EdTechWeekly#208 - 2012 Goals, Projects, and Edtechosphere updates

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January 15, 2011
2012 Goals, Projects, and Edtechosphere updates

00:00 pgeorge: love the drawings on the board behind you John--can you tell about them?

00:01 guest-1417: can a rhizome ever be finished?

00:01 pgeorge: exactly what I was thinking Jim :-)

00:03 pgeorge: Welcome Dr. Jennifer!

00:03 guest-1421: yeah... agreed re: rhizome

00:04 pgeorge: you're willing to move Jen?

00:06 pgeorge: hahaha-new salad spinner :-)

00:06 pgeorge: wow Jeff!! how exciting!

00:07 pgeorge: I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and love it!!

00:09 wayupnorth: sleigh bed - nice

00:10 guest-1423: Hello.

00:10 pgeorge: must be Jeff's? is it?

00:10 pgeorge: Hi Benjamin and wayupnorth

00:10 Jeff: Hello Benjamin & WayUpNorth

00:10 guest-1430: I can't get over how little snow in Canada ... crazy

00:10 pgeorge: not sure who is monitoring this chat--they are all in the Google Hangout

00:10 pgeorge: hi Jen :-)

00:10 Jeff: climate change

00:10 guest-1421: heyo

00:10 guest-1421: i'm here :)

00:11 wayupnorth: I'm Jim Stauffer - EdTech talk froze so I refreshed and logged in a bit back

00:11 pgeorge: hi Dave :-) not feeling so lonely now... :-)

00:11 guest-1430: Happy (belated) new year!

00:11 guest-1423: Is Google Hangout live, live yet?

00:11 Jeff: what do you mean by 'live, live'

00:12 guest-1423: Have they implemented hangout live?

00:12 guest-1423: Hangouts that broadcast out to many...

00:12 guest-1423: Ok. thanks

00:12 wayupnorth: Sounds like something in Change 11 recently, showing colleagues/Jeffistrators goes so much farther than '

00:13 wayupnorth: telling

00:13 pgeorge: got kicked out...back now

00:14 Jeff: video stream stopped working? or text chat?

00:14 pgeorge: I had a great session with Cheri Toledo and Brian Wojcik via Skype for a Faculty Symposium re PLN, twitter and making connections. Really fun!

00:15 pgeorge: got bounced from whole page and sent back to home page.

00:15 Jeff: hmmmmmm

00:15 pgeorge: firefox

00:16 guest-1423: That's a cultural shift...talking with people you don't know, online.

00:16 pgeorge: I feel like I know many of my online friends better than I know my f2f friends :-)

00:17 guest-1423: It's one thing to know how to use Google+ hangout, it's another to feel comfortable to talk with those who have opposing views or those who you do not know.

00:17 pgeorge: agree Benjamin

00:17 wayupnorth: I'm taking the plunge - giving up some of my prejudice against FB as a gossip space - and creating my account next week. It's for education - my students are all on it.

00:17 guest-1423: philosophical, ethical, and pedagogical factors, more than simply techical

00:17 pgeorge: knowing how to use the tool is very different than using it to communicate important ideas :-)

00:18 guest-1423: ...technical factors

00:18 pgeorge: Jeff!!!!!

00:19 pgeorge: but twitter and facebook are recorded text :-)

00:20 pgeorge: you are the king of openness Jeff!

00:20 guest-1423: I've found many teachers are protective of their knowledge and practice, for various reasons.

00:20 pgeorge: where did Jeff go?

00:21 pgeorge: aha

00:21 pgeorge: hiding out

00:21 Jeff: hangout is lopsided tonight

00:21 pgeorge: seeing Dave twice

00:21 guest-1430: @Ben ... yes ... I think adoption in a "corporate" setting is / will be even harder for the "protective of knowledge" problem

00:21 pgeorge: big picture and in the bottom pics too

00:22 pgeorge: or Livebinders or Symbaloo or ....

00:22 guest-1430: ... for example ... using social networking in corporate training has a host of issues ... sharing company trade secrets, etc

00:23 pgeorge: wikimedia?

00:23 Jeff: http://www.wikibooks.org/

00:23 pgeorge: Livebinders and Symbaloo are both great organizing kinds of sites for websites/ materials on a topic

00:24 guest-1423: summify

00:24 pgeorge: scoop.it will not let you organize but Livebinders ir organized, filtered and easily reorganized--allows collaboration too

00:24 guest-1423: distributed assessment of sorts

00:25 Jeff: http://wikieducator.org/OER_university/Home

00:25 guest-1423: Is shared keystone assessments result, I'm all for it (OERu)!

00:26 pgeorge: I've heard some of the complaints from on campus students at Stanford about the iTunesU efforts--think it's watering down their education for the masses

00:26 guest-1423: Because they're not online. :)

00:27 guest-1423: The teachers I hear who are against online learning, don't learn online.

00:27 pgeorge: they say it's because they are designing the courses to meet the needs of a much wider audience and they lack depth

00:27 wayupnorth: On-location (brick & mortar) education requires less responsibility on the part of the learner

00:27 Jeff: I agree

00:27 wayupnorth: On-line makes it more difficult to depend on the teacher

00:28 pgeorge: I think so too wayupnorth

00:28 pgeorge: can't hide online :-)

00:29 pgeorge: that's what the Stanford students say--they're not getting a $50,000 education because of the iTunesU courses

00:29 guest-1423: More autonomous

00:30 wayupnorth: Credentials or knowledge

00:30 pgeorge: a "paper" that has some credibility behind it

00:30 wayupnorth: Credentials or ability

00:30 pgeorge: respected as a credible institution

00:31 pgeorge: they had doctorates like that at UMass-Amherst back in the 70's :-) create your own degree

00:31 pgeorge: very progressive at that time

00:31 guest-1423: To impress, you'll need a good digital "footprint" digital id, whatever. You'll need to provide evidence of what you know and can do. This goes beyond just the degree.

00:32 wayupnorth: @benjamin - agree on evidence

00:33 pgeorge: a lot of universities aren't there yet re digital footprint necessity or even digital evidence of ability--still looking for the traditional credentials-teaching, writing, publishing, research

00:33 guest-1423: Very happy with Northcentral's doctoral program (100% online). :)

00:34 pgeorge: great to know Benjamin!

00:34 guest-1423: @pgeorge, absolutely

00:34 pgeorge: I never thought of paying a mentor during my doctorate...

00:34 guest-1430: ... and just to clarify ... both my Masters and PhD were 100% at a distance ... :)

00:34 guest-1423: Same here...

00:34 pgeorge: mine were f2f but online wasn't an option at that time

00:36 pgeorge: hahaha!!! change11

00:36 pgeorge: blushing even shows up in hangout :-)

00:36 guest-1421: http://edgex.in

00:37 Jeff: Howard Rheingold session: http://jefflebow.net/node/277

00:37 pgeorge: and I understand Sharon Peters is moving to India

00:37 wayupnorth: is this on-line?

00:38 pgeorge: is what online?

00:38 wayupnorth: Is Edge X on-line - will we be able to view it?

00:38 wayupnorth: or join in harassing Dave:)

00:39 guest-1418: Sharon is moving to India, yes.

00:39 pgeorge: probably not--all those "big name" people :-)

00:39 guest-1423: Here's the schedule: http://edgex.in/schedule.html

00:39 wayupnorth: I want a video version of Dave's book - just won't be the same without facial expressions

00:39 pgeorge: pretty awesome lineup of speakers!

00:40 pgeorge: funny wayupnorth!

00:42 pgeorge: I like the way Wes Fryer wrote his Playing with Media book with all of the multimedia as part of the ePub

00:42 guest-1421: i don't know if edgex is going to be online... still waiting for details

00:43 pgeorge: keep us posted Dave. Would love to see some of it!

00:44 guest-1418: Columbus Document: Edtechtalk policies and standards http://www.edtechtalk.com/node/1492

00:44 pgeorge: I agree with your interpretation Jeff. Civil discourse

00:45 guest-1430: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/15/opinion/sunday/the-rise-of-the-new-gro...

00:46 pgeorge: yes about 9 minutes off with time stamps

00:46 wayupnorth: 18:54

00:46 pgeorge: Jeff you should tell about the PechaFlickr session this morning. It was so much fun!

00:46 wayupnorth: are you talking about EdTech chat or Hangouts?

00:46 pgeorge: I love the new chat room!!

00:47 dave: now i iz manager

00:47 pgeorge: can type, copy/paste urls, click on links!

00:47 guest-1423: signing off, thanks everyone.

00:47 pgeorge: totally awesome stuff going on with EVonline

00:47 dave: n

00:47 dave: cheers

00:47 pgeorge: can even copy/paste the chat :-) huge improvements!

00:48 pgeorge: a link dump show would be fun

00:48 pgeorge: great to have you back!

00:49 pgeorge: I like that idea Jen--magical vs messy

00:49 pgeorge: :-)

00:49 guest-1437: Miss the link dump shows

00:49 pgeorge: I do too Sue

00:49 pgeorge: you can do better with the title...

00:49 wayupnorth: I have a question about livestream - do I have to use Procaster to stream my desktop?

00:50 wayupnorth: Can magical be planned?

00:50 pgeorge: I think Procaster is the latest tool for Livestream

00:50 pgeorge: can't wait to participate in educonphilly virtually!

00:51 pgeorge: they know how to stream and still keep conversations authentic

00:51 pgeorge: some presenters do better with engaging the online audience than others

00:51 wayupnorth: That's a definite skill to develop

00:51 pgeorge: procaster

00:51 guest-1430: @way ... magical can't be planned (probably), but planning for what to do to when things get messy is probably a good idea :)

00:52 wayupnorth: all I could find in studio was webcam or video

00:52 pgeorge: really enjoyed the conversation tonight :-)

00:52 wayupnorth: some day I may get the courage to join a hangout again

00:52 pgeorge: I think it says Livestream is using Procaster

00:53 Jeff: Open Hangout Begins - Hangout at: https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/b895737b0c106e407c3c107f54b506273...

00:53 Jeff: Please feel free to join in

00:53 pgeorge: http://www.livestream.com/platform/procaster

00:53 pgeorge: thanks Jeff

00:54 pgeorge: :-)

00:54 pgeorge: hahaha

00:54 pgeorge: he's a busy man

00:54 pgeorge: talk about what

00:55 pgeorge: inspirational talk?

00:55 pgeorge: will there be a technology focus John?

00:55 pgeorge: I agree about Alec

00:56 pgeorge: I thought Dave Truss did an outstanding video presentation for K12 Online re Transforming Education

00:57 pgeorge: right-don't focus on tools but just wondered about the kind of inspiration you were thinking of

00:57 wayupnorth: Thanks all - gotta run

00:57 pgeorge: Alvin Trusty is great

00:58 pgeorge: do you want a faculty member (higher ed)?

00:59 pgeorge: but you want someone giving a new message and not one they've given for years

00:59 pgeorge: I think Joyce Valenza does some great presentations

01:00 pgeorge: hahahaha

01:01 pgeorge: yes Edmodo is really growing in popularity among educators

01:01 guest-1418: Joyce is a goddess among my media specialists.

01:01 pgeorge: especially with education gamification

01:01 pgeorge: some great professional groups on Edmodo now

01:01 Jeff: http://coursekit.com/

01:01 pgeorge: me too John!

01:02 pgeorge: Pearson is supporting partial funding of Ning networks for educators

01:02 pgeorge: Blackboard has a long way to go to embrace openness

01:03 pgeorge: great comment--cold here, can't fool around...

01:03 pgeorge: dead birds are not as bad as dead mice :-)

01:03 pgeorge: funny!

01:04 pgeorge: the things you'll do to sell your house!

01:04 pgeorge: very creative marketing Dave

01:05 pgeorge: Pearson textbooks are incredible expensive!!

01:05 pgeorge: I agree Jeff!!

01:06 pgeorge: Jeff are you late for your next gig?

01:06 Jeff: This is the next gig

01:06 pgeorge: aha :-)

01:06 Jeff: just waiting for more folks to join

01:06 Jeff: https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/b895737b0c106e407c3c107f54b506273...

01:06 pgeorge: laughing hysterically! 1 tweet per chapter

01:07 pgeorge: bye everyone!

01:07 Jeff: Join in Peggy

01:07 pgeorge: :-)

01:07 pgeorge: no more questions...

01:08 pgeorge: I love the integration of hangout and livestream but the biggest problem is getting the chat going in both of them

01:08 pgeorge: always problems with Teachers Teaching Teachers

01:09 pgeorge: betting both sides of the conversation talking to each other (ETT and Hangout)

01:10 pgeorge: have you check out anymeeting? lots of possibilities

01:11 pgeorge: busan instead of pusan?

01:11 Jeff: yep

01:12 Jeff: http://www.bufs.ac.kr/

01:12 Jeff: http://pufsttp2011.blogspot.com/

01:13 guest-1430: http://dsink.com/

01:13 pgeorge: I wish the curriculum design ETT show would come back--loved it

01:13 Jeff: I agree

01:15 pgeorge: sounds like some of the work that Ken Blanchard does

01:15 pgeorge: Training Magazine Network has some great webinars for corporate-orientated issues

01:16 pgeorge: good rationale Jen

01:17 pgeorge: Jeff, what kind of time is required for post-production of these sessions? Is it recorded simultaneously and posted instantly?

01:17 Jeff: Hangout at: https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/b895737b0c106e407c3c107f54b506273...

01:17 pgeorge: everyone is doing their EVO homework :-)

01:18 pgeorge: they are great! I go to many of them and they often have 150-200 people in their free webinars

01:19 pgeorge: professional liability insurance--never thought of that...

01:19 pgeorge: is it just for materials things or controversial topics?

01:19 pgeorge: I'm retired :-)

01:19 pgeorge: I have time to do these things

01:19 pgeorge: yes

01:20 pgeorge: I participate in lots of webinars and virtual conferences if they are free :-)

01:20 pgeorge: teacher associations always provide liability insurance for teachers

01:20 guest-1430: http://www.ftj.com/ISPI

01:21 pgeorge: thanks for the link

01:22 pgeorge: hate the idea that we need liability ins urance as educators

01:22 pgeorge: student teachers thinks they need it

01:22 pgeorge: they get it through student membership in NEA in the US

01:23 pgeorge: I love my new Kindle Fire :-)

01:23 pgeorge: me too Jen except when it goes wild

01:24 pgeorge: can you put the data in the cloud?

01:25 pgeorge: removed something improperly?

01:25 pgeorge: stopping in the middle can cause problems

01:26 pgeorge: hahaha

01:26 pgeorge: still may give you an error message even if it doesn't cause problems

01:26 pgeorge: so true Jeff

01:26 guest-1439: BTW... Does anyone else feel this is a problem http://bit.ly/Aj4zj2.

01:26 pgeorge: look at that

01:27 pgeorge: nice office :-)

01:27 pgeorge: hello to nina too

01:28 Jeff: Please feel free to join hangout. It's at: https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/b895737b0c106e407c3c107f54b506273...

01:28 pgeorge: I should be doing my EVO homework--signed up for multiliteracies course with Vance

01:28 pgeorge: do you cook Jeff?

01:29 pgeorge: tell me :-)

01:29 pgeorge: love that story!

01:29 pgeorge: hi Vance! I just dropped your name...

01:29 pgeorge: Vance always has the greatest smile!

01:29 pgeorge: I'm EVO

01:30 pgeorge: we've talked about other things too!

01:30 guest-1439: K ...not coo

01:31 guest-1439: ..not cool ... I'm bailing have a nice non Ed tech chat

01:31 pgeorge: Tell Vance I promise I'll get going on my homework for multiliteracies :-) joined a bunch of stuff and read intros but have to write my own

01:31 pgeorge: you missed the ed tech chat earlier--sorry

01:32 pgeorge: vance is still frozen

01:32 pgeorge: yes

01:32 pgeorge: why don't people sign in with their real names?

01:32 pgeorge: that's good news Vance

01:33 pgeorge: Vance is leading the multiliteracies EVO course for us :-)

01:33 pgeorge: http://learning2gether.pbworks.com/w/page/32206114/volunteersneeded

01:34 guest-1430: that is title of Jeff's (future book) ... It is all about the conversation!

01:34 pgeorge: the PechaFlickr experience this morning was a fun way to make people feel comfortable on camera

01:35 pgeorge: I thought the IWB session with Barbara Gardner was really interactive and informative

01:36 guest-1430: http://webheadsinaction.org/live

01:36 pgeorge: Vance's camera is still frozen for me

01:36 pgeorge: come to Phoenix Jeff

01:37 pgeorge: you have to go through Phoenix to get to CA or back to NH :-)

01:37 pgeorge: the food is cheap

01:37 pgeorge: Hi Nina

01:38 pgeorge: no we don't

01:38 Jeff: https://plus.google.com/photos/105999634356572746040/albums/567392695819...

01:38 pgeorge: they didn't add any chat

01:40 pgeorge: only message in chat: (18:26:50) 21st c tech rebel (guest-1439): BTW... Does anyone else feel this is a problem http://bit.ly/Aj4zj2.

01:41 pgeorge: the first week for EVO-multiliteracies was a busy one trying to figure everything out

01:41 pgeorge: which session has 500 people?

01:41 Jeff: Digital Tools

01:41 pgeorge: ok

01:42 pgeorge: digests are more manageable but you have to wait an entire day to get the info

01:42 pgeorge: what's the link for digital tools?

01:42 pgeorge: we're not using Edmodo for multiliteracies

01:43 Jeff: http://evosessions.pbworks.com/w/page/48526238/Digital_Tools2012

01:43 pgeorge: thanks

01:44 pgeorge: what did they do with the technology matrix?

01:44 pgeorge: we have a great one in Arizona

01:44 pgeorge: modeled after the Florida technology integration matrix

01:45 pgeorge: this is the AZ Tech integration matrix http://www.azk12.org/tim/index.shtml

01:45 Jeff: http://fcit.usf.edu/matrix/matrix.php

01:45 pgeorge: there are lots of levels of use in the AZ matrix with video examples for each one

01:46 pgeorge: that's the Florida matrix-I like the AZ one better

01:46 pgeorge: look at the AZ matrix--no judgement involved--just ways to grow

01:47 Jeff: http://fcit.usf.edu/matrix/matrix.php

01:47 pgeorge: the fcit link is Florida

01:47 pgeorge: the azk12 matrix is Arizona

01:47 pgeorge: the matrix isn't prescriptive or judgemental

01:48 pgeorge: please share the AZ matrix with the other chat :-)

01:48 pgeorge: no not a taxonomy

01:48 pgeorge: no--stages of development

01:49 pgeorge: please look at the AZ matrix--http://www.azk12.org/tim/index.shtml

01:50 pgeorge: we did an entire webinar on it in Classroom 2.0 LIVE and it would help for understanding

01:51 pgeorge: http://live.classroom20.com/1/post/2011/09/arizona-technology-integratio...

01:51 pgeorge: you SHOULDN'T be in one place on the matrix...

01:53 pgeorge: there's a place for both and the synchronous sessions are a bit problematic because of time zones

01:54 pgeorge: it wasn't last night for me :-) early morning

01:54 pgeorge: have a great day Vance

01:54 pgeorge: see you all later-fun night