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COOLCast - October 5, 2011

Topics: platform options for course events, central cores and threads in MOOCs, designed around the loudest shouters, continuity in open learning topics, 'distributed' teacher goals vs. learner centralized desires, city tour bus vs. independent roaming, and lots more meandering...

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EduMOOC 2011 Gradcast

The Final EduMOOC Webcast

August 17, 2011

ParticipantsVance StevensLisa M LaneAlison SnieckusOsvaldo RodriguezRowan Fairgrove, & Jeff Lebow

 Topic:  The future of MOOC's and online education ... and acronym alternatives to MOOC, including 

  SOOC - Scalable Open Online Course 

  MILE - Massive Informal Learning Experience 

  COOL - Collaborative Open Online Learning

Osvaldo's EduMOOC Survey

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Vance Stevens:

Jeff: Rowan, we are getting clicking noises from you

Lisa M Lane: cafeteria learning

Vance Stevens:

"The formal learning process is irrelevant for meaningful learning"

Lisa M Lane: thanks, Vance -- good link

Vance Stevens: In this YouTube video, Siemens says at min 1:13?"Have you ever thought about how completely irrelevant structured learning is?"

Vance Stevens: I have to go, I'll catch the rest in the podcast

Lisa M Lane: bye Vance

Lisa M Lane: oh, cool


Jeff: Osvaldo's Survey

Osvaldo Rodriguez: send email to google list

Vance Stevens: The schedule for sundays is here

and my slides for my presentation are at

but I've got a new version to upload, so check in a few hours

ok, gotta run, wife will be angry

I'll here in the podcast, bye

Vance Stevens left group chat.

Osvaldo Rodriguez: true

Lisa M Lane: exactly

Lisa M Lane: so we have MILE - Massive Informal Learning Experience

Lisa M Lane: is it scheduled?

Alison Snieckus: MILE - how fun.

I don't think it's scheduled

Alison Snieckus: but rather each person figures out what experiences to pursue

Lisa M Lane: oh, we'd better not get started on edupunk!

Osvaldo Rodriguez: I agree

Osvaldo Rodriguez: agree with lisa

Lisa M Lane: so it's more inspirational

Osvaldo Rodriguez: i agree with alison.

Lisa M Lane: bye Osvaldo!

Rowan Fairgrove: farewell

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The Final EduMOOC Webcast

August 17, 2011

Participants: Vance Stevens, Lisa M Lane, Alison Snieckus, Osvaldo Rodriguez, Rowan Fairgrove, & Jeff Lebow

Topic: The future of MOOC's and online education ... and acronym alternatives to MOOC, including

   SOOC - Scalable Open Online Course
   MILE - Massive Informal Learning Experience
   COOL - Collaborative Open Online Learning

Chat Log Below


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