Another in our series of virtual staff lounges. This week we catch up on plans for Earthcast09, the lastest from Roadkill | 2009 and discuss "netbook" computers in education. Thanks to all, and apologies to DonW--only noticed your response after the fact--look forward to having you on next week if you're available.




20:58:52 dougsymington : hi Sheila

20:58:56 sheila : Hi ds

20:59:01 dougsymington : and Linda


Sheila Adams tells us about her trip to Belize and Matt Montagne talks about earthcast09

Sheila Adams visits and tells us about her recent trip to Belize. We're also joined by Matt Montagne who gives us an update on preparations for earthcast09, and tells us about an upcoming professional development day he is co-facilitating.





Joined by the founders of ETT, as JL calls in "because no one else will argue with Dave" regarding his OER post. We also talk about @NancyWhite 's onlinevisualjams

Talk with Dave Cormier about a blog post of his: OERs Shining  Light: new textbook model or harbinger of a new imperialism and the comments it generated. Jeff Lebow joins us (@ the 36:00 minute mark), "because no one else will disagree with Dave" and the brainstorm ensues.

NOTE: Would love to revisit the topic with Dave and Jeff, and whomever else would like to weigh in, on a future show.


More virtual staff lounge: this week with a teaser for the Feb 23rd, 2009 edition of "Parents As Partners."

This week Lorna C., Peggy G., Jennifer W, and Scott S. visited and we heard about plans for the February 23rd, 2009: Parents As Partners

Chat Transcript:


I crashed the Webcast Academy's meeting and Jeff most graciously hosted the call and the stream. We talk about Skype, mobile phones, and roadkill. The virtual staff lounge lived-up to its name again this week.... Special thanks to those who waited around for the host to get there!


Another in our series of virtual staff lounges. Thanks to JL for hosting the call, and the stream.

Chat Transcript:


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