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Instructional-Design-Live #29: Fun with Online Learning

05:07 - Robert 1
05:15 - Robert 1
Brain Rules link
05:30 - Mary 2
Thanks, Robert.
05:32 - Cammy
I've been slowly reading Brain Rules for the past few months!
07:48 - Mary 2
Welcome, Eleanor.
07:49 - Robert 1
Welcome Eleanor!
08:04 - Eleanor Rigby
Thanks! :)
09:01 - Robert 1
That reminds me of a scene from the office Cammy
09:42 - Robert 1
11:15 - Robert 1
I've tried Voxopop when it was called chinswing, but I like the idea of an audio message board: It doesn't have teh visual element, though
11:51 - Robert 1
This is a really good point.
12:50 - Robert 1
14:05 - Mary 2
In your experience, Joni, do onliine students begin making connections with one another on their own (via email, chats, etc related to assignments), or is this sense of community something you need to facilitate throughout a course?
15:31 - Robert 1
I think Wallwisher would be nice tool to extend this activity--add to web-based board:
18:17 - Cammy
Social often equals "fun"
18:18 - Robert 1
Hi Suzanne
18:33 - Suzanne
Hi, sorry I'm late to the session
18:40 - Robert 1
np, welcome
18:41 - Cammy
Welcome, Suzanne
19:48 - Mary 2
Thanks, Joni.
20:04 - Robert 1
@Cammy I think it is fun to 'buddy' with a friend
20:51 - Robert 1
Love the photo!
21:56 - Robert 1
Hmm..Now where did I put that experiment? (my caption)
22:17 - Cammy
I'm am the monster of eLearning and you must complete my course or be eaten!
22:19 - Robert 1
Perhaps I don't understand attention well enough
24:40 - Robert 1
25:59 - Suzanne
Wonderful idea!
28:21 - Robert 1
Dreaming of an online education
28:25 - Mary 2
Gotta run.... a meeting awaits me. Thanks, Joni.
31:03 - Robert 1
32:45 - Robert 1
33:43 - Robert 1
oh, yes
36:07 - Cammy
I'm always in favor of interpretive dance!
36:20 - Robert 1
36:49 - Robert 1
you bet
38:37 - Robert 1
yes, little surprises
39:03 - Robert 1
Good point!
40:03 - Joni
Thanks everyone!
40:08 - Suzanne
Thanks, Joni!

Time to put a little fun into online learning--with good reason: 'Emotional arousal helps the brain learn'. Medina, Brain Rules (2008). Joni Dunlap leads the IDLive team in considering how to incorporate fun into the fabric of a course to provide a more stimulating learning experience.


Instructional-Design-Live#23 2010-07-09 Case-Based Learning Online


The use ofcase studies in online courses has been shown to promote critical thinking skills and the ability to transfer these skills to real-life situations, but there can be real challenges with using case studies online. As Joni Dunlap puts it: "My students -- in a professional preparation graduate program -- really push back against case-based exercises. Their position is that they prefer to work on projects from their workplace." This week, Xiaojing Liu discusses her research into designing and facilitating effective case studies. She identifies a number of practices from a review of 27 online MBA courses at the Kelley School of Business, University of Indiana.


Xiaojing Liu, Senior Research Analyst at Kelley Business School, Indiana University, joins us this week to discuss how to design effective online cased-based learning courses.  Drawing on her research into cased based-learning startegies used in an MBA program, Dr. Liu considers the benefits and challenges of case-based learning from both a student and faculty perspective.

Instructional-Design-Live#22 2010-06-18 E-Portfolios

Helen Barrett

Dr. Helen Barrett, former faculty at the University of Alaska, Anchorage has spent nearly a decade investigating the use e-portfolios for enhancing stduent learning. In this show, she lays it on the line: e-portfolios that are designed as summative 'showcases' of achievement are missing an opportunity to have students focus on substantive learning.

Dr. Helen Barrett, recipient of the EIFEL lifetime achievement award for her contributions to e-portfolio research and development, joins us this week to put a firm emphasis on having students control their learning through e-portfolios. In addition to highlighting the ‘two faces of e-portfolios’, Helen makes the case that universities have been placing too great an emphasis on e-portfolios for summative learning. 


Instructional-Design-Live#17 2010-05-07 John Graves: Engaging Online Learners in the Early Stages of Online Courses

John Graves, the lead faculty in the Master of Science in Science Education program at Montana State University, Bozeman, spends 30 minutes sharing over a decade of expertise in the design and delivery of online courses. John touches on a number of key considerations in terms of engaging learners in the early stages of an online course:

Instructional-Design-Live#16 2010-4-30 WebQuests

WebQuest image

WebQuests have been around since 1995 and came about, in part, to address the need for critical thinking skills in the active investigation of web resources for learning. In this episode, we consider how WebQuests can be used to promote critical thinking and engaged learning.

WebQuest image


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