EdTechBrainstorm September 7, 2006

Ed Tech Brainstorm -- 07 September, 2006

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A conversation with Dave Cormier, Jeff Flynn, Paul Ellerman and Jennifer Wagner in which we discuss Drupal, Elgg and Moodle.

Dave, Jeff, Paul and Jennifer also tell us more about the some of the "edtech" projects they are working on a present.

EdTechBrainstorm August 24, 2006

Part of a discussion between Art and Dave about current legislation and patents in the United States of America and the potential impact on other jurisdictions

EdTechBrainstorm #35

June 29, 2006

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A short excerpt from another 2 1/2 hour mega-session.  This segment deals with the possibilities of creating some kind of tech teacher coop for sharing the challenges of staying up to date with so may computing languages and programs.  Participants include Susan Ettenheim, Harold Jarche, Jeff Lebow, and Doug Symington. 

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EdTechBrainstorm #37


EdTechBrainstorm 31A - mrhazzard's neighbourhood