TTT#326 Think Global, Act Local - Introducing Kelsey Shelhart to the Alliance for Climate Change and One Day on Earth 12.5.12

On this episode of TTT, we do our best to help Eighth-grader Kelsey make connections with people like Leah Qusba from the Alliance for Climate Education: and Kyle Ruddick, the founder of One Day On Earth. Enjoy the conversation, and consider ways of collaborating with us on some our plans together.

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Paul Allison, Scott and Kelsey Shelhart, Monisha Nelson, Daniel Lichblau and Kyle Ruddick, Leah Qusba, Monika Hardy, and Cristian Buendia

On the previous episode of TTT#325 - Youth Night with Monisha Nelson, Kelsey Shelhart, Cristian Buendia, Jessica Morgan, Tommy Buteau, Jeff Lebow 11.28.12, we asked a few youths what changes they wanted to make happen. Kelsey said that she wanted to start an environmental club in her school. On this episode we do our best to help her! Our guests this week offer ways to help Kelsey — and all of us with something to DO around climate change and taking a global perspective.

Here are some notes added by our guests during the live webcast:

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December 5, 2012

20:59Scott & Kelsey Shelhart: Hello chatroom
21:01Peggy George: Hi there Scott and Kelsey :-)
21:01Scott & Kelsey Shelhart: Hi Peggy
21:02unnamed: Hello:)
21:02Peggy George: hearing & seeing you great!
21:03Peggy George: excited to be collaborating with you on your environmental club, @Kelsey :-)
21:03Scott & Kelsey Shelhart: Thanks, Peggy
21:04Peggy George: who do we hear typing?
21:08Peggy George: that's going to be an exciting event! 12-12-12
21:10Leah Qusba: Amazing work elevating the youth voice
21:10Peggy George: absolutely!
21:10Scott & Kelsey Shelhart: Sounds like a great project
21:10monika: very cool
21:11Peggy George: very clever idea!
21:13monika: what do you have, what do you need. love it.
21:18Chris Sloan: I highly recommend having your students participate. Mine really liked doing last year's project
21:19Peggy George: these are great questions and points!
21:20Peggy George: wish the hangout people were using Hangout Thirds so we would know who is speaking :-)
21:20Chris Sloan: Here's one of my student's projects from last year:
21:20Peggy George: thanks Chris!
21:21Peggy George: do students start with the principal to find out which levels of approval are required?
21:21Peggy George: what is the link to that questionnaire? sounds really helpful!
21:21Sarah Beeghley: hi
21:22Peggy George: Hi Sarah! How great to see you here!!!
21:22Peggy George: thanks Leah!
21:22Leah Qusba: You can download the project plan on the right sidebar to see all of the materials
21:23Peggy George: depreciated by whom?? :-(
21:23monika: kyle ruddick speaking one day on earth
21:23Peggy George: thanks monika :-)
21:25monika: leah qusba speaking acespace
21:29Peggy George: excellent point--how to you make the club/group engaging for all and not just be Kelsey's Environmental Club
21:29Peggy George: how do you...sorry for typos!
21:31Peggy George: way to go Kelsey!
21:32Scott & Kelsey Shelhart: Peggy . can you see our names?
21:33Peggy George: yes THANK YOU!
21:33Scott & Kelsey Shelhart: ManyCam
21:33Peggy George: exactly :-)
21:34Peggy George: what a fabulous connection for you Kelsey!
21:34Peggy George: that would be so awesome!
21:34Scott & Kelsey Shelhart:
21:39Peggy George: good point for HS students--resume building apart from grades
21:41Peggy George: that's a great connection that Paul is suggesting but the timeline may be too short
21:49Scott & Kelsey Shelhart: Found Lower third in toolbox
21:52Peggy George: sorry-lost my connection!
21:52Peggy George: yes Lower Third is a gadget/gizmo in Hangout that you install
21:52Scott & Kelsey Shelhart: A timelapse would be cool
21:52Peggy George: it really would!
21:52Scott & Kelsey Shelhart:
21:55Scott & Kelsey Shelhart: Kelsey says - I have a song - I need MORE COWBELL
21:55Peggy George: that sounds so exciting for the music video!
21:59Peggy George: love that idea! I have, I need!
22:01Peggy George: Educational Toolkits for One Day on Earth:
22:02Sarah Beeghley: thats a really cool idea
22:02Chris Sloan: Agreed. My students will be psyched.
22:03Peggy George: love it!
22:04Peggy George: stop motion videos
22:05Sarah Beeghley: I need more advancement in computer class.
22:06Scott & Kelsey Shelhart: Kelsey- I need more opprotunities
22:06Peggy George: @Sarah do you mean your computer classes are too basic?
22:06Sarah Beeghley: i agree with kelsey
22:07Peggy George: Scott and Kelsey are playing with the snowstorm :-)
22:07Sarah Beeghley: yea i need that extra push
22:07Peggy George: aha!
22:07Sarah Beeghley: cant wait for next week!
22:07Peggy George: I added the link on the Titanpad
22:07Scott & Kelsey Shelhart: Sarah - look into opencorseware
22:08Sarah Beeghley: what is that?
22:08Peggy George: thank you all for a really fun, inspiring session!
22:08Scott & Kelsey Shelhart: free college classes
22:08Peggy George: see you all next week