Teachers Teaching Teachers #91: Tagging, Tumbling, and Mathcasting 02.13.08

This is a jam-packed thirty-nine minutes, where we explore the power of tagging, teachers using tumblogs, mathcasts, VoiceThreads in health, speech, history, math, music, technology, and EFL classes. Join Paul Allison, Lee Baber, Susan Ettenheim, and VoiceThread's Ben Papell (Yes, he's a "regular" by now), as they welcome these fresh voices, fresh at least to us at Teachers Teaching Teachers:

  • Carla Raguseo, an EFL teacher and Computer Lab coordinator at A.R.I.C.A.N.A., a Binational Center in Rosario, Argentina
  • Carla Arena, a Brazilian EFL teacher, teacher trainer and site content manager at A Binational Center in Brasilia, but she's on a leave right now.
  • Jeremy Brown, a Special Education Teacher at the Medow Hall Elementary School in Montgomery County, Maryland
  • Judi Epcke, a teacher and Technology Integration Specialist in Northbrook, Illinois
  • Tim Fahlberg, founder of Mathcasts, after 11 years as a math teacher.
Carla Raguseo and Carla Arena talk to us about their 6-week class with the Electronic Village Online, "Blogging for Educators:"
How can teachers spice up their classes, raise students' interest in various topics and get them to express their thoughts freely? How can they engage students in interactions with each other as a group? This six-week online workshop aims to introduce participants to different ways in which blogging can be integrated teaching. It will provide hands-on opportunities for educators who are new to blogging to set up and develop their own blogs, as well as to explore the worlds of possibilities provided by different kinds of blogs. By the end of the workshop, participants will have experimented with creating and enhancing blogs, posting and editing entries, inviting members to their blogs, and commenting on one anothers' blogs - using either Blogger or Wordpress platforms. Participants will also have explored blog comment management, template personalization, tagging (labeling) and really simple syndication (RSS).

blogging4educators wiki

Jeremy Brown and Judi Epcke describe their adventures with "tumbl'n teachers." Who are tumbl'n teachers?
(from a twitter conversation)
* J. Epcke: How would you describe our tumblr group to other teachers?
* J. Brown: tumbl'n teachers is like a digital bulletin board, where educators interested in the use of technology in the classroom can post resources as well as ideas or examples of how they integrate technology.
* J. Epcke: How did theHere’s the clipart graphic I’ve used for our group’s profile. group start?
* J. Brown: I discovered tumblr through my del.icio.us network. While exploring the tool, I came across the Groups feature and thought I would try it. So, I created a group and then started inviting other educators on twitter.
* J. Epcke: How can someone join?
* J. Brown: Anyone can join by either sending an e-mail to techieteacher+tumblr[at]gmail or DT on twitter (techieteacher).

tumbl'n teachers

Tim Fahlberg, discusses his passion for Mathcasts. What's a Mathcast?
Good question! Mathcasts are screencasts (screen movies) of writing with voice that focus on mathematics. It’s easier to understand what mathcasts are all about if you experience one or more of them: Here’s a mathcast by Colleen King, math teacher and creator of Math Playground?. It’s part of the K-7 Mathcasts 500 Project (500+ mathcasts for Kindergarten - 7th grade math) on our Math247 wiki.


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Hi everyone, I was alerted to this post because you tagged it writingmatrix and it appeared in a Technorati search on WM which in turn led me here. I'm sure I would have come on this podcast through the normal EdTechTalk channels but in this way I've come on it earlier. Anxious to listen to it now, Best, Vance