21st Century Learning #53: K12 Online Preparation Show #2

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #53
K12 Online Preparation Show #2
October 10, 2007

Today was the second of our two K-12 Online Planning Shows.

We're asking you, the EdTechTalk community to tell us what the community means to you in an audio recording in order to represent the community for our K-12 online presentation.

Here are the questions:

* Tell us your name and what you do
* How did you find out about EdTeahTalk?
* Why do you listen to EdTechTalk?
* What kinds of benefits have you found by participating in the community?
* Why do you broadcast live? (if you do)

We answered these questions today and discussed the status of our presentation.

Leave us a voice mail message at: 206-984-2569

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Feedback about our K-12 Presentation.

What do you think of our K-12 Online outline?
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