EdTech Talk#1, Part 2 - June 5, 2005

Ed Tech Talk#1, part2
Worldbridges meets the Webheads

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Shortly after we finished webcasting the first part of EdTech Talk#1 Buthaina, a 'Webhead', skyped me. Webheads are a group of educators that have been playing with online interactivity for quite a while. She let me know that a bunch of webheads were planning to tune in at the top of the hour, so the webcast stream was re-activated and then the real interactive fun (and challenges) began.
Webhead Links
Thanks very much to all the webheads who participated (or at least tried to participate) in the show. We are very much looking forward to future collaborative adventures in webcasting.

Ed Tech Talk #1 Part 1

Ed Tech Talk#1 Part 1

June 5, 2005
An overview of 'Educational Technology' with Dave & Jeff

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In this 'pilot episode' of EdTech Talk, we try to frame the issues of educational technologies. We discussed what educational technology means, discussed some of the most commonly used open source and commercial pieces of educational software, and how this medium of homegrown interactive webcasting can support those using ed tech.Shortly after we ended the show, Buthaina skyped in and the real interactive fun began in EdTech Talk#1, part2.
Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) / Learning Management Systems (LMS)
Streaming Technologies
Other Sites Mentioned
Correction: We mischaracterized the Hieroglyphics Moodle a bit -it is completely open at this point and anyone can poke around, but the actual courses will not be free...and there aren't any quizzes there like we suggested. More info at this thread in the Moodle.org forums.


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