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It's Elementary #28, Educon 2.1

Join us as we discuss Educon 2.1 with the Science Leadership Academy Crew; Chris, Zach and Tim.  Vicki Davies also comes into the conversation with the It's Elementary Team.


It’s Elementary #28 was a preview of an upcoming conference, Educon2.1. The conference will be held in Philadelphia at the Science Leadership Academy. Chris Lehman, the principal at SLA, was on our show. Also on the show were SLA teachers Tim Best and Zac Chase. One of the innovative sessions will be a virtual session led by Julie Lindsay, Qatar, and Vicki Davis, Georgia. Vicki was on the show to preview her session, which will be a connection between Educon and the Flat Classroom Conference in Qatar. Vicki and Julie will both be in Qatar and connect virtually with Educon. This is modeling the very skills we want the children in our schools to exhibit. More information about our show is available at It’s Elementary on edublogs.

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A special "simulcast" edition of ETBS in which Steven Kimmi interviews Chris Lehmann of the Science Leadership Academy

Women of Web 2.0 Show #63

This is the Super Administrator Show with guests Kelly Christopherson, principal of a K-12 school in Eston, Saskatchewan and Chris Lehmann, principal of the Science Leadership Academy, a high school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Due to some audio and skype issues when we started, the formal show introduction occurs about 8 minutes into the audio.


The Women of Web 2.0 want to thank Maria for the wonderful job at last minute jumping to take the stream. It was her second show of the evening. Thanks Maria. Also, a big thanks to Kathy Shields for sitting in for Jen, while she is away on a sabbatical. Vicki was off for the evening with her family. Sharon held down the fort as moderator. Cheryl was in the chat room, as she was only able to listen from the Mountains. With the Women of Web 2.0, you just never know..... but it is always a great show! Thanks to the folks in the chat room and thanks to our guests. See you next week.

-notes added by Cheryl, page made by Maria. 

Chat from Feb 19, 2008 Below

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #9: Brown Bag Discussion with SLA

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #9 for July 7, 2006: A discussion with the faculty from Science Leadership Academy (Chris Lehmann, Principal) where Arvind worked with their faculty on the use of Moodle in the classroom.

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