug do something different?
[19:01] PeggyG> these farewell shows are fun!! :-)
[19:01] PeggyG> that's what drop box does too--content sits there to access from anywhere
[19:02] cyndidannerkuhn> what happened in delicious, my networks do not show up anymore when I tag something, any ideas?
[19:02] PeggyG> guess I'll have to explore it further to understand the differences
[19:02] cyndidannerkuhn> Dah, just found it,
[19:02] cyndidannerkuhn> Happy, thanksgiving,
[19:02] cyndidannerkuhn> Have a safe trip
[19:03] cyndidannerkuhn> and Happy birthday
[19:03] cyndidannerkuhn> toodles