Women of Web2.0.4 - Discussion with Patsy Lanclos

Women of Web2.0
November 21, 2006
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This show features a guest interview with Patsy Lanclos. Sharon was under the weather but Vicki, Cheryl and Jen were in the webcast. Thanks to Patsy for her great comments and vision.  Enjoy!

Next Tuesday a live webcast, you will listen to at 9 PM as a podcast. Enjoy our live report coming to you From Christa McAulliffe Technology Conference, Nashua, NH.

 cheryloakes wow2  getting ready!
 Vicki Davis  Getting ready and I'm excited!
 cheryloakes wow2  streaming dead air right now
 Vicki Davis  Hey Patsy!
 Vicki Davis  Hello.
 Vicki Davis  :D
 planclos  OK - I am here
 Vicki Davis  *meow*
 cheryloakes wow2  nice color
 Vicki Davis  Hello!
 sroseman  Hi Vicki
 cheryloakes wow2  Hi susan, welcom
 sroseman  what time does WOW2 start?
 cheryloakes wow2  at 9 pm est
 sroseman  Hi Cheryl
 sroseman  got it
 Vicki Davis  http://homepage.mac.com/planclos/ Patsy's website
 sroseman  Thanks
 cheryloakes wow2  technology literacy and keyboarding are the focus
 Vicki Davis  Standards Hyperlinks - Texas Standards for Teachers - http://www.sbec.state.tx.us/SBECOnline/standtest/standards/techapp.pdf Standards - http://homepage.mac.com/planclos/pdf/teksk8.pdf
 cheryloakes wow2  best way for keyboarding is teacher taught-patsy
 cheryloakes wow2  hello Pam, welcome
 Vicki Davis  Typershark is good at www.popcap.com
 PamNielson  hello--thanks for the welcome
 srosemAN  Has the skypecast started?
 Vicki Davis  Hello Pam!
 Vicki Davis  Yes, the skypecast has started.
 ahouse  Should young students be allowed to use keboards before keboarding instructions?
 cheryloakes wow2  yes, it is muted right now
 Vicki Davis  We are on channel 1 or you can go to the skypecast and search for women of web 2
 srosemAN  got it
 Vicki Davis  Did you find it sroseman?
 srosemAN  I am on
 cheryloakes wow2  i see you sue in skypecast
 PamNielson  is Skype different than Skypcast?
 cheryloakes wow2  You can listen on skkypecast and when we unmute you can talk.
 Vicki Davis  The skypecast is a way you can listen to a discussion through skype - you can go to skypecasts.skype.com
 cheryloakes wow2  it is the same as channel 1
 PamNielson  is there a delay on Skypecast like there is on channel 1?
 Vicki Davis  Delay?
 cheryloakes wow2  no delay
 Vicki Davis  http://homepage.mac.com/planclos/pdf/teksk8.pdf
 Vicki Davis  The standards.
 Vicki Davis  Here is the diagram
 Vicki Davis  http://homepage.mac.com/planclos/pdf/teks.pdf
 Vicki Davis  We are discussing this chart - http://homepage.mac.com/planclos/pdf/teks.pdf
 Vicki Davis  Welcome newcomers!
 cheryloakes wow2  Hi Maria, are we on for next Tues at Christa?
 maria  you bet!!!
 maria  are you going to be there Monday night
 cheryloakes wow2  great , will find you after yours and our workshops
 charbeck  good evening everyone
 cheryloakes wow2  not mon. nite,
 maria  I might eavesdrop on your workshop - okay?
 cheryloakes wow2  hi charbeck, the skypecast is muted
 cheryloakes wow2  sure
 charbeck  I enjoy listening
 maria  I have to do an extra wrksp on tuesday afternoon
 Vicki Davis  The standards are at http://homepage.mac.com/planclos/pdf/teksk8.pdf
 cheryloakes wow2  okay will catch up thur. afternoon
 cheryloakes wow2  i mean tue afternoon Maria
 maria  got it! can't wait to catch up with you - I'm having fun getting to know a kindergarten teacher from maine - we have plans to video conference between our classes
 Vicki Davis  Hey Chris!
 charbeck  Hi vicky
 cheryloakes wow2  oh, is it leah?
 Vicki Davis  Patsy's info on thes teks is at http://homepage.mac.com/planclos/pdf/teksk8.pdf
 maria  yes
 cheryloakes wow2  oh, great Maria, she is awesome
 charbeck  filter me this filter me that who is afraid of a big black cat!
 Vicki Davis  I control our filter -- Yeah!
 charbeck  You are in the minority
 cheryloakes wow2  i try and open the filter when asked
 Vicki Davis  That is for sure but perhaps it is why my students are doing so much!
 charbeck  I have 2 filters. One is pretty open. I have this on my class machines and teach the kids netequette and how to use these tools.
 charbeck  most blogs are blocked on the strong filter
 charbeck  my filter lets them use blogger
 charbeck  wiki's are not blocked!!!
 Vicki Davis  You are also in the minority!
 charbeck  If they knew how I used the filter access I might get into trouble:-)
 charbeck  Secrets are good
 charbeck  and I have enough evidence to show the benifits of access instead of non access
 Vicki Davis  Access does have its benefits! A better education!
 ysendkathy  What class sizes are you talking about monitoring with out filters?
 Vicki Davis  I have filters I just control them!
 charbeck  try having students create portfolios. as a teacher this is a prime example of digital portfolios
 charbeck  do you want me to leave the skype to let Jen in?
 charbeck  You are the queen of wiki vicki
 cheryloakes wow2  no, our skype is Vicki, me, patsy and the skypecast.
 cheryloakes wow2  chirs you are good.
 cheryloakes wow2  sorry chris, you are fine
 ysendkathy  Can you post a link for one of your students e-portfolios?
 Vicki Davis  http://westwood.wikispaces.com is where I have all of my student wiki work.
 charbeck  not yet they are a work in progress. when they are further along they are yours to view
 JenniferW  I am in -- thanks Cheryl
 Vicki Davis  I want to see them too Chris.
 cheryloakes wow2  okay Jen, I've unmuted you.
 JenniferW  I muted myself -- :) I am on external mike
 cheryloakes wow2  okay, that is fine
 JenniferW  if I need to speak -- grins, I will unmute myself
 charbeck  I plan to include some scribe posts, growing posts that I do at my site and to use asmany 2.0 tools as possible
 cheryloakes wow2  scribe posts are so good
 charbeck  They are just the tip of the iceberg. Ewan was talking on his blog today about mobile math blogging!!
 cheryloakes wow2  i love reading math scribes
 charbeck  I can see the smoke coming out of Darrens Ears already
 JenniferW  what is a math scribe???
 cheryloakes wow2  yes
 Vicki Davis  My kids didn't understand the reason for scribes when they have the wiki. They want to wiki.
 charbeck  He's thinkng about how to use this!!
 JenniferW  afk brb
 charbeck  Scribes are for all to see and leave comments. Blogging is slightly different then wikiing.
 JenniferW  I shall have to investigate this -- thanks
 charbeck  wikkiing is more collaberative. Blogging is more solitary
 Vicki Davis  Questions for Patsy?
 JenniferW  lol -- I think Will Richardson's blog would have to disagree with that statement. He has up to 25 comments sometimes -- and then comments on comments
 charbeck  There are creative restricitons in comments.
 JenniferW  I think of moderating comments as proof-reading work before sending it in as a final grade
 JenniferW  you aren't watching content as much as spelling, writing style, grammar, etc
 charbeck  Don't get me wrong. I love blogging. It is really all I know. I am just starting wikiing. What I meant was it is hard for group projects to take place where all kids have input to a post. Wiki's give them that ability
 JenniferW  charbeck -- personally for students I enjoy wiki's better.
 JenniferW  My blog is personal -- not student based
 cheryloakes wow2  interesting, was this because they blogged first chris?
 ysendkathy  I use my ipod to study too.
 ysendkathy  I agree with Cheryl
 charbeck  Yeah. I just leared about wiki's and how to use them during k12
 JenniferW  hi SendKathy -- wasn't it just a week ago we were in GA???
 cheryloakes wow2  oh, great to hear of k12 still
 ysendkathy  I'm sorry I also agree with Vicki!
 ysendkathy  Hi Jen, Yes I gave you a lift!
 JenniferW  yup--- and guess who was at our Hotel???? Will R!
 Vicki Davis  Questions?
 ahouse  What is a memory key?
 charbeck  When night freefalls Dec. 2nd K12 will never end!! It is a blog club
 ysendkathy  I can't believe it! What a great coincidence.
 JenniferW  unfortunately -- I found out the NEXT day
 cheryloakes wow2  oh, i hadn't heard about 12/2 and I am taking it for credit
 ysendkathy  Did you hang out?
 JenniferW  we chatted on Thursday AM for a bit
 ysendkathy  Did you blog about it?
 JenniferW  Leslie Fisher showed it off at GAETCX
 JenniferW  GAETC
 JenniferW  they have them at Office Depot and Office Max too
 JenniferW  they are promoting them as a place to use your EXTRA memory
 charbeck  Here is the 121/2 date http://k12online.wikispaces.com/Freefalling+Blog+Club+First+Date
 maria  is the study about iPods/mp3 players in the hands of students available on line anywhere
 charbeck  12/2 i mean
 JenniferW  am I unmuted???
 cheryloakes wow2  it is Duke university, maria
 cheryloakes wow2  jen y ou are unmuted, but I just lost the whole skypecast, hang in
 JenniferW  okay -- I won't interrupt yet :)
 cheryloakes wow2  I am going to unmute the whole skypecast, but may mute people if their sound it really loud.
 cheryloakes wow2  so if you don't want to talk, please mute yourself.
 Vicki Davis  Any questions?
 charbeck  I have started PLN's with some of my students. They created bloglines accounts. Clarence Fisher had a good post on Remote Access about his PLN conferences with his students
 srosemAN  WOW
 Vicki Davis  Hey Jen!
 charbeck  There always is one in every skypecast
 Vicki Davis  Always!
 Vicki Davis  Oh, Julio!
 charbeck  lol
 Vicki Davis  :D
 Vicki Davis  Any other questions?
 JenniferW  LOL -- well since I am single -- perhaps I should look for a MenofWeb2 :)
 Vicki Davis  We hear you?
 Vicki Davis  I lied -- I wanted to get rid of him?
 Vicki Davis  Do we need to bring him back for an intro?
 JenniferW  We met Kathy in GA
 JenniferW  LOL -- no thank you
 Vicki Davis  Come on, Jen. He MIGHT be nice!
 JenniferW  thank you -- but no
 Vicki Davis  NOT!
 JenniferW  driving through HORRID traffic to get here
 Vicki Davis  He's back, Jen, here is your chance!
 charbeck  You all get around!! So many conferences so many visits.
 Vicki Davis  Cheryl is a VIP!
 maria  are the WOW2.0 webcasts available as podcasts?
 maria  yippee!
 cheryloakes wow2  yes they are podcasts, women of web2.com
 Vicki Davis  www.womenofweb2.com
 Vicki Davis  Cheryl is great!
 maria  thanks
 cheryloakes wow2  thank y ou vicki
 charbeck  This is a great tuesday night listen
 cheryloakes wow2  Thanks to all our great guests! questions and comments!
 Vicki Davis  Chris, you are always great to have as a participant!
 cheryloakes wow2  Thanks to yo u Patsy!
 charbeck  WOW gets all the big guns.....
 srosemAN  fabulous guests
 Vicki Davis  Patsy is great!
 cheryloakes wow2  Thanks for all the great comments and support!
 charbeck  No one will go see Leno or Letterman nowlol
 JenniferW  LOL -- I want to get REGIS
 srosemAN  what about AmberMac
 JenniferW  oooohhh that would be cool
 srosemAN  as a guest
 Vicki Davis  Thank you everyone! This has been great!
 JenniferW  I shall write her
 Vicki Davis  I want Thomas Friedman!
 JenniferW  LOL -- not ready to go there yet
 charbeck  Think BIG
 ysendkathy  Looking forward to more!
 Vicki Davis  Who wouldl you suggest Chris?
 charbeck  DArren!
 JenniferW  DARREN -- for sure
 Vicki Davis  Yes!
 JenniferW  I should have thought of him
 cheryloakes wow2  I think darren is a great one
 JenniferW  I shall email him right away
 Vicki Davis  We need to get Darren Kuropatwa!
 Vicki Davis  How about Jeff Utecht and I'd like Jo McClay too!
 charbeck  Get him to talk about assessment. He is really working hard on that
 JenniferW  I shall get Darren first
 PamNielson  how about Dan Schmit for podcasting
 cheryloakes wow2  yes, Dan S. is a great idea, Jen are you getting this?
 charbeck  Some Aussies too. Graham W is a good listen and he can bring a Down under connection
 JenniferW  I can get Graham -- no problem on that one
 Vicki Davis  Jo mClay and Graham would be good in Australia!
 charbeck  I love the stuff they are doing there
 JenniferW  I shall enjoy hearing about it
 srosemAN  SecondLife yess
 cheryloakes wow2  second life Yahoo
 ysendkathy  I want to join the 2nd life educators
 cheryloakes wow2  sure
 PamNielson  I want to know more...
 charbeck  no I don't want to do it alone
 JenniferW  LOL -- I will be on the outside to welcome you back home
 Vicki Davis  [email protected]
 cheryloakes wow2  I am in with k-12
 ysendkathy  Good deal!
 cheryloakes wow2  blizzard oates
 srosemAN  Sue Afferdita
 cheryloakes wow2  ok Sue, I'll add you
 ysendkathy  What kind of card do they suggest?
 srosemAN  we were together last Sunday, Cheryl at SecondLife
 charbeck  Oh to have a mac
 cheryloakes wow2  ok, yes, it was interesting, but I didn't get teleported at the right time
 cheryloakes wow2  I have a mac
 ysendkathy  How old is your mac?
 charbeck  I will have a mini mac soon
 cheryloakes wow2  I have a macbook 3 mo. old
 charbeck  It is the size of a book
 PamNielson  I have a MacBook Pro-1 month old
 PamNielson  love it!
 cheryloakes wow2  do y ou like it pam?
 cheryloakes wow2  me too.
 JenniferW  Pam --- I have a new mac
 PamNielson  having fun with photobooth
 charbeck  Am I muted on your end?
 cheryloakes wow2  yes photo booth is my photo
 cheryloakes wow2  I just unmuted you Chris
 Vicki Davis  Photobooth -- not fair!
 Vicki Davis  Oh, the logitech quick cam that I have does that.
 cheryloakes wow2  oh, chris just lost you, hang in
 charbeck  Alan Levine used that at k12
 srosemAN  kids love it, Photobooth
 ysendkathy  Just go to the mac store and you can try this! Then you can email the image to yourself. Kids put them on their cell phones.
 PamNielson  i'm unoriginal...I was just happy to get a pic with my cat
 Vicki Davis  Logitech Quick Cam - $95 -
 charbeck  so does the mac
 PamNielson  oh! cool!
 PamNielson  yes, but I muted myself
 charbeck  I have too many windows open
 charbeck  I'm a quick study
 JenniferW  now purple am I
 PamNielson  I unmuted myself, but you can't hear me?
 srosemAN  let's see what colour I am
 Vicki Davis  Good job!
 cheryloakes wow2  love all the colors
 clindsey  Connie Lindsey from Texas
 cheryloakes wow2  hello connie
 Vicki Davis  Hey Connie!
 clindsey  Hi!
 JenniferW  Ahhh -- thanks Connie --
 JenniferW  sorry I called you Cheryl
 clindsey  I am excited to listen in on these conversations
 clindsey  I learn so much each time
 cheryloakes wow2  jen y ou stay inskypecast please
 Vicki Davis  http://slideshare.net/
 Vicki Davis  clindsey - I'm so glad that you are learning! We are too! Where are you located?
 clindsey  A small school west of San Antonio
 cheryloakes wow2  http://www.vyew.com
 cheryloakes wow2  http://www.webhuddle.com
 cheryloakes wow2  http://www.jumpcut.com
 clindsey  It's my first year here, and the filtering issue and lack of access to computers are choking my technology lessons in my English classes
 cheryloakes wow2  sorry about that, it is tough managing filters
 Vicki Davis  We're using evoca.com to embed our messages in wiki.
 JenniferW  I think YackPack got hit hard
 JenniferW  and is working hard to improve server space
 JenniferW  is that the right link for jumpcut??? red on the bottom with white on top with people like mixing music
 PamNielson  I got to jumpcut using that link
 Vicki Davis  Teacher Comfort level!
 Vicki Davis  That is very important!
 Vicki Davis  Oh, look at all the pretty colors!
 JenniferW  okay -- I will play with it later
 srosemAN  teachers need the time to play and explore
 JenniferW  I like that there isn't just ONE correct tool --
 JenniferW  that there are so many possibilities
 Vicki Davis  yes! That is true!
 ysendkathy  That's great! I still have two old computers myself along with my laptops and they are very stable with the 2.0 stuff
 Vicki Davis  That is how I got into things with OLD computers!
 ysendkathy  What are the issues you run into with Myspace?
 cheryloakes wow2  some bullying
 ysendkathy  All our HS kids have migrated to facebook.
 srosemAN  what about Facebook
 cheryloakes wow2  i think there will be others surfacing too
 Vicki Davis  Facebook requires that you have a school e-mail address so many high schoolers can't get it.
 Vicki Davis  I think 2nd life is going to be the next myspace.
 ysendkathy  Oh yeh, they will keep migrating to avoid parents
 ysendkathy  No facebook is open now
 Vicki Davis  Parents need to be involved with their kids online.
 cheryloakes wow2  right, but parents need to be engaged intheir kids online presence
 ysendkathy  True
 ysendkathy  Good
 srosemAN  post show notes
 cheryloakes wow2  I agree
 Vicki Davis  I didn't even know what it was a month a go.
 Vicki Davis  Y'all have been great!
 maria  good everyone - see you next week Cheryl
 srosemAN  I am teaching kindergarten tomorrow..better go
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks to all for hanging with us
 cheryloakes wow2  see you Tue. and Wed. maria
 maria  good night- oops
 Vicki Davis  Me too! Everything has been great tonight!
 Vicki Davis  Nighty Night!
 cheryloakes wow2  have a great kindergarten day Susan
 cheryloakes wow2  Happy Thanksgiving to all!
 srosemAN  Thanks all
 Vicki Davis  Goodnight!
 ysendkathy  bye all
 PamNielson  Thanks to all and happy holidays!
 Vicki Davis  Happy Holidays! I'm so excited it was wonderful!
 charbeck  Thank you everyone.
 JenniferW  good night
 JenniferW  God bless and Happy Thursday -- regardless of where you are
 charbeck  It was fun (new colour)
 clindsey  Thanks for letting me listen in!
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