Tim Fahlberg

Teachers Teaching Teachers #91: Tagging, Tumbling, and Mathcasting 02.13.08

This is a jam-packed thirty-nine minutes, where we explore the power of tagging, teachers using tumblogs, mathcasts, VoiceThreads in health, speech, history, math, music, technology, and EFL classes. Join Paul Allison, Lee Baber, Susan Ettenheim, and VoiceThread's Ben Papell (Yes, he's a "regular" by now), as they welcome these fresh voices, fresh at least to us at Teachers Teaching Teachers:

  • Carla Raguseo, an EFL teacher and Computer Lab coordinator at A.R.I.C.A.N.A., a Binational Center in Rosario, Argentina
  • Carla Arena, a Brazilian EFL teacher, teacher trainer and site content manager at A Binational Center in Brasilia, but she's on a leave right now.
  • Jeremy Brown, a Special Education Teacher at the Medow Hall Elementary School in Montgomery County, Maryland
  • Judi Epcke, a teacher and Technology Integration Specialist in Northbrook, Illinois
  • Tim Fahlberg, founder of Mathcasts, after 11 years as a math teacher.
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