SEEDLINGS Season 3 It's a Wrap!

The Chat:

 19:29:36 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk: I am so out of practice. Forgot to launch skype

 19:32:43 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Welcome to SEEDLINGS!

 19:35:57 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: It's a Wrap!

 19:38:06 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk:

 19:38:13 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: link for Hannah

 19:38:17 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Bob you are Quick!

 19:38:31 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: :)

 19:39:09 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: New View! Teen website, penpals.

 19:40:21 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk:

 19:40:30 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: New View site!

 19:42:26 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Hello Jamie!!

 19:42:31 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: hello jamie!

 19:42:31 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Hi all!

 19:42:57 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk: Hi Jamie

 19:43:04 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: This is our show called It's a Wrap, the year in review and what we plan for summer.

 19:43:18 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Hi all! Had to be here for the last seedlings of the season!

 19:43:25 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk: Thanks Jamie!

 19:43:30 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Thanks so much!

 19:43:57 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: oops! got booted out!

 19:44:02 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: I'm back!

 19:44:11 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Whew!

 19:44:15 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: :)

 19:44:25 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Had to be here for the last Seedlings of the season!

 19:44:39 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: It has been a month! We are glad to be back.

 19:44:45 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: family says hi too heehee

 19:44:52 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Hello to the family.

 19:45:10 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: last few wks of school are always crazy

 19:45:34 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Oh, this has been a very busy time for us. All three different schedules!

 19:46:03 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: out of the mouths of babes!

 19:47:51 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk: What a wonderful opportunity for Morgan!

 19:48:36 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: So glad they decided to let her go! Powerful.

 19:49:09 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Yes, they loved it.

 19:49:11 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: great story

 19:50:22 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Jamie, this has done so much for the other school,  as well as Morgan.

 19:51:52 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: very powerful. Sometimes hard to convince the adults that the kids have so much to share--that they know so much that is valuable to us! 

 19:52:27 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Isn't that the truth.  Jamie

 19:52:35 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk: Agree Jamie. 

 19:53:34 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: I have a grp of 4th graders in a small tech club that want to go in to classes next year and teach other classes how to make a book review podcast. It was their idea, b/c they want other kids to do it too. So next year, that's what we're going to try to do. 

 19:54:02 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Jamie, this is perfect. What do you use for podcasts?

 19:55:40 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: We use audacity. They're here on my library web site:

 19:55:52 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: excellent!

 19:55:57 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: That is great. Connect with Bob's tech club.

 19:57:14 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: That would be soooo cool! We have a lot of hoops to jump through w/ my district (no skype, blah blah blah) but I'm feeling like becoming the squeaky wheel. Tired of getting NO for an answer!

 19:57:35 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Like that--letters of interest

 19:57:43 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Good for you, start small like Cherrie MacInnes! from Brewer Maine.

 19:58:28 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: I don't know Cherrie, I dont think. She's trying the squeaky wheel approach too? :)

 19:59:25 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: YES, she was a guest here and she started a state project where her 3rd graders talked to each state and found  a 3rd grade classroom.

 20:00:17 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Oh yes! I remember her. That WAS a great way to sneak the tech & collaboration in!

 20:00:30 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Wasn't it! She really started ground up!

 20:02:17 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk: http://classroom.kleinis ¬∑¬∑¬∑ iews.htm

 20:02:38 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: I'll bet your kids will love evaluating apps ea week! 

 20:02:51 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: That would be fun.

 20:02:56 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: oops! did my link not come thru completely?

 20:03:11 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk:

 20:03:19 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk:

 20:03:25 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: did these come through?

 20:03:28 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: beat ya, cheryl!

 20:03:29 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: lol

 20:03:35 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: yup!

 20:03:36 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: yes!!! you did

 20:04:58 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk:

 20:05:33 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Ahh! Maine in October! Sounds GREAT! It was 105* here in Houston today. Blech!

 20:06:29 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk:   Minecraft and Teachers teaching teachers

 20:06:40 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk:

 20:07:45 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk:

 20:07:47 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk:

 20:09:12 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Jamie, it is 80 here today!

 20:09:17 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk:

 20:09:49 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: ahhh...that's winter weather! LOL

 20:10:34 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: I'd take it too!

 20:11:24 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: What technology wants? Kevin Kelley

 20:12:14 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: That sounds like quite a read! 

 20:12:21 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Need to look at it. 

 20:12:32 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: I listened to it first!!! Now I have the book to read.

 20:12:48 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Sounds like that may be a good way to do it!

 20:13:15 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: robot reader

 20:13:49 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk:

 20:14:18 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Google Collaborative spaces!!! Join in.

 20:15:55 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk:

 20:16:56 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: that is so funny Bob! I made a wiki page for myself to kind of focus my summer learning too! 

 20:17:18 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: And to focus my projects for next year. Lots of changes coming to our library program.

 20:17:30 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: It is good to write the plan and focus!

 20:18:59 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Mine is kind of a mess--it's really for me, but I don't mind of ppl look at it

 20:19:04 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk:

 20:19:19 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: thank you for sharing that, jamie!

 20:19:29 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Sure! 

 20:19:35 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Jamie, thanks for sharing, it doesn't have to be done, it is organic and crunchy as my teaching partner says!

 20:19:56 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Love that! My whole LIFE is organic and crunch!

 20:20:01 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: crunchy!

 20:22:15 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Isn't that great???!

 20:22:26 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: I smile at that everyday.

 20:23:18 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: I'm gonna remember that phrase! It's brilliantly descriptive! :)

 20:23:35 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Shout out to my friend Beth Goodwin for that one!!

 20:23:52 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Beth is brilliant!

 20:24:12 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: She sure is! My hero.

 20:25:41 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: "it sits in front of you"--that's a good point.

 20:26:32 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: There are the doggies!

 20:28:07 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Father's Day Geek Gift Bag! Good idea!

 20:28:20 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: He is so smart!

 20:28:38 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: yes--all my Maine friends are!

 20:28:45 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk:

 20:28:47 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk: Oh Cool!!! 

 20:29:12 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk:

 20:29:37 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: biblion looks fantastic!

 20:29:51 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk:

 20:32:21 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Wow! That one looks like it really fits into what we all discuss here every week! Ppl need to learn to think! Sounds good. And 99cents! Wow!

 20:32:38 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk:

 20:33:14 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk:

 20:33:26 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk:

 20:33:34 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk:

 20:33:44 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk:

 20:34:14 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: LOTS of links tonight!

 20:34:29 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: no kidding, jamie!!

 20:34:54 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk:  

 20:35:44 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: voki classroom is a great idea!

 20:35:57 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: 

 20:36:02 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk:

 20:36:26 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk:

 20:37:16 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Audioboo--very cool! I've heard of it, but never really looked closely. I will!

 20:37:29 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: I really like Audioboo!

 20:37:48 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Thank all of you too! We will all miss you this summer!

 20:37:51 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: LOL

 20:38:02 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: we will miss you all! 

 20:38:05 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Have a GREAT summer--rest and have big, big fun!

 20:38:09 [Message] bobsprankle -> EdTechTalk: can't wait to start up again!

 20:38:14 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: It is a wrap!!!

 20:38:15 [Message] Alice Barr -> EdTechTalk: HAve a great summer

 20:38:20 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Bye all!

 20:38:42 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: Have a great summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern Hemisphere!

 20:38:50 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: I'll see you all on Twitter!

 20:38:55 [Message] cheryloakes~seedlings -> EdTechTalk: see you too!

 20:39:30 [Message] connect2jamie -> EdTechTalk: Night all! Great Season 3! 

Shout out to connect2Jamie from Texas! She joined us live with her family for the last show of the season. At the end of the show jamie said, wow, there are so many links! Yes, we hope the links keep you busy through the summer break. See you for the next school season! Alice, Bob and Cheryl for Seedlings.

2011-05-19 Seedlings Show 116 with Dr. Carina Self

We are joined by Dr. Carina Self from The University of New Hampshire. Carina is the Assistant Coordinator of the Women's Studies Program and lecturer.

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 cheryloakes~seedlings -> welcome connect2jamie
 connect2jamie -> Hi friends!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Welcome, this evening, we have Carina Self as our guest.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hello PeggyG, welcome
 bobsprankle ->
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> audio check?
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> Hi Jamie Hi Peggy can you hear us?
 connect2jamie -> yes! I hear you on A
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> great
 connect2jamie -> hi everyone!
 PeggyG -> hi hearing you great!
 PeggyG -> my chat log was slow loading!
 connect2jamie -> I had to load the page twice. Chat log acted funny
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> glad it is working
 PeggyG -> I think I just have too many tabs open :-) hoping I don't lose my connection!
 PeggyG -> we're so glad you're back Bob!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> I know what you mean Peggy! Ihad to restart my computer!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> We are glad he is back too. Although we heard that Zoe's concert was awesome.
 PeggyG -> It's a beautiful day here in Phoenix AZ! 72 degrees and windy :-) But it will be back to 85 degrees tomorrow
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> Sounds so nice. I actually had a fire last night brrr
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> We have had about 10 days of rain, fog, clouds, but 62 degrees today was nice.
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> Hasn't gotten to 60 yet. Garden beginning to rot
 PeggyG -> oh no! that's sad!
 connect2jamie -> 85* here in Houston today.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Oh,  Alice we had 62 today when the sun tried to appear.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Oh, Jamie, great report 85 degrees!
 connect2jamie -> It will be 110 soon though, and I'll wish I were in Maine!
 PeggyG -> maybe our cool weather is coming your way connect2jamie :-)
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> Nice. Weird it was chilly for me!
 PeggyG -> Great to be hearing from another preservice educator!!
 PeggyG -> do you have a link for Carina?
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Yes, Peggy, we have  much to learn
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> yes coming
 alice barr (SEEDLings) ->
 PeggyG -> I haven't seen Waiting for Superman yet
 PeggyG -> thanks Alice
 PeggyG -> what's a date movie??
 alice barr (SEEDLings) ->
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> Date Movie='s going out on a date to a movie
 PeggyG -> aha
 alice barr (SEEDLings) ->
 PeggyG -> can't wait to hear the solutions :-) talk about pressure!!
 bobsprankle -> lol, peggy
 PeggyG -> kids enter Kindergarten in that phase and then something happens!!
 bobsprankle -> "can't just change things by being a good person"
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Yes, Peggy, we make them line up to go everywhere.
 PeggyG -> exactly!
 PeggyG -> I think when preservice teachers are immersed in schools as they complete their courses is a great way to help them be realistic and idealistic
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> yes Peggy, and really helps them reflect upon their practice
 PeggyG -> Our Professional Development School program model for preservice education did that and I loved it!
 bobsprankle ->
 connect2jamie -> LOVE their blog!
 PeggyG -> it looks wonderful! can't wait to explore it
 connect2jamie -> I didn't know they've been doing it for so long.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> This is great it is like being a fly on the wall.
 PeggyG -> I remember and still own all of those books from the 70's and 80's mentioned in that first blog post (Holt, Kohn, Sylvia Ashton-Warner). They were all part of my university education.
 connect2jamie -> :)
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Peggy, so true.
 PeggyG -> That was a great Conversations webcast!! Miguel Guhlin asked hard questions. :-)
 connect2jamie -> That conversations podcast ep was really a good discussion. Wish I'd been there!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Miguel is so throughtful and he asks probing questions.
 connect2jamie -> He does.
 PeggyG -> the relationships are so important to building trust and community to work through challenging decisions!
 PeggyG -> teaching can be a very lonely profession if you limit yourself to your classroom, grade level and school. that's why PLNs and social media are so valuable to help you get things in perspective!
 connect2jamie -> Amen, Peggy!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> absolutely, Peggy. It still is a lonely profession for many. And then some people form groups and get stuck in the mire of schools.
 connect2jamie -> As the librarian, many times the things that I think are important are not even on other teachers' radar. It can be very isolating.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Yes Jamie! Then, also there comes a teacher who is excited about something that you have tried to introduce and promote and they are able to break through to other teachers.
 connect2jamie -> My PLN keeps me thinking and trying and helps me to reflect on how things are and how things can be.
 PeggyG -> When I retired as a principal I was beginning to see a trend with new teachers coming in that they weren't really interested in community building and taking on responsibilities outside of their classroom. This was in contrast to the veteran teachers who had worked hard to build community for many years.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Peggy, that happens with many new teachers until they get tenure.
 PeggyG -> you have such an incredibly important role as a librarian Jamie!
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> Anyone read this yet? A New Culture of Learning: Cultivationg the Imagintion for a World Of Constant Change.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> sounds good Alice.
 connect2jamie -> Yes. That does happen, and it is great when it does. I can't imagine how it would be though if I didn't have my online community to discuss and reflect with.
 PeggyG -> no Alice but the title is wonderful!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> yes, this online group is the best supportive network
 connect2jamie -> That does look good Alice.
 connect2jamie -> Yes it is Cheryl!
 connect2jamie -> Twitter has changed my professional life.
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> ME too Jamie
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> yes!
 connect2jamie -> And my husband's life, to some extent, b/c he gets to have dinner with all my Maine friends every Thursday!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> How nice is that!!! Welcome to your husband.
 connect2jamie -> My daughter, home from college, earlier said, "Bob Sprankle. I know that name. Who is he?" I laughed.
 PeggyG -> new teachers are discouraged for many reasons--whether they will even get or keep their job, and struggling with so much public criticism of teachers and schools.
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> How fun! Welcome Jamie's hubby!
 connect2jamie -> She knows Bob from me being on Twitter & in edtechtalk chat rooms! LOL!
 PeggyG -> love it Jamie!
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> LOL! So Great!
 bobsprankle -> lol, jamie!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Keep spreading the word.
 PeggyG -> I like that point a lot!! we need to reframe how we talk about teachers!
 connect2jamie -> I certainly try to spread the word about online professional communities, but I think networks like Twitter are really hard for people to "get."
 connect2jamie -> At first.
 PeggyG -> what are some of the key words Carina would use to describe teachers in that way?
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> yes, it does require some modeling for some.
 PeggyG -> it's so sad to hear of "teachers of the year" who are exceptional teachers lose their jobs because of seniority and lack of funding!
 connect2jamie -> Haven't had much luck with anyone in my local district. Only one person--and she was wildly connected before she came to the district.
 bobsprankle ->
 PeggyG -> what makes her feel that way--we're on the verge of something great...
 connect2jamie -> I hope "big and positive" is right!
 connect2jamie -> I don't really feel that way right now.
 PeggyG -> is it because of the public support for rallying around education? the grass roots movement?
 connect2jamie -> Tell us what makes you feel that we're in a positive place.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> we will ask her
 connect2jamie -> Things are fairly bleak in TX right now. But final decisions haven't been made by lege yet.
 PeggyG -> they're very bleak in AZ too!
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> So discouraging right now for education.
 connect2jamie -> My district has done a good job of minimizing the problems that TX districts are having right now, but it is still not good at all, and it's not over. Many, many ppl have lost their jobs.
 PeggyG -> I think people/teachers want to be involved in a positive effort but don't feel like they can make a difference.
 connect2jamie -> I hope you're right
 connect2jamie -> @Peggy I think you're right.
 PeggyG -> yes we are losing many really great teachers!!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> I think so Peggy, we do the hard work every day. We need community and family members to take on the charge.
 PeggyG -> and those remaining don't feel they can say "I won't take it any more" because they don't want to lose their jobs.
 PeggyG -> I agree Cheryl!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> right Peggy
 PeggyG -> I love to imagine what it might be like if schools/districts were not allowed to spend money on standardized tests! :-) can you imagine how that might change things???
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> right on Peggy
 connect2jamie -> The road to something else...that's quite a concept. I hope you're right that we will go to a better place. For students and for educators.
 PeggyG -> think of all of the teachers we could bring back into teaching and all of the things we could buy to support education if we didn't have to spend all of that money on testing!!
 connect2jamie -> In my colleagues' discussions about the scary state of education in our state, I see a troubling disconnect between their views there and the way they vote when it comes down to it. I don't understand it.
 PeggyG -> we believe that so strongly as educators--critical to democracy! why don't politicians and legislators see that/believe that??
 connect2jamie -> @Peggy that is such a wonderful thought!
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> I know I always wonder... The politicians have been through the system, why don't they want to make it better?
 connect2jamie -> I JUST had that discussion about education and democracy with my father in law last weekend! I don't think he really knows exactly what to do with me sometimes though! :)
 PeggyG -> exactly Alice!
 PeggyG -> they are more interested in being re-elected by people who want to lower taxes
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> but keep the conversations going Jamie!
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> A lot is becasue of $$$$ and what is valued
 PeggyG -> yes! money!!
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> Lilly! Perfect timing :)
 PeggyG -> my parents never really understood the things I told them about education but they knew how important teachers were and always voted for teacher raises and supporting education!!
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> JAmie keep those conversations going! YOu never know where it will come back
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Alice did you bribe Lilly?
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> NO not at all. She just sat up, barked and then laid down!
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> She' a true SEEDling :)
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Good girl Lilly
 connect2jamie -> The disconnect that I see in my area is that the vast, VAST majority of my colleagues might be described as "neoconservatives." And they seem to be surprised that the ppl that they voted for are now creating a hostile environment for schools through legislation. And yet the politicians made it clear exactly what they planned to do!
 PeggyG -> curriculum has become narrowed by what is on the test
 connect2jamie -> That Lilly!
 connect2jamie -> It is scandalously narrowed, and it's scary.
 PeggyG -> teachers aren't being encouraged or rewarded for thinking--only preparing kids to do well on the tests.
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> @jamie It's really funny what people vote for and then expect. Of ten they hear what they want to and do the research (kind of like kids!)
 connect2jamie -> It is puzzling.
 PeggyG -> we have to hope and believe and keep working for change!
 connect2jamie -> @peggy I think that's why we're all here!
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> IT must be starting to work... Look how many more people talking changes in ed on Twitter
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> Yes Jamie
 PeggyG -> I agree Jamie!
 connect2jamie -> @least ppl are talking about education in the general population. Hopefully that's the beginning.
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> Agree Jamie
 PeggyG -> how do we move people from only thinking about what's important for their child to why that's important for ALL children?
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Yes Jamie, even NBC has the little blips about education!!
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> AH great question!
 connect2jamie -> How do we @Peggy?
 connect2jamie -> That is the central question, I guess.
 PeggyG -> I don't have the answer but I'd love to hear what Carina thinks :-)
 connect2jamie -> me too!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Hi Carolyn, welcom
 PeggyG -> Hi Carolyn!
 PeggyG -> information and facts are the last thing they need
 cstanley -> Hi, all - just checking in for a minute!
 PeggyG -> they can find it faster on google than they can get an answer from the person sitting next to them
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> especially when they have efficient searches, that is what we need to teach!
 PeggyG -> true
 connect2jamie -> Absolutely @cheryl!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> :-)
 PeggyG -> I participated in a 3-day food photography online workshop last weekend and was so inspired by how she modeled and taught us about taking photos that captured story, culture and setting--all about people
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> oh, a great one peggy1
 PeggyG -> her key points were all points that educators believe and know!
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> How fun peggy! You are amazing! Always learning!
 connect2jamie -> storytelling
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Peggy is the ultimate life long learner.
 PeggyG -> "be inspired, have an insatiable curiosity, love what you're doing, listen, lead with your heart, trust/follow your instincts, be open" Isn't that what we want for our kids??
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> YEs she is! Such a great model Peggy!
 cstanley -> I participated in Shout webinar with a scientist in Panama - involving folks in sustainable agriculture - shade grown coffee and cacao - pretty passionate project.
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> YEs Peggy
 PeggyG -> what a wonderful conversation!!! I don't want it to end!
 PeggyG -> I would love to hear more from Carina!
 connect2jamie -> I'd LOVE to hear more about Carina's work!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Carolyn, my students are doing the Shout tree banding project.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> It is a great project!
 PeggyG -> Lilly was eager!
 cstanley -> @cheryl - cool - can you keep me posted?
 bobsprankle ->
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> sure we are just getting ready to post information
 connect2jamie -> @Bob LOL! podcast retrivers!
 cstanley -> You were great on Classroom 2.0 last Saturday.
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> LOVE Podcast retrievers!!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Thanks so much Carolyn! It was stressful, but a fun stressful.
 PeggyG -> yes Cheryl did an awesome job on Classroom 2.0 LIVE!!! such a wonderful example for teachers!
 alice barr (SEEDLings) ->
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> OH, thanks, aw shucks!
 alice barr (SEEDLings) ->
 PeggyG -> I mean it Cheryl!! I've listened to the session twice already and hear new things every time!!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Wow, I have to admit, I listened to it on Sunday  to see if I made sense.   :-)
 PeggyG -> those are always such creative designs!!
 bobsprankle ->
 cstanley -> It's not new, crew, but I've been playing with Evernote. As I was trying to figure it out this afternoon, one of my students suggested I use Dropbox instead - said it was better. Any ideas on that?
 connect2jamie -> Of course you did @Cheryl! You were great!
 PeggyG -> they are really different Carolyn. I use both for different reasons
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> They are a little different. I use both. Dropbox for sharing my own stuff, Evernote for collecting work for students.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Thanks Jamie.
 bobsprankle ->
 bobsprankle ->
 PeggyG -> Dropbox is a place to drop documents/files/videos/photos to share with others to download or collaborate on
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> K-12 Horizon Report
 PeggyG -> Lisa Nielsen!
 bobsprankle ->
 PeggyG -> I heard the CoSN webinar this week announcing the new K12 Horizon report. So glad it's out!!
 cstanley -> Thanks, Peggy. I do like the ability to use Evernote on the iPad. I imagine you can do the same with Dropbox?
 cheryloakes~seedlings ->
 PeggyG -> I like Evernote much better but need dropbox for sharing large files
 PeggyG -> both are in the cloud and also on your desktop
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> I agree Peggy
 cstanley -> I would like to convince our school to switch over to Chrome, but our administrator is dedicated to Microsoft and IE.
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> yeah Bob!!
 bobsprankle ->
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> IE doesn't work well with  Chrome.
 cstanley -> I have been following your pictures on Twitter, Bob.
 PeggyG -> There are still things I can't do on Chrome that keep me on Firefox as my first choice for a browser
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> I was presenting in a HS and IE was just not satisfying.
 connect2jamie -> Hooray Bob!
 cstanley -> @Peggy - glad to hear you say that - I still am using Firefox at home.
 PeggyG -> there was a really interesting discussion on EdTech Weekly last Sunday about the Chromebook
 PeggyG -> yeah! congrats Julianne Spang!!
 bobsprankle -> Congrats Julie Ann Spang!!!
 connect2jamie -> @peggy yes there was. $720/yr to rent a device is not going to happen in many, many districts!
 alice barr (SEEDLings) -> Rockin chat room tonight thanks guys
 connect2jamie -> It was GREAT as usual!
 PeggyG -> exactly!!!
 cheryloakes~seedlings -> Bye all, thanks for a great chat!!
 cstanley -> night
 PeggyG -> thanks to all of you!! lots of great things to think about!
 connect2jamie -> wonderful discussion and thanks CArina!
 PeggyG -> good night all!
 connect2jamie -> Night!
 bobsprankle -> thank you all so much!

We are joined by Dr. Carina Self from The University of New Hampshire. Carina is the Assistant Coordinator of the Women's Studies Program and lecturer.

Geek of the week

Links from the Show


SEEDlings Show #113 Rebecca Petersen

dtduggins ->  This is my first time using EdTechTalk is anyone there?  Is this for Seedling?

 connect2jamie ->  Seedlings tonight?

 alicebarr ->  can you hear us

 dtduggins ->  Hi this is my first time, I was wondering the same.

 alicebarr ->  @dtduggins Did you click on the little sound button on the top right

 bobsprankle ->  hi all!

 alicebarr ->  Hi Peggy

 PeggyG ->  Hi everyone-audio is great!

 dtduggins ->  I was in DS106 I will go up to EdTech Talk A and click on speaker?

 alicebarr ->  YEs

 PeggyG ->  yes ETT A is what I'm using

 dtduggins ->  Yes, Great sound, I'm in!

 PeggyG ->  I'm using itunes :-)

 cheryloakes50 ->  thanks for the sound check

 cheryloakes50 ->  hello jgentzyel, dtduggins,Peggy

 jgentzyel ->  Hello

 PeggyG ->  love it when things work :-)

 cheryloakes50 ->  yes

 PeggyG ->  vacations are all finished here in AZ

 PeggyG ->  doing testing this next week

 cheryloakes50 ->  oh my, those of us just about to go on vacation

 alicebarr ->  Hi Everyone!!!

 PeggyG ->  82 degrees in Phoenix right now :-)

 bobsprankle ->  hi all!

 cheryloakes50 ->  hello afuggiti! Welcome, please listen on ETTA 

 PeggyG ->  how funny! midwest by way of Cambridge :-)

 afuggiti ->  Where do i get the ETTA?

 connect2jamie ->  Hi all!

 Rebecca P. ->  Hi Everyone! 

 cheryloakes50 ->  upper right hand of page, you will see  listen

 PeggyG ->  upper right corner under EdTechTalk A-click on first icon for itunes

 cheryloakes50 ->  thanks for Peggy

 cheryloakes50 ->  hello Shelia!

 afuggiti ->  Got it 

 Sheila ->  Hi everyone!

 PeggyG ->  congrats!!!

 PeggyG ->  I got to participate in the Mobile Learning Conference in Phoenix last week and it was awesome!

 cheryloakes50 ->  hello AaronB

 PeggyG ->  there are tons of fantastic blog posts from the Mobile Conference that you can explore for links and resources!

 cheryloakes50 ->  Hello mbouchillon, welcome to the conversation.

 cheryloakes50 ->  Thanks Peggy for sharing.

 Sheila ->  Thanks for the links Peggy!

 alicebarr ->  @Peggy was that the one where Tony Vincent spoke?

 PeggyG ->  I learned how to create iBooks that are multimedia from Meg Wilson and I'm so excited to try it!

 alicebarr ->  He is our Keynote for the Maine TEch Conference this year

 PeggyG ->  those sound like great models!

 alicebarr ->  I love Emerging Technology Course! Cool idea!

 PeggyG ->  tuition costs are going up so much for higher ed! wish that online learning could offer a cheaper alternative!

 cheryloakes50 ->  Yes, Alice, it sounds like the next stage is right behind.

 cheryloakes50 ->  Yes Peggy.

 PeggyG ->  an Emerging Technology course sounds like a dream! what fun!

 Rebecca P. ->  Peggy it is fun! 

 PeggyG ->  I loved watching the Discovery stream today from the New York Stock Exchange! The student asking the interview questions was using his iPad to ask questions from the online participants :-)

 cheryloakes50 ->  that sounds great do you have a link?

 PeggyG ->  yes-it was a virtual field trip and they will post the recording here soon:

 cheryloakes50 ->  thanks!

 PeggyG ->  it would be so hard to share one ipad :-)

 PeggyG ->  what a great example!!! google doc on his ipad!

 PeggyG ->  that's so funny to hear "down east" :-) where is that? 

 alicebarr ->

 bobsprankle ->  north from me :)

 alicebarr ->

 cheryloakes50 ->  I had a teacher looking frantically for her .ppt that she presented last year at the school committee. She couldn't find the copy on her laptop or the server. I suggested she look in her google account. Many hours later, I suggested it again, and we found it in 3 min.  Make sure you save in google.

 cheryloakes50 ->  Downeast is how the trade winds blow on the Maine Coast.

 PeggyG ->  :-)

 PeggyG ->  great suggestion Cheryl! save in Google

 alicebarr ->  Down east is actually north of us :) 

 Rebecca P ->

 PeggyG ->  those were exactly the kinds of questions people were discussing at the mobile learning conference and you'll find some suggestions in the blog posts

 cheryloakes50 ->

 connect2jamie ->  The user un-friendliness is the reason our IT gives as a reason to keep iPads out of the hands of tchrs/kids. Email to us said iPads are "administrative productivity tools" only b/c the feasibility of using any apple product district wide was low. I told the IT guy that the entire state of Maine had somehow worked around it to make it at least feasible! Didn't like me saying that.

 Rebecca P ->  @connect2jamie lol 

 cheryloakes50 ->  Oh, connect2jamie, keep pushing! Mike Muir said he only takes his ipad with him now when he travels, presents etc!

 alicebarr ->  @connect2jamie Keep pushing!

 connect2jamie ->  Thanks for the encouragement! That's why I love my Maine friends! :)

 cheryloakes50 ->  We love you too!

 PeggyG ->  sorry connect2jamie! they clearly don't see the power of the iPads for all ages!

 PeggyG ->  put an iPad in the hands of a 4-5 year old and they intuitively figure it out! :-)

 cheryloakes50 ->  yes, Peggy

 alicebarr ->

 connect2jamie ->  Yes, I've got some links in my Diigo acct about the Aurora kindergarten project to bolster the argument. Reading specialists are piloting use of iTouches this year, but IT has just had fits. Don't know if it'll last another year. We'll see.

 alicebarr ->  BEST tool EVER!

 PeggyG ->  dropbox is such a valuable tool!!

 cheryloakes50 ->  connect2jamie, keep following the kindergarten break throughs!

 connect2jamie ->  LOVE dropbox! 

 Sheila ->  I was asked to stop dropbox - too much traffic when it keeps checking for files.

 Rebecca P ->  That's interesting Sheila. 

 cheryloakes50 ->  Oh, Shelia, that is like "stop learning so much, you are filling your head"

 alicebarr ->  @Sheila, maybe you can get it to NOT auto Sync?? 

 connect2jamie ->  Yes I will. Maine is the laboratory for many of the other states. From what i understand, it was your governor that really supported the tech in your state. Visionary.

 alicebarr ->  THen kids could just sync beginning and end of day? Not sure

 Sheila ->  Good Idea Alice!

 AaronB ->  I've heard a lot about iPads being more appropriate for the lower grades, k-2; why is this? In the district where I work all the admins have them and the lower grades, but not the higher grade. Is there a message here? 

 alicebarr ->  @connect2jamie Angus King was a real visionary!

 PeggyG ->  that's strange Sheila! is it because they keep their dropbox open all the time?

 PeggyG ->  @AaronB--there are tons of uses for middle school/high school--they just need to do a little exploring!

 Sheila ->  I leave it going. It was just me at school.

 connect2jamie ->  @alice I'm in TX. Public schools *definitely* suffer from not having an Angus King in the governor's mansion!

 PeggyG ->  I love that example in the grocery store Cheryl!

 Sheila ->  We just got 3 iPads for our school. Hoping the Sped teams will make use of them first.

 cheryloakes50 ->  It was fun!She was just so excited to share.

 alicebarr ->  @connect2jamie We were really lucky to have him.

 connect2jamie ->  I think SpEd is an exciting place for iPad use. That will be interesting to watch.

 PeggyG ->  the uses for SPED students are incredible!! Meg Wilson does some fantastic presentations about the tools on iPads for assistive technologies :-)

 Sheila ->  Will check her out. THanks Peggy!

 cheryloakes50 ->

 cheryloakes50 ->  wow she looks great

 PeggyG ->  yes! it just happens her blog post is the first one right now and you can access all 3 of her sessions from that link!

 Sheila ->  I have better posture with a desktop! ;)

 Rebecca P ->

 connect2jamie ->  @sheila that is true! I'm slouched in a chair w my feet up right now! :\

 cheryloakes50 ->  connect2jamie, will you be at ISTE?

 Sheila ->  :) @Jamie course I can slouch anywhere at the end of the day!

 connect2jamie ->  Ah, alas no. I so wish I could afford it, but my college daughter is effectively using up every last dime that we have right now! College is killing us! Yikes! Maybe one day she'll graduate and it'll be like we've gotten a huge raise! I hope!

 PeggyG -> this was a great session about high school writing apps and Derek suggested we go to to find great reviews of educational apps for all age levels

 cheryloakes50 ->  Well, you will ustream in to the experience! We Alice and I will be there.

 Rebecca P ->  That's a great link Peggy. Thanks for sharing it. 

 connect2jamie ->  Yes @cheryl--I always spend the whole ISTE time virtually and I LOVE it! It's great! One day I'll get to go IRL & meet all of you!

 PeggyG ->  the conference held a contest for submitting blog posts about all of the sessions and the winner got an iPad2 with cover! About 150 blog posts with incredible detail for links and recommendations. Brilliant idea!

 cheryloakes50 ->  That is an excellent idea! ACTEM should do it

 alicebarr ->  ooo very cool idea!

 cheryloakes50 ->  peggy, where is the link to the conference again?

 PeggyG ->

 PeggyG ->  they told people their blog posts had to be at least 300 words--not just a "tweet" :-) and they are so valuable! many included videos, presentation links, etc.

 cheryloakes50 ->  excellent! Shelia, will you do this for Christa?

 PeggyG -> This was an excellent session about using apps in guided reading and they used QR codes :-) 

 Sheila ->  I'm thinking about it! Just NHSTE do it though. . . .maybe.

 PeggyG ->  students were using Dragon Dictation to practice their fluency just by listening to their own recordings :-)

 dtduggins ->  Thanks for all the links they will be useful.  I just checked them out, I love apps and so I will share the love. There are many great apps we could use in the classroom. Bring on the ipads.

 PeggyG ->  Hi there

 PeggyG ->  just very excited about everything I learned last week at the conference!

 PeggyG ->  no it was last week

 cheryloakes50 ->  hello susan! welcome

 PeggyG ->  have any of you ever used ? They have an amazing collection of interactive ready books for kids

 cheryloakes50 ->  that is a great site, thanks!

 PeggyG ->  that's such a key point! many different devices that the kids own but it still works :-)

 PeggyG ->  there are blog posts about that too--policies and AUPs for using mobile devices

 AaronB ->  Can anyone recommend any good aps for helping students in math?

 cheryloakes50 ->  yes, aaronb, hold on

 Rebecca P ->  Hi Aaron... just a sec.

 PeggyG ->  @Aaron go to that website I mentioned earlier and search for math and you'll find MANY--

 cheryloakes50 ->

 cheryloakes50 ->  Aaronb, lisa has some great links

 PeggyG ->  Meg Wilson demonstrated how she used her iPad to take to her governing board meeting to make an appeal for funding for iPads in her special ed program. They were so impressed with what she could show them right from her iPad that they approved the funding!!

 AaronB ->  Great! Thank you Peggy, Cheryl and Rebecca for the links. I can't wait to try them. 

 dtduggins ->  Hmm usng cell phones to teach life skills, clever

 connect2jamie ->  @Bob Amen to that! You can't blame the tool! We have to set things up so that the cheating doesn't happen! It's not the phones!

 Sheila ->  My 7th graders started to figure out how to start a quiz on Quia and then say connectivitiy dropped out and restart the quiz (that they have already seen). Interesting. They were so naive, but not any more.

 PeggyG -> This is a fantastic google spreadsheet from TCEA 2010 with suggestions for apps organized by subject and include prices (if any)

 alicebarr ->  Wow Peggy! You are on fire tonight!

 PeggyG ->  :-)

 alicebarr ->  now Geek of the Week coming up!

 cheryloakes50 ->  Peggy, good thing for us that you are retired and work full time for all of us!

 connect2jamie ->  Wow Peggy! I never found that TCEA list! Great!

 Sheila ->  Chalk breaks! :p 

 Rebecca P ->  Here is a link to a wiki from my course. Each week the students update the site with resources. Check the mLearning section. 

 connect2jamie ->  Peggy is myGeek of the Week!

 alicebarr ->  I like that too!

 cheryloakes50 ->  Thanks Rebecca for this link!

 PeggyG ->  :-)

 PeggyG ->  you always get me so excited about things!!!

 Sheila ->  Rebecca can you drop it again?

 PeggyG ->  so true Bob!! always should have a Plan B!!

 cheryloakes50 ->  I agree, Shelia!!!

 Rebecca P ->

 Sheila ->  THanks!

 PeggyG ->  that link requires a login Rebecca

 Rebecca P ->

 PeggyG ->  for the Blackboard Academic Suite???

 PeggyG ->  that is so true Rebecca!!! impossible to pick just one!

 spallante ->  sally field

 cheryloakes50 ->  thanks spallante

 Rebecca P ->

 PeggyG ->  beautiful Rebecca!!!

 Sheila ->  And can I remind people about Earthcast11? Too late just did! April 22nd at Looking for listeners and/or participants! :)

 sroseman ->  very cool

 PeggyG ->  those kinds of examples are so great because it really helps to see the end product when you're learning a new tool

 cheryloakes50 ->  yes Shelia!

 PeggyG ->  good for you Sheila!!! get on the mic :-)

 PeggyG ->  TED videos are such great conversational tools!! really make you think

 alicebarr ->

 Sheila ->  Another plug -

 Sheila ->  Thanks  Alice!

 Sheila ->  Love smackdowns!

 cheryloakes50 ->

 PeggyG ->  I just learned how to send an embedded video in an email from my Mac this week--I love that I can do that without needing a huge attachment!

 alicebarr ->  Cool Peggy!

 Sheila ->  Nice PeggyG!

 spallante ->  Is there a place where all these links can be available?

 PeggyG ->  we're having a smackdown at our upcoming virtual conference for AzTEA! I'm one of the organizers and it's a free conference-Sat. Apr. 30 Come and join us! Angela Maiers and Steve Farber are our keynote speakers.

 Rebecca P ->  Peggy-- you asked about Bb... yes it was for the Blackboard suite

 PeggyG ->  couldn't access it Rebecca--said login require

 Rebecca P ->  Let me see if I can switch the preferences... hold on. 

 bobsprankle ->

 alicebarr ->  Free Math Games "mcGraw-Hill

 PeggyG ->  thanks :-) would really love to see it!

 Rebecca P ->

 Rebecca P ->  Okay... tried that link again. Hopefully no password. 

 cheryloakes50 ->  hello to camille84, just finishing up,

 PeggyG ->  thanks

 cheryloakes50 ->  to all in the chat, this will be a podcast tomorrow, with all the great links.

 camille84 ->  thanks

 PeggyG ->  still asking for username and password

 cheryloakes50 ->  Thanks to our chat room and all the great conversation and links

 dtduggins ->  Okay, I'm going to share that site with the 8th grade social studies teachers! 

 Sheila ->  PTA just funded the Digital Wish deal on Vizit interactive frames -  Phone in your pics to the frame.

 connect2jamie ->  Oh that Civil War thing sounds amazing!

 PeggyG ->  we're featuring Mission U.S. on Classroom 2.0 LIVE this Saturday--that is a fantastic, free online resource for American History with primary sources :-)

 Sheila ->  Twitter = telegram!  Great idea!

 PeggyG ->

 PeggyG ->  that sounds sooooo cool Bob!

 PeggyG ->  have any of you used Issu to publish newsletters online? SIGMS is publishing their newsletters with it and it is amazing to read either online or on an ipad :-)

 spallante ->  what a terrific cross-curricular topic/tool

 bobsprankle ->

 Sheila ->  Do you need to be present to win?

 cheryloakes50 ->  You do not need to be present to win, just a virtual presence.

 PeggyG -> free online publishing with Issu :-)

 PeggyG ->  what an amazing project Bob!

 PeggyG ->  can you believe we're already talking about the last month of school???? schools get out in May in AZ

 Sheila ->  Jose is doing that for a podcast contest!  :) 

 PeggyG ->  good luck!!!

 Sheila ->  Oh, We go until June 22! Just in time for ISTE.

 cheryloakes50 ->  the chat is now posted at edtechtalk, from last week! whew!

 PeggyG ->  still wasn't able to access it--I'll try again after the show

 PeggyG ->  plenty to keep you busy on your spring break :-)

 Sheila ->  Peggy - how many tabs tonight?

 Rebecca P ->  rpetersmauri

 PeggyG ->  wow Rebecca!!!! doctoral work definitely has to take a priority right now!

 PeggyG ->  don't even ask Sheila!!!

 PeggyG ->  I had about 20 open before the show ever started :-)

 Sheila ->  I thought so! ;)

 alicebarr ->  LOL!!!

 PeggyG ->  this has been such a great conversation!! Thank you so much Rebecca! please come back!!

 bobsprankle ->

 alicebarr ->  CarTalk meets SEEDlings :)

 Sheila ->  I have this car . . .  

 PeggyG ->  I won a great iphone app at the conference-LAZ Library ! with tons of complete books for kids :-)

 Sheila ->  Great show! Thanks all!

 cheryloakes50 ->  goodnight and thanks for hanging out!

 PeggyG ->  great way to get caught up on children's books I've lost touch with

 PeggyG ->  good night everyone

 dtduggins ->  Thank you goodnight

 connect2jamie ->  Thanks all! Fun night tonight!

 bobsprankle ->  thanks all!

 Sheila ->  That's great Peggy! 

 alicebarr ->  Thanks everyone!

2011-03-10 Seedlings Show Livescribe in the Classroom Show 110

Join us as we chat with Mary McCrackin from Lesley University and Jen Bogard, South Berwick Elementary School, and their topic Revision on the Run! You will hear how Jen is using the Livescribe pens in her classroom. The chat room rocks with great links as well.

Next week Ben N Ben!

The Chat:                                                                                                                                       
 19:17:50  cheryloakes50  trying this out
 19:23:49  bobsprankle  hi mary!
 19:23:52  bobsprankle  can you hear us?
 19:24:22  mcmackin  Could you try again?
 19:25:04  cheryloakes50  herer
 19:26:27  mcmackin  I have my volume turned up but don't hear anything yet.
 19:29:54  cheryloakes50  Hello Charlene!!!
 19:33:18  cheryloakes50  Hi Peggy, Hi Deb
 19:33:23  PeggyG  Hi everyone! Audio is coming through great!
 19:33:51  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  yea Peggy
 19:34:04  cheryloakes50  Thank goodness! server was down to begin with . Thanks to the edtechtalk elves
 19:34:23  cheryloakes50  Hello debbarrows
 19:34:24  PeggyG  it's always a "surprise" to know where we will find the audio :-)
 19:34:32  bobsprankle  hi deb!!!!
 19:34:40  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Hey Deb!
 19:35:01  cheryloakes50  hello connect2jamie, welcome
 19:35:03  connect2jamie  Hi all!
 19:35:12  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Hello Connect2jamie
 19:35:16  debbarrows  HI everyone - still working on audio.
 19:35:18  PeggyG  those elves are so magical!
 19:35:45  cheryloakes50  We have a great show with guests who use LIVESCRIBE
 19:35:48  PeggyG  Hi connect2jamie and debbarrows
 19:35:58  cheryloakes50  Welcome Mary and Jen
 19:36:06  connect2jamie  Hi Peggy! and everyone! Love seedlings night!
 19:36:14  PeggyG  me too!!
 19:36:16  cheryloakes50  Thanks Jamie.
 19:36:40  PeggyG  Hi Mary! I used to live in Amherst, MA where I got my Masters and Ed.D. :-)
 19:36:47  cheryloakes50  I love this revision on the run!!!!
 19:37:06  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Hey Deb Glad to see you here
 19:37:14  cheryloakes50  Hey Deb, how many computers are you going to login on tonight??
 19:37:24  Debbarrows2  Got to love Windows
 19:37:29  Debbarrows2  Cheryl do you have one
 19:37:30  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  :)
 19:37:38  PeggyG  would love to have a "prize" tonight of a Livescribe pen!!! :-)
 19:37:41  bobsprankle  hi peggy!
 19:37:46  cheryloakes50  I have a Livescribe Pen, I will bring tomorrow
 19:37:47  Debbarrows2  We can show it tomorrow at the training.
 19:37:49  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Yes Prize!
 19:37:57  cheryloakes50  Sure thing Deb
 19:38:02  PeggyG  they are fabulous for creating MathCasts!
 19:38:02  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Is tomorrow your training in Wells Deb??
 19:38:10  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Wish I could come
 19:38:16  cheryloakes50  Oh, yes math casts with the pen
 19:38:22  cheryloakes50  Hi Charlene!!! Welcome
 19:38:35  bobsprankle  hi charlene!!!!!
 19:38:37  Debbarrows2  Great - thanks for bringing it. I have an idea and want to try it.
 19:38:45  cheryloakes50  Yes, I love the sketches you can collect
 19:38:56  cheryloakes50  Great Deb.
 19:39:24  Debbarrows2  Yes Alice, you can stop in...
 19:39:27  PeggyG  the pens are really incredible! wish I had one!!
 19:39:52  cstanley  I've heard about the LiveScribe Pen, but that's about the extent of it. It sounds like an exciting tool.
 19:40:05  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  I wish I could Deb, but it's not going to happen :(
 19:40:11  Debbarrows2  I never wanted to go back and edit - wish I had the pen in school.
 19:40:12  PeggyG  Hi cstanley!!
 19:40:24  Debbarrows2  I realize that you probably couldn't Alice.
 19:40:35  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Do you have to use special paper?
 19:40:50  cheryloakes50
 19:40:59  cstanley  Hi, Peggy. You know, it was Bob and Seedlings that got me started attending all these wonderful PD opportunities.
 19:41:15  cheryloakes50  Carol, you are a great cheerleader
 19:41:24  bobsprankle  hi Carol!!!!
 19:41:32  cstanley  You guys are a great team!
 19:41:46  PeggyG  Seedlings is always a great show!!
 19:42:40  cstanley  Wow! I'm not sure I can write a 3-page story.:)
 19:43:00  charlene  Hi! First time here.....I have a Livescribe Pen for classroom use but none of my kids are really interested in using it. I teach 6-7-8 year old people...what am I doing wrong?
 19:43:33  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  @charlene Great question! We'll ask!
 19:43:51  cheryloakes50  Great question Charlene!  Have you shared it with them on the Promethean board? So they can see the playback?
 19:43:55  cstanley  There is so much emphasis on persuasive writing and formal writing-prompt structure in our school that there is really very little time for narrative writing.
 19:44:21  connect2jamie  Duh...wondered why I still didn't have any audio--I was on mute! Long day...
 19:44:26  cstanley  Lots of student stories are going unheard - at least in school. It's a waste.
 19:44:43  cheryloakes50  glad you found that out jamie :-)
 19:44:49  connect2jamie  :)
 19:44:58  charlene  Didn't know I could use it w/ Promethan! There's sound? I can't find it and I'm not on mute!
 19:45:16  cstanley  I have found that PhotoStory 3 is a very effective tool for just that reason.
 19:45:21  PeggyG  This is a link to the Mathcasts page that talkes about creating Mathcasts with the Livescribe pen
 19:45:25  connect2jamie  @charlene click on the little speaker icon at top right that says EdTechTalk A
 19:45:34  cheryloakes50  Charlene, look on the right side of page
 19:45:39  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  @Charlene Look fo the little mic above on the right
 19:45:53  cheryloakes50  Thanks Peggy
 19:46:25  cstanley  Modeling is key!
 19:46:39  PeggyG  this is great advice!! modeling!
 19:47:16  connect2jamie  @charlene did you find the audio?
 19:48:21  PeggyG  sometimes the kids are just shy about talking on a microphone and may need some "play" time to get used to it.
 19:48:27  charlene  Nope. I'm trying everything that makes sense. the speaker didn't do it. I can keep reading & go to bit by bit tomorrow.
 19:48:53  cheryloakes50  click on the real player speaker,please try that
 19:49:22  PeggyG  I'll bet this really encourages them to be willing to revise and edit :-)
 19:49:24  Debbarrows2  @Charlene - are you on a Mac or PC?
 19:49:26  cheryloakes50  the itunes speaker did not work for me tonight
 19:49:29  Debbarrows2  I had trouble on the Mac
 19:49:43  PeggyG  I'm listening in itunes on my Mac
 19:50:02  cheryloakes50  Thanks Deb, no itunes on mac for me, Peggy, that is good you have it on itunes.
 19:50:07  cstanley  @Charlene - you do have to have RealAudio player downloaded in order to use that icon. It's a quick download - but be careful to uncheck items you don't want with the download.
 19:50:10  PeggyG  that authentic audience makes such a difference!
 19:50:36  connect2jamie  I'm using itunes on my pc too.
 19:50:42  PeggyG  what a great example Bob!
 19:50:56  cheryloakes50  thanks for all the help, what a great audience, participatory culture.
 19:51:09  bobsprankle
 19:51:49  charlene  PC.....Oh man! I feel like my inability to hear is taking over your show! Can't fond real player speaker. Keep going...I'll just read!
 19:52:04  PeggyG  love that thought about kids playing "teacher"! That's what started me on my path to becoming a teacher! :-)
 19:52:45  cstanley  @Charlene -under EdTechTalk A in the right-hand panel top, it's the blue icon with the play triangle. Are you not seeing that?
 19:52:52  PeggyG  Charlene-maybe you should try a different browser?? everything might magically start to work
 19:53:14  connect2jamie  @peggy me too! I used to turn all my books at home into "textbooks" and torture...ahem...I mean TEACH the little girl next door! LOL
 19:53:33  PeggyG  me too!
 19:54:06  PeggyG  Bob you always ask the greatest questions!!! :-)
 19:54:09  cstanley  I have computer club on Thursdays afternoons. The late bus comes around 4:00pm, and I have to badger the kids to quit open applications and log off. They don't want to go.
 19:54:32  PeggyG  awesome cstanley!!! A teacher's dream!
 19:54:34  bobsprankle  <blush> thanks peggy :)
 19:54:43  connect2jamie  @carol isn't that a good feeling when they don't want to go!
 19:54:47  charlene  I have tried all 3 icons & nothing. I will try a different browser. Wish me luck! Bye for now!
 19:54:58  bobsprankle  good luck charlene
 19:54:59  cheryloakes50  good luck, charlene
 19:55:06  PeggyG  crossing my fingers for charlene!
 19:55:33  cstanley  Sometimes I'm really tired by Thursday afternoons, but the kids in club are so eager, I muster the energy.
 19:55:40  PeggyG  the kids are great with the flipcams!
 19:56:25  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Flipcams were made  for kids!
 19:56:34  cstanley  It would be great for modeling if Jen could make some videos of the kids using the technology - videos to model for teachers.
 19:56:35  connect2jamie  I'm using flipcams w/ 3rd graders in the library tomorrow. Should be fun!
 19:56:44  cheryloakes50  Yes, for sure, flip cams make it so instant
 19:56:50  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  @connect2jamie what's your project?
 19:56:53  PeggyG  it would be great!
 19:57:57  connect2jamie  Some of our GT kids wrote plays about the solar system, and we're filming them.
 19:58:57  cstanley  I recently viewed a video of a collaborative story being written in a Google doc - the teacher used Camtasia to record the whole process of the document being edited. It was quite a good idea, I thought.
 19:59:13  Debbarrows2  I love that you called it a "Celebration"
 19:59:15  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Sounds fun!
 19:59:16  PeggyG  that is a very good idea!
 19:59:23  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Me too Deb!
 19:59:49  PeggyG  do you have a link for that video @cstanley? would love to see it
 20:00:20  cheryloakes50 This is from our high school english teacher english class.
 20:00:38  PeggyG  Does Jen have a website with any of these examples available for us to see?
 20:00:43  cheryloakes50  English teacher has a student take notes in class, then publishes for her students
 20:01:25  bobsprankle
 20:01:36  bobsprankle
 20:01:37  PeggyG  oh thank you!!!
 20:02:03  cstanley  will search for it, Peggy.
 20:02:23  PeggyG  I'm sharing these links on our Mini-geekfest this coming week! Love these examples!
 20:02:44  cheryloakes50  Peggy, what is a mini geek fest?
 20:03:35  PeggyG  that is a monthly Elluminate show I do with a colleague in AZ--kind of like a mini-smackdown :-) sharing great web 2.0 resources and tools for classroom use
 20:03:47  cheryloakes50  OH, what a great idea!
 20:04:09  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Wow Peggy Cool idea!
 20:04:49  PeggyG  it's always lots of fun! everyone in the session can share if they want to--very informal and spontaneous but I always come prepared with lots of favorites in case others don't take the mic
 20:05:04  connect2jamie  A mini geek fest! Love it!
 20:05:05  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Very fun!
 20:05:44  cheryloakes50  Hi leeannep! welcome
 20:05:59  connect2jamie  Thanks for the links above. Helps me to visualizehow the pen is used in class/how it works a little bit better
 20:06:05  Debbarrows2  LOL Alice
 20:06:18  PeggyG  aren't they great links!! a picture is worth a thousand words :-)
 20:06:19  connect2jamie  interesting point, Alice.
 20:06:46  PeggyG  random thoughts from doodling :-)
 20:06:49  connect2jamie  Might turn out like RSAnimate!
 20:07:01  cheryloakes50  yes rsaanimate
 20:07:11  Debbarrows2  Anyone have one they can try it with
 20:07:11  connect2jamie  I'm a big doodler.
 20:07:25  cheryloakes50  Hi shelia, we are live
 20:07:34  Sheila  Hi there!
 20:07:39  connect2jamie  Hi Sheila!
 20:07:51  PeggyG  hi Sheila!!! so excited to see you! are you back from Belize?
 20:07:56  cstanley  I remember reading that doodling accesses some part of the brain when you are taking notes that helps you retain the information better.
 20:08:16  Sheila  Yes, back from launch and Belize!  :)
 20:08:29  cheryloakes50  Did you have a great time?
 20:08:42  PeggyG  I don't doodle but I take lots of notes because just writing things down helps me to stay focused and remember things better even if I never look at them again
 20:08:56  PeggyG  Fantastic Sheila!!!
 20:09:05  Sheila  Absolutely! Launch was emotional and Belize I shared with a teacher from my school!
 20:09:32  cstanley  @Peggy, now I try to type them into my Google Doc that I have open during the webinars - great placed to record links as well.
 20:09:42  connect2jamie  I do find that I do better if I take notes by hand in meetings, etc. I don't remember things as well if I'm on a computer. Probably my age & early training.
 20:09:42  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  Me too peggy. I almost write the conversation but then don't look at it later
 20:09:55  PeggyG  I do the same thing @cstanley but I usually use Evernote
 20:10:39  cstanley  I heard you guys raving about Evernote,but I haven't had time to investigate it.
 20:10:55  cheryloakes50  I am starting to share with my HS juniors.
 20:10:59  cheryloakes50  evernote that is
 20:11:12  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  i <3 evernote!
 20:11:14  PeggyG  it is a fantastic tool! all of the links are clickable in it and you can include video, images and much more
 20:11:34  PeggyG  and I can access the notes from my iphone or any computer anywhere
 20:11:38  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  I take pictures of whiteboards and store it
 20:11:40  connect2jamie  I really need to explore evernote. Haven't used it.
 20:11:56  Sheila  Guess  I need to too!
 20:12:03  PeggyG  love the thought of creating movies on imovie from the pen
 20:12:04  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  can use online, phone, and app
 20:12:36  Debbarrows2  she gets a free registration doesn't she if she is presenting
 20:12:36  cstanley  I should put in for PD time and see if I can get my district to send me up to your conference.
 20:12:38  PeggyG  we are your witnesses!!
 20:13:03  PeggyG  I hope you'll stream that session!!!
 20:13:06  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  @cstanley
 20:13:20  bobsprankle  will def. podcast it
 20:13:21  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  SEEDlings does a Geek of the Week lunch! :)
 20:13:24  PeggyG  powerful statement about Livescribes and IWBs
 20:13:26  cheryloakes50
 20:13:41  PeggyG  fantastic Bob!
 20:13:50  cstanley  @Alice - it would be like coming home - well, it would be -literally.
 20:13:53  PeggyG  I remember the Geek of the Week live stream last year :-)
 20:14:13  cheryloakes50  thanks Peggy, we try and stream that each year!
 20:14:17  alicebarr (SEEDlings)  @cstanley Yup and best time of the year
 20:16:26  PeggyG  Have you seen this? new Livescribe K-12 Blog from Tim Fahlberg (Mathcasts)
 20:17:02  PeggyG  LivescribeK12 has a twitter site too :-)
 20:17:18  connect2jamie  @peggy Wow! I can't wait to look over that math site. Looks interesting.
 20:18:10  PeggyG  that blog is about all kinds of uses for the pen in education but I learned about it from Tim Fahlberg :-)
 20:20:00  PeggyG  what an amazing tool!!! these examples are so motivating!
 20:21:55  PeggyG  woo hoo!! geek of the week time!
 20:22:05  cheryloakes50  Yes,
 20:22:36  leeannep  so sad i've missed most of this - tech problems at this end - I can only get into chat
 20:22:51  bobsprankle
 20:23:11  PeggyG  so sorry leeannep! hopefully you'll be able to listen to the recording later
 20:23:18  connect2jamie  I'm sorry you've had problems w/ audio @leeannep!
 20:23:26  bobsprankle
 20:23:43  PeggyG  great link!!
 20:23:45  bobsprankle
 20:24:07  leeannep  my tech guy at new school is on it. Hope to participate live next time
 20:24:50  alice barr  Ok back
 20:25:03  cstanley  Welcome back, Alice.
 20:25:13  alice barr  thanks
 20:25:13  cheryloakes50
 20:25:21  Debbarrows2  Pics4learning loves to have teachers upload pictures too
 20:25:30  cstanley  I have a ton of photos I could share.
 20:25:41  PeggyG  the citation feature is really valuable!
 20:26:14  alice barr
 20:26:17  PeggyG  I'll bet there are a lot of people doing the 365 group photos could add pictures to this site
 20:26:24  cheryloakes50  I have some photos at pics for learning
 20:26:25  leeannep  pics4learning will go viral at my school
 20:26:43  alice barr  sign in as guest
 20:27:18  PeggyG  pics4learning should be an easy site to get unblocked if you have issues with that in your school
 20:27:57  PeggyG  that is such a cool site Alice!
 20:28:26  connect2jamie  Love this week's geeks of the week!
 20:28:29  PeggyG  great use for Moodle!
 20:29:06  cstanley  I understand the app is only $5.00
 20:29:12  bobsprankle
 20:29:42  PeggyG  wow! how exciting! need to check that out online since I don't have an iPad yet
 20:29:52  cstanley  Are you really-Cheryl and Alice? Really?????
 20:30:13  cheryloakes50  I am ordering mine online
 20:30:18  cheryloakes50  in my sleeping bag
 20:30:31  cstanley  I heard there should not be as long lines since Walmart, Best Buy and others are carrying the product.
 20:30:34  connect2jamie  :-)
 20:30:38  cstanley  Very funny, Cheryl.
 20:30:49  PeggyG  wonder if Zite works on an iphone?
 20:31:11  Debbarrows2  I've tried the other store last time and no...
 20:31:19  cstanley  I would get it at Best Buy and get points.
 20:31:26  PeggyG  very wise Cheryl!
 20:31:28  Debbarrows2  I tried stores in ME, NH NY! when the first ones come out
 20:31:41  Debbarrows2  The thrill is in the chase go to the Apple Store
 20:31:49  PeggyG  so true Deb!
 20:31:56  cstanley  really? Wow! That's in[i]credible.
 20:32:11  Debbarrows2  I bet BB won't have them
 20:32:18  Debbarrows2  Yep
 20:32:30  Debbarrows2  I kept calling and calling and getting no...
 20:32:30  PeggyG  Steve Jobs is brilliant!
 20:32:40  Debbarrows2  MAll
 20:32:49  Sheila  Go to the store!
 20:32:50  Debbarrows2  I'll wait in line with you on my way home
 20:32:50  cstanley  [i]I have $75 dollars in points - but I may go for a LiveScribe instead of an iPad. There are rumors that my school might - might, I stress - be getting some iPads for us.
 20:33:14  Sheila  Adventure and challenge all in one
 20:33:15  Debbarrows2  You could start spreading the word that BB doesn't have them.
 20:33:15  PeggyG  camp out Alice!
 20:33:23  alice barr  :)
 20:33:33  alice barr  I just cannot decide!
 20:33:36  cstanley  [i]It's pelting, pouring rain here in CT. Are you guys having snow or rain?
 20:33:49  Sheila  nothing yet
 20:33:50  alice barr   I guess if I don't get one tomorrow I'll just come home and order it
 20:33:50  PeggyG  I think it's worth taking a chance Alice
 20:33:54  Debbarrows2  This has been great - can't wait to try it tomorrow
 20:34:14  alice barr  Ok Peggy you are wise! I'm going with your advice
 20:34:17  Sheila  (Get one before Cheryl! ;) )
 20:34:22  PeggyG  what a fabulous show Jen and Mary!! Thank you so much for sharing your tips and passion about the pen!
 20:34:23  connect2jamie  Thanks all! Great links and info tonight!
 20:34:37  cstanley  [i]Thanks, everyone.
 20:34:54  PeggyG  thanks all!!
 20:34:54  Sheila  Thank you all! Will catch the beginning on the podcast!
 20:35:07  bobsprankle  Thanks all!
 20:35:07  PeggyG  bye Sheila! Can't wait to hear your stories!
 20:35:13  Sheila  Alice should!
 20:35:15  connect2jamie  Good night!
 20:35:22  Sheila  Night all!
 20:53:21  Sheila  Hi DS!
 20:57:33  Sheila  Oh, surprises!  Mystery . . . .
 21:05:36  ds  Hey Sheila
 21:08:22  Sheila  :)
 21:09:39  Sheila  Hi CathyE
 21:10:52  ds  HI Cathy
 21:11:35  Cathy E  Hello - happy Thursday!
 21:12:11  ds  thanks--and to you!
 21:16:48  Sheila  Isn't it nice to meet ol' friends face to face!
 21:16:56  ds  it is indeed
 21:17:08  ds  hi cstanley
 21:17:26  Sheila  Hi Carolyn!
 21:17:29  cstanley  hi, just stopped in for a moment - saw Sheila's tweet
 21:17:45  ds  excellent, welcome
 21:17:50  cstanley  What were you doing in Belize, Sheila. I think I 'm out of the loop.
 21:19:15  Sheila  I take teachers to southern Belize as part of a graduate course at UNH. We collaborate with teachers at a workshop then go to their schools.
 21:19:26  Sheila  It's during our school vacation.
 21:19:56  cstanley  I enjoyed the Seedlings show tonight. I am not familiar at all with the LiveScribe pen. I am sorry I missed Mitch Resnick on Classroom 2.0 - I'll have to catch the archive later. Oh Sheila, that sounds exciting. What an experience!
 21:19:59  Sheila  Thinking of webcasting about it with some of the participants this year.
 21:20:27  cstanley  @Sheila - that would be most informative and interesting.
 21:20:44  Sheila  Too much going on tonight. I'm catching both of those on podcasts later.
 21:21:21  Sheila  @cstanley When are you heading back up north?
 21:22:01  cstanley  I think I'd better go make my salad up for tomorrow's lunch - going to skim quickly through Twitter and try to go to bed. If I didn't discipline myself, I'd be on this from the time I got home from school until I literally fall asleep sitting bolt upright.

Thanks to the Edtechtalk elves for getting the server back running! Seedlings talks about livescribe in the classroom

Join us as we chat with Mary McCrackin from Lesley University and Jen Bogard, South Berwick Elementary School, and their topic Revision on the Run! You will hear how Jen is using the Livescribe pens in her classroom. The chat room rocks with great links as well.

SEEDlings 2011-3-3 Show #109 The 2011 Horizon Report

Horizon Report 2011

Geek of the Week Links

alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Hi Peggy: Do you know how to Ustream? WE cannot connect to the server
 PeggyG ->  everyone has had the same problem. I have never done the ustream streaming before. Sorry
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  No problem
 alicebarr (SEEDlings) ->  Looks like we're going to have to learn....
 PeggyG ->  I plan to learn very soon though because I want to be available as a backup streamer
 PeggyG ->  Lorna did it for TTT last night
 PeggyG ->  Lorna says shes getting set up now :-) woo hoo!

 PeggyG -> If anyone needs/wants to download the Horizon Report it is available here


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