Women of Web 2.0.11

Women of Web 2.0.11
January 9, 2007
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 charbeck1  Ah the power of selling to the youth. I guess it works:D
 charbeck1  Are they going to spend 600 per iphone
 charbeck1  This is the way 8th grade is meant to be! I can get some info out of my kids in blogs but this program is excellent!
 sharonp  Hi Cheryl, are you there?
 cheryloakes wow2  just getting things started.
 sharonp  okay
 dave  hi cheryl
 sharonp  Vicki can't see you and was getting nervous
 dave  and jeff
 dave  and sharon
 dave  and dave
 dave  oh wait
 dave  that's me
 dave  hi me.
 sharonp  :waves
 sharonp  what is the code for this silly chat rooom?
 cheryloakes wow2  hello, everyone
 cheryloakes wow2  sharon you are in the tappedin mode
 cheryloakes wow2  hello kathy
 sendkathy  Hi!
 coolcatteacher  Hello everyone!
 charbeck1  Hello everyone.
 coolcatteacher  OK, I'm thinking about using flock - who says I should switch?
 charbeck1  It is not as good as Firefox
 cheryloakes wow2  must got get headphones brb
 coolcatteacher  We'll have to ask our guests tonight - they really like it for research.
 charbeck1  Flock has some great features but it was unable to connect to beta blogger
 charbeck1  There are alot of addons for Firefox that make it like Flock
 sendkathy  like what?
 charbeck1  flickrfox is like the photo bar across the top
 coolcatteacher  I like firefox a lot.
 coolcatteacher  I like the google bar at the type and also hyperwords which will make anything searchable.
 charbeck1  The bookmarks are now integrated into firefox.
 charbeck1  Ilke cooliris
 coolcatteacher  And you can make them live also.
 charbeck1  it previews all links
 coolcatteacher  So, Chris, you tried both of them?
 charbeck1  I haven't used flock since 2.0firefox came out
 sendkathy  I'll have to install these, extensions I assume?
 coolcatteacher  yes, hyperwords is an extension.
 charbeck1  Yes the mozilla page is easy to use and it takes seconds to update
 coolcatteacher  I just like the spellcheck built into Firefox 2, that is not an extension.
 coolcatteacher  I also use Greasemonkey to automatically add Technorati tags to my bloggers posts.
 cheryloakes wow2  Jeff or dave I am ready with the stream, to try
 coolcatteacher  That is an extension. I also use cocommenter and google Open Notebook.
 JL  shall I turn off 'the girls of web 2.0'?
 cheryloakes wow2  please and thanks
 sharonp  Firefox is easy to update UNLESS your school banned it and killed the exe file and now you are using Firefox under a different name (renaming the exe file)
 JL  the stream is yours
 sendkathy  ha ha
 charbeck1  Hi Cheryl I really apperciate all you do on tuesdays after Saturdays skype adventure. have you ever used a Private skypecast?
 sharonp  greasemonkey
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks Chris
 sharonp  hmmm
 sharonp  will have to look at that
 cheryloakes wow2  no, waht is private skypcast?
 JL  sounds good Cheryl
 charbeck1  You can set a password to allow only the people you want into the skype
 charbeck1  Keeps the "other people"out
 sendkathy  Do you mean pw for a skypecast or skype call? Is this just a conference call or a skypecast too?
 sharonp  cool - we don't have to pay for a private skypecast
 coolcatteacher  Cool. A private skypecast.
 coolcatteacher  I like that idea.
 sendkathy  much safer
 coolcatteacher  When did that happen.
 charbeck1  I mean skypecast. I was doing a skypecast onsaturday and had up to 20 hang ons during the cast
 Cheri T  are we skyping too?
 cheryloakes wow2  wow chris, that is amazing
 cheryloakes wow2  nno skypecast tonight, we will only do the skypecast 1 time a month
 charbeck1  It comes with the new mic!!
 dave  ah... a chat room
 Cheri T  okee dokee
 dave  dave likes chatrooms
 sendkathy  how is that going?
 dave  maine?
 sendkathy  What is the response from parents?
 coolcatteacher  IT hasn't filtered to the parents yet, but the students are VERY excited.
 coolcatteacher  I am the test teacher, we are seeing if we can do it school wide.
 dave  one needs to be able to expresss themselves
 dave  chatrooms are nice
 Cheri T  hi everyone
 cheryloakes wow2  hello all, we are still getting ready
 charbeck1  That is in the chat sharron.
 alicebarr  AHHHHH! IT WAS SO BAD!
 dave  oh... no... who would do that?
 cheryloakes wow2  right alice
 charbeck1  When You use the audio button
 dave  welcome
 charbeck1  beside the docking button
 Cheri T  you've got mail ...
 dave  lo
 dave  l
 sendkathy  Vicki, how much time does it take to edit and post?
 coolcatteacher  I'm not editing, I did the first few but now I'm recording the intro so I can post directly.
 coolcatteacher  I may just go to two of the classes and not all of them, but for now I'm trying them all.
 coolcatteacher  I have an iRiver to post around my neck.
 charbeck1  Pc's are for skypeing
 coolcatteacher  iRiver hangs around my neck not posts around my neck!
 charbeck1  blots?
 dave  INTRO
 dave  those guys are cool
 dave  joyce... greetings.
 coolcatteacher  What is a blog, Chris?
 sharonp  very cool Vicki - how much do you talk duirng one class?
 Jeanne  Hello, everyone!
 dave  blog...
 coolcatteacher  It depends sometimes 5 minutes sometimes WE talk for 50 minutes.
 dave  hi jeanne
 coolcatteacher  Not just me.
 joycevalenza  hi dave and all!
 lee  hi all
 sendkathy  Vicki, when you have a conversation, how does the iriver do picking up the room noise or other speakers?
 coolcatteacher  It picks ME up very well, it picks up the students reasonably well.
 cathyn from SC  cost of iriver?
 coolcatteacher  $40
 dave  icky dreamweaver
 coolcatteacher  It is out of stock at Circuit City right now.
 coolcatteacher  It was very popular and has a built in mike.
 sroseman  I am depressed with no snow!!!
 Jeanne  Vicki, I have wondered about privacy issues for the kids when you record class.
 cathyn from SC  good point
 dave  always a big issue
 cheryloakes wow2  hello and me too susan, looking for snowflakes
 coolcatteacher  It is always an issue.
 dave  depends on what you mean by privacy i suppose
 coolcatteacher  We only use first names.
 cheryloakes wow2  teachersteachingteachers.org
 coolcatteacher  I told them no full names.
 Jeanne  My 7th graders need "redirecting" all the time.
 sroseman  our ski trip was cancelled to Quebec was cancelled, Cheryl
 cheryloakes wow2  yeah!
 cheryloakes wow2  for the nomination
 cathyn from SC  are you just great, or have you picked up unwanted things, like discipline issues?
 cheryloakes wow2  too bad for Quebec, I am ready to go out west, Denver
 Jeanne  I was wondering about discipline
 lee  thanks cheryl!
 sroseman  However, I am going to Snowmass in March
 coolcatteacher  Oh, you hear me talking to students and dealing w/ issues but I don't call names and actually, they behave BETTER when recording.
 coolcatteacher  A lot better.
 coolcatteacher  I will record even if I don't post from now on.
 dave  yes... the chatting is very nice
 coolcatteacher  You can listen at coolcatteacher.podomatic.com
 cathyn from SC  but will the novelty of it wear off
 sharonp  http://www.teachersteachingteachers.org/
 coolcatteacher  http://coolcatteacher.podomatic.com
 coolcatteacher  It will wear off.
 cheryloakes wow2  i think the newness will wear off, but they will raise the bar themselves.
 cathyn from SC  i hate to be pessimistic, but i can see my principal saying she doesn't wnat this to show up in a courtroom
 coolcatteacher  That is how many are.
 coolcatteacher  Mine said, we want you to test it.
 coolcatteacher  Good teachers shouldn't be afraid.
 cathyn from SC  true
 SusanEttenheim  hi all
 cheryloakes wow2  no sound lee
 joycevalenza  welcome susan
 coolcatteacher  Dr. Tyson from Mabry Middle School does it with all of his classes - it was his idea.
 coolcatteacher  He is a principal at a middle school in Georgia.
 cathyn from SC  greetings all...i jut sort of jumped in
 sharonp  university classes are doing this too and then uploading them to their cms 's
 Jeanne  I have a new appreciation for the technicalities of hosting one of these. You all are awesome!
 lee  ii am back
 coolcatteacher  yeah, lee
 coolcatteacher  I think good teachers are going to have to get used to the idea of being recorded.
 coolcatteacher  It is coming.
 dave  woohoo.
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks jeanne, you can do it too
 cheryloakes wow2  engaging lee, that is the critical step
 charbeck1  Someone has the darth vader breathing happening in the skype
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks chris
 charbeck1  For once it is not me Yeah
 cheryloakes wow2  hi cheri and durff
 Jeanne  Chris, Could it be one of our visitors from Saturday?
 Cheri T  hey cheryl
 charbeck1  They would be louder
 Jeanne  true
 dave  susan is cool
 dave  yay susan
 coolcatteacher  It is not me, I muted my mike and Darth is still there.
 dave  susan will talk through anything!
 coolcatteacher  That could be good or bad.
 charbeck1  You are an excellent pupil!
 Durff  A parent today said to me that Study Skills (7th) has nothing to blogging. I disagree heartily. Any ideas how I gently address her concerns?
 dave  ask the parent to try it
 dave  and then ask them what they needed to know to do it
 cheryloakes wow2  ask the parent to come in and help out
 charbeck1  Show her the power of scribe notes at scribehalloffame.pbwiki.com
 Durff  scribe notes...is that like Daily Scribe?
 sharonp  does this happen in Canada, I wonder?
 dave  just searching now
 charbeck1  yes.
 Durff  ah, we just started that
 charbeck1  Sharon the source at Circuit city has the Iriver in the Peg!!
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks Paul for starting off
 lee  no its not paul or lee
 lee  breathing that is
 cheryloakes wow2  detective lee at work
 charbeck1  Scribing is the first part on the road to better note taking. That is study skills is it not?
 dave  those worldbridges guys... never mind their own business
 SusanEttenheim  I've just switched to a platronics mic that has a great mute and I can't recommend it enough
 Durff  yes study skills
 dave  invited herself!
 cheryloakes wow2  sounds great susan
 dave  pushy!
 SusanEttenheim  was a little expensive but love it
 charbeck1  You can also do summative projects dealing with the topics being taughts. soing it in 2.0 makes it more paletable to students
 coolcatteacher  Blogging can be very useful.
 dave  anyone ever tried using project management software in highschool...
 Durff  hmmm...I also want to do wiki with another school
 SusanEttenheim  hi coolcatteacher
 dave  i've been thinking about trying it recently
 lee  dave?
 coolcatteacher  Hey, Susan.
 charbeck1  Durff your wiki would work as well for these summative projects and assignments
 Durff  on 7th grade topics outside os my class
 SusanEttenheim  project management for what?
 Durff  okay, summative is good idea
 coolcatteacher  Hey Vinnie!
 charbeck1  Why not. Use the skills they are learning in your class to make an electronic study guide
 coolcatteacher  the scribe posts work very well.
 dave  I've been thinking about trying to integrate workplace skills into classrooms recently... or, i should say... someone asked me about it
 Durff  I think the parent was worried about the "MySpace" thing
 dave  so project management, like, say, dotproject, to get students to work together and plan group projects
 cheryloakes wow2  affirm them, and tell them they should be a partner, that they should get a myspace so they can join their child
 coolcatteacher  The wiki can sort of do the same thing - use the discussion tab.
 charbeck1  Get the parent to work with their student. I have found this very powerful.
 Durff  we use blogmeister - they are great
 coolcatteacher  Let them blog together. I started my kids that way.
 Durff  these are very rigid type people
 coolcatteacher  Can our guests drop the urls in the chat here?
 dave  http://youthvoices.net
 Durff  I don't think they would go near MySpace
 dave  http://personallearningspace.com
 dave  http://myspace.com
 charbeck1  You can also do summative projects dealing with the topics being taughts. soing it in 2.0 makes it more paletable to students
 Jeanne  Durff, what do you teach?
 cheryloakes wow2  hey Deb
 Durff  Study Skills, English, Algebra, other Maths, Library
 Durff  just not driver's ed
 cheryloakes wow2  durff you do it all
 Durff  i do
 charbeck1  You shouldn't drive a blog! Just walk and blog. it is safer!!
 coolcatteacher  What is the hyperlink for community walk?
 Durff  I am two people this year
 SusanEttenheim  hi durff - i remember talking to you but i don't remember what state?
 Jeanne  Durff, I teach 7th grade math
 Durff  MD
 SusanEttenheim  you can just go to youthvoices.net now to see the map
 cathyn from SC  Durff--grades levels?
 SusanEttenheim  for the high school group
 Durff  I have some 7th grade math kids
 Durff  it's mixed
 cheryloakes wow2  excellent description Lee
 lee  http://www.communitywalk.com/map/17934
 Jeanne  Chris and I are starting a wiki for our students
 SusanEttenheim  some of the students don't quite have all the links working but lee's description is the way it should work!
 Durff  I have PreK thru 12
 cheryloakes wow2  Great idea Paul
 Durff  I can't paste here or I would give you links to my pages
 Durff  www.broadfording.com
 SusanEttenheim  durff sometimes when i have trouble pasting, i can type and drag in and it works
 lee  To join the personal learning space, you can contact me at [email protected]
 Durff  and 2 at blogmeister Ms. Durff and Mrs. Durff
 Jeanne  durffsblog.blogspot.com?
 lee  http://youthvoices.net/elgg
 coolcatteacher  Cool, students are sneaking around trying to get in their personal learning space!
 coolcatteacher  that is exciting!
 cheryloakes wow2  very nice, story
 coolcatteacher  I love that!
 SusanEttenheim  that's great lee!
 Durff  I got kicked out...my 7th is at www.classblogmeister.com/blog.php?blogger_id=56473&1=1168394411
 cheryloakes wow2  i think students and adults need to "play" with the tools before putting theminto best practice
 cathyn from SC  agreed
 Durff  26 computers! Not fair!
 lee  http://www.communitywalk.com/map/17934
 lee  i love it...all new emacs :)
 cathyn from SC  jealous---so jealous
 cheryloakes wow2  oh, that is beautiful lee
 charbeck1  Collaberation is the best motivators for students and teachers. it creates a better project
 cheryloakes wow2  collabing is the best
 coolcatteacher  I love collaborating!
 cheryloakes wow2  Listen up, if you want to join.
 cheryloakes wow2  Contact Susan, Dave, Paul, [email protected]
 SusanEttenheim  [email protected]
 lee  [email protected] also
 SusanEttenheim  glad to always hear from anyone!
 cheryloakes wow2  are students still making avatars and not photos?
 lee  is my voice as loud as thte others?
 lee  yes
 lee  cheryl
 cheryloakes wow2  your voice is fine lee
 SusanEttenheim  yes definitely
 SusanEttenheim  and we have more and more lesson plans online- elgg lessons
 Jeanne  I've got to go take care of my kids. Enjoy the rest of the chat!
 lee  susan and I are both doing that and we both teach art as well so it fits right in
 SusanEttenheim  including the avatars
 charbeck1  bye jeanne
 cheryloakes wow2  bye jeanne thanks for stopping by
 vvrotny  Hey Vicki, I have been multitasking getting my site ready for a parent ed class that I start thursday
 SusanEttenheim  lee you sound goog to me
 lee  ok..just making sure... always thinking about editing :)
 Cheri T  see you all later, gotta gocheryl let's skype soon
 lee  bye Cheri
 Cheri T  oops ... cheryl, let's skype soon
 cheryloakes wow2  bye cheri T thanks for stopping by aagain
 lee  bye Jeane
 Cheri T  bye lee
 cheryloakes wow2  sure, email me cheri t
 coolcatteacher  It really is an evolution in terms of what students do.
 coolcatteacher  500 reasons to join! Wow!
 cheryloakes wow2  i like that creating community
 coolcatteacher  If people can make it through the first month.
 charbeck1  the power of community and audience is a powerful tool
 coolcatteacher  I see some people put it up and quit rapidly b/c of the problems.
 cheryloakes wow2  sure thing chris
 coolcatteacher  Teenage years are years to learn how to have conversations. Great!
 dave  yes... audience is often underrated.
 lee  do you have the link for our wiki Paul
 charbeck1  I listened to the grade 8 radio show before the WOW. It was great. More kids need to do activities like that.
 lee  http://elggplans.wikispaces.com/
 cheryloakes wow2  it must be exciting for some kids to find a cyber soul mate
 Durff  I listened to the 8th grade kive
 SusanEttenheim  yes that is really happening
 Durff  the 6th graders I had loved it
 sendkathy  see everyone next week gtg
 cheryloakes wow2  bye kathy, see you soon
 coolcatteacher  The chat links are going to http://womenofwebchats.wikispaces.com/20070109
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks vicki
 Durff  I started that way..students responded to my posts...
 coolcatteacher  I started that way, I'm ready to go past that.
 Durff  we have
 charbeck1  back to your parental problems... what if they respond to some posts?
 dave  mmm... truck.
 Durff  now they comment on each others work
 lee  1966 F100 :)
 coolcatteacher  Parents got involved in my blog early on, they loved it.
 dave  i like hallloween
 dave  Do you egg cars where on halloween?
 dave  LOL
 Durff  the kid of that parent just posted to the blog, so it must be worked out, or.....
 Durff  some parents do love it
 cheryloakes wow2  yeah, you are making an impact, go durff
 charbeck1  first steps:D
 Durff  and some are steeped in tradition
 coolcatteacher  Welcome to the yo yo of Web 2 oh
 dave  April 2003: Skype.com and Skype.net domain names registered
 coolcatteacher  A lots of ups and downs.
 Durff  we hope to start podcasting soon
 dave  August 2003: First public beta version released
 SusanEttenheim  it's hard to imagine a non skype world!
 coolcatteacher  Great history, Dave.
 dave  hee hee
 cheryloakes wow2  dave, where do you get these facts, wikipedia?
 Durff  remember party lines?
 dave  i like being in the chatroom
 SusanEttenheim  how about hall phones?
 SusanEttenheim  in college
 cathyn from SC  will skype's baseline prog stay free?
 dave  uh... no... i get them all in my... uh... head
 cheryloakes wow2  i thought of you during my boring one way meeting this week, dave.
 coolcatteacher  Hall phones?
 Durff  yeah, in college
 dave  :)
 Durff  remember typewriters?
 dave  i'd like to teach a backchannel course someday
 Durff  carbon paper?
 cheryloakes wow2  i am so there!
 lee  nice
 charbeck1  Dave "cliff claburn" cormier!!
 Durff  dittos?
 SusanEttenheim  overheads
 dave  i can't imagine being lee's district people
 cheryloakes wow2  dave, the history of back channel, whispers, notes in class,....
 cathyn from SC  had to revert to an overhead today--it was so dusty!!
 Durff  now wait, I use overheads!
 cheryloakes wow2  there are times for overheads
 Durff  I don't have a SmartBoard
 dave  "oh my god... here she comes again... do you think she'll want to import iguanas this time? build a nuclear reactor?"
 cathyn from SC  Promethan here
 coolcatteacher  Roofs! :D
 charbeck1  Smart board is to small for a large room!!
 Durff  too small?
 coolcatteacher  Smartboard going in next week - Polyvision.
 SusanEttenheim  the 77" is pretty big!
 cathyn from SC  i find the board limiting too
 cheryloakes wow2  but for a small center, smartboard good for intereactive not whole group
 Durff  we have a projector
 coolcatteacher  A great teacher is the best equipment in a classroom.
 SusanEttenheim  just hard to reach the top sometimes
 coolcatteacher  Essential!
 dave  moveable smart board helps
 charbeck1  I have a huge room and the board is too small for the kids to see. I need touse a projector so that They can see.
 charbeck1  I tend to be selling the show more that the computer anyways!!
 SusanEttenheim  we use the projector on the smartboard
 Durff  get a screen I have a window blind
 cathyn from SC  i have a larger elecronic screen on the opposite wall and can project w/ a different projector that is mobile
 charbeck1  I use a large flat wall.
 cathyn from SC  used a planety large falt walls at conferences
 Durff  I have those church wall things
 SusanEttenheim  moderating is hard work
 cathyn from SC  plenty
 charbeck1  12 feet by 8 feet.
 coolcatteacher  Oh, bandwidth!
 lee  yes. it is susan ..asking questions but not interfering
 Durff  Everyone else in this chat room can speak too
 coolcatteacher  Bandwidth and Control - BC - the two issues of BC!
 joycevalenza  we can give the kids moderating responsibility at middle and hs levels
 joycevalenza  they've taken that seriously
 SusanEttenheim  definitely joyce and they love it
 cheryloakes wow2  i think once we've modeled the skype culture
 coolcatteacher  Kids usually rise to the occasion.
 Durff  we can't have cell phones
 coolcatteacher  BUt you have to educate up front!
 coolcatteacher  Skype is over the computer.
 joycevalenza  i've not asked permission to do anything in a few years
 cheryloakes wow2  educate is critical
 SusanEttenheim  our older students have moderated our chat room during an author visit and it was great
 coolcatteacher  www.skype.com
 SusanEttenheim  those students were great! and what a great tone you must have set to get them in!
 Durff  I don't think our admin is ready for Skype yet
 joycevalenza  yes, susan. i think it was very powerful for the moderators. we modeled very important skills
 cheryloakes wow2  you must state your goals and have a purpose, it is essential
 SusanEttenheim  no admin is ever really ready for the symptom - just the disease!
 lee  yes, i was there for that tooo.. how neat it was to have them "break in"
 coolcatteacher  Be very clear and have accountability in the online environment.
 lee  so true dave
 Durff  admins deal with the symptoms, never the cause
 coolcatteacher  yes, it does take a lot of planning!
 lee  as is seen in our spacecast!
 SusanEttenheim  yes transparency and clarity and purpose
 lee  http://web.mac.com/lbaber/iWeb/SpaceCast/SpaceCast/SpaceCast.html
 cheryloakes wow2  googlenotebooks
 Durff  what are they?
 lee  http://www.google.com/notebook/fullpage#b=CaGEwpE6wpLg%2FBDSUDSwoQtqG357Yh
 SusanEttenheim  it's like one notebook - but we can all write in it
 lee  http://www.google.com/notebook/public/04358793573726113227/BDSUDSwoQtqG3...
 cheryloakes wow2  part of the google suite, google docs, spreadsheets, you must have a gmail acct.
 SusanEttenheim  and add info
 lee  sorry second one is pulic
 lee  public
 Durff  I use google docs
 dave  i've been fighting with google docs for the last week
 lee  http://www.google.com/notebook/user/04358793573726113227
 Durff  i don't have a gmail
 dave  not super pleased with it
 coolcatteacher  It is like delicious but easier to teach.
 SusanEttenheim  why not dave?
 coolcatteacher  I'm teaching my students to use it for their term paper research.
 coolcatteacher  I like delicious but beginners can easily use google notebook.
 charbeck1  Do you want gmail durff. I would gladly sent you an invite. [email protected]
 SusanEttenheim  google docs or notebook?
 Durff  I used NoteStart for notecards online
 Durff  NoteStar
 coolcatteacher  Google docs is word processing - notebook is for clippings.
 JenniferW  I can send you a gmail invite too === [email protected]
 cheryloakes wow2  JENN, hi
 lee  http://www.teachersteachingteachers.org/
 JenniferW  shhhh--- I am lurking :)
 sroseman  me too [email protected]
 cheryloakes wow2  Cheryl whispers, ok
 sroseman  it's a google world
 JenniferW  whispers back -- good chat tonight WOW
 Durff  I have yahoo mail and that gets me all the google stuff, but thanks charbeck
 dave  HI JEN
 JenniferW  HI DAVE -- no just got a bad cold
 coolcatteacher  Hey, Jen!
 coolcatteacher  It is awesome but we miss you!
 dave  hee hee
 JenniferW  cough cough sneeze sneeze etc
 lee  AHHHHHH you bad....
 JenniferW  what alternatives besides google?? anything??
 lee  Will forums like world Bridges evolve into Second life
 coolcatteacher  Great best practice to type in Google Docs
 lee  dave?
 dave  yes
 coolcatteacher  Much more compatible that Word
 dave  lee.
 JenniferW  is gliffy -- something that could be used??
 lee  thats a question viki asked
 Durff  Jen take "AirBorne" for cold
 lee  sorry.. vicki..
 alicebarr  Does every student have their own gmail account?
 cathyn from SC  don't you have to have another email acct to get a gmail?
 alicebarr  Or can you invite them to be part of the Notebook through another way?
 Durff  i have students where parents will not allow them to have email
 cathyn from SC  me too
 JenniferW  epals provides email --
 JenniferW  as does gaggle.net
 JenniferW  just a couple of alternatives
 cathyn from SC  gaggle costs and needs approval by admin doesn't it
 cathyn from SC  im such the subversive
 JenniferW  I believe there is a cost for the advanced version
 cheryloakes wow2  there is a free part of gaggle, and yes approval by admin
 JenniferW  let me check
 coolcatteacher  Wow!
 coolcatteacher  This is so exciting!
 lee  alice, i just use my email for them
 JenniferW  http://www.gaggle.net/paid_gaggle.html#free
 alicebarr  Lee thanks
 JenniferW  free -- but wth ads
 lee  they dont hve to have an email necessarily
 cathyn from SC  hmmm use my own
 coolcatteacher  Incredible!
 lee  if you can share a space.. for ex. they can use an email you create and a classroom password
 lee  and all use that notebook
 cathyn from SC  ;D
 cheryloakes wow2  or create one gmail account with your email, i created one today for my jhs called [email protected]
 lee  usually everyone has up to five emails given them with any isp
 cathyn from SC  what an excllent idea!!!
 lee  i created one for that purpose
 coolcatteacher  You can get free domain hosting for your domain at gmail and give it to the kids too.
 cathyn from SC  o the possibilities--and i was getting depressed
 coolcatteacher  Oh, exciting!
 cathyn from SC  thanks for the high note
 cheryloakes wow2  keep going cathyn
 cathy e  Dave, you are so smart!!
 SusanEttenheim  go dave!!!!!
 JenniferW  no worries cathryn -- you are not alone......we all have been there -- or are there now --
 lee  we have to be careful since we cant open most mail programs from school so having to verify email means i need to use something i can open from the school comp lab
 cathyn from SC  i just feel suddenly like i was given some latitude
 cheryloakes wow2  not second learning, but real learning! Nice vicki
 Durff  there are 55 people online!
 SusanEttenheim  lee what do you do about accounts?
 sroseman  sounds so innovative
 SusanEttenheim  55 people where?
 Durff  here
 Durff  in the chat room
 SusanEttenheim  yes the harvard thing is really interesting!
 lee  http://virtualbridges.net/
 JenniferW  take them hang-gliding, Lee -- quite fun
 cathyn from SC  in th wb room or skype room or total
 lee  susan walk very carefully and carry a big stick
 Durff  total I think
 lee  just kidding
 alicebarr  There's a course online, see Cheryl's techLearning blog
 SusanEttenheim  humm i don't see that - interesting
 cheryloakes wow2  I always fall into a building in SL
 SusanEttenheim  me too cheryl!!
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks alice
 coolcatteacher  I always meld into walls.
 SusanEttenheim  we need flying lessons!
 cathyn from SC  SL way out of my comfort zone
 alicebarr  I have trouble sitting!
 JenniferW  I will show you ALL how to hangglide
 SusanEttenheim  my bicycle bruises are nothing compared to second life!
 cathy e  It is OK to show your kids SL
 sroseman  interesting article in the New York times this weekend on SL ...worth reading
 coolcatteacher  I haven't YET!
 SusanEttenheim  sign me up for lessons!!
 coolcatteacher  I'm not ready.
 cheryloakes wow2  some night wow2 should meet in SL
 cathyn from SC  well--i have to leave now....aw shucks
 sroseman  play around in it first...
 cheryloakes wow2  by cathyn, come back
 lee  hmmm still breathing ....
 JenniferW  and go with a guide -- I will take tours if you wish
 joycevalenza  i am a SL failure
 SusanEttenheim  lol joyce
 joycevalenza  lost my guide today
 cheryloakes wow2  no way joyce, yo u will make it
 JenniferW  but I only stay for 1 hour -- its my limit
 joycevalenza  :-(
 dave  i thought you're avatar was cool joyce
 Durff  meet there, does that mean I have to download it?
 joycevalenza  couldn't change my clothes
 JenniferW  yes Lisa -- its a download
 SusanEttenheim  yes durff and set up an account and make an avatar
 joycevalenza  my guide took me shopping
 Durff  does it take long?
 cathy e  Jen W- we still have to go for the car ride- I could not find you New Year's Eve :)
 JenniferW  check before you download -- read your system requirements
 JenniferW  CathyE -- I shall takeyou for a drive
 coolcatteacher  It is a good way to crash an older computer.
 sharonp  thank you thank you thank you
 cathy e  I think we should pair up 2 teaching staffs-
 Durff  I just bought my computer last year should be able to handle it
 coolcatteacher  go in with someone -- Jen is great - she taught me how to skype
 sharonp  I think you folks at TTT are very innovative - I have so much to learn!!
 coolcatteacher  Didn't you teach me to skype last October, Jen?
 JenniferW  Lisa -- please check your requirements -- but you should be okay
 joycevalenza  i would love a "flat classroom" partner
 JenniferW  Yes, I like to help people -- so let me know
 Durff  okay Jen
 coolcatteacher  Go to Jens - onlineprojects4teachers website
 sharonp  Jen - didn't know you were here!!
 sharonp  welcome!
 coolcatteacher  She is pairing teachers who want to wiki.
 coolcatteacher  Where are you joyce?
 JenniferW  LOL -- lurking
 lee  Thanks Everyone...
 Durff  the proverbial lurker
 dave  where is joyce?!?
 JenniferW  and learning sudoku
 dave  she's everywhere
 joycevalenza  thank you all!
 charbeck1  I had nerf ping pong when I was growing up
 SusanEttenheim  thank you!
 cathy e  I would love to get a group of my elem teach into SL and meet with another group
 sroseman  Thank you all! Fascinating session!!
 charbeck1  Fresh wes from macexpo
 coolcatteacher  Thank you everyone! Great job!
 joycevalenza  philadelphia
 JenniferW  WES FRYER
 Durff  warlick?
 JenniferW  Woo Hoo -- can't wait
 coolcatteacher  I'm going to have to check out! I have a child who is having trouble going to sleep.
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks all for being part of this!
 coolcatteacher  Y'all are great!
 JenniferW  POST SHOW!!!
 charbeck1  Cheryl you are so smooth running the show. Great job
 alicebarr  Thanks!
 JenniferW  Great listen -- WOW
 Durff  hey coolcat, my kids liked your blog!
 coolcatteacher  Cheryl and Sharon did a great job, didn't they?
 coolcatteacher  Thanks!
 coolcatteacher  I haven't been blogging much lately, Durff - I've been stuck in our student information system.
 coolcatteacher  I've got so much to blog about too.
 Durff  And Maria moved away, but says hi
 coolcatteacher  Goodnight everyone!
 Durff  bye Vickie
 cheryloakes wow2  lee Paul is offline
 SusanEttenheim  goodnight... lots of work to still do for tomorrow
 SusanEttenheim  thanks again everyone
 charbeck1  pingpong or gnipgnop
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks for coming and staying for the evening.
 cathy e  Wonderful as usual gang! nite
 JenniferW  depends on what side of the net you are chris
 cheryloakes wow2  thanks, for staying
 joycevalenza  night folks!
 sharonp  is anyone savign the chat transcript??
 sroseman  a WOW session!!
 JL  I'll send a complete log of the chat to someone
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