Women of Web 2.0, April 17, 2007 Show # 23

Join us, Jen, Vicki, Sharon and Cheryl, as we break ground with an online conversation with teachers in the field and teachers in a doctoral program with Dr. Cheri Toledo, from Illinois State University.This is how experienced teachers are embracing the new technologies.

II.Since many of our listeners are considered "first wave" adopters of new technologies and new web tools, we are very interested in how we can continue bringing more people to this new way of doing business in education. Here are the questions:
a. Do you consider yourself a first wave adopter and why? Where do you get the support to continue trying new things?
b. Do you consider yourself a second wave adopter and why? Where do you get the support to continue trying new things?
c. If you did not have a course requirement to try blogging, wikis, podcasting, Skyping, what things wouldn't you be trying?
d. What is your biggest challenge with all the new Web 2.0 tools?
e. Now that you have tried many new Web 2.0 tools what things will you definately have in your classroom ? What is it that you can't live without?

III. We applaud you and all the great work you are doing! Here is your opportunity to have your questions answered! There is a worldwide audience, so please ask away if you are trying to make connections with other classrooms or projects.

*Jen was unable to be with the show.

Chat Log

   Colleen ->  Hello, which Dawn is this?

   dawn ->  Dawn Peterson

   dawn ->  Hi Colleen

   Colleen ->  Can I skype you to test my sound?

   dawn ->  yes

   CathyE ->  Hello

   CathyE ->  http://www.skrbl.com/

   CathyE ->  http://www.skrbl.com/

   teacher ->  Hi there - Julia here

   CathyE ->  http://www.skrbl.com/

   Maria ->  hi everyone

   teacher ->  tjrayj

   Maria ->  agearrings

   Maria ->  worked for me

   Maria ->  firefox

   teacher ->  I need to switch mics

   Durff ->  Anyone have sound?

   Maria ->  me too!

   CathyE ->  Durff- no Stream?

   Durff ->  Alice, do you have sound?

   Durff ->  nada

   alicemercer ->  I'm seeing

   alicemercer ->  scribble

   alicemercer ->  Yes.

   alicemercer ->  I have no mic, so I can't talk

   Durff ->  coffee awaits......

   alicemercer ->  link to scribble would be nice (sorry, I'm late).

   Linda J ->  http://www.skrbl.com/

   alicemercer ->  I have stream on A

   alicemercer ->  pw?

   Durff ->  ok..

   CathyE ->  Yea Alice- Thanks

   Durff ->  thanks

   CathyE ->  http://www.skrbl.com/

   alicemercer ->  pass?

   CathyE ->  http://www.skrbl.com/

   alicemercer ->  I need a pw

   Durff ->  yes

   Durff ->  but channel A is alway off and on for me

   alicemercer ->  got it

   alicemercer ->  woah, lots of "scribbles"

   Durff ->  password?

   Durff ->  thanks

   alicemercer ->  I don't do cool things like that with my fifth graders!

   CathyE ->  Linda will try anything\

   Durff ->  oh my!

   Durff ->  Fruit of the Spirit?

   alicemercer ->  Bless her heart!

   Maria ->  is anyone hearing  conversations

   teacher ->  Not here

   alicemercer ->  I hear one, Maria, are you on SKYPE and EdTech Stream?

   CathyE ->  Maria- I think I have you in Skype are you running stream?

   Maria ->  i'm not on drugs ...i don't think:D

   CathyE ->  Hello Simon

   SImon ->  Hello

   Simon ->  There, that's better.

   Maria ->  got it - it is still new to me

   alicemercer ->  I can get spelling like that from fifth grader

   alicemercer ->  Gotta love that.

   Simon ->  I had a th grader spell Plato: Playdoh

   alicemercer ->  I see a lot of shugar, whear

   Durff ->  but they are cute in nd grade!

   alicemercer ->  There I go stirring it up, putting up my check

   Durff ->  Shameless plug for Horizon Project that has nothing whatsoever to do with skrbl http://horizonproject.wikispaces.com/Sounding+Board

   alicemercer ->  Mercer?

   alicemercer ->  No.

   alicemercer ->  I will be doing one next Tuesday

   alicemercer ->  We can't get skype though.

   Linda J ->  http://www.skrbl.com/linda%j

   CathyE ->  Alice is there anything we can do to help you?

   Karen ->  What are we discussing this evening?

   Durff ->  link?

   teacher ->  kjrbl  ttp://www.skrbl.com/linda%j

   teacher ->  kjrbl  http://www.skrbl.com/linda%j

   Durff ->  bad link

   Durff ->  thanks

   teacher ->  No problem

   teacher ->  password sound

   CathyE ->  http://www.skrbl.com/linda%j

   Maria ->  what grade level do you teach

   Karen ->  th

   Durff ->  type on modules?

   CathyE ->  Linda (showing skribl) teachers nd

   Karen ->  I'm new to this website.  Can anyone tell me a little bit about it's benefits?

   alicemercer ->  film canister maracas

   CathyE ->  Karen- do you mean EdTEchTalk?

   Durff ->  I keep losing audio....

   CathyE ->  Durff do you want me to Skype you

   alicemercer ->  is there an undo for my actions?

   alicemercer ->  Squirrels are loose in my class.

   alicemercer ->  I wish enough families had computers

   CathyE ->  http://www.skrbl.com/linda%j

   CathyE ->  password sound

   Linda J ->  http://www.skrbl.com/linda%j

   alicemercer ->  Hi I'm Alice, I teach fifth grade in California

   Durff ->  Did she create an account?

   Durff ->  hi alice

   alicemercer ->  hi durff

   Durff ->  i hear you're training

   CathyE ->  Hello Olivia

   alicemercer ->  not tonight next tues

   Durff ->  hi maria

   Durff ->  you, alice, will be phenomenal

   Durff ->  and you will spell it correctly, too

   alicemercer ->  fenomonal

   alicemercer ->  I can hope

   Durff ->  oh..laundry...brb

   alicemercer ->  And you guys are being nice to me considering

   alicemercer ->  I found the erase, and did it

   alicemercer ->  Thanks

   alicemercer ->  I'm erasing

   alicemercer ->  I prefer my real photo...

   CathyE ->   http://www.jaiku.com/

   Olivia Morris ->  Are you guys in my C & I  class?

   alicemercer ->  My Yahoo Avatar is too pretty, with Skype a real picture

   alicemercer ->  keeps teh  yo germans from hitting on me, lol

   Olivia Morris ->  Which icon are you using?

   alicemercer ->  Yahoo has an option for plus size, but it's really not that "plus"

   CathyE ->  http://illustmaker.abi-station.com/index_en.shtml

   alicemercer ->  probably for them

   plucas ->  I am at jaiku...do I join now?

   alicemercer ->  I won

   alicemercer ->  I won't disagree

   alicemercer ->  I like having class pics posted, but they don't have names with them

   Maria ->  We use kidpix to creat our portraits

   alicemercer ->  Whyare we in Jaiku?

   Maria ->  each child has their pic on their blog

   alicemercer ->  Oh, okay

   alicemercer ->  who am I looking for on jaiku?

   CathyE ->  CathyE on Jaiku

   plucas ->  I cannot even get a working screen name...help

   CathyE ->  http://illustmaker.abi-station.com/index_en.shtml

   Olivia Morris ->  Hi Cheri

   CathyE ->  Pam if you have to reboot I'll call you back

   Cheri Toledo WOW guest ->  Hi Olivia

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Cheri--are you already on?

   CathyE ->  If you would like me to Skype you send me your Skype ID

   Cheri Toledo WOW guest ->  yes, checking it out

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Same here. I thought I was just listening so I'm on my PC--to skype, I have to be on my laptop...am I okay on the PC

   Cheri Toledo WOW guest ->  Dea you don't need skype

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Okay. Won't bother you anymore. It will be a great night!

   CathyE ->  You can listen to the stream or I will Skype you

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  I'll just listen and do the chat room.

   Durff ->  what did I miss?

   CathyE ->  http://illustmaker.abi-station.com/index_en.shtml

   CathyE ->  We are creating ourselves

   teacher ->  http://illustmaker.abi-station.com/index_en.shtml is a cool site for creting avatars.  No log ins are required.

   Durff ->  for what can I use this avatar?

   Durff ->  oh, for Skype?

   Durff ->  I'm having way too much fun here!

   Durff ->  Where is the Fun Police?

   alicemercer ->  Miz Mercer

   Durff ->  Bye!

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Justin, does the actual program begin at :?

   Maria ->  my skype name is agearrings if you want to add me

   JustinS ->  Yes, I believe so

   JustinS ->  Do you hear the audio?

   Maria ->  nice pic alice

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Yes

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  You dont?

   alicemercer ->  Thanks, but yours is more interesting

   Maria ->  this was so great everyone

   JustinS ->  No, I can hear it...sounds like they're getting the details ironed out.

   Maria ->  nice to meet you

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Yeah...just setting up

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  I wanted to be sure I got logged on ...last week I had some problems.

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Hi Larry

   Durff ->  Skype?

   Durff ->  Cath?

   Linda J ->  Linda Jernigan

   Durff ->  Mine's u[

   Durff ->  up

   JustinS ->  Did anyone else lose the audio?

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  I did

   Durff ->  Cathy Skype?

   CathyE ->  agearrings

   Olivia Morris ->  I did so I will log out. It has been fun.

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  I'll try the same...log out and log back in

   kmcless ->  Hi!

   JustinS ->  I tried that with no success.

   kmcless ->  Hi there!

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Okay, then I won't.

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Larry, are you seeing me on there?

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Humph

   Durff ->  soon...

   dawn ->  Can anyone get the audio?

   JustinS ->  No, I keep getting an error message when I try to open it.

   dawn ->  I can open it, but it tells me that the file cannot be played because it contains unexpected material

   mollymunsondryer ->  I have the same problem.  It says that material might be corrupt. 

   Colleenwowguest ->  I think it says that because we have not started yet.

   dawn ->  When do we start?

   Kathy wow guest ->  Did I do this right?

   JustinS ->  Hi Karen

   sendkathy ->  It's funny, I thought the user name said wowquest, not wow guest!  I thought, hey, what am I missing?!

   CheriT wow guest ->  hey, a wow quest would be great! I think Cheryl does it every week lol

   sharonp ->  wow, look at the action already!

   Karen D ->  Karen Wow Guest

   sharonp ->  Karen are you the English teacher who is using podcasting?

   Simon ->  Hi Sharon, the Flat Planet Project is under way!

   sharonp ->  so exciting to see all of you with us tonight - think it will be a great show

   Karen D ->  I am the wiki space user in higher ed

   sharonp ->  Simon, I am so excited about your project and have been mentioning it in my presentations at conferences

   sharonp ->  Simon, will be in Mississauga on Friday presenting at a Cdn Assoc of Independent Schools Conferences

   Cheryl- wow ->  setting up in the background be here soon.

   Nalini ->  Hi all.  I just saw the listing of this chat.  I'm coming in late.  greetings from LA.

   Cheryl- wow ->  Hello all, still setting things up in the background for the stream and skype. See you soon.

   Simon ->  Sharon, wow, you'll be next door!

   Simon ->  Wow, never thought I'd be part of the subject of a Conference presentation!

   sharonp ->  yes, will be next door and so thrilled to mention your project

   Simon ->  Sharon, the kids are very excited about the project, it's really amazing how they've taken to it.  I'm pleasently surprised!

   sharonp ->  I find my students are just sooooo engaged when they have this kind of authentic opportunity to communicate with other students in a meaningful project

   Kathy wow guest ->  Hi Patrice!

   Kathy wow guest ->  Hi Julie

   julieschumacher ->  hi!

   Colleenwowguest ->  Hi Patrice - Larry and Kathy say hi

   Kathy wow guest ->  Are you ready for this?

   Cheryl- wow ->  The stream should be up and running in  seconds.

   sharonp ->  this is so exciting, folks!

   Patrice Hess ->  Hi, all!

   sharonp ->  so many of you with us tonight! Welcome!

   JasonR ->  Listening to stream...

   Kathy wow guest ->  Vicky Davis, I am a fan!

   Nalini ->  My husband is at the Nt'l Tutoring Assoc conference in Denver right now.  Anyone here have interests in the subject of tutoring? 

   Simon ->  Hi Vicki! I was just telling Sharon about the Flat Planet Project getting started and how the kids are excited about the project!

   Monica ->  Nalini, what grade level does he tutor?

   JasonR ->  Breathing

   Nalini ->  Bob founded Crossroads of Learning (a portal for tutors) but he's in a doctorate program in education at Fielding.  He hosted a webcast today on peer tutoring and the presenters have set up comprehensive peer tutoring programs on both HS and college levels.  One of the HS principals has over  students now trained as peer tutors.   I thought that was pretty impressive.

   sharonp ->  Sharon is trying to breathe in spite of her head cold

   sharonp ->  that is amazing!!

   Monica ->  oh, college level, too, great!

   Cheryl- wow ->  we have all our guests here.

   Monica ->  how effective is the tutoring?

   Vicki Davis ->  Hello everyone!  What an exciting show.

   Nalini ->  The college folks said that they hoped more high schools would incorporate peer tutoring because it leads to more successful college students.

   sharonp ->  I can believe that!

   Simon ->  Has the stream begun?

   sharonp ->  yes

   Patrice Hess ->  Hi, Colleen!

   Monica ->  one of the challenges I've found is that the students who need the most help don't ask. it's frustrating....maybe having peer tutoring experience before college would help them overcome that.

   JasonR ->  Yes, I am listening to the stream

   Nalini ->  Hi monica -- I guess a lot of people are trying to research that.  Tutoring has been poorly tracked imho.  We have some articles at crossroadsoflearning.com, in the Journal section, but I'm trying to get more now.

   dawn ->  Larry Your a little soft, could you turn up your mic?

   Cheryl- wow ->  hi doug

   DougS ->  Hi Cheryl, and all

   Nalini ->  monica -- yeah.  That's a challenge.  It won't work until the students wants it to.  One good principle is if the tutor makes it their objective to help uncover what is blocking the student from being a self learning.  So, it's not just about getting someone's homework done, but a bigger picture about them as a learner.

   Monica ->  the tutors we've had do not get a lot of experience in that area. I often wonder how much they are really helping....

   sharonp ->  Welcome Chrissy from NZ!

   Monica ->  woohoo!  Dr. T's class rocks! :)

   nzchrissy ->  Hi Sharon  - I made it!

   sharonp ->  Hi Lisa

   CheriT wow guest ->  thanks Monica

   Durff ->  Skype or stream?

   CheriT wow guest ->  Hi all  students

   sharonp ->  stream I think

   Durff ->  hi sharon

   Cheryl- wow ->  www.voicethread.com

   JustinS ->  Hi, Dr. T

   Durff ->  what is voicethread?

   Vicki Davis ->  The Wiki with links tonight is going to be at http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/April+%C+

   Rob ->  hello everyone

   sharonp ->  Cheryl's wow of the week

   DougS ->  Hey Rob

   Monica ->  hey rob!

   mollymunsondryer ->  This is awesome!

   CathyE ->  Hey cindy- gald to see ya

   sharonp ->  one of my wows - http://www.citejournal.org/vol/iss/editorial/article.cfm

   dawnpaulson ->  Hello all! It is good to meet with you and not have to drive!

   Monica ->  voicethread looks to be in beta, fyi

   Cheryl- wow ->  hello all, I will be back chatting soon.

   Durff ->  cool!

   Cindy P ->  Hi Cathy!

   DougS ->  Hi Dawn

   Simon ->  There we go, had to restart

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Voice Threads: That's really cool and I think lots of teaching opportunities

   sharonp ->  http://edorigami.wikispaces.com/Bloom's+and+ICT+tools

   Cheryl- wow ->  doesn't it look great a good collaboration tool

   Cheryl- wow ->  voicethread is a great collaboration tool

   sharonp ->  http://www.fi.uu.nl/wisweb/isdde/

   Vicki Davis ->  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virginia_Tech_Shooting

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Where can we access all of these sites after the show?

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Or rather, how

   Cheryl- wow ->  we have a chat log at edtechtalk, usually up by thursday

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Thanks

   Cheryl- wow ->  hello maria

   Maria ->  hello

   Nalini ->  Watching people get murdered, albiet it on a cell phone transmisison, really has to be desensitizing.

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  I agree...questions, questions...I feel such emotion about all that is happening

   Monica ->  censorship vs sensibility

   Vicki Davis ->  Links at http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/April+%C+

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  I can't imagine seeing it on a cell phone within the very moments

   sharonp ->  Greetings vjansen

   Vicki Davis ->  I'm doing it tonight!

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Yes, Monica!

   sharonp ->  and thanks for your contribution to wow of the weeks

   nzchrissy ->  Go New Zealand

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  But kids don't always have sensibility, of course, neither does national or syndicated news

   sharonp ->  Lee! Welcome! our heart goes out to you and yours in Virginia

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Yeah Cheri

   Lee ->  Thanks Sharon.. we will certainly take all you have

   Lee ->  in thoughts ..many students are expressing lots of emotion

   CheriT wow guest ->  http://coe.ilstu.edu/etip

   Durff ->  Do you really have  people in your chat room? WOW!

   sharonp ->  HI Alex!

   alexr ->  Hi Sharon -- how are you?

   sharonp ->  witless with head cold - when *will* we find a cure for the common cold, but apart from that, very well, thanks!

   Cheryl- wow ->  this is an incredible group in the chat

   alexr ->  amazing...

   Monica ->  we love chaos!  bring it on!

   DougS ->  that's great

   alexr ->  sorry for the cold, sharon -- I have three little ones who are sick.

   Vicki Davis ->  Great group in the chat. 

   Vicki Davis ->  Chaos has a home here!

   sharonp ->  oh, that is much worse!

   alexr ->  at least they are sleeping now:)

   sharonp ->  wikis really rock .... they are sooo flexible .... oooh.... would love to see some of her wikis!

   Monica ->  hi karla!

   vjansen ->  hi sharon

   Vicki Davis ->  Oh, we love wikis!

   sharonp ->  hey there VJ! I think you can glean a lot tonight from the people here

   dawn ->  I see you made it Karla!

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  I am so into wikis....I want to teach teachers how to put them together and engage middle and high school students...Vicki, I see you do that--what do you think is the friendliest wiki?

   Vicki Davis ->  I like wikispaces but I'm biased -- a lot of people like pbwiki too.

   mmiller ->  What do you mean by "first wave" adopter?

   LisaMLane ->  the wiki inside Moodle is fabulous

   Vicki Davis ->  The current wiki project with  countries http://horizonproject.wikispaces.com

   Vicki Davis ->  Sharon is head coach for peer review process.

   Vicki Davis ->  Cheryl and Jen and Lisa (Durff) and many others are involved as advisors.

   mmiller ->  Lisa what makes the wikis in Moodle great?

   sharonp ->  I feel the same as Vicki - have really taken to wikispaces - but know that pbwiki is very well supported by many educators and I know they listen to the input of educators - but wikispaces has also been very accommodating

   Vicki Davis ->  Their course wiki is - http://ci.wikispaces.com/

   Vicki Davis ->  You can't edit but you can view.

   LisaMLane ->  M, so easy to use, easy to track what students do and when, integrated.

   Monica ->  go Bradley U!

   mmiller ->  I tried Moodle wiki today for the first time but ran out of time to finish

   Simon ->  I like wikispaces too!

   Vicki Davis ->  Wikis are great because you can track student participation down to the comma.

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  My problem is trying to convince teachers that they can do this...once they start approaching, I know kids will jump on board!

   LisaMLane ->  I use Moodle's wiki to have students develop their quizzes.

   sharonp ->  that is a cool way to use the moodle wiki!

   Vicki Davis ->  Dea - Let them use it for something that they understand like reporting computer issues or sharing things.

   sharonp ->  technologically flirtatious - I love it! Gotta use that phrase!

   nzchrissy ->  Wikispaces have been very good to us in New Zealand - my class is having a fantastic time with them and connecting with classes around the world

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Great--I always suggest they intrigue students first with something interesting to them, so I just need to intrigue my teachers with their personal interests...loving it! I am so excited about all of this!

   Vicki Davis ->  Drop in any URL's folks that you have in here to share -- don't be modest -- a little link love from our guests!  ;-)

   Vicki Davis ->  I just twittered the term technologically flirtatious -- I had to share it with my buddies!

   sharonp ->  technologically flirtatious and now link love.... what are we coming to?

   CheriT wow guest ->  Kathy Clesson gets the quote :D

   JustinS ->  If we click on a link within the chat will it automatically open in a new tab? It wouldn't let me right click on the link.

   Monica ->  a comparison page between all the popular wikis:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_wiki_software 

   Vicki Davis ->   in chat! Wow!

   CheriT wow guest ->  click on it and it will open a new tab or window

   mollymunsondryer ->  Go Colleen!

   JustinS ->  thanks

   Simon ->  https://flatplanet.wikispaces.com/

   Nalini ->  I have a site for kids.....it's part of a program that I help coordinate at my local community college.  It has links to games and activities on the web that teach science.  NL  http://glendale.edu/kids 

   CathyE ->  Great site - Nalini

   Vicki Davis ->  Tonights links are being captured here - http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/April+%C+

   Nalini ->  thanks....I think it's good for all ages too :)  I'd like to add some sort of a blog to it so being here might give me some ideas.

   mmiller ->  www.weattendance.wikispaces.com 

   mmiller ->  first wiki to try to update attendance policy

   mmiller ->  I don't know how to copy and past the link, sorry

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Oh, everyone, this is so exciting. I just had to go out and tell my family what a kick this is!!

   mmiller ->  it's not working for me

   CheriT wow guest ->  just click on the link

   mmiller ->  I copy and then paste nothing

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  I can't get the links to go and neither can a couple of other people.

   Vicki Davis ->  Larry is amazing and inspirational!  We need to let him meet other superintendants and inspire them.

   sharonp ->  we need more administrators with such vision!

   konieczki ->  I agree Dea.  I think the next wave is going to be led through example.

   CathyE ->  Can we clone you- Larry?

   mmiller ->  I can view the links by "left" clicking on my laptop

   CheriT wow guest ->  modeling and mentoring

   LisaMLane ->  Clicking on links work better if you detach the chat using the double box at the bottom.

   konieczki ->  I agree Vicki. He is awsome...

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  You got it!! Larry is on board and a leader among administrators!

   Patrice Hess ->  Larry is a SUPER-intendent! :)

   CheriT wow guest ->  great patrice

   sharonp ->  Dea, I think is a great way to get the best kind of prof growth

   Vicki Davis ->  He needs a podcast to share with other superindendants.  It means more coming from him to his peers than from many of us who are "just teachers."

   konieczki ->  Your right Cheri, modeling and mentoring is the best way to get other involved.

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Maybe another show!

   Colleenwowguest ->  Good one, Patrice

   Vicki Davis ->  Each one of these guests could be their own show!

   DougS ->  too true

   CheriT wow guest ->  www.isudi.blogspot.com

   sharonp ->  yes, want to see that blog address

   sharonp ->  thanks!

   CheriT wow guest ->  this is julie's blog

   Kathy WOW guest ->  Cool

   JustinS ->  we're a pretty amazing class! But I think a lot of the credit needs to go to Dr. T!

   konieczki ->  Thank you

   Kathy WOW guest ->  YES

   mollymunsondryer ->  this is a love fest

   Kathy WOW guest ->  There has to be a felt need ...

   CheriT wow guest ->  also - like we were talking about in class, it has to be seen as having value

   Vicki Davis ->  This is an example of what happens when you have a great teacher -- Dr. T!

   Vicki Davis ->  My room is Chaotic too Cheri! 

   Monica ->  cool does not trump effective....

   konieczki ->  You are so right. 

   CheriT wow guest ->  :-) about the time they get used to me the course is over

   Vicki Davis ->  Right!  But if you're effective and cool you've really got a full house!

   Monica ->  yes!

   konieczki ->  LOL...

   Vicki Davis ->  And then Dr. T -- they don't want to leave.

   Nalini ->  Good suggestion.  If one instructor goes over his/her exam in detail through a blog, the students will pressure their other instructors to do the same.

   Vicki Davis ->  You remind me of the book "What the best college professors do."  Amazing book!

   vjansen ->  that is key ..embraced by students, value to their learning

   CheriT wow guest ->  plus I'm trying to help them develop a deep sense of independence from the teacher

   konieczki ->  But it took this long for me to turn the page....You are a great teacher Dr. T

   Monica ->  i'm trying the independence thing with one of my classes--results still to be determined....

   DougS ->  here's a link http://youtube.com/watch?v=bbWyGiJli min screencast I made about "getting started" at pbwiki.com for anyone who wants to "try wiki-ing"

   Vicki Davis ->  You can have independence but still acountability.

   Vicki Davis ->  Great doug!

   sharonp ->  thanks Doug!

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  That is great at the college level, but at the public school level, the challenge, I think is different

   CheriT wow guest ->  most students don't want to be independent because that means there's no one to blame but themselves

   CheriT wow guest ->  they forget that there's no one who can take the credit but them :-)

   Monica ->  great point!

   Monica ->  fyi, i signed up to lead a birds of a feather session on web . tools at the Grace Hopper conference in October. I'll be evangelizing!

   Vicki Davis ->  Larry is what happens with administrators know that they need to learn too!  It is an attitude of a life long learner.

   DougS ->  and a : one for "blogger" http://youtube.com/watch?v=XM_tqdfcM

   CheriT wow guest ->  cool, Monica

   Monica ->  Karla, have you gotten your preschoolers onto any of these tools yet?

   sharonp ->  I like modeling what I require of my students

   dawnpaulson ->  Dr T I like that thought about students don't want to be independent. I see that in my pre-service teachers. Good point!

   konieczki ->  I still remeber the first night of class meeting my peers in the hall and asking them what Wiki's, blogs, pod casts, or skyping... non of us knew.

   Vicki Davis ->  Great videos, I've posted them on my feed.

   Vicki Davis ->  It is scary to have those new terms to come to you but then when you get in and do it it is so exciting!

   konieczki ->  We are looking to find a preschool to do so pod casting with... i'm running into administration problems we are attempting to work out...

   Monica ->  Karla, don't you think the tools have helped us stay connected as a class and help us get to know each other better?

   Vicki Davis ->  They connect you?

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  But it is one thing to work with college students and something else to teach teachers...which is what I do. They are not in college classes--there is not grade, they have to present themselves in front of a classroom and do what Larry is talking about...

   Monica ->  I think in a total online course or even blended, where we don't meet often, I wouldn't have gotten to know so much about my peers.

   Nalini ->  Can the speakers give a brief recap of what "the class" is that you are referring to?  Who, where, when?  thanks so much. 

   JustinS ->  If we continue this class forever, can I use all these hours to substitute for the classes that are no longer offered!!

   konieczki ->  I think the tools have been a great way to keep connected... I've had to seek peer assitance on several occations... Thank you Dawn.

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  I have enjoyed getting to know you, Monica

   CheriT wow guest ->  Justin we can do independent studies

   dawn ->  Your welcome Karla

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Colleen has a cool thing going

   JustinS ->  That will work

   Monica ->  You too, Dea! The level of discourse at our classes AND online has been great!

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  By getting preservice teachers and their students engaged in technology, the actual classroom teachers have (hopefully) gotten hooked.

   Vicki Davis ->  Dr. Cheri Toledo is at Illinois State University.

   Vicki Davis ->  Correct me if I'm wrong anyone.

   Monica ->  Karla, did you see my last post on the discussions for this topic? Not in wikispaces, but through the course.

   CheriT wow guest ->  you're cool

   mollymunsondryer ->  Unfortunately, ISU still does not require an Ed. Tech course.  You're right, Dea, this should translate to the classroom teachers.

   konieczki ->  No I don't think I did.

   Vicki Davis ->  Ed Tech is so important -- it is like teaching a first grader how to write.

   Monica ->  I am experimenting with some open source wikis and can be "private" so only those who are granted access can see them.

   CheriT wow guest ->  the undergrads do not have an ed tech class, only masters and doc students

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Again--to me--that is the challenge...getting our classroom teachers engaged and brave enough to just do it!

   Vicki Davis ->  Teachers don't need to know how to use pen and paper, they know how to do that but edtech is our new pen and paper.

   Monica ->  I don't know if that would help you or not.

   Patrice Hess ->  I am Colleen's friend!

   dawnpaulson ->  Eastern Illinois University does not require an Ed Tech course either.

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Yeah--Vicki....you do a great job and I'm sure you are a mentor in your school, but there are so many schools

   Vicki Davis ->  Boy, I'd love to see your class interact with Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach's amazing class.

   CheriT wow guest ->  now that would be fun!

   Vicki Davis ->  Oh, Dea, but it takes time.

   DougS ->  that would be gold Vicki

   Vicki Davis ->  Just now we have another teacher blogging.

   Monica ->  Colleen set up a wiki for our study abroad program over the summer!

   sharonp ->  I think we have to reassure teachers new to this that baby steps are okay.... because the scope of the tools available can be so overwhelming

   Vicki Davis ->  But they are getting there slowly - you have to keep people going at their own pace.

   dawn ->  Way to go Colleen!

   Vicki Davis ->  I always say that you can't eat a watermelon whole -- in tiny bites!

   Simon ->  That's gotta be a southerism Vicki!

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  You are so right!

   Vicki Davis ->  We have lots of stories.

   CheriT wow guest ->  I'll bet

   Monica ->  totally off the subject, but did you see this?  http://mosquitoringtones.com/

   CathyE ->  And Viki- it is ok to spit out a seed if you don't like it

   CheriT wow guest ->  Time!

   Vicki Davis ->  Here's another one -- see if you get it -- "Some people fight Web  like the third monkey on Noah's ganglplank"

   CheriT wow guest ->  that's great!

   Simon ->  lol lol lol

   Monica ->  poor monkey!

   Simon ->  love it

   mmiller ->  Administrators need to feel safe taking baby steps as well

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Part of the challenge is knowing wher they are..if we start too far ahead, we lose them...if we start to far behind, we lose them

   CheriT wow guest ->  yes they do - and sometimes I think they need more positive feedback than anyone

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Yes, Cheri....you are so right

   DougS ->  indeed--the "work around" is our friend Larry

   Vicki Davis ->  Right, Dea.

   Vicki Davis ->  we have to remember how we felt when we first started.

   Vicki Davis ->  And how we feel when we go in a place like second life and get stuck in the wall!

   DougS ->  lol

   Vicki Davis ->  and how upset and frustrated and scared we feel.

   sharonp ->  good point Dea, I struggle with that bec I don't want to lag too much waiting for reluctant people to play catch up - technology moves ahead very quickly and I have to keep up with that too

   Vicki Davis ->  Change is tough.

   Nalini ->  great session.  I have to leave (unfortunetly) but I look forward to more next week and the podcast.  thx!

   CheriT wow guest ->  If people would like to see what the course syllabus is they can go to http://people.coe.ilstu.edu/catoled and click on teaching, then graduate, then

   Vicki Davis ->  Nye Nalini!

   Monica ->  Julie, do have any "proof" that what you're doing is being effective?

   sharonp ->  When I go into SL, I keep sitting down in inappropriate places, gotta master that!

   Monica ->  bye Nalini

   vjansen ->  right vicki, it is change for second adopters..how do we trigger this

   Vicki Davis ->  http://people.coe.ilstu.edu/catoled/teaching/graduate/.htm

   Monica ->  how is everyone measuring effectiveness? (it's a burning question!)

   riceaddiction -> Webcast Academy: dkjhfsd

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  How will we? I am thinking of this in terms of  K -  where I work.

   dawn ->  Colleen, I am coauthoring a paper with Dr. Rubby Sanny about using technology to teach pre-service teachers. I would be interested to talk to you sometime about your experiences with that.

   mmiller ->  Student interest has to be peaked with this so classroom management issue have to decrease

   Vicki Davis ->  I measure it because I know my test scores before I used wikis and after --

   Vicki Davis ->  same tests -- better grades

   Vicki Davis ->  so I feel that I'm seeing better retention and better teaching

   vjansen ->  thanks for the link..

   Cheryl- wow ->  vicki and sharon keep  collecting questions from the chat i am on my last question

   Vicki Davis ->  Kids also are excited to come to class and want to be there!

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  That

   Vicki Davis ->  OK, folks, time for questions -- you get the last  minutes.

   Vicki Davis ->  this show is unbelievable!

   Monica ->  Thanks, Vicki.

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  That's good, Vicki, but are there other implementations at your school that may affect scores?

   sharonp ->  measuring effectiveness - is what we are doing achieving learning gains is the real question... one of the things I say is that we have to trust our own professional judgment.... I *know* i am seeing gains

   Vicki Davis ->  Not in computer science.

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  I'm a notorious devil's advocate...not because I like to be, but because I'm old(er) and have had that question thrown back at me.

   Vicki Davis ->  I'm talking my testbank scores for computer science that is a college level course.

   vjansen ->  Vicki..can U attribute better test scores to a particular tool i,e wiki or a blog

   DBragg ->  Julie, I'm an FCS teacher too.  My nutrition students have a wiki going and they love it and that I give them time in class to learn it.

   sharonp ->  BUT, we also need to start measuring it with solid studies as well

   mmiller ->  The fact that these students are going to be using these tools like second nature is motivation enough

   Monica ->  good question vjansen!

   Vicki Davis ->  Not "standardized tests" per se - I teach comptuer science.

   Patrice Hess ->  Many of the traditional CATS (classroom assessment techniques) we use in traditional courses can be easily translated to be used with tech tools.

   Vicki Davis ->  In my classroom - yes.

   Vicki Davis ->  Because I am the same, the textbook is the same, the tests are the same, the method changed.

   Vicki Davis ->  So,yes, for me.

   Monica ->  Vicki, I didn't know you taught CS--so do I....

   julieschumacher ->  That's great to hear about your wiki- how do the students use it?

   JasonR ->  Wish my teachers would podcast. They hardly participate in the discussion baords.

   Monica ->  Have you tried using a wiki for team programming?

   Vicki Davis ->  I will find a link for you -- I  shared the methods I use the wiki at the k online conference.

   DougS ->  I think that students may be more interested in contributing as we move away from text in online environments

   mmiller ->  I  have a  / year old that I Skype with my parents with because they live so far away and it is second nature for her to listen to them and see them on video. I can't imagine what technology life is going to be like for her.

   konieczki ->  What a great idea mmiller!

   Vicki Davis ->  My wiki resources are here - http://konlineconference.org/?p=

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  But, you see, I am from an English background, trying to convince teachers across curriuclum areas to engage students with technology for all the reasons we already know and what about those we don't even know yet because it hasn't happened?!

   Vicki Davis ->  My AP english teacher is using a blog to document her curriculum

   Vicki Davis ->  The students are "scribes" and take notes and post daily

   Vicki Davis ->  The others have to comment to add to the notes.

   Vicki Davis ->  She uses it and they do religiously so we'll see what happens with the pass rate.

   Vicki Davis ->  On the AP in three weeks.

   Vicki Davis ->  I'll make sure that I share.

   konieczki ->  That was a great opportunity to have class online. When we had the snow days.

   sharonp ->  thanks Vicki

   Vicki Davis ->  It is a new requirement of AP -- the documentation and blogs are a natural.

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Loving that! Takes a confident teacher...

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Oh, and if they were more confident, but not about knowledge about being human and sharing in the change of being alive!!

   mmiller ->  What is the class plan to keep in touch after class is out? Blog? email? Skype?

   Monica ->  good question! hopefully skype and maybe an ongoing wiki?

   Monica ->  It would be good to see where everyone else takes this!

   JasonR ->  IVC=Interactive Videoconferencing?

   Kathy WOW guest ->  http://www.uhigh.ilstu.edu/english/arthur/

   CheriT wow guest ->  some of the students will take future classes together, so there's that connection

   CheriT wow guest ->  my guess is some relationships have established that will carry on after class

   dawn ->  I set up a web page for my  American government class at Heartland, it has everything they need, but many do not access it.

   Monica ->  IVC is our course management system.

   CheriT wow guest ->  Interactive virtual courseware

   CheriT wow guest ->  it's an open source course management system

   Cheryl- wow ->  dawn, keep it there and one teacher put a question and answer from a test and told her stdnets to go find it before the test, she had lots of hits

   sharonp ->  yes, this stuff is so new, that we haven't had time to do the qualitative/quantitative studies

   konieczki ->  We've recieved great tools to utilize in future classes to communicate with each other.

   mmiller ->  Dawn, how often do you promote the web site

   Vicki Davis ->  A great teacher is the most highly correlated thing to test scores from everything I've read.

   Monica ->  yes, Colleen, definitely need more studies.

   Vicki Davis ->  But these tools make a great teacher better -- as I heard someone say recently -- they are amplifiers.

   mmiller ->  If the teacher is excited the kids are excited

   Vicki Davis ->  yes, they need more studies -- but it is hard to isolate the good teacher from the scores.

   CheriT wow guest ->  like you all said last week - i think - technology only makes a good teacher better ... it doesn't make a teacher good

   sharonp ->  which is why, for now, I trust my prof judgment - there is something about having an *authentic audience* and peer review that has changed how my students are performing

   Vicki Davis ->  Because aren't good teachers more likely to change.

   Vicki Davis ->  ?

   dawn ->  Good idea! I tell students about it daily.

   Vicki Davis ->  so they are early adopters.

   sharonp ->  technology AMPLIFIES abilities of students

   Vicki Davis ->  naturally.

   DougS ->  Vicki: isn't that the case whatever the medium re great teacher

   Vicki Davis ->  Yes! Sharon!

   Vicki Davis ->  right, !

   Vicki Davis ->  A great teacher can use paper well

   Charlene C ->  "When a good teacher and good technology get together, watch out." - Bob Sipchen, LA Times //

   Vicki Davis ->  Great!

   DougS ->  and is often a good storyteller

   vjansen ->  teachnology gives each student an equal voice

   Vicki Davis ->  Great quote, Charlene!

   Vicki Davis ->  Do you have the article?

   Vicki Davis ->  PLEASE!

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  The human touch...Technology is great, but yes, it eminated from humanity.

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Yes, my question too....how do you get the time!!!

   Durff ->  Time? It's called RSS

   Vicki Davis ->  Yes, Lisa!

   CheriT wow guest ->  Yes!

   Monica ->  rss is wonderful!

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  But then I get caught up in that, too!

   DougS ->  I started blogging as a way to post resources (links) for access into the future

   Durff ->  :D

   DougS ->  ends up saving time

   CheriT wow guest ->  me too

   Monica ->  you blog to yourself?

   DougS ->  ...or that's how I justified it in the beginning ;-)

   Durff ->  I think I'm pinging wrong after tagging

   Charlene C ->  http://www.latimes.com/news/education/la-me-schoolmeapr,,.column?coll=la...

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Cool idea. So are you saying that you blog and use those as journal references to return to about your own inclinations?

   sandyB ->  Trying to paste a web link in the chat box- doesn't show up - any ideas

   Charlene C ->  "If wired right, computers do belong in the classroom"

   mmiller ->  I just had a random thought that I will offer professional growth hours for my teachers if they listen to  the WOW show!

   Durff ->  I started scheduling time to blog

   sharonp ->  I blog to make myself a better writer..... I ask my students to write, I should be able to write well and struggle with it too

   DougS ->  I was an online M.Ed. student and I wanted a place so my "research" wouldn't be lost between classes along the way

   Monica ->  sandyB, I used control c then control v to paste and it works.

   Cheryl- wow ->  i blog for the same reasons sharon

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Without doubt, blogging could build writing strengths

   Durff ->  Google docs oug

   Durff ->  Doug

   Charlene C ->  A rebuttal to the recent AP article

   konieczki ->  Good idea mmiller.  Once you get them here they may stay...

   DougS ->  it also helps develop a "public" voice that's important for teachers too

   DougS ->  I used blogger Lisa

   Cheryl- wow ->  thanks for being here and part of this great show tonight

   Durff ->  I too

   konieczki ->  I agree Doug.

   Durff ->  you know that

   mmiller ->  I love to blog as well but I am self concious of my writing since I am an administrator and might spell something wrong heaven forbid Yes, I use spell check

   Durff ->  Google docs for lesson plans

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Thanks for having us...I'm sure that Cheri has said that, but I feel so invigorated by this session...and I've sat in before, but obviously, not enough!

   sharonp ->  and I want to see all of my students' creation and ideas online so the world can appreciate it - I see so much waste when they do it only in hard copy for their teachers!

   Simon ->  no, you're a visionary

   Vicki Davis ->  Get firefox  it will spell check for you!

   Vicki Davis ->  It will help the blog!

   CheriT wow guest ->  great explanation Vicki

   Vicki Davis ->  http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/April+%C+ The links from tonight's show!

   sharonp ->  FF is amazing! I love the spellcheck!

   dawn ->  FireFox , thanks.

   Vicki Davis ->  'go to http://www.womenofweb.com -- go to the bulletin board -- you can also give Jen your best wishes.

   DougS ->  hadn't heard about FF, have to check it out

   Vicki Davis ->  We need to keep her in our prayers.

   CheriT wow guest ->  wow! He's got some great stuff

   Durff ->  yes!

   mmiller ->  Thanks again! Loved your show

   Monica ->  I'm AMAZED how well you can TALK and CHAT at the same time! Such talent!

   sharonp ->  please join us again!

   Durff ->  one can FEEL the energy

   Vicki Davis ->  And everyone is welcome -- us four ladies are the womenofweb but everyone joins in.

   DougS ->  what a wonderful show--thanks to all

   Vicki Davis ->  All "technically flirtatious" welcome --

   Vicki Davis ->  Who is the person that I attribute that saying to when I blog about it tonight?  Please drop your name in the chat.

   CheriT wow guest ->  thanks everyone this was great!

   Durff ->  http://horizonproject.wikispaces.com/

   Kathy WOW guest ->  haha

   CheriT wow guest ->  Kathy Clesson

   Vicki Davis ->  Kathy - what is your blog that you want to have linked?

   konieczki ->  Thank you for the opportunity.  It was a great show!

   sharonp ->  we have some amazing guests - I feel so privileged to be a part of this!

   Vicki Davis ->  This has been an unbelievable show!

   CheriT wow guest ->  Way to go C&I  - you all are supremeously awesome

   Monica ->  Thanks for having us!

   Kathy WOW guest ->  It is the webpage with podcasts of arthurian legend

   Vicki Davis ->  Dr. Toledo needs to be commended!

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Bow, bow, bow and then hats off to you!!

   sharonp ->  Thanks Dr. Toledo for sharing your class with us

   Vicki Davis ->  Incredible!

   sharonp ->  I am missing academia again..... sigh

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Post that, please

   Vicki Davis ->  :D

   dawnpaulson ->  Dr. T Thank-you for sharing Women of the Web . with us!

   Kathy WOW guest ->  www.uhigh.ilstu.edu/english/arthur/

   alicebarr ->  GREAT show all!

   Vicki Davis ->  YEAH!

   Durff ->  some of us can't get past assignment #!

   Charlene C ->  thanks!!

   Cheryl- wow ->  Thanks to all of you for joining us.

   vjansen ->  This session was fantastic.

   Cheryl- wow ->  thanks so much for coming

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Larry

   Monica ->  very fun!

   Cheryl- wow ->  hello monica

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Oh, my....I loved how this went...

   Monica ->  socratic is great.

   sharonp ->  this show has really demonstrated the incredible power of web . -

   DougS ->  yes it is

   DougS ->  it's also so possible to do "the constructivist thing" with Web  tools

   Vicki Davis ->  this is such a great class!

   sharonp ->  yes, social constructivism....

   Cheryl- wow ->  it sure is a way to do the constructivist thing

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Colleen is so right!

   Monica ->  that's where the open source tools come in handy!

   Cheryl- wow ->  open source is great since the price is right

   dawn ->  Grants!

   Simon ->  Does anyone know if files made with PhotoStory can be uploaded to YouTube?

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  I do consulting work and I cannot even send the lesson plans for demonstrations that I do at the school....

   sharonp ->  yes they can

   konieczki ->  I agree.  We aren't allowed to utilize the technology we have availible.  I'm working on administration but, it seems to be a bumpy road....

   DougS ->  I agree -- log it rather than block it

   sharonp ->  photostory creates wmv files and can be uploaded to youtube - I ahve done it

   Simon ->  My partner in the Flat Planet Project is having problems with our wiki being blocked at his school

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  But here you go....teachers and administrators don't even know that

   JasonR ->  Huh, there is a Virgina Tech memorial on Info Island in Second Life

   Vicki Davis ->  Unbelievable!

   Simon ->  Thanks Sharon

   DougS ->  accountability is the key

   Monica ->  if it doesn't have to be worldwide postings, though, why fight the legal issues and battles?

   Vicki Davis ->  Do you have the slurl -- Jason?

   sharonp ->  already a VT memorial on SL!! wow!

   Monica ->  As a parent, I have great concerns.

   Cheryl- wow ->  thanks for the info Jason, what a wonderful way for many people to pay respects

   Kathy WOW guest ->  Have you found flat classroom groups for hs students?

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Of course he is!!

   Simon ->  Sharon, can you send me a link?

   Monica ->  bye everyone! onto other duties!  thanks again! :)

   sharonp ->  I thought Georgia has some great DE stuff for high school students

   Patrice Hess ->  He's making informed decisions.

   dawn ->  Faculty should have the ability to unblock certain sites.

   Patrice Hess ->  Well done, classmates!

   JasonR ->  Does anyone use interactive videoconferencing?

   sharonp ->  yes, my school is working on that

   Kathy WOW guest ->  What does DE mean?

   JasonR ->  Delaware?

   sharonp ->  virtual high school for international students

   sharonp ->  Distance ed

   Cheryl- wow ->  distance education

   sharonp ->  simon, what do you want the link for?

   nzchrissy ->  JasonR - we're using videoconferencing at the moment with Alabama

   Simon ->  an example of a PhotoStory file on YouTube I could take a look at?

   sharonp ->  sure Simon - give me a sec

   Simon ->  thanks

   DougS ->  Terry Anderson and crew are doing some good stuff

   DougS ->  http://cider.athabascau.ca/partners/cde

   Vicki Davis ->  It was the Conversations in Education Podcast - Keeping pace with K learning

   JasonR ->  Videoconferencing @ The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration. http://cilic.org (based in Indiana, but national reach)

   JasonR ->  http://cilc.org

   konieczki ->  Wow!

   nzchrissy ->  That's how we got onto Huntsville Alabama through the CILC website

   Patrice Hess ->  COSI out of Ohio has great VC programs - just participated in a virtual autopsy last week

   CathyE ->  PhotoStory in Kindergarten  http://www.dare.k.nc.us/nhes/sanders/abcmarch.wmv

   nzchrissy ->  I posted a message asking for a collaboration with another country

   sharonp ->  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYsbIrbBc

   JasonR ->  We've connected with Huntsville

  [Action] JasonR ->  at Mote Marine Lab

   nzchrissy ->  With Wendy G?

   alicebarr ->  Vicki Slurl for Virginia Tech Lantau , ,

   sharonp ->  there you go Simon - my son's grade  grad photostory on youtube

   Cheryl- wow ->  can't wait to see that.

   Vicki Davis ->  Keeping pace with online learning

   Patrice Hess ->  Partner with your local community college, Larry :)

   Vicki Davis ->  wiht John Watson at Hamline University

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  In some ways, perhaps the fears that Larry speaks about regarding DE have something to do with their reticence to confront and incorporate technology....just a thought.

   JasonR ->  TY

   Dea Conrad-Curry ->  Good night.

   Cheryl- wow ->  thanks to Dr. Cheri Toledo and her wonderful students!

   Simon ->  thanks Sharon

   Cheryl- wow ->  winding down

   sharonp ->  hope it helps, Simon

   konieczki ->  Good night all!

   Vicki Davis ->  http://horizonproject.wikispaces.com

   Rob ->  thanks for all the great information everyone

   Durff ->  Yeah!

   Cindy P ->  If you're planning a meeting at NECC, be sure and share the info...I'll be there

   Vicki Davis ->  coolcatteacher at gmail.com

   sharonp ->  good night to all....

   Cheryl- wow ->  good night

   DougS ->  thanks WOWsers and guests, what a fantastic show!

   Colleenwowguest ->  Bye all, thanks for chatting.

   JustinS ->  Goodbye

   Durff ->  Night!

   nzchrissy ->  Fantastic show everyone - thanks

   dawnpaulson ->  Good-night all

   Vicki Davis ->  Here is the link for the podcast - http://www.hamline.edu/gse/conversations/keepingpace/keepingpace_intervi...

   Vicki Davis ->  That I talked about!

   DougS ->  thanks Vicki--take care all

   dawn ->  For some reason my connection has timed out, so I will say good night!