EdTechTalk Community Development Meeting

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EdTechTalk Community Development Meeting
July 7, 2008

Confirming the ETT Policies & Standards
Brainstorming our Mission Statement
Contemplating Governing Board

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Welcome to the Governance and Management Group for ETT

Welcome to the "Governance and Management Group" for ETT.
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EdTechTalk#56 - Worldbridges Education Division Meeting

July 23, 2006
Download mp3 (30.5MB, 1:06:30 )

A day of governance. We sat down with some people from the community and discussed where we are going on many issues. If you want to be involved in edtechtalk/educationbridges this'll be a great show. If you just like to listen and skip to the next track, this might be one to pass on by.

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