Remembering Lee

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Remembering Lee
August 1, 2008

EdTechTalkers connect with Lee's sister, Laurie,  and other members of the family as we share our  sense of  loss and the many great ways that Lee touched our lives.

Lee Baber Memorial Page

Chat Log Below

19:52:53  lisaparisi ->  I'm getting good banjo music
19:53:03  JL ->  This is "Cowboys and Indians" Lee on banjo
19:53:15  JL ->
19:56:12  JoseRodriguez ->  Hi All.
19:56:19  JL ->  Hey Jose
19:56:19  JoseRodriguez ->  Cool Banjo Music..
19:56:24  mrsdurff ->  she was good picking banjo
19:56:32  JL ->  We can start as soon as people skype in
19:56:56  JoseRodriguez ->  still have a few bites left on my sandwhich...
19:58:04  mrsdurff ->  more of her music?
19:59:18  mrsdurff ->  please play her ,usic
19:59:25  mrsdurff ->  music
19:59:46  kcaise ->  did she create, write or play the music we are listening to?
19:59:53  mrsdurff ->  play
20:00:26  mrsdurff ->  greetings
20:00:42  mrsdurff ->  click on ETT A black icon to hear
20:00:51  mrsdurff ->  upper right
20:01:03  lparisi ->  Welcome to Lee's family.
20:01:52  lparisi ->  Me or durff?
20:01:59  JL ->  If you'd like to call in, you can call 603-574-4923
20:02:26  lparisi ->  now we hear durff
20:02:29  JL ->  we hear you
20:02:41  Valaina ->  yes
20:03:27  lparisi ->  Hi Cheryl
20:03:30  CLykowski ->  hello everyone
20:05:05  lparisi ->  Yes, she was.
20:05:20  kcaise ->  was she ill?
20:05:36  lparisi ->  She fought lung cancer.
20:05:37  CLykowski ->  My thoughts and prayers are with her family
20:05:43  kcaise ->  ok ty, lisa
20:06:16  lparisi ->  Hello Elizabeth
20:06:39  kcaise ->  i feel so sad that i missed out getting to know her
20:07:11  ehelfant ->  Hi Lisa!
20:07:34  ehelfant ->  I was shocked to see your twit about this
20:08:01  kcaise ->  that is so true jose
20:08:11  lparisi ->  Well, I am glad you are able to come join us here, Elizabeth.
20:10:53  lparisi ->  This is true, Jeff. 
20:11:03  JoseRodriguez ->  Any Lee favorite moments, come and share.
20:12:12  lparisi ->  Lee and I had many skype calls while I was panicked trying to get streaming going.  She remained calm while she walked me through each step and tried to troubleshoot with me.  She was always successful.
20:13:04  CLykowski ->  @Lisa Same for me She helped me several times during Webcast academy
20:13:09  kcaise ->  how sad for those of us who missed out on connecting with her
20:13:46  CLykowski ->  @Durff you are on the 17 year plan and Lee was ok with that
20:14:20  lparisi ->  That was Lee.
20:15:34  JoseRodriguez ->  true the loss of what could have been...
20:15:39  trossman ->  I feel sad for not ever having known her
20:15:50  trossman ->  I would have loved to learn from her
20:15:59  JoseRodriguez ->  Mac = Lee
20:18:27  lparisi ->  Hi Laurie
20:18:39  lparisi ->  Welcome to ETT.
20:18:49  JoseRodriguez ->  Hi Laurie
20:19:44  JoseRodriguez ->  Any Webheads in the house.. come in and chime in.
20:20:14  angelamaiers ->  Hello all!
20:20:20  JoseRodriguez ->  Hi Angela
20:20:21  lparisi ->  Hello Angela.
20:20:27  kcaise ->  hi angela
20:20:44  angelamaiers ->  Not sure when you started-did I miss anything?
20:21:04  JoseRodriguez ->  about 10min or so.
20:21:29  JoseRodriguez ->  feel free to skype in... to worldbridges
20:22:28  JoseRodriguez ->  a painter???  wowl
20:22:41  JoseRodriguez ->  incredible...
20:22:54  angelamaiers ->  So sorry to hear about Lee-what a loss
20:24:14  angelamaiers ->  Jose-where do you teach?
20:24:45  kcaise ->  did she teach at the conservatory or a public school?
20:25:02  JoseRodriguez ->  I teach in Los Angeles  @angela
20:25:19  angelamaiers ->  Did any of you work with Lee?
20:25:21  LucyGray ->  Are there any plans for a memorial of any kind?
20:25:35  JoseRodriguez ->  Not I.. as in F2F
20:25:55  lparisi ->  @LucyGray  Here now.  And the front page of and Wednesday's TTT show.
20:25:57  JoseRodriguez ->  but we all worked with her at ETT..
20:26:09  lparisi ->  We are collecting for a donation to the family too.
20:27:27  LucyGray ->  I guess I meant like a scholarship in her name or something
20:27:39  JoseRodriguez ->  That's a great idea....
20:27:56  JoseRodriguez ->  a music scholarship?
20:27:58  lparisi ->  Yes, it is.  Her school might actually decide to set something up.
20:28:05  angelamaiers ->  A scholarship is a wondeful idea
20:28:05  lparisi ->  Maybe we can connect with them.
20:28:30  lparisi ->  Hello Peggy.
20:28:40  angelamaiers ->  Hello Peggy!
20:29:06  PeggyG ->  Hi Lisa-had a hard time getting the site to load--hope I can stay connected!
20:30:58  PeggyG ->  I was so saddened to hear of Lee's passing! She will be deeply missed. When she joined us on ETT just a couple of weeks ago I was so hopeful that she was gradually coming back to us.
20:33:41  PeggyG ->  I'm so grateful that Lee is a part of so many of the archived sessions so we can continue to learn from her!
20:33:58  angelamaiers ->  Amen, Peggy!
20:34:09  lparisi ->  I agree, Peggy.
20:34:36  PeggyG ->  We're going to need some Mac experts to step up to try to fill her shoes!
20:35:01  JoseRodriguez ->  pretty big shoes to fill!!!
20:35:09  LucyGray ->  I wish I had known her better. She's definitely an inspiration for embracing life. 
20:35:18  kcaise ->  she taught middle school?
20:35:29  LucyGray ->  Thanks for letting me listen and learn. Night all.
20:37:51  lparisi ->  So glad you can view a small part of it here now.
20:39:33  PeggyG ->  @lparisi Can we just send a donation to your PayPal email address? Is there anything special we are hoping to direct the donation to?
20:40:23  lparisi ->  @Peggy Yes you can
20:40:31  PeggyG ->  Is any of her banjo playing preserved on ustream? Would love to hear it!
20:40:43  lparisi ->  send to [email protected]
20:40:52  JoseRodriguez ->  that would be cool.
20:40:59  PeggyG ->  @lparisi Thanks!
20:41:38  lparisi ->  Her family says there were lots of expenses from her medical bills and they would appreciate some help with this.
20:42:14  PeggyG ->  That sounds like a great plan.
20:42:26  PeggyG ->  Honeycutt
20:43:06  lparisi ->  Hello Jen
20:43:14  JenMad ->  Hi, all!
20:43:19  PeggyG ->  Was it Kevin Honeycutt? Is in the Teachers Teaching Teachers archive?
20:43:22  JoseRodriguez ->  Hi Jen
20:43:30  lparisi ->  Lee's sister is sharing right now, Jen.
20:43:31  JoseRodriguez ->  I bet it is
20:43:52  JenMad ->  great!
20:44:29  lparisi ->  Hello Susan.
20:44:36  susanvg ->  Hi Lisa
20:44:53  trossman ->  thanks for letting me listen... goodnight
20:45:48  lparisi ->  Thank you for sharing. 
20:46:29  JenMad ->  Yes! I saw her skype id open!
20:48:01  lparisi ->  Yes, thank you Jeff.
20:48:41  lparisi ->  Hello Pam
20:48:45  lparisi ->  Hello Joyce
20:48:48  shoemap ->  oh my gosh, just heard the news
20:49:05  joycevalenza ->  just heard too.  so very sorry.
20:49:06  PeggyG ->  Hi Pam and Joyce
20:49:17  shoemap ->  hi jeff
20:49:21  shoemap ->  and everyone
20:50:30  lparisi ->  He might want to come to the chat room.
20:50:44  shoemap ->  web site link plz
20:51:03  PeggyG ->  Would love to see some of those pictures of Lee! Please post them. :-)
20:51:33  JenMad ->  would love to see the pictures!
20:52:36  JenMad ->  these are great stories!
20:52:58  PeggyG ->  There are so many wonderful sides to Lee that I didn't know about. I'm so glad we're hearing about some of them!
20:53:54  mrsdurff ->  so does that mean JL: does not have a nice family?
20:54:04  lparisi ->  I have to head out.  If you would like to contribute to a collection for the family, paypal your donation to [email protected].  I will take care of it from there.
20:54:20  lparisi ->  Thank you so much for putting this together, Jeff.
20:55:26  PeggyG ->  Feeling technically bold! Lee always helped us to find that courage with her patient guidance.
20:55:40  JenMad ->  thank you for sharing with us! You are in our thoughts.
20:55:51  susanvg ->  Thanks for doing this
20:56:01  kcaise ->  thank you to everyone who coordinated this session
20:56:20  PeggyG ->  Good night all. Thank you all for sharing your memories of Lee. My thoughts and prayers are with her family during this difficult time.
20:56:27  clairehertz ->  what a nice, loving family
20:57:03  PeggyG ->  Will the photos be on a special page on the ETT site?
20:57:04  JenMad ->  nite all! thank you for doing this for all us virtual buddies!
20:57:31  PeggyG ->  Thank you for organizing this for us. Good night.
20:57:40  kcaise ->  good night and God bless everyone
20:57:51  mrsdurff ->  good night
20:57:57  JoseRodriguez ->  bye all..


I've posted my audio tribute to Lee Baber! Missing you Lee, but I can feel your presence and hear your laughter. Cheryl Oakes Collaborative Content Coach Wells Ogunquit Schools Wells, ME 04090 Women of Web 2.0