2011-05-05 Seedlings Show 114 with Miranda Adams

Post-Show description: 

Join us as we get all the details about Miranda Adams, 3rd grade teacher from Jesep Elementary School, Jesep, GA. She started blogging one year ago and has changed the landscape at her school with her inclusive community for parents. She can put a blog post about requesting something for the classroom and the results are astounding! One little change has meant so much for her students.

We share many links throughout, so listen and follow along in the chat.

The Chat: 

19:25:06  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Welcome to Seedlings

 19:27:41  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Hello Miranda

 19:28:01  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: Hey yall!

 19:30:52  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: Hi everyone!

 19:30:57  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: Hey!

 19:31:33  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: Great to be joining you this afternoon. It's so hot in Phoenix right now!! 102 degrees on my patio in the shade!

 19:31:34  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Welcome Peggy

 19:31:43  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: Holy COW!

 19:31:58  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: WE are going to have a freeze here tonight... Wiow!

 19:31:59  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: Can't wait to hear your stories Miranda!

 19:32:20  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: :) I'm so excited!

 19:32:59  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: hearing your audio now :-)

 19:33:10  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: Happy Cinco de Mayo!! Big celebration in AZ

 19:33:15  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Peggy,  just got going

 19:33:39  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: I once lived in Georga--long time ago--Warner Robbins at the AFB

 19:33:57  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: I have friends in Warner Robbins!

 19:34:08  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: Welcome Miranda!

 19:34:16  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: Thank you so much Peggy.

 19:34:36  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: Cheryl just posts snow pictures :-)

 19:34:41  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: and I love them!!

 19:35:27  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: Vicki is the first person I started following years ago and she responded and encouraged me. The rest is history!

 19:35:39  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: She is AWESOME and so encouraging!

 19:35:45  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: she definitely is!!

 19:35:50  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: She is so great for getting new people on board!

 19:36:04  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: she makes everyone feel important and valued!!

 19:36:26  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: too funny!! can't be too careful!

 19:36:27  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: and I don't know how, but she always replies to every email.

 19:36:55  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: my ipod is FULL of podcasts from EdTechTalk!

 19:37:43  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: and the link to her website??? :-)

 19:37:50  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Welcome to Miranda!

 19:38:19  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: you'll be famous now Miranda--more famous!!

 19:38:42  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: http://mrsadamsthirdgradeclass.blogspot.com/

 19:38:51  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Wow That's interesting how many students have technology

 19:39:23  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Changing to orange tonight

 19:39:24  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: Peggy you're gonna make me nervous, naw just kidding! =0)

 19:39:33  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: big lag between the audio and the chat :-) your technology comment came well before her comment in the audio

 19:39:51  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: oh,

 19:40:03  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Whoops! Sorry Forgot 

 19:40:05  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: what a beautiful, well organized web page!! Love seeing the glog right there AND the QR code!! amazing!

 19:40:40  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: that confirms the results of the Project Tomorrow surveys!

 19:40:42  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: What a wonderful blog! 

 19:40:52  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: more students have access to technology than teachers think

 19:40:59  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Yes, Project Tomorrow is really important

 19:41:30  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: I'd love to hear why Miranda chose blogspot.com for her website :-)

 19:41:45  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Good question

 19:41:46  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: I agree Alice!

 19:42:07  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: what parent wouldn't love to check in to the site every day!!

 19:42:15  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Great point, with blended families this really helps.

 19:42:28  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: just a few page views... 8964!!!! wow!

 19:42:36  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: bet there are some grandparents viewing it too!

 19:42:42  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Isn't that amazing, almost 9,000!

 19:43:37  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: love the enthusiasm and willingness to take risks!!

 19:44:04  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: I'm assuming that blogspot isn't blocked at school??

 19:44:45  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: no ma'am it's open

 19:44:55  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: wonderful!!!

 19:45:28  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: http://learningissweet.blogspot.com

 19:45:30  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: I really love the message/widget "remember every day matters"--what an important message all year long but especially right now at the end of the school year

 19:45:54  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: never thought of that dilemma when a teacher changes grade levels

 19:46:07  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: wonderful!! Learning is Sweet!

 19:46:36  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: will you be co-teaching with your inclusion teacher? 

 19:47:06  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: way to go!!! she's willing though scared and you will definitely be able to guide her

 19:47:32  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: yes ma'am I plan on using her to the fullest of her ability too!

 19:48:10  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: I especially like the co-teaching model for inclusion students so they aren't always pulled to the back of the room to work with "their" teacher

 19:48:23  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: there is nothing like modeling to encourage blogging

 19:48:36  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: parents will spread the word and ask for it :-)

 19:50:27  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: I think it is extremely beneficial to the kids as well. I hope so.

 19:50:56  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: we just had Steve Farber as our co-keynote speaker at our virtual tech conference on Saturday and he wrote the book "Greater Than Yourself". He challenged us all to begin a "greater than yourself" project because truly great leaders cause others to be greater than themselves.

 19:51:10  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: GREAT quote

 19:51:29  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: he told about schools that are doing the GTY project with students too

 19:51:51  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: leaders become great when they make others greater than themselves. Loved that message

 19:52:16  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: Welcome Sherry MacInnes :-)

 19:52:30  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Hi Cherrie! Yea!

 19:52:40  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: Thanks for the correct spelling!

 19:52:49  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Welcome!

 19:53:00  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: This is cool the connections!

 19:53:04  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: twitter is so fabulous for asking colleagues to respond to blog posts! so is Plurk!

 19:53:33  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Digital Wish Foundation

 19:53:51  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: I agree Peggy. I am always amazed that the answers are there.

 19:54:02  MacInnes -> EdTechTalk: This is great

 19:54:23  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: That is awesome! I need that!

 19:54:40  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: some of our local teachers have used Digital Wish and got important things for their classroom

 19:55:07  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: I have done Donors Choose and Adopt a Class and haven't heard a word

 19:55:23  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Oh, sure, Adopt a Class!! that is a good one.

 19:55:24  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: I think that's true everywhere!

 19:56:04  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: I know some teachers that just posted their needs/wishes on twitter and facebook and got responses for funds from parents and others.

 19:56:32  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: one of my friends in NC funded a Smartboard for her classroom that way--also posted it on her classroom website

 19:58:13  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: the grantwrangler also has great tips for getting funding for technology

 19:58:31  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: http://grantwrangler.com/

 19:59:15  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: Right now there is a grant opportunity for "Parent Group of the Year 2011" where the prizes and cash go for parent groups to use toward their schools

 19:59:26  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: they have some excellent tips on that site about writing grants

 19:59:51  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: That's and interesting idea Peggy. How did they come up with parent group?

 20:00:35  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: You're awesome Peggy!!! Completely ROCKIN!!

 20:00:53  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: :) Love this!

 20:00:54  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: http://www.grantwrangler.com/GrantManager/templates/?a=368&z=4  that's the link--sponsored by PTO Today and World's Finest Chocolates :-)

 20:01:24  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: one of my online friends tweeted that she wanted to to purchase Kindle books for her library and created a paypal button and got 12 new books in a day or two. I couldn't resist donating to that one!

 20:01:42  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: that was Buffy Hamilton and I think she's in Georgia too!! :-)

 20:02:41  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: she has over 5000 followers on Twitter so you know her messages reach a lot of people :-)

 20:02:59  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Wow that's amazing Peggy. And with Twitter as a partner, could be a no brianer

 20:03:04  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: brainer

 20:03:17  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: she is a media specialist in Canton, GA and an incredible educator!!

 20:03:42  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: http://theunquietlibrarian.wordpress.com/

 20:04:52  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: wonder how long it will take schools to adopt and implement the national technology plan??

 20:05:03  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: the sooner the better.

 20:05:16  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: So right Miranda

 20:05:43  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: http://udltechtoolkit.wikispaces.com/  this is my favorite resources for UDL!

 20:06:21  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: it was created by Karen Janowski and Joyce Valenza--two fabulous educators to follow on Twitter!

 20:06:57  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: we had Karen Janowski on our Classroom 2.0 LIVE show a couple of months ago and the recording of her presentation is well worth listening to!

 20:07:11  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Great resources thanks Peggy

 20:08:00  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: http://live.classroom20.com/1/category/karenjanowski/1.html  she talks about "reaching all learners" and not focusing on special ed students

 20:08:37  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: I love that!!! that's your local PLN!!!

 20:08:38  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: WE have actually gotten rid of Special Ed. Now called Instructional Support

 20:09:30  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: that's one thing about teaching--we often don't hear the kudos until years later when the kids come back to tell us what a difference we made in their lives

 20:09:41  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: So right Peggy

 20:09:45  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: nice term Alice!! much better!

 20:09:50  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: Michael Horne?

 20:09:55  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: yes Peggy, you bet, I imagine you are still hearing things.

 20:10:14  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: actually yes :-) from students, teachers and parents!! and I'll never get tired of it!

 20:10:25  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Facebook has been great for that!

 20:10:40  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Have heard from students we taught overseas

 20:10:55  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: yes facebook is such a great way to connect with former students and teachers

 20:11:26  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: do you have to meet highly qualified criteria to teach math/science in 4th grade Miranda?

 20:11:47  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: that's exactly what Harry Wong says!! steal everything I have!

 20:12:09  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: thanks Peggy, for great comments

 20:12:11  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: twitter is only as good as the people you follow :-)

 20:12:24  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: yes, peggy, finding a good network

 20:12:25  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: Being a certified p-5 educator in Georgia makes me highly qualified, or so they tell me...

 20:13:03  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: in AZ if you teach specific subjects such as math or science in a separate class you need to be highly qualified.

 20:13:28  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: using Google Reader is an awesome way to learn what others are doing, thinking about!

 20:13:42  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: peggy will you be at ISTE?

 20:13:49  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: I can't wait for ISTE 2011!! 

 20:13:52  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: I think Twitter and Google reader are great partners

 20:13:53  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: yes I'll be there!

 20:14:05  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Yea! Peggy!

 20:14:29  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: I always go in time to go to Edubloggercon on Saturday because that is such a great way to start the conference in a smaller group of awesome ed leaders!

 20:14:52  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: isn't that exciting Miranda??!!

 20:15:09  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: I am SOOO excited!!

 20:15:25  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: Cheryl used to co-host the Women of the Web webcast with Vicki Davis!! That is where I first discovered EdTechTalk!!

 20:16:28  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: I was scared to death of posting anything on twitter, facebook!! took me a long time to feel confident and comfortable and it was very gradual. But now I couldn't live without the connections I have on both

 20:16:32  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: http://education.skype.com/

 20:16:38  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: yes!!! Skype for Educators!!

 20:17:14  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: there are other groups that have been created to connect educators on Skype but now Skype has officially recognized the need with the creation of their group

 20:17:40  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: absolutely!! epals is a very safe way to connect!

 20:17:56  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: also many teachers are using Edmodo with their students to find classes to connect with

 20:17:59  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: You may want to check Edmodo for a paperless classroom.

 20:18:23  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: edu.glogster.com is also amazing!

 20:18:24  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: we just had a great Skype presentation at our conference on Sat. about using Skype in the classroom with lots of links and resources for finding classes to connect with

 20:18:33  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: I love Glogster!!!

 20:18:49  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: great recommendation Cheryl!

 20:19:32  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: you're sharing all of your great resources and you haven't even gotten to Geek of the Week!! 

 20:19:43  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: I love how willing you are to try new things !

 20:19:53  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: I know, this is great!

 20:20:03  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: there are some great Livebinders that compile excellent examples of glogs from teachers

 20:21:39  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Take a look at Sylvia Tolisanos blog LangWitches. Great Skype tips

 20:22:19  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: http://livebinders.com/edit?id=65930 there are some nice examples of glogs on this Livebinder by Irene Kistler

 20:22:24  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: http://www.grantwrangler ¬?¬?¬? =368&z=4

 20:22:33  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: http://langwitches.org/blog/

 20:22:44  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Whoops meant to do Langwitches

 20:22:56  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: Silvia Tolisano is a fabulous resource for skype tips--provides excellent rationale to use with parents about the value of Skype

 20:24:19  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: Khan Academy

 20:24:45  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: edu.glogster.com

 20:24:47  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: http://edu.glogster,com

 20:24:53  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: khanacademy.org

 20:24:54  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: https://sites.google.com/site/seedstosuccesswithskype/home some great skype resources here from Paula Naugle and Jan Wells and they provide links to some of Silvia Tolisano's stuff like her jobs video and chart

 20:25:06  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: Khan Academy is loaded with resources

 20:25:17  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: http://www.khanacademy.org/

 20:25:30  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: lots of math tutorials

 20:26:04  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: great help for parents who don't know how to help their kids at home :-)

 20:26:05  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: epals.com

 20:26:20  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: education.skype.com

 20:26:26  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: http://www.angelamaiers.com/2011/04/iowa-one-to-one-conference-web-2-0-s...

 20:26:53  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: Lisa Parisi has created some great mathcasts with her 5th graders that are interactive math tutorials

 20:27:03  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: http://www.ifitweremyhome.com/index/AU

 20:27:13  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: woo hoo!!!! Angela was our keynote speaker on Saturday!

 20:27:39  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: we had a smackdown at our conference too--all virtual on Elluminate :-)

 20:27:44  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: http://tagul.com/

 20:27:47  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: I can't wait to check out the sites!!

 20:27:50  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: so sorry to hear Bob is sick!

 20:28:16  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: that looks like a great site!

 20:28:22  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: http://www.readthewords.com/TestTeachers.aspx

 20:28:38  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: tagul was shared in our smackdown too!! it's great!

 20:29:09  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: http://www.tagxedo.com/  this is another great site similar to wordle

 20:29:21  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: http://prezi.com/

 20:29:36  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: isn't that such a great site??!! ReadtheWords!! :-)

 20:30:06  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: prezi is wonderful!! brings out your creativity and gets rid of bullet points :-)

 20:30:34  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: I am so excited about all that I have learned!

 20:30:47  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: this whole session has been a smackdown!!! what fun!!!

 20:30:55  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: thanks and see you next week

 20:31:04  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: you are such an inspiration Miranda!!!

 20:31:16  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: Thank you Peggy, I truly enjoyed it.

 20:31:18  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: So great to hear from you too Cherri!

 20:31:26  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Attipscast, Chris Bugaj

 20:31:29  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: Cherri, you rock!

 20:31:45  MacInnes -> EdTechTalk: thanks Miranda...I'm so lucky to have met you!

 20:31:49  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: now we're all jazzed up and inspired to explore new things!

 20:31:52  MacInnes -> EdTechTalk: I'd like to see your blog

 20:32:08  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: AT Tipscast?

 20:32:10  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: http://mrsadamsthirdgradeclass.blogspot.com

 20:32:15  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: that will be wonderful!

 20:32:18  cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: good night.

 20:32:20  alicebarr -> EdTechTalk: Thanks everyone

 20:32:30  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: thank you all for your great sharing!!

 20:32:40  Peggy George -> EdTechTalk: good night all!!

 20:32:47  Miranda Adams -> EdTechTalk: Good night Peggy