EdTechWeekly #175

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EdTechWeekly #175

November 28, 2010 

Regular hosts: Dave, John
Guest host: Zac Chase, English Teacher, Science Leadership Academy

Dave's Link:  Wikileaks. What does it mean for our classrooms? With Australia banning links to the site... where does this lead? Do textbooks of 'controlled content' become more important? Should we be teaching this in courses? Do we have a patriotic duty not to touch this information?

John's Link: Project Red: Do 1:1 right or don't do it at all. We're far enough along now that the novelty of 1:1 programs has worn off, and it's time to look at what effect they really have on a school. With many more schools now looking at 1:1 programs, it's important to look at best practices. For those thinking about 1:1 programs, the CDW 1:1 Readiness Survey is a great place to start.

Zac Chase:

Chat Log Below

18:54:01 Harold Jarche : Hi guys!
18:54:17 JohnS : Hi. Thanks for joining us.
18:54:56 Harold Jarche : Can't we all just where Attends/Depends & there will be no more WikiLeaks?
18:55:13 Harold Jarche : "wear" - my typing sucks
18:56:35 Harold Jarche : LOL Dave!
18:57:42 Harold Jarche : we never amended our constitution 'cause we can agree on anything
18:58:34 Harold Jarche : *sigh*
18:58:44 Harold Jarche : oops
18:59:11 Harold Jarche : "can't" like I said - I can't type worth sh*t
19:01:30 Harold Jarche : edtechweekly ROKZ!
19:02:49 JohnS : http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/interactive/2010/nov/28/us-embassy-cable...
19:03:00 JohnS : http://www.techradar.com/news/internet/australian-government-adds-wikile...
19:03:07 Harold Jarche : only read the Der Spiegel version
19:04:38 Harold Jarche : not all Secret, many were only Confidential (ex-military intelleigence guy, me)
19:04:57 Harold Jarche : still can't type
19:07:38 Harold Jarche : old world meets new world - confusion reigns (for a while)
19:08:48 dave : @harold don't put it on a network if you don't want people to see it
19:09:18 Harold Jarche : http://torproject.org
19:09:48 kolism : For us "newbies" here, maybe just me... can you explain what we should be seeing on our screens or hearing? I just see the chat window...
19:09:52 Harold Jarche : I believe I may have said that before, Dave ;)
19:10:18 JohnS : Morgan: You should hear audio on EdTechTalk A.
19:10:21 JohnS : There's no video.
19:10:26 Harold Jarche : should be hearing three monkeys talking & perhaps some stuff in the chat
19:10:29 dave : http://edtechtalk.com:8000/listen.pls
19:10:32 dave : click that link
19:10:37 dave : @kolism :)
19:11:21 kolism : thank you.
19:11:25 guest : @kolism...It took me a minute too ...
19:12:50 Harold Jarche : It's not a private journal - it's official channels, which means someone has vetted this stuff - it belongs to the organization (wikileaks)
19:14:12 Harold Jarche : personal privacy is not the same as hiding the discretions of organizations, esopecially those purporting to represent us in a democratic country
19:15:02 Harold Jarche : trust me on my actions, not on my position
19:16:40 Harold Jarche : It's 1848 all over again
19:17:11 Harold Jarche : audio going all weird now!
19:18:27 JohnS : restarted audio broadcast. Maybe better now?
19:18:33 dave : http://edtechtalk.com:8000/listen.pls
19:20:43 chris chamberlain : Audio is not better for me...
19:21:28 dave : is the audio still bad for everyone?
19:21:54 Harold Jarche : changed browsers & channels - still major echo
19:24:16 gary : Nice reaction John.
19:24:31 JohnS : The usual procedure here is for Dave to hang up on me.
19:24:36 JohnS : That didn't work this time.
19:24:48 darryl : That is better
19:24:54 kolism : That worked!
19:25:13 JohnS : The problem is that you can't just let dave do all the talking.
19:26:14 dave : tahdah!
19:27:17 kolism : Yeah, how do you go about getting on that team John?
19:27:54 JohnS : http://www.zdnet.com/blog/education/project-red-do-11-right-or-dont-do-i...
19:31:09 JohnS : CDW also has a great assessment on preparing for 1:1 http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=ayLSzFXibo3dw_2fozq9qwbA_3d_3d
19:34:44 mrspayne : Hello
19:36:05 dave : @mrspayne hi!
19:36:35 mrspayne : what is the topic of discussion tonight?
19:36:57 JohnS : Tonight's topics are here: http://edtechweekly.wikispaces.com/EdTechWeekly+175
19:37:25 mrspayne : Thanks, this is my first time.
19:37:46 JohnS : No problem. You should be able to get audio on EdTechTalk A.
19:38:12 JohnS : http://www.sourcemap.org/
19:38:31 dave : @mrspayne hi there... the audio is at http://edtechtalk.com:8000/listen.pls
19:41:23 gary : The sound problems must have been caused by the Grey Cup.
19:41:43 dave : @gary i can see that
19:42:09 JohnS : https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1ZX5cBW-HTgpESH1M68PsbNLzK9hO5ES...
19:47:32 JohnS : http://buythissatellite.org/
19:49:38 mrspayne : Well, I am too new and missed it all. What was the final say on Wikileaks? Support or not?
19:50:10 dave : depends on who you talk to :)(
19:50:24 dave : I know there are some educators who will be doing it in their classrooms tomorrow
19:50:34 dave : I like the transparency
19:50:46 mrspayne : interesting, thanks
19:50:57 dave : there was some concern from my american colleagues about whether we should be looking at private files
19:50:57 mrspayne : that pretty much answered my question
19:51:28 dave : interesting situation... but i do hope that no one gets hurt over it
19:51:40 mrspayne : how would you keep it seperate, educational and private?
19:51:51 dave : it's a tough question
19:52:05 mrspayne : teachers will have to be careful?
19:52:08 JohnS : http://autodizactic.com/blog/?p=589
19:52:11 dave : for me... private as in 'individual' is very different than private for corporations
19:52:20 dave : or governments
19:52:42 dave : it is officially ILLEGAL to link to wikileaks in australia
19:52:43 mrspayne : wow, we have to redifine private in class. good discussion topic
19:53:00 dave : 11,000 Australian dollars a day
19:53:06 dave : if its on your website

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